Where To Buy Hermes Bag The Cheapest?


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Where To Buy Hermes Bag The Cheapest?

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Where To Buy Hermes Bag The Cheapest?


Hermes Double Ssens Bag in Clemence

So you’re finally thinking about buying your next Hermes bag; only problem is, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. You want to find this iconic piece of fashion for the best price. So where can you find the best price for a Hermes bag? We have you covered with this extensive information on which country is cheapest to buy Hermes bag.

In order to find out which country is the cheapest to buy your next coveted Hermes bag, we’re going to compare prices between 9 different countries: United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and Hong Kong. You will find these 9 countries on our table. To ensure the pricing is the same for each country, we will only be comparing a single bag in the same leather. We’ve chosen the gorgeous and highly sought after Hermes Double Sense in size 45 in clemence leather.


And since we couldn’t find this bag in Japan or Singapore, we will also be looking at and comparing the price of the beautiful Hermes Garden Party Bag in GM size in Negonda leather.



Conclusion is: It’s cheaper to buy in Europe than in Japan, also the price in US and Singapore is almost the same.

Details About The Table

Take a look at our handy table: underneath the country name you will find the retail price of the bag. This price is the price you will find in stores. Then you wil see a column labeled ‘tax-refund’. If there is a ‘0%’ listed, then the country does not offer a tax refund. Each country has a different terminology for tax refunds: the United States has sales tax, while Canada has GST (goods and services tax) or HST (harmonized sales tax). Neither of these countries offer a tax return on goods purchased by consumers. In Europe and the United Kingdom, it is called a VAT or value added taxes. All European countries offer a different amount when it comes to VAT. Singapore and Australia have a GST (goods and services tax) while Japan has a consumption tax. Dubai and Hong Kong do not have taxes on goods sold, but that does not necessarily mean you’re paying less- it all depends on the retail price.

Finally you will see the ‘Retail Price Minus Tax-refund’ column. This is the amount you will pay after receiving your tax refund. Keep in mind that your refund will typically be lower than the percentage amount equates, as you will need to pay for an affiliate company to process your refund. They will charge an administration fee that comes out of your overall tax refund amount, so it’s TAX REFUND – ADMIN FEE = ACTUAL REFUND.

Where To Buy Hermes Bag The Cheapest?

After looking through our table it is clear that an American buying in the United Kingdom is the cheapest option as you will be paying thousands of dollars LESS after receiving your tax refund. Most individuals will either choose the United Kingdom or Europe to buy their Hermes handbags, as many European countries offer an amazing VAT refund. Remember that purchasing from tax-free areas like Hong Kong and Dubai doesn’t mean your purchase will be cheaper than in other countries; it all depends on retail prices. Always ensure you are looking for your perfect Hermes bag rather than focusing entirely on prices, as the Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly bas are typically limited and sell out quickly.

Final note: returning to your home country after purchasing a Hermes bag in another country, you will need to pay certain import duties and may even have to pay taxes that your country imposes. This will affect the end price you end up paying for your iconic Hermes accessory.

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  1. I am looking at kelly or birkin 30 or 35..its rather crazy to get it here in our country as i hv to spend and buy oth items in hermes in order to get to buy the desired handbag. Any possibility to just walk in and get my desired handbag elsewhere. Plan to visit UK in january and really hope to be able to buy my dream handbag

    • Hi Aslinda, yes its crazy and not eays to get these two iconic bags. What you’re doing is also great, buying other items will get the SA trust so they will show you the Birkin or Kelly one day. However, I have also stories at Bragmybag that some people just walk into the store and talk to the SA a bit and just ask. They go to the stock and come back with a Birkin. But then you have just one opportunity to buy it and sometimes its not the color you want. So our advice is just to walk into the store and just ask.

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