Chanel Wallet Prices

Picture the perfect world – the Chanel Classic Bag together with the Chanel Classic Wallet. In this post we will be sharing the Chanel Wallets Prices, and we will update it occasionally to keep you informed about the price increases.

Chanel L Flap Wallet #1






The first and foremost ‘must have’ is the Chanel L Flap Wallet – a cute little accessory to store your credit cards, coins and other personal items. The Chanel Flap Wallet fits like a glove in your Chanel Flap Bag, they’re like twins, inseparable.

Okay, here’s the hardest part of shopping – make a choice, pick one of the two. You see, the Chanel L Flap Wallet consists of two sizes, the biggest difference is actually the interior. One wallet can be folded, here take a look:

Chanel L Flap Wallet Prices

Chanel L Flap WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$1075 USD$1000 USD
Europe€980 euro€935 euro
United Kingdom£870 GBP£840 GBP
Singapore$1640 SGD$1550 SGD
Hong Kong$8600 HKD$8000 HKD
Australia$1640 AUD$1450 AUD
Japan¥132840 JPY¥129638 JPY
China¥7700 CNY¥7200 CNY
Malaysia4261 MYR4970 MYR
Canada$1375 CAD$1300 CAD
South Korea1,302,000 WON

Style codes & Prices
Style code: A80758
Size: 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 1.5’ inches

Chanel L Flap Wallet #2 (foldable)





Chanel L Flap Wallet Prices #2 (foldable)

Chanel L Flap Wallet (foldable)Latest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$1075 USD$1050 USD
Europe€930 euro€885 euro
United Kingdom£830 GBP£800 GBP
Singapore$1550 SGD$1470 SGD
Hong Kong$7600 HKD$7000 HKD
Australia$1550 AUD$1340 AUD
Japan¥125280 JPY¥122040 JPY
China¥7300 CNY¥6800 CNY
Malaysia4030 MYR4700 MYR
Canada$1250 CAD
South Korea1,239,000 WON

Style code & Prices:
Style code: A31506
Size: 4.3’ x 7.1’ x 1.2’ inches

Chanel Small Flap Wallet



Sometimes a short wallet is better than a long wallet. Well, then here’s one of the best available. Though a size smaller, but it features the same obsessive-elements like the Chanel L Flap Wallet. And interior isn’t disappointing at all, its compact but everything you need to get your personal stuff neat-and-tidy is all packed inside.

Chanel Small Flap Wallet Prices

Chanel Small Flap WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$900 USD$850 USD
Europe€730 euro€695 euro
United Kingdom£650 GBP£630 GBP
Singapore$1220 SGD$1150 SGD
Hong Kong$6400 HKD$6000 HKD
Australia$1220 AUD$1050 AUD
Japan¥98280 JPY¥96120 JPY
China¥5700 CNY¥5500 CNY
Malaysia3690 MYR3460 MYR
Canada$1025 CAD$980 CAD
South Korea973000 WON

Style code & Sizes:
Style code: A82288
Size: 4.1’ x 4.5’ x 1.2’ inches

Chanel Yen Wallet




Meet the Chanel Yen Wallet, she can make your day bright and shiny – just take a look at it, lovely right? This wallet features a front flap too, designed with beautiful CC signature. We belief every girl should own one of these timeless items, not only is the quality excellent but its made to be forever-in-style and forever-yours. How many wallets do you actually need? One right?

Chanel L-Yen Wallet Prices

Chanel L-Yen WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$925 USD
Europe€810 euro€770 euro
United Kingdom£720 GBP£700 GBP
Singapore$1350 SGD$1280 SGD
Hong Kong$7100 HKD$6600 HKD
Australia$1350 AUD$1250 AUD
Japan¥106920 JPY¥99360 JPY
China¥6300 CNY¥6000 CNY
Malaysia3520 MYR4090 MYR
Canada$1075 CAD
South Korea1,077,000 WON

Style code & Prices:
Style code: A31509
Size: 4.1’ x 7.2’ x 1.2’ inches

Chanel Zip Around Wallet



And the list goes on. If you don’t like flaps, then consider the Chanel Zip Around Wallet. This wallet has been around for some time, it has the exact gorgeous look as the other classics – the quilting, the signature and the popular burgundy lining inside. And talking about the interior, there are plenty of spaces including another zip pocket as well as several compartments to structure your essentials. The pictures speak for itself.

Chanel Zip Around Wallet Prices

Chanel Zip Around WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$1125 USD
Europe€990 euro€945 euro
United Kingdom£880 GBP£860 GBP
Singapore$1650 SGD$1570 SGD
Hong Kong$8700 HKD$8100 HKD
Australia$1650 AUD$1530 AUD
Japanest. ¥117342 JPY¥133920 JPY
China¥7700 CNY¥7800 CNY
Malaysia4700 MYR5020 MYR
Canada$1350 CAD
South Korea1,327,000 WON

Style code & Sizes:
Style code: A50097
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches

Boy Chanel Yen Wallet



A precious wallet that makes you proud – the Boy Chanel Yen Wallet. Adorned with the iconic Boy clasp, it makes your heart melt faster than ice cubes in the dessert. Open it and you will find a beautiful interior with several card slots to get your life running.

