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Hermes Mosaique Au 24 Bag

Hermes Mosaique Au Bag

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Inside the Fall Winter 2018 Collection, there is a new bag that can become the next iconic. It’s called the Hermes Mosaique Bag, also known as Sac a Mosaique. The Mosaique was designed in homage to the mosaic that was covered on the floor of 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, which is one of Hermes’s historic stores.

The Mosaic pattern is both art and vintage – the perfect beauty. It’s designed in geometric friezes and has become the new clasp for this handbag.

The Mosaique Bag feels a bit like the Constance and Cherche-Midi Bag. Perhaps something in between. The leather choices will be swift and epsom and there might be two sizes available; mini and 21. There will be exotic versions, but all of them will be mainly crafted in single colors.

If we open the bag, we will find 2 gusseted sides with 2 compartments and 1 central pocket.

Now for some details:

Hermes Mosaique 17 Bag
Prices: Epsom; €5650 euro

Hermes Mosaique 21 Bag
Prices: Epsom; €6000 euro

Hermes Mosaique Au Bag

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Hermes Mosaique Au Bag


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