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Hermes Passe Passe Bag

Hermes Passe Passe Bag

Be aware! Don’t let it fool you. This Hermes tote will deceive you! This Hermes Passe Passe bag, when folded, it looks like it has a little space in comparison to other handbags, but just unfolds it and Bam! What you’ll see? A miracle, indeed. It has now been converted into a double-triple sized tote of what it was before. Well, if you go by the namesake then the French word Passe Passe is actually saying a mouthful, the word means ‘Sleight’, in simple words- deceiving nature. And its convertible function is nothing but a reflection of its name.

Released during September 2014, this luxurious piece is the best-example everyday bag. Being an under the radar handbag, this Passe Passe is way more unique than your usually loved Hermes Birkin and Kelly. It’s your humongous shopping tote with dual flat leather handles, expandable character and easy snap closure.


Hermes Passe Passe Bag

This might be the next best thing by Hermes that you would like to steal immediately. Passe Passe tote’s design is truly wicked with its convertible trait. Also, this bag can be also seen as a reflection of Hermes Pliplat Bag, if we look at its two-forms character. Being feather light, it lets you carry the bag effortlessly by its extra long handles, and also you can swing it on shoulder. Its simple silhouette, contrast stitching and elegant leather trim is something that you’ll surely love to bits.

You can wear this super-comfy thing for hours on end, switch it from shoulder bag to shopping tote access through its inside without a hurdle; the Passe Passe is that versatile! Your beloved ‘Hermes Paris’, just in front, in all its glory as a usual tag will send your head straight in the clouds. This Hermes accessory is usually made of toile and has protective leather on its sides. So, are you or are you not, utterly intrigued by this brand new handbag!


Hermes Passe Passe Bag

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Now let’s dive in the details of this bag’s interior which is the true icing on the cake. It’s like a big solitary compartment that can hold a ton. The top-snap closure opens in a light-second speed to reveal a matching roomy interior, which can hold all your essentials. Want your stuff more organized? Use an inserter or an organizer. Want to stuff more? Than just unfold this coolest update from the brand’s luxurious lineup.


Hermes Passe Passe Bag

The measurements: 21 x 35 x 17 (H x B x D) in cm

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Passe Passe Bag



Hermes Passe Passe Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Brown, Beige


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