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A brilliant idea if you ask me. It’s something different yet simple. In this season, Chanel has also released the WOC with Coin Purse

We have the Louis Vuitton Valisette Bag and the Valisette Vertical Bag. Both iconic looking, mirroring the vintage luggage bag style, so this bag

Lipstick Cases are going to be the new trend. Louis Vuitton started the trend and now Celine is following up. This Lipstick Case is

With the body pattern like the Mix Quilted New Clutch Bag that we’ve posted a few days ago. Here’s a new type of WOC.

As a part of the Chanel FW 2019 Collection, here is part 2. If you ask us which one of these I have to

With a size bigger than its WOC version, the Louis Vuitton Twist Belt Chain Wallet is a better choice for various reasons. The Twist

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