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hermes bag prices

If you’re a die-hard fashionista or even follow the fashion world remotely, you’ll surely recognize this brand name. The French manufacturer has been around since 1837 and started making harnesses and bridles for the carriage. Nowadays the company is noted for their glamorous bags, being the icon of high-style, wealth, and success. About the purchase restriction: Buyer restriction by Hermes in Paris is not new; one person can only buy two bags a year. You can have one Birkin or Kelly and the second bag is a free choice.

Hermes Bag Prices Reference

hermes birkin baghermes kelly bag
Hermes Birkin BagHermes Kelly Bag

Hermes Birkin Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Birkin 25 Bag in Togo$10400 USD€8050 euro
Hermes Birkin 25 Bag in Swift$10900 USD€8400 euro
Hermes Birkin 25 Bag in Epsom$11200 USD€8650 euro
Hermes Birkin 25 Bag in Ostrich$20200 USD€17800 euro
Hermes Birkin 25 Bag in Lizard$23000 USD€15100 euro
Hermes Birkin 30 Bag in Epsom Retourne€8750 euro
Hermes Birkin 30 Bag in Box Sellier$17500 USD
Hermes Birkin 30 Bag in Barenia Faubourg€9800 euro
Hermes Birkin 30 Bag in Matte Alligator Mississippiensis$53500 USD€40100 euro
Hermes Birkin 30 Bag in Box Retourne$15700 USD
Hermes Birkin 35 Bag in Togo$11200 USD€9850 euro
Hermes Birkin 35 Bag in Epsom$12300 USD€8050 euro

Hermes Kelly Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Kelly 25 Bag in Togo$10900 USD€8050 euro
Hermes Kelly 25 Bag in Swift€8400 euro
Hermes Kelly 25 Bag in Epsom$11300 USD€8650 euro
Hermes Kelly 25 Bag in Chevre$11400 USD€9250 euro
Hermes Kelly 25 Bag in Sellier Chèvre Chamkila$12000 USD
Hermes Kelly 25 Bag in Swift Colormatic$14700 USD
Hermes Kelly 28 Bag in Togo$11300 USD€8650 euro
Hermes Kelly 28 Bag in Epsom$11800 USD€9100 euro
Hermes Kelly 28 Bag in Clemence Retourne$11300 USD
Hermes Kelly 32 Bag in Epsom$9850 euro
Hermes Kelly 32 Bag in Togo€9200 euro
Hermes Kelly 32 Bag in Clemence$12000 USD
Hermes Kelly 32 Bag in Barenia Faubourg€10300 euro
Hermes Kelly 35 Bag in Togo€9850 euro
Hermes Kelly 35 Bag in Epsom€9850 euro
Hermes Kelly 35 Bag in Teddy Shearling€17900 euro

Hermes Kelly II Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Mini Kelly II Bag in Epsom$8700 USD€6700 euro
Hermes Mini Kelly II Bag in Chevre Mysore$9450 USD€7500 euro
Hermes Mini Kelly II Bag in Lizard$18000 USD€16000 euro
Hermes Mini Kelly II Bag in Box Sellier$12000 USD€9250 euro
Hermes Mini Kelly II Bag in Ostrich$16400 USD€11800 euro
Hermes Sellier Mini Kelly Picnic Bag in Swift$15900 USD€12400 euro

Hermes Kelly Cut Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Kelly Cut Bag in Swift$6100 USD

Learn more about prices and the bags:

1. Hermes Birkin Bag

In 1984 the Hermes Birkin Bag was born. Beginning as a supple leather bag for actress and singer Jane Birkin, the bag quickly rose in popularity and is now the symbol of wealth, class, and fashion. It’s highly recognizable design makes it a staple of the fashion industry and it’s gorgeous craftsmanship gives it the appeal every fashionista dreams about. Every inch of the Hermes Birkin Bag is handcrafted in France, from the gorgeous exterior available in a variety of authentic skins and colors to the roomy, matching interior.

The bag boasts saddle stitching which embraces its roots from the beginning of Hermes, back in the 19th century. Finished with a stunning gold (or palladium) plated lock and key, the Hermes Birkin Bag is undoubtedly the staple of success and trend. The Hermes Birkin sizes are numbered in 25, 30, 35 and 40. These are centimeters, so 25 means 25 centimeter. Birkin 50 and 55 are exceptional; they are much larger and best used for travelling instead of shopping or as an everyday bag. Birkin uses calf, crocodile, ostrich and lizard leathers, colors available are white, black, gold, orange, navy blue, olive green, pink, red, brown and baby blue.

