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Chanel Classic Boy Bag

Chanel Classic Boy Bag

Chanel Mini Classic Boy Bag Prices
United States 4500 USD
Canada 5550 CAD
Europe 4150 EURO
England 3485 GBP
Singapore 6650 SGD
Hong Kong 34800 HKD
Australia 6960 AUD
Japan 564300 JPY
Malaysia 19660 MYR
China CNY
Korea 5930000 WON
Thailand 159000 BAHT
Switzerland 4360 CHF

Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag Prices
United States 5400 USD
Canada 6700 CAD
Europe 5450 EURO
England 4570 GBP
Singapore 7930 SGD
Hong Kong 42700 HKD
Australia 8060 AUD
Japan 742500 JPY
Malaysia 23800 MYR
China 38500 CNY
Korea 7340000 WON
Thailand 182272 BAHT
Switzerland 5730 CHF

Chanel Old Medium Classic Boy Bag Prices
United States 5900 USD
Canada 7225 CAD
Europe 5900 EURO
England 4950 GBP
Singapore 8600 SGD
Hong Kong 46400 HKD
Australia 8810 AUD
Japan 803000 JPY
Malaysia 25830 MYR
China 41800 CNY
Korea 7970000 WON
Thailand 217500 BAHT
Switzerland 6200 CHF

Chanel New Medium Classic Boy Bag Prices
United States 6200 USD
Canada 7625 CAD
Europe 6200 EURO
England 5200 GBP
Singapore 9110 SGD
Hong Kong 49100 HKD
Australia 9330 AUD
Japan 845900 JPY
Malaysia 27350 MYR
China 44200 CNY
Korea 8440000 WON
Thailand 209090 BAHT
Switzerland 6510 CHF

Chanel Large Classic Boy Bag (2019) Prices
United States 5500 USD
Canada CAD
Europe 4760 EURO
England 4170 GBP
Singapore 7430 SGD
Hong Kong 37300 HKD
Australia 7100 AUD
China 34500 CNY

The Boy Chanel Bag was first introduced in 2012. Back then, the Boy Bags didn’t look like the ones we’ve fallen in love with today. They were released in smooth leather and the boy clasp lacked the CC signature logo. There were also mix opinions about the bag, but several seasons later the boy rose to its iconic status and became the house’s third iconic handbag. The Boy Chanel Bag is as famous as the Classic Flap Bag and the classic choice (combination of black quilted leather in medium size) is sold-out in almost every boutique. This bag is now part of the Classic Collection, which means it’s available in every season.

The Story Of The Boy Flap Bag

Released in the Spring 2012 Collection, the Boy Chanel Bag is inspired by the life of Coco Chanel just like the other iconic handbags. It was created based on her boyish attitude and as Karl Lagerfeld explained: ‘she picked this up from Boy Cape, which was the love of her love’. So the name ‘Boy’ of this bag might be inspired by the name of her lover: ‘Boy Cape’. Coco Chanel was also fond of playing with masculine styles, changing them into lady’s wear. At her first shop in Paris, she made a lot of sportswear-inspired clothing and uses the jersey to craft them. This was considered a shock because jersey was usually used to make men’s underwear. As Karl Lagerfeld puts it: ‘Chanel became famous because Coco Chanel made dresses from jersey and jersey was used to make men’s underwear’.

The Boy Design

Chanel Classic Boy Bag The Boy Chanel Bags look entirely different than any other Chanel’s creation. The bag is quilted, but the edges are refined with smooth striped leather. It comes with a shoulder strap but also large shiny boyish chain. The clasp is also a new invention; it’s bolder and bigger. The sides are made with six studs. The Boy Clasp is now considered as another signature of Chanel. Unlike the Classic Flap Bag, the Boy Bag doesn’t come with a back pocket or an extra pocket on the inside flap. The classic combination is the color black in gold hardware and quilted leather. The size medium or the medium plus is the most common choices. The Boy looks stylish, chic and classy. It’s very notable when carrying on the street. The design matches like the other iconic’s to any clothing in your wardrobe. It goes great with dresses, casual and formal clothing. It’s also the perfect accessory for special occasions like weddings. The Boy Chanel Bag increases sharply in prices every year, just like the Classic Flap Bag. Therefore, it’s a beautiful investment accessory and it holds value. Due to its huge demand, this bag is sometimes limited available. Each season Chanel will introduce a new Boy Bag. This bag is now available in different materials like velvet and different designs like chain around. The Boy Bag is also made in Chevron quilting.

The Interior And Pockets

Chanel Classic Boy Bag Unlike the Chanel Classic Flap Bag and the Reissue 2.55 Bag, the interior of the Boy Bag is much less complex. The interior features one large compartment for all your essentials. And it also comes with a small zip pocket for important items that needs an extra security. Because of its simpler interior structure, the main compartment quite large. The Boy Bags are ideal everyday handbags because of its size and its practicability. The bag can be used as day-to-night bag and transport all your necessities from A to B.

The Sizes Of The Boy Classic Bag


Classic Bag Style code Sizes
Chanel Mini Classic Boy Bag A67364 3.7′ x 5.9′ x 2.8′ inches
Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag A67085 4.7′ x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Chanel Old Medium Classic Boy Bag A67086 5.9′ x 9.8′ x 3.5′ inches
Chanel New Medium Classic Boy Bag A92193 6.9′ x 11′ x 3′ inches
Chanel Large Classic Boy Bag A67087 8.5′ x 11.8′ x 3.1′ inches

Chanel Boy Bag Sizes with numbers

1. Small Size 2. Old Medium Size 3. New Medium Size 4. Large Size

The Classic Boy Bags are cheaper than the Classic Bag and the Reissue Bag. For example, the Small Size of the Classic Flap Bag retails for $5000 USD while the Small Boy Bag is priced at $4500 USD.
The Boy Chanel Collection consists of four sizes: small, old medium, new medium and the large size. In the past, there were only two choices; it was either the small, medium or large size. The New Medium was introduced in 2014 and is also known as the Medium Plus (SA in Europe calls it the Medium Plus). This size is larger than the original Medium size. Since the introduction of the ‘New Medium’ size, the previous medium is also called the ‘Old Medium’.

The Leathers And Materials

Chanel Classic Boy Bag
From Left To Right: Grained Calfskin, Lambskin, Caviar, Velvet, Goatskin, Patent

The common leather choice for the Boy Chanel Bag is grained calfskin. This leather is durable but also very smooth. It’s like between the leather lambskin and caviar. But due to huge demand and love for the caviar leather, Chanel has also added this option to the iconic Boy Chanel Quilted Bag. Caviar is stronger and also durable, this leather feels very hard and is scratch-resistance.

The Colors Of Classic Boy Bag

Chanel Classic Boy Bag
From Left To Right: Black, Yellow, Orange, Fuchsia

[]Chanel Classic Boy Bag
From Left To Right: Beige, Red, Green, Turquoise

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