Hermes Cinhetic Bag



Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Cinhetic 18 Bag in Epsom 6400 EURO, 6240 GBP
Hermes Cinhetic 18 Bag in Mysore 6800 EURO, 6630 GBP
Hermes Cinhetic 18 Bag in Villandry 7300 EURO
Hermes Cinhetic Clutch in Mysore 5950 CAD
Hermes Cinhetic Clutch in Chamkila 3750 EURO, 3660 GBP
Hermes Cinhetic Clutch in Villandry 6300 CAD, 4000 EURO


Styles Size
Hermes Cinhetic Mini Bag 4.8″ L x 4.3″ H x 1.3″ D
Hermes Cinhetic 18 Bag 7.2″ L x 6.7″ H x 3.3″ D
Hermes Cinhetic Clutch 18.3 x 17 x 8.5 cm

It was first-presented at the Spring Summer 2017 runway as the promising handbag. The name? Hermes Cinhetic Bag. This line consists more than only the shoulder bag because we’ve already revealed the Cinhetic Clutch and the Cinhetic Clutch With Strap. And we belief there will be more in the future, so expect the wallets and other mini accessories to follow.

The Design

Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-9 The Cinhetic Box Bag is like a beautiful cosmetic box. It’s squared and boxy as it comes with a nice curved handle. You can also use the jewel-like chain for cross body or shoulder carry. The architectural style feels minimalistic and urban-like, but also very elegant. But what makes the Cinhetic collection special is the new center H clasp. Obviously the clasp represents the house, but the right part of the logo is shorter than the left part, which is quite interesting. Also, the logo clasp is crafted in mixed silver and gold hardware, creating an eye-catching object. This handbag is available in different colors as well as in exotic leathers. So what do you think? Gorgeous or not?

The Interior

In order to get into the inside, you will need to turn the H logo clasp. The interior is quite spacious as the interior is comparable to a medium-sized shoulder bag.

More Images And Colors

Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-2 Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-3 Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-4 Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-5 Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-6 Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-7 Hermes-Cinhetic-Box-Bag-8 Pictures courtesy of: Vogue

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