Boy Chanel Yen Wallet Prices

Boy Chanel Yen WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$925 USD
Europe€825 euro€785 euro
United Kingdom£740 GBP£700 GBP
Singapore$1410 SGD$1350 SGD
Hong Kong$7600 HKD$7200 HKD
Australia$1370 AUD$1280 AUD
Japanest. ¥118449 JPY¥114480 JPY
Malaysia3770 MYR4360 MYR
Canada$1200 CAD$1150 CAD
China¥6800 CNY
South Korea1,145,000 WON

Style code & Sizes:
Style code: A80285
Size: 3.7’ x 7.3’ x 1.4’ inches

Boy Chanel Small Wallet



Boy Chanel Small Wallet Prices

Boy Chanel Small WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$975 USD$850 USD
Europe€835 euro
United Kingdom£760 GBP£750 GBP
Singapore$1420 SGD$1350 SGD
Hong Kong$7700 HKD$7300 HKD
Australia$1390 AUD$1320 AUD
Japanest.¥140589 JPYest.¥115560 JPY
China¥6500 CNY¥6600 CNY
Malaysia3600 MYR4160 MYR
Canada$1225 CAD$1175 CAD
South Korea1,159,000 WON1,097,000 WON

Style code & Sizes:
Style code: A84302
Size: 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.6’ inches

Boy Chanel Zip Around Wallet



Boy Chanel Zip Around Wallet Prices

Boy Chanel Zip Around WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$1125 USD
Europe€1040 euro€995 euro
United Kingdom£940 GBP£900 GBP
Singapore$1690 SGD$1580 SGD
Hong Kong$9100 HKD$8700 HKD
Australia$1620 AUD$1570 AUD
Japan¥143640 JPYest.¥137160 JPY
China¥8600 CNY¥7700 CNY
Malaysia4730 MYR5000 MYR
Canada$1450 CAD
South Korea1,444,000 WON

Style code & Sizes:
Style code: A80815
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches

Boy Chanel Long Wallet



Boy Chanel Long Wallet Prices

Boy Chanel Long WalletLatest PricesPrevious Prices
United States$1075 USD$1000 USD
Europe€985 euro€940 euro
United Kingdom£940 GBP£850 GBP
Singapore$1680 SGD$1580 SGD
Hong Kong$9000 HKD$8200 HKD
Australia$1640 AUD$1460 AUD
Japan¥138240 JPY¥129600 JPY
China¥8100 CNY¥6800 CNY
Malaysia4500 MYR4960 MYR
Canada$1435 CAD$1325 CAD
South Korea1,373,000 WON

Style code & Sizes:
Style code: A80286
Size: 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 0.8’ inches

The Chanel Prices Overview

  • Kevin


    Hi anyone has updated price of Classic Small Wallet (A84029 Y04059 C3906) in United Kingdom?


    November 2, 2019
  • Cheong


    Hi.. Malaysia price shown in this website slightly different from the actual shop. The price shown is updated as of?

    May 12, 2019
  • Aspen Girkin


    How much would a Chanel black classic flap long wallet be if used once and it still looks brand new?

    January 28, 2019
  • Does anyone know how much the Classic Small Wallet (A84029 Y04059 C3906) costs in Europe?

    July 27, 2018
  • Sulyn


    Hi Alex,

    I bought in Sept 2016 but I don’t know how much Singapore selling.

    June 13, 2018
  • Sulyn


    What model is this bag?

    June 3, 2018
  • Sam


    Hi, thanks. Can I also know if that would be available in calf skin in either London/Paris?
    Reference: A80285 Y07659 94305

    May 18, 2018
  • Sam


    Hi, is the bag – Reference: A80285 Y07659 94305 available in Paris? And how much would it be in euros?

    May 15, 2018
  • SY


    Any idea what is the model number of the chanel boy black yen wallet? And the prices? Thank you very much!

    April 20, 2018
  • Vivian


    May i know what is the model# for this wallet? What is this blue? What is the material? I went to the boutique earlier today, saw a similar chanel boy long wallet in a “royal blue” blue color and its in lambskin but different design. I really hope i still can find this design, in carivar material and in the “royal blue” blue color (just like this picture). Thanks!

    March 4, 2018
  • Grace


    Hi there! Many thanks for always giving the most up-to-date pricing!
    May I enquire if any of you would know if the cambon wallet is discontinued too (like it’s bag collection in 2015)? Thanks in advance!

    November 12, 2017
  • Hezreen Hassan


    Hi, do you know how much is the classic card holder with flap cost in japan? Tq

    October 26, 2017
  • Anonymous


    Anyone know what series of small zip wallet and how much is it?

    October 19, 2017
  • Quinn


    Hi Alex

    Could you please kindly advise the price of the wallet please. I tried to search but there aren’t many talking about the mid size chanel wallet..
    Thank you !

    October 3, 2017
  • Hanah


    hi! would you guys know how much the chanel classic card holder is in HKD?

    September 29, 2017
  • Joelle


    Hi, is this Classic wallet A50096 available in Hong Kong or Singapore? Can’t find it from their official website,thank you!

    September 14, 2017
  • Xwee


    Hi there,

    Anyone know what series this is and how much is it?

    September 11, 2017

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