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Chanel 22 Bag

Chanel Bag

Designed by Virginie Viard, the name refers to the year of the creation – 2022. Introducing the Chanel 22 Bag, a new drawstring-shaped casual-chic bag for everyday use. Released in the Spring Summer 2022 Collection Act 2.

Crafted to be as light-weighed as possible with resistant leather. The bag looks incredible simple yet comfortable. The body comes with diamond quilting, but without the bubbly feel. The top is made with woven chain leather strap for shoulder carry and it comes with an vintage charm. Then the center of the bag is printed with the house’s logo ‘Chanel’, in small letters.

The Chanel 22 Bag is ideal to wear as an daily bag and features magnetic button to open and close. This purse-like drawstring has 1 main compartment with 1 inside zipped pocket as well as an removable pouch.

There are different shapes available:

Chanel 22 Small Bag Prices
United States 5100 USD
Canada CAD
Europe 5100 EURO
England 4280 GBP
Singapore 7610 SGD
Hong Kong 39400 HKD
Australia 8210 AUD
Japan 773300 JPY
Malaysia 22930 MYR
China CNY
Korea 7470000 WON
Thailand 196500 BAHT
Switzerland 5360 CHF
Vietnam 128960000 VND
Taiwan 166300 TWD
Russia RUB
UAE 19740 AED

Chanel 22 Bag Prices
United States 5300 USD
Canada CAD
Europe 5350 EURO
England 4490 GBP
Singapore 7980 SGD
Hong Kong 41000 HKD
Australia 8610 AUD
Japan 810700 JPY
Malaysia 24060 MYR
China CNY
Korea 7830000 WON
Thailand 206500 BAHT
Switzerland 5620 CHF
Vietnam 134450000 VND
Taiwan 174500 TWD
Russia RUB
UAE 21560 AED

Chanel 22 Large Bag Prices
United States 5800 USD
Canada CAD
Europe 5800 EURO
England 4870 GBP
Singapore 8650 SGD
Hong Kong 44400 HKD
Australia 9330 AUD
Japan 878900 JPY
Malaysia 26080 MYR
China CNY
Korea 8490000 WON
Thailand 236000 BAHT
Switzerland 6090 CHF
Vietnam 145420000 VND
Taiwan 189100 TWD
Russia RUB
UAE 23320 AED

Chanel Bag Chanel Bag Chanel Bag
Chanel Bag Chanel Bag Chanel Bag
Chanel Bag Chanel Bag Chanel Bag
Chanel Bag Chanel Bag


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