Chanel Collections

Chanel bags can be categorized into two parts:
1. The Classic Bags
2. The Seasonal Bags

The Classic Bags are from the permanent collection. The most popular ones are the Classic Flap Bags, The Reissue 2.55 Bag and the Boy Bags.

You can read more about the bags in the permanent collection here: Chanel Classic Bags.

The Classic Bag Collection

chanel fall winter classic collection thumb

The Classic Bags in Classic Colors are available throughout the year. For example; the combination colors of black in gold hardware, black in silver hardware, beige in gold hardware or beige in silver hardware.

However, every year Chanel releases +/- 6 collections. In each collection they create limited edition Classic Bags that are designed slightly different than the original versions. Some of them are really obsessive, perhaps sometimes even more obsessive than from the Classic choices.

The Seasonal Bag Collection

Chanel also designs new handbags, we call these bags ‘Seasonal Bags’ because most of them are only available once. So when the collection is over, these bags will also be discontinued.

Some of these seasonal bags are very identical to the Classic Bags, but has different style code, sizes and they’re sometimes less expensive.

And because they are limited editions, they might become even more valuable when the season ends. Because the supply will continue to go down over time.

The Chanel Collection Bag List

Since the start of BRAGMYBAG, we have been collecting details of every Chanel Collection. We have compiled data’s like the style codes, sizes and prices:

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Chanel 2022 Bag Collection

Chanel 2021 Bag Collection

Chanel 2020 Bag Collection

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