Hermes Virevolte Bag

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Hermes Virevolte Bag Style thumb

Hermes Virevolte Bag

Hermes Virevolte Bag

Hermes Virevolte Bag

The moment we thought Hermes could only specialize well structured and easy to perceive handbags, the brand flipped the script by introducing Hermes Virevolte in May 2015. Counterstatement – is basically a nature of this handbag. Confused? Well, it contradicts its own looks; although it looks slouchy, the handbag holds its shape in actuality and is quite rigid.

Bucket style has never looked this good, so chic, so relaxed with leather top handles, cross over strap and an undisputedly new-fangled design. Its fastening mechanism is another such highlight that separates this Virevolte from the world of handbags. Being a counterweight fastening mechanism made of hunter cowhide, it weighs down the top of the bag, thus securing the inside compartment. An immortal quality from Hermes, supreme functionality and a never-seen-before silhouette, what more can you dream of in a Hermes everyday bag!

Hermes convinced us all with a brand new clasp pattern, this counterweight mechanism on the front is regally designed of natural hunter cowhide. As an added bonus to its exterior, the Virevolte is embellished with contrasting stitch patterns, isn’t the bag a true piece of art!


Hermes Virevolte Bag design

This streamlined design features the sling-it-on handles, which are adjustable via buckle as well. These leather top handles come along with an auxiliary shoulder strap to aid the hands-free action. Also, you can adjust the length of this strap according to your preferences. This casual hobo is deceiving in nature; although the silhouette is slouchy, the Virevolte holds its shape, as the bag is made up of Swift Calfskin and Clemence Bull Calfskin leathers. So, if you are up for a quick ride in slouch of leather and blend of different leathers, than you can definitely go for this one.


Along with a good dose of exclusive design, the Hermes Virevolte Bag comprises of a good old interior too. When opened, you are greeted by a humongous single pocket of suede along with wall slip pocket at the side. As per the dimensions, it holds plenty, whether you go for small or medium size.

If you travel a lot for work purposes or just want an over-night bag to pack your clothes and work papers, than this under-the-radar piece is best for you. The slight slouch of this handbag makes it super comfy to mould and adjust to your body and the deep shape provides tons of room for your essentials.

Hermes Virevolte Bag Ịnterior

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile


Hermes Virevolte Bag Sizes

From Left To Right: Size 24, 29

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
Hermes Virevolte 24 Bag9.5’ x 15’ x 4.5’ inches
Hermes Virevolte 24 Bag16.7’ x 18.5’ x 5.7’ inches

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Virevolte Bag Leathers

From Left To Right: Swift, Clemence


Hermes Virevolte Bag Colors

From Left To Right: Black, Gold, Orange

Hermes Virevolte Bag Colors

From Left To Right: Poppy Orange, Vermillion Red, Blue Agate, Rouge Tomate

More Styles

Hermes Virevolte Bag Style

Hermes Virevolte Bag Style

Hermes Virevolte Bag Style

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