There is more demand for Hermes Birkin bag than supply, that’s why they are so-hard to find. Each Birkin is hand-made with impeccable craftsmanship and precision. Hermes personally offers a special treatment for used Birkin bags. They call it the ‘spa treatment’. It is actually a reconditioning service they provide.

2. Hermes Kelly Bag

The Hermes Kelly Bag is a recognizable elegant bag that is iconic to the Hermes industry. Although created in 1936, the bag didn’t truly become popular until 1956 when Grace Kelly showcased her alluring bag. It was at that moment the Hermes Kelly Bag would rise to its popularity and become the fashion must-have it is today.

The bag showcases a sense of undeniable style, yet is notably one of the finer and more sophisticated bags on the market, a bag you carry on your arm to fancy events rather than toying around downtown with your friends. And while the bag is remarkably similar to the Hermes Birkin Bag, the Kelly has its own sense of style with a firmer rectangular shape free of slouching. The Kelly is also handcrafted with a single handle rather than two.

hermes constance bag PricesHermes Lindy Bag Prices
Hermes Constance BagHermes Lindy Bag
Hermes jypsiere bag priceshermes herbag zip bag

Hermes Jypsiere BagHermes Herbag Zip Bag
3. Hermes Constance Bag

The Hermes Constance Bag can easily be noted as one of the most versatile and classical bags by Hermes. It’s gorgeous, unique style can easily be matched with any outfit and can go from an elegant day bag for the office to a whimsical night bag thrown over the shoulder as you trollop through town. Although originally released in 1959, the bag was revamped in 2010 with a longer shape that ladies loved. Both bags continue to hit top of the charts with fashionistas across the world, including top celebrities like Mary Kate Olson, Rachel McAdams, and Nicki Minaj.

4. Hermes Lindy Bag

First seen in the year 2007, the Hermes Lindy Bag took the fashion world by storm- breaking free from the typical Hermes style and showcasing a more relaxed and whimsical design (while still holding true to the elegance staple of Hermes products). It’s the go-to for ladies who want a fun bag thrown over their shoulder while still maintaining a look of absolute high-style. The bag can also be worn as a tote, making it a versatile and nifty item that should be welcome in any girl’s closet. The modernized style makes it easy to accompany on city streets and the array of color variations makes finding the perfect bag a synch.

5. Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

Released in 2009, the Hermes Herbag Zip quickly became an ‘IT’ item in the fashion world thanks to its Kelly Bag appearance, yet its remarkably low price. Made of leather and canvas, the Herbag Zip comes complete with a Kelly design with added staple lock closure, yet also comes with a removable zipped pouch and an exterior pocket.

6. Hermes Jypsiere Bag

Bringing you the gorgeous design of a Hermes bag in a relaxed, comfortable design is none other than the Hermes Jypsiere Bag. The dapper bag comes with all of your favorite Hermes features including stunning hardware and gorgeous bull calfskin, while the casual straps make it the perfect bag for daily affairs. Enjoy a wide interior suitable for all your essentials and take advantage of the handy cellphone pocket.

Hermes Constance Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Constance 18 Bag in Epsom$7950 USD
Hermes Constance 18 Bag in Box€9250 euro
Hermes Constance 18 Bag in Chevre€7700 euro
Hermes Constance 18 Bag in Epsom Mirror$8750 USD€6700 euro
Hermes Constance 18 Bag in Lizard$22000 USD€17100 euro

Hermes Lindy Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Mini Lindy Bag in Clemence$6650 USD€5100 euro
Hermes Mini Lindy Bag in Swift$7100 USD
Hermes Lindy 26 Bag in Clemence$8400 USD€6250 euro
Hermes Lindy 26 Bag in Swift Verso$8500 USD
Hermes Lindy 26 Bag in Evercolor$8400 USD
Hermes Lindy 30 Bag in Swift Verso$8650 USD

Hermes Jypsiere Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Jypsiere Mini Bag in Swift$7150 USD€5500 euro
Hermes Jypsiere Mini Bag in Evercolor$7300 USD€5600 euro
Hermes Jypsiere 28 Bag in Clemence$9000 USD

Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in H Berline/hunter$2950 USD€2270 euro
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Laque canvas/hunter cowhide$3150 USD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in H Plume canvas with “Circuit 24” motif$3575 USD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Canvas$3575 USD
Hermes Herbag Zip PM Bag in Officier with Hunter€2170 euro
Hermes Herbag Zip MM Bag in Military Canvas and Hunter Cowhide€2330 euro

