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Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag


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Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag in Swift 6050 USD,, 4500 EURO, 4380 GBP


Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
Styles Size
Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag in Swift 22 x 13 x 7 cm (W x H x D)

If you are in a dreaming phase, wondering how to wrap your full week in style, you want the best clutch but are too indecisive to reach a conclusion in the grapevine of your messed up mind. Just pass the buck and we’ll save you from trouble, as an excellent solution to your dilemma – the Hermes Kelly Pochette or the Hermes clutch is a great place to start with. Hermes always has some delicious bags that you may want to explore, and with this popular bag from iconic Kelly Bag Collection, you struck gold, for sure. Think it as a Xerox copy or the twin child of your darling Kelly bag, which imitates it better than the Kelly cut. What celebs are carrying these days? It’s Hermes naturally. And this mini Kelly clutch is like your little cutesy handbag and not just a clutch, it’s two in one and it’s too classy! The Hermes Kelly Pochette is a far cry from other clutches; with its flat leather bottom which makes it stand upright, the unique top handle with stretch quality and the palladium turn lock closure enclosed by leather straps you just may find the right inspiration for purchase.


Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag It’s always fun to peak in the details, right! So let’s know more about the design of this extremely notable Kelly clutch. With its extreme convenience factor and one-of-a-kind look, the Pochette has become the most favorite among all social classes, especially the elites. Though it’s slightly smaller than the Kelly-cut, but it mimics the Kelly bags to perfection. Being available in different material and a hues of colors, it is a rare species in handbags, you just don’t find it in lots. You will be happily surprised to know that its exterior is similar to the ever-popular Kelly handbag from Hermes. It has the iconic turn-lock enclosed with two leather straps from each side. So, if you are going to turn it you’ll have to put a tad bit of effort. One more trick is to keep it open with the straps hanging; you’ll find it more convenient and stylish this way. Talking about the adorably styled handle at the top, you can easily stretch it a bit and carry in hand, your hand will simply slide inside and you’ll feel way more comfy. Have you seen studs at the bottom of any designer bag? If you haven’t than please do see this Hermes Kelly Pochette! As you are told, it’s not any other clutch, it behaves in a manner of a cute-little-Kelly too with its four studs at the bottom. Now you’ll have the first clutch that will stay erect, there’s a fat chance that your things will fall.


Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
It’s not just terrific in its outlook, the interior is splendid as well. The Hermes Kelly Pochette opens to a matte interior that is more than sufficient to hold your i-phone, makeup, cards, cash, and sunglasses and so on. For a small size too, its a bit roomy. You’ll find one large compartment inside with a slip pocket at its back to secure your vital necessities.

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
From Left To Right: Epsom, Swift, Veau Evergrain, Box Calf

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
From Left To Right: Ostrich, Ombre Lizard, Crocodylus Niloticus Shiney, Crocodylus Niloticus Matte


Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
From Left To Right: Black, Grey

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
From Left To Right: Etoupe, Orange, Blue

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
From Left To Right: Beige, Pink, Yellow, Burgundy, Orange Crocodylus Niloticus Shiney, Brown Crocodylus Niloticus Matte


Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag
From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Black On Black

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