Balenciaga Bistro XS Basket With Strap in Fake Calfskin black
Olivia Elsher

Balenciaga Bistro Basket Bag

Balenciaga’s stylish Bistro basket bag is meticulously handcrafted in Italy, weaving together strips of robust faux leather for a durable ...

Balenciaga Downtown Medium Bag in Smooth Calfskin black
Olivia Elsher

Balenciaga Downtown Bag

Balenciaga has taken its Downtown bag to the next level by adding a chunky gold chain adorned with the brand’s ...

Balenciaga Crush Medium Bag in Crushed Calfskin black
Olivia Elsher

Balenciaga Crush Bag

Balenciaga’s Crush bag brilliantly fuses the brand’s rich history of exquisite tailoring with a fresh twist – it’s a more ...

Balenciaga Monaco Large Chain Bag in Arena Calfskin black
Olivia Elsher

Balenciaga Monaco Bag

Introducing the Balenciaga Monaco Bag, the shining star of Balenciaga’s Winter ’23 collection. This bag is the epitome of luxury, ...

Balenciaga Hourglass XS Bag in Box Calfkin Black
Olivia Elsher

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

What is the history of the Balenciaga hourglass bag? The Hourglass Bag draws its inspiration from the heritage of the ...