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Hermes Bolide BagHermes Garden Party Bag
Hermes Evelyne Bag Priceshermes double sense bag Prices
Hermes Evelyne BagHermes Double Sens Bag

Hermes Bolide Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Bolide 27 Bag in Epsom$6300 USD
Hermes Bolide 31 Bag in Clemence$8850 USD€9950 euro

Hermes Garden Party Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Garden Party 30 Bag in Negonda$3775 USD€2900 euro
Hermes Garden Party 30 Bag in Canvas & Negonda Calfskin$1630 USD
Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag in Negonda$3975 USD€3050 euro
Hermes Garden Party 36 Bag in Canvas & Negonda Calfskin$2500 USD
Hermes Garden Party 49 voyage bag in Canvas & Negonda$4400 USD

Hermes Evelyne Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Evelyne III TPM Bag in Clemence$2050 USD€1570 euro
Hermes Evelyne III TPM Bag in Felt/Swift$1775 USD
Hermes Evelyne III PM Bag in Clemence$3650 USD€2800 euro
Hermes Evelyne III PM Bag in Maurice$3725 USD
Hermes Evelyne III PM Bag in Barenia Faubourg$3850 USD
Hermes Evelyne III PM Bag in Felt$3450 USD
Hermes Evelyne III GM Bag in Clemence$3925 USD€2800 euro

Hermes Double Sens Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Double Sens 36 Bag in Swift€3900 euro
Hermes Double Sens 45 Bag in Swift€6200 euro
Hermes Double Sens 50 Strap Maxi Bag in Evercolor$10300 USD

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Hermes Toolbox Bag Priceshermes victoria bag Prices
Hermes Toolbox BagHermes Victoria ii Bag
hermes berline bagHermes Picotine Lock Bag thumb
Hermes Berline BagHermes Picotine Lock Bag

Hermes Toolbox Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Toolbox 20 Bag in Swift$7450 USD

Hermes Victoria II Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Victoria II 35 Bag in Quadrille Canvas/Swift$5350 USD

Hermes Berline Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Mini Berline Bag in Swift$6850 USD€5300 euro
Hermes Mini Berline Bag in Evercolor$7150 USD
Hermes Medium Berline Bag in Swift$8250 USD€5300 euro

Hermes Picotin Lock Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Picotin Micro Bag in Swift$3200 USD
Hermes Picotin Micro Bag in Swift$3325 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Clemence$3025 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Maurice$3100 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Swift Daisy$3775 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Ostrich$9250 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Casaque$3225 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Canvas$2750 USD
Hermes Picotin Lock PM Bag in Clemence Monochrome$3525 USD

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Hermes Mosaique Au Bag thumbHermes Kelly Danse Bag Prices
Hermes Mosaique Au 24 BagHermes Kelly Danse Bag
hermes kelly pochette Bag PricesHermes Kelly Depeches Bag Prices
Hermes Kelly Pochette BagHermes Kelly Depeches Bag

Hermes Mosaique Au 24 Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Mosaique Au 24 Mini Bag in Epsom€5750 euro

Hermes Kelly Danse Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Evercolor$7450 USD€6250 euro
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Lizard€11800 euro
Hermes Kelly Danse Bag in Ostrich$15300 USD

Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag in Swift$6400 USD€4900 euro
Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag in Smooth Niloticus Lizard$20900 USD
Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag in Smooth Niloticus Lizard$13100 USD

Hermes Kelly Depeche Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Hermes Kelly Depeche 25 Bag in Togo$8450 USD
Hermes Kelly Depeche 25 Bag in Evercolor€7050 euro
Hermes Kelly Depeche 25 Bag in Cowhide Galop d’Hermès$9150 USD
Hermes Kelly Depeche 25 Bag in Evergrain$8750 USD

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Hermes Kelly Elan BagHermes In The Loop Bag
hermes Della cavalleria baghermes geta bag prices
Hermes Della Cavalleria BagHermes Geta Bag

Hermes Kelly Elan BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes Kelly Elan Bag in Epsom€6850 euro
Hermes Kelly Elan Bag in Chevre with Feathers€11800 euro
Hermes In The Loop BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes In The Loop PM Bag in Clemence$4500 USD
Hermes In The Loop MM Bag in Clemence/Swift$4625 USD€3650 euro
Hermes In The Loop MM Bag in Barenia Faubourg$5100 USD
Hermes Della Cavalleria BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes Della Cavalleria Mini Bag in Epsom$6900 USD€4650 euro
Hermes Geta BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes Geta Bag in Chevre Mysore$5950 USD€4550 euro

