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  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Chanel Sunset On The Sea Bag

    Every season, there is that 1 Chanel Bag that’s brand-new but makes us so addictive. For the Cruise 2019 Collection, we belief it’s the Chanel Sunset On The Sea...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Longchamp x Clo’e Floirat Bag Collection

    Longchamp is teaming up with a distinctive artist Clo’e Floirat. She is also known as an art critic aka ‘artist-critic’. Her art journey took her from New York to...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Loewe Mackintosh collection

    Loewe is bringing the art from the 90’s back to life by introducing the capsule Loewe Mackintosh Collection. And while Mackintosh is no longer alive, his works is still...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Celine C Charm Bag

    The Celine C Charm Bag is an extended version of the latest C Bag. We know that Celine used quilting in the past, which is why some vintage handbags...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Chloe C Bag

    The Chloe C Bag is the latest fashion and it’s one of the few handbags that have the house logo crafted on the front. After the success of the...

  • chanel price increase nov thumb

    Chanel En Vogue Round Bag

    The round bag trend at Chanel started with the Round As Earth Bag. But it didn’t stop there, now there is a newer and much chic’er version. It’s called...

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    Louis Vuitton x Grace Coddington Bag Collection

    The iconic handbags of Louis Vuitton are getting a little twist for this season. There is a special collaboration between the Louis Vuitton and Grace Coddington. Grace is a...

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    Prada Sidonie Bag

    If the Cahier Box Bag is the vintage version, then the Prada Sidonie Bag is the exact opposite – it’s modern, smooth and elegant. The Sidonie Bag has a...