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Chanel Bagel Bag

Chanel Bagel Bag


We had some doubt whether to post this on our site or not. But we didn’t want to hide the best secret from you girls. Here’s a limited edition Chanel Bagel Bag, wait, wait, keep reading…

A true story, on 14 October Karl Lagerfeld held a diner and a few celebrities were invited, including Poppy Delevigne, Lilly Allen, Gisele Bundchen and so on. At that day, everyone was wearing Chanel, obvious right?

But one actress stood out more than others; it was India Menuez and her very own Chanel Bagel Bag. And let’s quickly review it: ‘a long interwoven chain link’, ‘in golden hardware’ and decorated with a CC charm. It can’t go better than that.

Right after the Fall Winter 2014 Collection (with supermarket-inspired handbags), and at the moment that we thought we’ve seen it all, then this food-bag appeared. But let’s be honest, it’s quite creative right?

Well this bag is discontinued because only one was produced. The price is unknown and as well as the style code.

So what do you think?


Pictures courtesy of: Glamour

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2 thoughts on “Chanel Bagel Bag”

  1. Erm Elliot… actually India didn’t make the bag.

    The bag was made by Canadian artist Chloe Wise as part of an ongoing sculpture series. She’s made other pieces as well such as the Louis Vuitton baguette bag.


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