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Hermes Bag Priceshermes steeple bag prices
Hermes 24/24 BagHermes Steeple Bag
hermes roulis bag Priceshermes verrou bag prices
Hermes Roulis BagHermes Verrou Bag

Hermes 24/24 BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes 24/24 Mini Bag in Evercolor with Swift$8800 USD€6750 euro
Hermes 24/24 Mini Bag in Volupto and Evercolor with Swift$9850 USD
Hermes 24/24 Mini Bag in Evercolor with Ostrich$10800 USD
Hermes 24/24 29 Bag in Togo/Swift$9600 USD€7350 euro
Hermes 24/24 29 Bag in Maurice/Swift$9250 USD€7400 euro
Hermes 24/24 35 Bag in Togo/Swift€7900 euro
Hermes 24/24 35 Bag in Barenia Faubourg/Barenia Calfskin$10200 USD
Hermes 24/24 35 Bag in Barenia Faubourg/Barenia Calfskin$11500 USD
Hermes Steeple BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes Steeple 25 Bag in Canvas/Swift$4425 USD€3250 euro
Hermes Steeple 25 Bag in Canvas with motifs€3550 euro
Hermes Steeple 28 Bag in Canvas/Swift$4000 USD€3550 euro
Hermes Roulis BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes Mini Roulis Bag in Evercolor$7750 USD
Hermes Mini Roulis Bag in Ostrich$14800 USD
Hermes Mini Roulis Bag in Evergrain$8000 USD
Hermes Mini Roulis Bag in Swift and Ostrich$10400 USD
Hermes Roulis Bag in Evercolor$8550 USD
Hermes Verrou Chaine BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini Bag in Chevre Mysore€6200 euro
Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini Bag in Mysore$8800 USD
Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini Bag in Doblis€7050 euro
Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini Bag in Chamkila$8450 USD

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1,031 thoughts on “Hermes Bag Prices”

    • We only have the prices in euro, sgd, usd and pounds, not sure about the Japan.

      So kelly togo 22 cm: sgd 9,400
      So Kelly togo 26cm: : €4,500

  1. Hi,
    Do you guys happen to know how much does a black birkin, brown birkin and blue kelly cost in general?
    I know it depends on the size and leather but how much is it in the market now?

    Helping someone enquire about this as she is keen on selling hers but have no clue as to the market price and the type of leather.

  2. Hi Burg Babe,

    I am feeling happy for you. What is the color of your Double Sens ??

    By the way I do not understand matching CDC in GHW meaning ???

    Sorry if you think my question is unclear ??



    • Hi, does anyone know why Victoria II Élan is more expensive than the usual Victoria II ? My auntie is in Germany and was offered Elan. Is it worth buying ? Please give me your candid comments and advice. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for having this blog. I am looking to buy my first birkin. And I am wondering about the difference between GHW and PHW. Would u mind giving me some idea?

    I already had a black Kelly. And wondering if I should get a black birkin or in some other color. But I am not too sure what color I am interested in yet.

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Ms C, GHW stands for gold hardware, PHW stands for Palladium hardware. Palladium has the same color like silver hardware.

      The best ‘classic’ color for the Birkin is either black, orange, Rouge. According to SA, black is the most picked color. But you already have the Kelly, what do you think about orange and rouge?

      • Hi Alex,

        Thank you for your info, now I know more shortform description of Hermes.

        Sigh!! Where and how I can buy my first birkin or kelly from the Store, it seems like a dream that is hard to come true !!

        Big frustration !!

        • One of our member ES (in the comment sections) reported to have bought the Birkin 35 in Paris. (date 28 June), they are available. You need to try the local stores, not the airports.

          • Yes. I know we can fly over to Paris to buy the bag but it is thousand miles away from my home which is locating in Asia.

            I am feeling that Hermes has set up certain stand or ranking to classifying the customers. If you a regular customer, you must spend at least certain amount of $$ in yearly basis and they will classify you as VIP and will call you and tell you that there is stock available.

            Here, there is a tycoon who can buy 6 to 7 pieces of Hermes birkin every quarter for his girlfriends as present and he sends birkin as gift to his staff. If the policy applies to each customer can only buy one birkin every 6 months, then how come this tycoon can buy so many….

