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The Cruise 2020 Collection is about reinventing the Classic Bags by adding more pockets. This new Case looks very similar to the famous O

Nowhere can you find this gem and maybe it won’t be produced anymore. But a bowling bag that looks like a Flap Bag, this

Lady Dior is introducing a special animal collection. Being an animal lover myself, I love these stunning fashion pieces. And not only that, these

It’s never boring when it comes to Chanel. The Chanel Double Case is a new item from the Cruise 2020 Bag Collection. The Chanel Double

Looking for a less sophisticated-designed backpack, yet want to enjoy the classic feel? Here’s one that reminds me of the Timeless CC Collection, it’s

There are Phone Cases in high fashion and even Airpods Cases nowadays. Are Airpods cases really necessary? Well, Airpods are not cheap and they’re

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