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Hermes Roulis Bag

Hermes Roulis Bag


StylesLatest Prices
Hermes Mini Roulis Bag in Evercolor7400 USD, 8100 CAD, 5310 GBP
Hermes Mini Roulis Bag in Ostrich13500 USD
Hermes Roulis Bag in Clemence9350 CAD, 69400 HKD
Hermes Roulis Bag in Evercolor8550 USD, 6200 EURO, 6140 GBP, 12400 SGD


Hermes Roulis Bag
Medium Size
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes Mini Roulis 18 Bag7’ x 6’ x 2.5’ inches
Hermes Roulis 24 Bag9.5’ x 8.5’ x 3’ inches

Being your loyal knight in shining armor, Roulis can get you through those monstrous hand-carrying bags. This under-the-radar Hermes handbag is much more than your older companion- Hermes Constance. Being a brilliant crossbody luxury, it will stick close and guide you through the dark. Needless to say, can anyone wish for more?Dated back in Spring Summer 2011 collection, the Hermes Roulis Bag is the most stunning, modest and elegant creativity from Hermes. It’s simply effortless, magically buckled and surprisingly cheaper! You wish you could keep it all to yourself. Due to it’s extreme practicality, casual approach and shoulder-strap trait, Roulis Bag is perfectly recommended for travelling and sightseeing.


Hermes Roulis BagOur handbag obsession runs deep with this mini shoulder bag, which boasts a one-of-a-kind buckle lock. As totally winsome jewelry, the crossbar chained buckles seal the frontal flap. Moreover, there’s a thin-long shoulder strap attached with links. Adjust it, wear it crossbody or sling it on your shoulder; it’s all up to you. And don’t be afraid to get your choice of leather as well as shade as the Roulis bag is available in Swift, Crocodile, Evergreen etc.Hermes is like wearing a piece of art; It’s simpler in character, but you will find its refinement and quality reaching up to the brim, don’t believe? Just look at its hardware, links attached and individual stitches; everything is handmade and beyond ordinary.


Hermes Roulis BagTo get the crowd impossibly crazier, Hermes Roulis provides a beautifully organized interior. It has sophisticated leather inside for your day-to-day necessities and that too in a totally intellectual manner; you have to give Kudos to the brand. The buckle opens to a partitioned interior with three compartments to keep your stuff; at the backside there’s a flat pocket, in the middle there’s a gusseted zipper compartment to keep your vulnerable items plus third compartment for extras.

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Roulis Bag
From Left To Right: Clemence, Evercolor

Hermes Roulis Bag
From Left To Right: Sombrero, Natural Veau, Alligator


Hermes Roulis Bag
From Left To Right: Black, Bordeaux, Orange Poppy

Hermes Roulis Bag
From Left To Right: Rose Jaipur, rouge Casaque, Gold, Blue Jeans, Grey, Blue Alligator


Hermes Roulis Bag
From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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