            Unfair !!


          • Hi Gigi, that sounds very true. Sometimes it seems like it depends on the mood of the SA. If you are social and nice to them, they might turn around and take out a Birkin for you.

        • Tried store in Paris on 29th by the way. Was told nothing available. Tried stores in Cannes. Same thing. But some one walked in day after and was offered 2. It’s not luck, it’s who ever SAs know and like. They are given this power to judge customers and discriminate at their discretion. Walked in to Chanel. Asked nice SA for a certain hard to get model, no problem 2 days later she called and offered it to me. So different. Hermes is very unfair.

  4. What is a Birkin 35 Togo stands for ?? Is Togo a special type of leather and the sales associate said that this is a better type of leather !!!

    • Gigi, two most common picked leathers are clemence and togo. Togo is the skin of an adult bull and Clemence from a younger one. Generally Togo holds better shape, but both are gorgeous. And your choice depends on your personal preference. But for bigger bags I would pick togo (for the shape).

    • Thank you Alex.

      It seems all of the Hermes’s fans are hunting for their own dreams. I just do not understand why it is so unfair for the customers around the world. We are going to travel Copenhagen in coming July. Would there be any chance that we can shop at the airport’s Hermes store. Would anyone give me some suggestions please????

      Millions thanks,


      • Hi Gigi, I had a stopover at Frankfurt and I went to the Hermes store at the airport. The SA told me that it is impossible to get Birkin at any airport store. However, it is cheaper by 16% (VAT refund for foreigners and they give you back in cash with min purchase of euro 15) if you want to buy other things like scarves, bangles etc. Well, no harm trying!

      • Hi Gigi, I just had productive shopping spree while on transit in Copenhagen. The airport shops do not get any birkins or kellys as a matter of policy, so there is little point even asking. I did get a double sens bag with matching CDC in GHW, plus a number of twilly pairs! Very productive don’t you think? Happy shopping!

      • Hi Gigi, there is a Hermes store in Copenhagen airport, but it is very small and the stock is limited. The store is not even located in the tax-free area.

      • Munich Airport – 2 Hermes stores, pretty wel stocked

        Brussels Zaventem Airport – Hermes store at Terminal A, low stock

  5. Hello everyone.. just wanted to share that I just got my hermes toolbox 26 and waiting for the baby to land on my lap very soon 🙂 its a swift duo colour toolbox with lemon yellow leather on the interiors… stunning!

  6. Dear Sassy, Finally got my first Birkin in Paris. Indeed hard to get, was just plain lucky. Can’t refused when the SA showed me – Birkin 35 in Veau Barenia – light brown leather color. This is a smooth leather, the one they use for Hermes Saddles. SA said this is vintage piece (it is brand new but history goes a long way back) and they even display one in their Museum (anybody heard of Hermes Museum??). Unfortunately it will be hard to maintain as it scratches easily but it is surprisingly it is water proof. Does anyone know how to protect and maintain it? Is there a polish or leather spray I can put on to prevent scratches. Price is euro 7250 in case u are interested to know. How I wish she showed me a Togo or Epson. Thanks

    • It seems to be waisted to sell a Barenia to such a stupid person. All those scratches are giving the bag the perfect patina. There are just a few in the world ( I do have one since years) so be happy to own one. And it is Not waterproof…tzz

      • You just called someone else stupid, while you’re the one who can’t even spell “wasted” correctly. Don’t be disrespectful.

      • Thanks Vanessa.

        Hi Walter! Since this is a forum for sharing and learning, I do appreciate your comment on patina and will ignore the rest that add no value in my quest to find out more about Barenia which is not commonly found. Thanks

    • Hiii ES, do you have any IDEA how luck you are!!! 80% of the people who go to Paris will never find the Birkin. Jealous Jealous!!!

      The Hermes Museum is located in Paris, but it’s very private and not open for the public. You can only go there if you know someone who works for Hermes and can arrange an appointment.

      For cleaning the Birkin, be very careful. I do not recommend using any spray or products unless the Hermes SA recommends. Use something simple and light like a Damp sponge or Microfiber cloth. And the dustbag is very helpful too. If your Birkin needs a big clean-up or repair, just take it back to the boutique and get a spa treatment or full refurbishment. It’s the best way to keep your Birkin fresh and alive.

      Can you also tell us which Birkin store you went?

