Hermes Victoria II Bag

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Hermes Victoria II Bag


Styles2024 Prices
Hermes Mini Victoria II 35 Bag in Viking Quadrille Canvas/Swift €5250 euro
Hermes Victoria II Fourre-tout 35 Bag in Madras Viking€5750 euro
Hermes Victoria II Fourre-tout 35 Bag in Clemence €4550 euro
Styles2023 Prices
Hermes Victoria II 35 Bag in Clemence3900 EURO, 3800 GBP/td>
Hermes Victoria II 40 Bag in Clemence4250 EURO


Hermes Victoria II Bag

From Left To Right: Size 35, 40
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Hermes Victoria II 35 Bag14’ x 9’ x 6.5’ inches
Hermes Victoria II 40 Bag11’ x 17’ x 8’ inches
Hermes Victoria II 50 Bag12.5’ x 19.5’ x 8.5’ inches

Alluring, gorgeous, slouchy and perhaps a faraway sibling of Birkin, you know who it is! The one with its long feminine handles, luxurious clemence leather and classic Canvas lining, can you recall? Let us spill the beans if you can’t; it’s the Hermes Victoria II and she might be the queen of duffle bags.

Being brought into this world during 2007 Spring Summer collection this Hermes Victoria II has been remarkable since forever. The gorgeous Victoria II is streamlined, spacious and lightweight. Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Barbara Walters don’t carry this handbag for nothing; the iconic Hermes lock is one such trait which makes it immortal. You’ll get your ultimate Hermes experience only and only through this bag.


Hermes Victoria II Bag

This thing is selling like crazy and it’s all because of its Hermes DNA, a level that’s totally impossible for other brands to achieve. One thing that you’ll be madly in love with- is its tall round handles, you can easily carry them on shoulder. A cutesy rounded silhouette, the timeless Hermes lock, two zippers for extra security and a protective base studs; are its admirable qualities that will melt your heart then and there. The most unique part? It’s the double zip closure and soft-rounded corners that are too chic.

This Hermes bag comes in two sizes; 35cm and 40cm. Commonly it’s made of a soft but durable Clemence leather, and we talk about the colors than there are eons of it, like Raisin, Rogue, Noir, Blue, Cafe, Gold, Orange, Blanc, etc. If we do compare this handbag with Elizabeth and Johns, we might be a little disappointed; as the Hermes Victoria II lacks the shoulder strap that’s certainly found in these two bags.


Hermes Victoria II Bag

Hermes designs are always close to heart and so is the case of its finished and highest quality interior. As soon as you open it, you would instantly feel the Hermes vibes, the Canvas lining will welcome your sensational experience. The space is beyond huge with a single compartment; you can store anything and everything, maybe along with an organizer if you wish. And also, there’s a Hermes style lock and a key to secure all these things.

Leathers And Materials

Hermes Victoria II Bag

From Left To Right: Clemence, Novillo, Grizzly Calfskin, Canvas


Hermes Victoria II Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Blue Paradis

Hermes Victoria II Bag

From Left To Right: Blue Nuit, Raisin, Feu, Turquoise, Geranium, Peony Red

Hermes Victoria II Bag

From Left To Right: Rose Jaipur, Sapphire Blue, Prunoir, Saint-Cyr Blue, Orange Poppy, Bordeaux

Hermes Victoria II Bag

From Left To Right: Rouge Garance, Blue Jeans, Gold, Rubis, Orange, Grey Canvas


Hermes Victoria II Bag


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