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Hermes Bolide Bag

Hermes Bolide Bag


StylesLatest Prices
Hermes Bolide 27 Bag in Swift 5200 EURO, 5070 GBP
Hermes Bolide 27 Bag in Epsom6300 USD, 4530 GBP
Hermes Bolide 31 Bag in Clemence8500 USD, 9600 CAD, 6250 EURO, 6090 GBP
Hermes Bolide 35 Bag
Hermes Bolide 45 Bag


Hermes Bolide Bag
From Left To Right: Size 27, 31, 35, 45
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes Bolide 27 Bag27 x 20 x 10 cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Bolide 31 Bag31 x 24 x 12 cm (W x L x D)
Hermes Bolide 35 Bag35 x 28 x 15 cm (W x H x D)
Hermes Bolide 45 Bag45 x 36 x 23.5 cm (W x H x D)

If you do fancy about some iconic handbags to steal some likes on your Instagram feed than the Hermes Bolide bag should top your priority list. Not only its the exemplary travel companion and a gorgeous go-to bag, it also is the first bag ever to have a zipper compartment. This Hermes beauty is surely a special one with its curvy round body, padlock and zipper clochette, detachable straps and curved long handles; all which can strike your fancy.Knowing a thing or two about your dearest bag is always good but if it’s Hermes than it’s a plus! Scroll through the yellow pages of Hermes history and you will discover that Bolide was put in front of millions in 1923. Emile-Maurice Hermes created this carryall for his wife meant for an automobile event. The old metallic clasps were replaced by this French fashion house and the zipper compartment was inserted for the first time in Hermes history.You know automobile inspired handbags are arguably one of the superb handbags, and now you do have a cool bag to prove it! Yes, you guessed it right; your beloved Bolides are named after the fastest cars of twentieth century. In 1916, during the journey of Hermes in North America, he came across tons of automobile factories. One particular thing caught his eyes – on the top of a Car cloth he saw the zipper fastening mechanism and he instantly purchased it’s patent for Hermes handbags. He added this technique to the handbags of 1923, and hence our favorite Bolide was born.


Hermes Bolide BagBeing a ladylike bag the Hermes Bolide is naturally geared towards chic-crowd. The silhouette is a blend of cute-round-curvy and the exterior is gorgeously adorned with some stitched or double stitched patterns if you look up-close. There’s oval shaped leather finished with stitch edges or you can also see the stitched strips in front too, making it a minimal yet graceful design.Without a second thought, you would want to give it a shot if you look at those cozy long rolled handles of Bolide bag. Beautifully curved, these are double handles that are extremely easy to carry than your Kelly’s single thick handle; the bag won’t get too heavy and sits comfy at your forearm. As an added bonus, Hermes grants you an optional shoulder strap with this bag, so if you want to ease a tad bit burden then you can simply attach these and go on the road as if you own it. The all around top zipper is secured with a padlock and there’s also a clochette hanging with keys to add five stars to its design.Hermes is a split between structured and slouchy, so why Bolide bags should be left behind in this matter. Like all other Hermes bags, Bolide also comes in a rigid (rigide) and a slouchy (mo) form. Moreover, you’ll get four sizes; 27cm, 31cm, 35cm and 45cm, out of which 45 is perfect for travelling. Depending on the versions, there are two, one is Web Bolide, which has an external pocket and a two way zip closure, the other version is Bolide which has a single zip closure, oval patch and an extra long strap.


Hermes Bolide Bag
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
A fabulous exterior, a minimalistic approach and there’s no looking back after that, you would find it’s interior as hands-on as its exterior is. It opens to reveal Hermes initials, smooth leather lining and a huge interior with a small slip pocket (may be your i-phone’s second home). Its “under the radar” look is especially what you are looking in most of the classic lines of Hermes. Just keep in mind not to stuff unnecessarily like you do in Birkin, and especially it’s not meant to carry because the fabric zipper might stretch and it’s not a tote.

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Bolide Bag
From Left To Right: Swift, Epsom, Togo, Box, Sakkam, Sikkim


Hermes Bolide Bag
From Left To Right: Black, Navy, Blue Indigo

Hermes Bolide Bag
From Left To Right: Rose, Etoupe, Orange, Orange Poppy

Hermes Bolide Bag
From Left To Right: Rouge Grenat, Rouge Tomato, Gold, Brown, Anthracite, Yellow

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