      • Can u tell me how much is a birkin jpg 42 cost in US? And is it as popular as the birkin 35? Which one should I get? I like the jpg cuz it can wear on your shoulder.

        • For the jpg, I can only give you estimation: $12,000. I want something timeless and classic, I would go for the birkin 35. If you really like the jpg, just because of its shoulder bag, then go ahead.

          If this is your first hermes, I would go for the birkin -_-!

      • I have one more point to share on the buying restrictions in Paris. One person can only buy one bag. As I already purchased a black relax Bolide (which is very elegant and soft) as there I they can’t sell me the Birkin so I need to get a friend to help me buy. So plan well.

    • Hi Bianca, our latest update of the birkin price 35 in Paris:

      birkin togo 35 is €6800
      epson: €6500

      Kelly Togo Retourne: €4650.

      You know that Birkin is harder to get right? A couple weeks ago they had only the white togo 35 in stock.

      • Thank you for the update, Alex.
        Yes Birkin is so hard to get in the stores, and people (reseller) are selling it for a high price.

        Do you think it is possible to get Kelly from the store directly in Europe?
        hoping to get one soon!

        Thank you!

        • In Paris, I heard more people walking away with the Kelly than the Birkin. When will you arive in Europe? And please keep us updated about your trip.

          • Im going to ask my friend to get me one when she’s in Europe.
            Hope we’re lucky enought to get the bag.

            I’ll updated you guys about her trip and the availability of the bag! 🙂

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on buying used Birkens. It’s so hard to get a new one. Should i just get a used one? I would love to hear how people think about buying a used Birkens. Thank you very much!

    • Birkin is so hard to get, people buy them brand-new and then sell them on Ebay or in consignment store. It’s unfair for hermes fans like us. But if Birkin is really your dream bag then you can either buy used or new in re-sellers (they also sell for premium price). For Birkin I would only buy from consignment stores with good reputation.

  8. Hi,

    Love your post. I’m from HK, just got back from a trip to Europe. Went to stores in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Venice and Rome in search for Kelly, lindy and constance. But no luck at all! :(. In fact, I had also been to Singapore, Macau, Taipei, and Shanghai. It is almost impossible to get any bags in the Asian big cities! So I really envy those of you who can walk out with a Birkin or Kelly. Do you just ask for it or do you buy lots of other things before asking for a bag? Only saw a few garden party and one jypsiere in all the European stores I went to lat two weeks of May.

    Finally had some luck in NYC this week. Just got a Clemence Lindy 30 USD 6700 before tax. They still have a few lindys in 30 and 34 in stock.

    • Qiqi

      I always have luck in Las Vegas at the Crystals in City Center BUT to answer your question, I always shop for other things. I’ve never just got to see something for nothing. I feel it is better to shop for a handbag when you need other items. I would rather more H accessories and a new handbag from the store than pay a premium to a reseller. This strategy only worked at one location in Paris though. And, I already had what they offered.

      Crystals in Las Vegas is just fun to go to anyway if you have no luck. The new Dior is Fab and they will still use texing for shopping. H stopped a few years ago.

      Good Luck!

      • Hi Maudern,

        Thanks for the tip. Had tried the strategy in some of the Asian stores. Picked up a few scarves, ties and even some plates. But didnt work. I wonder how much I have to buy before asking the magic question. Maybe like you said, it only works in Paris. Will give it a try next time. Haven’t had the chance to go Paris.

        • Make the trip to Vegas Crystals. Everyone is represented there. That is my lucky charm. There are 3 H stores in Vegas if Crystals doesn’t pan out.

    • Hi Qiqi, I understand your situation in HK and other Asian countries. Many famous designer handbags are sold-out everywhere especially the classics. With Hermes and Celine handbags, you can’t really pick your color, you are lucky if they have stock. Did you get the style you want?

      • Hi Alex,

        The Celine situation has improved in HK. It is easy to just walk in and buy a luggage or trapeze. There is no more waiting list in HK. Hermes is the only one that is impossible in Asia.

        I had been lucky with Birkin. It is Kelly that has been giving me heartache.

        • I heard a few weeks ago that Hermes has wiped out the waiting list in France. But I read an article on Forbes that re-sellers are massively buying Birkin sand selling them for premium price at their stores. Is this true?

