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Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

Hermes is great, Eh? Especially, if you are going to talk about its handbags range. For Instance, did you see the orange bucket-style bag in the hands of Katie Holmes, which seem to brighten up all dark outfits? The bag you didn’t know existed is a fancy blend of Hermes Double Sens and your usual bucket bags. As your fabby companion for picnics, beaches and even for a weekend trip (too lightweight to carry), this Hermes Picotine Lock Bag is not a hard-to-get like other Hermes handbags; you can simply find this charmer in one or the other Hermes boutique.

Packed with grace that you won’t detect anywhere, this handbag was inspired by horse feed bag; the nosebag that was created to feed a horse while walking. It’s a brand new one from timeless Hermes lines, with its signature minimalistic nature completed with raw edges and no lining part. On the embellishment part, you can dress this dumpling shaped picotine lock with charm or twilly’s, and if we talk about the functional part, these can hold much-much more than your Chanel flap bags.


Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

look into some more details of this streamlined design. In all its uniqueness, it has a reinforced design one-piece handbag with top leather handles that are attached with a clip. What’s more? There’s a cross-over leather strap to add a bonus security to your bucket tote, with your iconic Hermes Palladium lock and key. The top can be cinched up with this extra leather strap just in the front bottom and can be locked with the gorgeous lock; it’s naturally an all over buckle strap style, which can be locked too.

With no over-extra elements and fancy logos, Picotin lock is never a gimmick; its leather variety is a complete design in itself. Just take this thing to a night out as well, the Clemence leather, with its extreme durability, delicacy and slouchy nature, will guide you through the moon and the stars. With its leather tab closure and lock, this Hermes lady-like handbag can be easily switched from a shopping tote to a night-out-companion.


Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Interior too hasn’t forgotten its roots; it’s as minimalistic as the design is, close to what we’re generally looking for in Hermes signature totes. The inside reveals one single compartment that can hold much more than your imagination. Though it’s not compared to Alexander Wang’s bucket-style bags, it’s a refined one with super-easy handles. Stuff all your personal items in this and the bag will swallow and that too without expanding much.

Though it’s less popular than the beloved Birkin, the bag is truly affordable if you want to have a check on your budget. Meant to last for a lifetime, this bag is meant to lose shape. You can find two most popular sizes in a Picotin lock: 18 and 22. Whereas the Picotin 18 is the smallest and the most admirable size which can fit even your branded long wallet, size 22 is a tad bit bigger and can stuff even more! The petite girls out there can easily use this size as a shoulder bag. Isn’t that special!


Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

From Left To Right: TPM, PM, MM, GM, TGM
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Size
Hermes Picotin Lock TPM Bag 12’ x 13’ x 8’ (L x H x D)
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag 7’ x 5’ x 7’ (H x W x D) inches
Hermes Picotin Lock MM Bag 9’ x 8.5’ x 7’ (H x W x D) inches
Hermes Picotin Lock GM Bag 10.5’ x 10.5’ x 8.5’ (H x W x D) inches
Hermes Picotin Lock TGM Bag 13’ x 13’ x 9’ (H x W x D) inches

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Picotine Lock Bag



Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Blue, Blue Obscur

Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

From Left To Right: Rouge Casaque, Brick, Gris, Orange, Blue Ocean, Soft Red

Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

From Left To Right: Turquoise, Rose, Etoupe, Raisin, Purple, Red


Hermes Picotine Lock Bag


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