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Hermes Plume Bag

Hermes Plume Bag

Hermes Plume Bag


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Hermes Mini Plume Bag
Hermes Plume 21 Bag
Hermes Plume 32 Bag
Hermes Plume 40 Bag in Volynka9900 EURO
Hermes Plume 12H Bag


Hermes Plume Bag
From Left To Right: Size 21, 32, 40
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes Plume 21 Bag8.5’ x 6’ x 3’ inches
Hermes Plume 32 Bag12.5’ x 9’ x 4.5’ inches
Hermes Plume 40 Bag14’ x 10’ x 4’ inches (L x H x D)
Hermes Plume 12H Bag16’ x 11’ x 4.5’ inches
Hermes Plume 24 Bag16’ x 11’ x 4.5’ inches
Hermes Plume Fourre-Tout 4016’ x 11’ x 4.5’ inches

Putting together all these equations: let’s think about an ultimate under-the-radar creation from Hermes. Ta-da! We present before you, one and only – Hermes Plume bag. A shout-out to all the busiest corporates! This Marvellous Plume has a three-sided zipper style, a supreme quality, extreme simplicity, humongous space and the most comfy handles to tote all your belongings. It’s one of the loveliest designs from the brand’s line-up and the bag’s simplicity is its main selling point.Dated back in the 60s, this classic pattern has been in the brand’s house since ages. Walking down the memory lane, we would find that the Plume bag was enlivened by the so-called blanket holder of 1920s. The word “Plume” depicts long soft leather, it not only suggests the first Hermes which was created by soft unlined leather but the name perfectly describes its feather-light trait.


Hermes Plume BagCurvy-smooth leather handles attached with links and an all over zipped top makes it extremely comfortable for travelling and work. Some might say that the costs are astronomical, but this classic has a right to have so with its specialized artistry. Yes, like all other Hermes beauties, this plume is handcrafted and it takes about two and a half weeks in creation. So the price is righteous, the Plume is made inside out and then its turned back to get the final piece.The Hermes Plume Bag comes in tons of sizes; 21cm, 28cm, 32cm, 12H, 24H and Fourre-Tout 40, so ultimately you are showered with manifold choices. If you are looking for a luggage pattern than the Fourre-Tout 40 and the 24 H is just made for you. Moreover, the size 12H will serve as a perfect laptop bag for you, as it’s comprised of a removable laptop case. The only con of the Hermes Plume bag is, that you’ll find the zipper troublesome to open and also it’s a total under-the-radar piece for discreet people.


It’s unique three sided all-around zipper opens to a roomy interior that can store all your business or travel stuff. As per the sizes, it can play a role of a travelling tote, a laptop bag and also a luggage bag, isn’t that truly incredible! For further organization of your stuff, this handbag comes with patch pockets to keep your other little things secure and separate.Hermes Plume Bag
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Plume Bag
From Left To Right: Swift, Evergrain, Togo, Veau Box, Chevre Myxore, Natural Barenia


Hermes Plume Bag
From Left To Right: Black, Blue Saphir, Blue Paradis, Orange Poppy

Hermes Plume Bag
From Left To Right: Gold, Blue Indigo, Saint-Cyr Blue, Wild Rose, Rose Dragee, Pea Green

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Hermes Mini Plume Bag Review

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Hermes Plume BagHermes Plume BagHermes Plume Bag

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