        • Hi qiqi, i reckon u are aware the many resellers in HK r very well stocked with birkins and kellys. Eg milan station, vip station and brand off, all 3 have a good selection. I was at milan sterlier, a lady eevn asked for. 30cm Birkin in coc, and the SA just whipped one out from behind his counter, a beautiful matt light brown croc. Theres like ten other Bs and Ks on the shelves too. Well. Thr prices are generally 20-25 pct more than what u geat Hermes. And possibly get 10-15 discount from their inflated prices. Nett, u would proaby b paying some 10-15 more than at Hermes, depending on the bag.

    • Qiqi –
      May I ask which Hermes store you bought your Lindy from? I’m only curious because a week ago I was in the Wall St store looking at the exact thing you purchased! Wait, actually I think the price was $6750?

  9. Hi Sassy!!

    I just want to report the price of a Jypsiere Clemence 31 in France. I just bought one in Etain today at Hermes Lyon. The salesperson said the size was a new size. (From your list above, there’s no mention of size 31.)

    So, the price was 5450 (french tax included, but I think I’ll get around 10% refund.)

    For those who are looking for a Jypsiere, the Lyon shop still has one more in Etain but in size 28 and one more in black (28).

    • Hi Supida, thanks for sharing this with us, I am curious about the new size. Do you have an image.

      p.s. which color did you bought?

    • hi there! yes, I had amazing experience at Hermes Lyon when the SA took out a Hermes Herbag which was not on display and asked if I was interested… sold the bag since but had amazing experience from the Lyon store… trick is to chat with the SA and be friendly.. then out comes the treasure 🙂 friendly and much better service than Paris store..

      • Hi!

        I love the SA at the Lyon store too. I feel so sorry that I didn’t ask for her name, but she was a young lady with long brunette hair. I took a pic with her though.

        I’ve heard that it’s difficult for the SA to show you the bags from their storage, but that didn’t happen to me at all. I went into the store, knowing which lines I wanted to try on. The experience at the store was great. Everyone was friendly and smiling. Actually, I had been to the store one day earlier when it was closing. So, I just popped my head in and took a quick look. I saw one Jypsiere and on Evelyn, the models I was looking for. So, next day when the Jypsiere wasn’t on the shelf, I asked for it. (The SA who took care of me was not the same one I met before.)

        So, in all, I’ve got to try on 4 bags (two evelyns and two jypsieres) and she even let me walk around the store with a bag on while waiting for another one.

        I had great experience. (Before the Jypsiere, I had been a loyal customer of LV in my country. I’m so close with the SA that when she thinks a model that’s perfect for me if coming, she will call me and keep it to let me see first, before putting on shelf. But, the Lyon Hermes store experience, comparing to what I’ve heard about Hermes, was a really pleasant surprise.)

  10. Hi Sassy!

    I am so happy that I came across your blog! THANKS a bunch!

    So I am looking into purchasing my very first birkin bag
    BUT am so confused on all the different types of leathers/materials
    it comes in…do you mind giving me birkin material 101 & prices
    want the 30 or 35 clemence with palladium hardware undecided
    on color….looking to buy in San Francisco or on my trip to
    New York next week….

    Thanks in advance

    Warm Regards…

    • Hi hi, thanks for stopping by. Love your compliment!

      Let’s see, the Birkin right?

      I think you already know a bit what you want. The Hermes in Clemence. If you want your Birkin to be functional, I would settle on the 35. It’s btw the size that a lot of people choose. Not too big and not too small. As for the colors, the safest as it can get, especially because this is your first, would be black. But you can also go to other neutral colors like taupe or beige. It’s best to choose a color that can blend to your wardrobe.

      where are you from btw?

      • Thank you so much for getting back to me 🙂

        So I am definitely leaning towards a black birkin….boring..yes!
        BUT safe & will surely compliment everyday wardrobe as you
        mentioned, they have so many fun colors can’t wait to experiment!

        I am from Northern California.

        Do you mind giving me price ranges for a B35 in Clemence with
        palladium hardware….doesn’t have to be exact just a ball park
        figure (would like to know what kind of trouble I’m getting into)
        😉 LOL

        Also…how tough is it REALLY to walk into a Hermes & walk out with
        a Birkin? I’ve read a lot of crazy things online & specific store views….
        its a little discouraging :-/ any advice/tips/suggestions for my
        upcoming Hermes store visit?

        Thanks a bunch! & have a blessed day Miss. Sassy

        • Birkin 35 Clemence is around $10,000 USD. But Birkin and Kelly are always a mystery, you never know what you will find in the boutique. So you walk in and they might have your birkin in different color and hardware. You are buying in USA right?

