The two most famous bags in the Hermes Collection are the Birkin and Kelly Bag. These bags are limited available and there is a long waiting list for anyone that wants to buy.

The Birkin Bag was introduced in the 1980’s and the Kelly Bag in 1935. The Kelly Bag was formerly known as the Sac à Dépêches Bag and it was redesigned several times before it was named after the Monégasque princess Grace Kelly.

The Kelly II is an updated version of the original Kelly Bag and was released in 2000. The new edition has a double ring at the top handle and is crafted to include a shoulder strap. The original Kelly Bag features a single-ring design.

Both of these bags are not the icons of Hermes.

But this designer brand has many more bags that are also considered ‘classics’. Most of the bags that Hermes designs stay in the collection or for a long time.

Hermes Bag List