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Styles2024 Prices
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Lizard€16200 euro
Styles2023 Prices
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Evercolor7450 USD
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Lizard11800 EURO
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Ostrich15300 USD

Hermes Kelly Danse Bag22 x 17 x 8 cm

Do you think that the Hermes Birkin is rare? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Hermes Kelly Danse bag is rarer than finding diamonds. Don’t get overly excited when you find a sample bag displayed in front of the store, because there is still a small chance that they have in stock.

The horizontal pad-lock closure is Hermes’s power tradition, you find such design in many other Hermes bags. The Kelly Danse is quite similar to the Birkin, but in the form of a shoulder strap. It comes with a long detachable strap, remove it and hide inside your bag to change into a chic evening clutch.

The Hermes Kelly Danse bag is the ultimate luxury and is specially made for the modern heiress who understand and treasures the details of high fashion. The small stitches that has been printed one by one, the impeccable quality material, the years of expertise and the high-standard quality control before its send to the boutique.

So you walk into the store and the SA shows you the Kelly Danse bag, just try to take it home. Wonderful opportunities like these doesn’t come very often.

This bag is only available in Hermes store with limited supply.

The size of the Hermes Kelly Danse bag is 22 x 17 x 8 cm, it has a long detachable strap of 170 cm. And to find out more about the prices, please go to Hermes bag prices.

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3 thoughts on “Hermes Kelly Danse Bag”

  1. Hello
    i had the amazing luck to find this bag in smooth almost gray white goat leather.
    long detachable strap, inside in great condition, 2 small ink stains.
    Palladium Hardware.
    separate inside bottom piece as well.
    i purchased this bag resale in chicago.

  2. I saw this bag once in Hermes boutique London. They showed me the Veronese version, I didn’t really like the bag because it looked weird. I thought it was more like the Hermes Pochette bag. I have turned it down and now I am regretting a little bit. Danse bag are rare to find.


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