  11. hi sassy, i am traveling to paris and milan this weekend. and i want to buy a lindy or herbag to my wife, so i wanna ask is there a big chance for me to buy a lindy 34 purple? or even birkin?

  12. Hi sassy, I am from Macau and I am going to paris and milan tomorrow. I just wanna ask is it easy to buy a herbag, lindy or birkin in the retail shop over there?

    How big is the chance you think?

    • From experience, the herbag and lindy is much easier. But the Birkin is tougher and especially in the colors and leather than everybody wants. The Birkin is always a mystery, you never know what you get until you step into the store.

      Chances to get the Herbag and Lindy is much greater. I think Milan you will get more lucky, maybe give the shop a call to see what they have in stock.

      • Was in milan during summer in august. A huge dissapointment at the main Hermes boutique. Only 4 Evelynes for display only and a men’s Barda which was the only leather bag on sale. I got the Barda so basically no other leather bag u could buy then. And i had thought being the fashion capital of the world, they would b much better stocked than that.

      • Hello Sassy, I mean is that possible to walk in Hermes boutique in Madrid and ask for Birkin? I find quite opposite comments about this. Some say there are good inventory which are not on hold for anyone. Some comment Birkin is only reserved for VIP/Regular like the rest of the Hermes in other city.

        Any experience for sharing? I would normally travel to Madrid twice a year.

        Thank you.

        • Hi Christy, you can walk into Hermes and walk away with it (after you paid of course), but there are some styles and leathers that are limited and they won’t be available in the boutique, you need to get in the waiting list. But you can try to walk into the boutique and see what you can find.

          • It really depends on what the repair, what is broken that needed to be fixed? Generally a spa cost around $125 – $150 USD

  13. Hi sassy,
    i’d like to know how much can i sell Jypsiere size 34 in Pearl color for ?
    Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks !!

  14. Hi Sassy Bag,

    Can you tell me whats the cheapest price of an Birkin 40cm and a Birkin 35cm?
    Is it possible to have a 40cm Birkin for about 6500euros??

    Thank you!

    • Hi LMG, Birkin can be tricky, because they have range of prices in different leather and styles. Also many consignment store have them selling in higher prices like in Asia. The Birkin 40cm is a large size, spot one in Togo for €7050. Where are you from btw?

      And the Birkin 35 cm in togo €6500 in Italy. Clemence is the same price.

  15. Have been looking for a black box gold hardware 35 cm birkin. When i went to hermes store in san francisco, they told me, blck box was discontinued and the closest was swift leather. However on a japanese official hermes dealer i found a 30 cm birkin in black box ….. Allnof this isna bit confusing. Can youbtell me what my chances are to get a black box and if not available anymore what my best other option is. I love the authentic luster of black box, cannot understand why such an authentic appearance would not be part of their ongoing collection. Hope you can give me some perspective.

    • Hi Nat, hard to say. It very strange indeed. I have been hearing WEEKS/MONTHS that the Chanel PST has been discontinued. Then one of our BMB followers dropped an email telling she spotted the PST in JAPAN!!!??? So I would say that Japan is another world alright.

      There are several options you can take:
      1. check out consignment stores, especially in Asia, some of them just buy Birkin to retail for higher price. And belief me, they have stock.
      2. Keep calling Birkin where ever you go.

      Wait, where are you from actually?…

    • Hi, I have a black box birkin…2 actually. SO Black and one with palladium HW. If you are interested- just reply and I’ll give you info.

  16. My aunt will transit in the Heathrow Airport, do you think there is chance to get a Birkin/Kelly from there? Or they don’t usually carry Birkin/Kelly there?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hard to say, but check Terminal 3, the Hermes boutique is larger there, they have bags like Garden Partys, Bolides and Plumes. I really hope they have the Birkin/Kelly too.

  17. Hi! This info is great, thanks. I’m a lover of Chanel Bags but I’m thinking of adding a Constance to my collection, regardless of price I’m not crazy about the Birkins. Are the Constance bags the same nonsense as the Birkins as far as finding one? I’m in NYC…any suggestions? Thanks!!

    • Hi Mandy, Birkin and kelly are the one that’s hard-to-get and you-need-to-stand-in-the-long-waiting-line bags. But never heard that it’s the same with the Constance bags. But the Constance is a popular/famous Hermes bag. Keep us informed about yoru journey =).

    • Hi BB, are there any designer handbag available in Nigeria? I don’t heard much about Africa and Chanel/Hermes…


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