Just like the Twist Bag and the Petite Malle Bags, the Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeau Bag is going to follow suit to become the

Brigado means thank you in Portuguese, in the sense of ‘I am obliged to you’, which is a beautiful name for a minimalistic backpack.

What are our favorite classic bags? The Coco Handle Bag, Deauville Bag and Gabrielle Bag. The Coco Handle is delivered in new style, but

The Pre-Fall Winter 2019 was just a starter; the main dish will be served in this Chanel Fall Winter 2019 Collection. We see new

Louis Vuitton will add a new pouch to the Noe Bag Collection. The fame of this iconic bag has reached many hearts in the

The Dior 30 Montaigne Bag is rady to join the ranks of the iconic like the diorama and Lady Dior Bag. This bag should

Expanding the Maxi Weave pattern, which is the new intrecciato leather, Bottega Veneta introduces the Padded Cassette Bag. For me, it looks like an

In honor of Georges Vuitton, the founder’s son who took over the business in 1892. He invented the iconic bags like the Speedy and

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  • Even with VAT, Europe is still cheaper than most countries. You can also take advantage of tax-free offers, by purchasing a handbag at the airport while you are leaving the EU in Heathrow airport and CDG airport. You need to show your boarding pass t…
  • Hi, What if I am an European citizen. Where in the best place for me to buy?
  • I think they say it’s cowhide. Did u recently buy it? Perhaps its a newer version and they altered the design of the handles.
  • Exactly what are the handles and trimming of the Neverful Damier Eben made of… they say it is cowhide leather but it feels so plastic PVC like.
  • Hi Amy, before you got to Charles de Gaulle airport, you need to process your tax-refund (custom stamp + refund) in Italy. You can still buy handbags at the tax-free area at CDG though, if you can show the SA that you will be leaving EU, she will do…