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Hermes Simone Bag

Hermes Simone bag


Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Simone Bag in Togo and Swift 8050 EURO, 7850 GBP


Styles Sizes
Hermes Simone Bag in Togo and Swift 24 x 17 x 13 (L x H x D) cm

The Hermes Simone Bag has finally arrived. Take a closer look and read the details: This Hermes bag is quite unique compared to other designs as it comes with a long adjustable shoulder strap. This strap is not for shoulder carry but hand carry or wrist carry. From the exterior, the bag looks a bit like briefcase for work, however it functions perfect as a daily bag as well. The shape is distinctive as well as the design, which is why it’s a must-have fashion bag. The strap is extended to the sides, while it maintains the minimalistic look. The top opens with a double zip. Looking from the sides, it appears that this bag is a trio bag. When opens, you can find 1 main compartment in the center, with two side pockets. Made from togo and swift calfskin, you can be certain that you are holding a top quality bag, flaunt it!
Hermes Simone bag Hermes Simone bag Hermes Simone bag

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