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Hermes Herbag Zip Bag


Styles2024 Prices
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in H Berline/hunter€2420 euro
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in H Plume canvas with “Circuit 24” motif$5400 USD, €2950 euro, £ GBP, S$8100 SGD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in H Plume canvas with “Circuit Rider” motif$5400USD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in military canvas/Hunter cowhide$4150 USD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Viking Quadrille and Hunter€2600 euro
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Toile Militaire/Hunter€2300euro
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Military/Hunter¥389400JPY
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Retourné Toile Militaire/Hunter Laqué€2550euro
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Retourne Military Canvas$4870AUD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Berline Coated Canvas/Hunter$3225USD
Hermes Herbag Zip Retourne Cabin Bag in Officier canvas/Hunter cowhide (verso)$4870 AUD
Hermes Herbag Zip Cabine in Toile Militaire/Hunter€3200 euro
Hermes Herbag Zip Cabine in Toile Plume Motif/Hunter€4150 euro
Hermes Herbag Zip Cabine in Officier Canvas/Hunter$4150USD
Hermes Herbag Zip Cabine in Viking Quadrille Canvas/Hunter$4425USD, S$6700SGD
Hermes Herbag Zip Cabine in H Plume Canvas/Hunter$5400USD
Hermes Herbag Zip Cabine in Military Canvas/Hunter Cowhide$4150USD, $6365AUD
Styles2023 Prices
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag2675 USD, 3600 CAD, 2180 EURO, 1910 GBP, 4040 AUD
Hermes Herbag Zip MM Bag2220 EURO
Hermes Herbag Zip MM Retourne Bag2900 USD, 2140 EURO, 2090 GBP
Hermes Herbag Zip GM Bag2220 EURO
Hermes Herbag Zip Retourne Cabin Bag3850 USD, 2950 EURO, 2880 GBP
Hermes Herbag a Dos Zip Retourné Backpack3600 USD, 2650 EURO, 2590 GBP


Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

From Left To Right: Sizes PM, MM, GM
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag31 x 25 x 10 cm (L x H x D)
Hermes Herbag Zip MM Bag39 x 31 x 15 cm (L x H x D)
Hermes Herbag Zip GM Bag52 x 36 x 20 cm (L x H x D)

Have you ever, by any chance, bumped into the popular sibling of your Hermes Kelly bag? You know! The one that gives you more of a casual vibe, the extremely functional handbag with extra pouches to stuff anything and everything, and the best part? For all those lazy fellows it comes in a zip pocket style to ease your pain from the flap-up and flap-down trouble. Just open up this dream bag of canvas and leather and get-set-go on your casual trek. Do you reckon getting acquainted with such a handbag? Or perhaps we should say, the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag?

If you are getting a faint shadow of the Herbag, than you should know, that it’s slightly different and a revised version of a Herbag. The original Herbag came in a set of two, where you can switch the canvas body with some other colored body, as per your whims and wishes. But now, the word “zip” is added as a suffix with the name to avoid all the confusion in the year 2009, as a re-issue and more refined version, by Hermes. In the newer version, i.e. the Herbag Zip Bag, you’ll see the single bodied bag of canvas and leather. Whereas the strap, belt and all other parts are in leather, its body is made up of canvas. As a result, the old Herbag was discontinued a long time ago.

So if your eyes are seeking a fine shelter to your craving of Kelly bags, in a casual and a very functional way, than this Zip bag is your ultimate destiny. And what’s more! You have to spend fewer bucks on a Herbag Zip bag than your Kelly bag.


Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

The bag was destined to become popular, all because of its design that’s a mimicry of Kelly handbags. For the crowd that prefers casual-go-to bags, it’s a boon from the Paris fashion house Hermes. It boasts a half leather (especially the Vache Hunter leather), and half canvas design with an external pouch pocket, isn’t that totally, utterly, purely sui generis! Without opening the bag, you can simply open the zip of your back pocket and get excess to your mobile, essential cards, bigger wallet, keys, frequent touch-up gloss and other grab-and-go-stuff, as this patch pocket is too roomy to cozy up your belongings. Moreover, to keep you hands free it features a shoulder strap to carry it on shoulder or cross body, mind you that it’s extra long.

Front and back, both equally have a unique and beautiful style. There’s a different round-shaped closure attached with an all-around-belted strap from both the sides, if you look at the front side. The front flap is supported by the belted strap, so you have to open the belt strap and the lock button to open this flap. A handle is present to carry it by hand, along with the shoulder strap. If you do love Kelly bags, than you will see that this bag also comes in a kindred silhouette, that’s trapezoid. Hermes Herbag Zip also comes with a lock and a clochette with keys, a clochette which is hanging like your cute little accessory just in front.

Is there anything to make it tad bit more authentic? Yes, off course! It’s Hermes after all. Your beloved Hermes paris is engraved on all of the bag’s hardware. Take a glimpse of the back and you’ll see a patch pocket, that’s surprisingly quite bigger, the unique look flap and the belted strap and a lock for your little bag’s security.


Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Now let’s take a quick tour of it’s interior, shall we? Talking about the inside of a Hermes Herbag Zip bag, there are total of three sizes that you can make yours, 31, 39 and 52, and you know what! Out of the three, the smallest size, i.e, 31 is very huge according to a small one. You have one big compartment to store all your belongings, along with a surprise! An attached pouch bag.

You can now carry your necessities in three ways; outside in a patch pocket, inside the bag’s compartment, and also in the pouch bag that’s your extra storage companion. It’s like an additional pouch bag attached to the interior of your bag. Use it, attach it or totally detach it to have another leather goody, it’s your wish!

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

From Left To Right: Toile And Vache Hunter


Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Burgundy


Hermes Herbag Zip Bag


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