Hermes Garden Party Bag

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Hermes Garden Party Bag

Hermes Garden Party Bag


StylesLatest Prices
Hermes Garden Party 30 Bag in Epsom 2650 EURO, 2590 GBP
Hermes Garden Party 30 Bag in Negonda3700 USD,, 2650 EURO, 5400 SGD
Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag in Negonda3800 USD, 4300 CAD
Hermes Garden Party 49 voyage bag in Canvas3200 EURO, 3120 GBP
Hermes Garden Pouch in Negonda3610 GBP


Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Size 30, 36
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes Garden Party 30 Bag (TPM )12’ x 8.5’ x 5’ inches
Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag (GM)14’ x 10.25’ x 6.5’ inches
Hermes Garden Party 49 Bag19.5’,x 14’ x 9.5’ inches
Hermes Garden Pouch Bag13.5’ x 10’ x 6.5’ (L x H x D)

Taking a quick stroll through the scenic landscapes of the city or going out on a picnic, have you ever wondered about a super-easy yet chic-queen handbag to carry? Or being a gorgeous geek, have you ever wished to flaunt your favourite Stephanie Meyer’s novels in a best-for-summers handbag? All year ‘round you are a Hermes girl, and it do has some perks, the brand recently launched a Garden Party bag that will fulfil all of these fantasies of yours.Without spending a fortune, you can have this classic beauty downright from the Hermes website or in stores. As Hermes is notable for its exclusive craftsmanship and highest quality, people keep their eyes open for the brand’s creativity. Such is the case of this Hermes Garden Party, which is the perfect evening errands and go-to-summer-stroll bag, with its style and functionality.Garden Party has always been a top pick of celebs from the brand; Reese Witherspoon and Jordana Brewster have already been spotted with this bag. Also, there are some head-turner special editions of this handbag which feature patterned canvas interiors, exterior pocket and an optional shoulder strap.


Hermes Garden Party BagLeading the Hermes-casual-handbags pack, this bag is very easy in it’s functioning. Look at its design and you will find a Clou de Selle snap button for easy opening and closure. These snap buttons are also at the sides for alteration; you can expand or decrease the width. With a feminine approach the bag has rolled curvy handles and a very elegant silhouette. Though the most common colors are beige, white, black, orange and blue, you can also find these handbags in bi or tri-colors.Apart from being a head-turner, these bags are durable as well. In the canvas style, you will find a canvas body, and the leather handles and trim in contrast. Especially the Negonda leather is used, which is soft with matte finish. The Garden Party is not too flashy or showy like your Kelly, its extremely minimalistic. So, if you really want to give it your own style, than simply add on some bag charms or twillies here and there for a more personalised look.


Hermes Garden Party BagA classic herringbone fabric interior gets revealed as soon as your hands open up the bag’s snap button. Everything is quite big as you treasure the insides of a Garden Party; a big zipper compartment and a big main compartment. As we said, you can carry your novels too in this everyday tote. There are two sizes and both are huge to store all your necessities.

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Epsom, Negonda

Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Buffalo Skin, Cowhide, Canvas


Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Black, Etoupe

Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Cobalt, Gold, Azur

Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Poppy Orange, Orange, Red, Rose Jaipur, Papper Red, Dark Red, Dark Red

Hermes Garden Party Bag
From Left To Right: Duchess Red, Pepper Red, Rouge Tomato, Blue Agate, Blue Zanzibar, Navy

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