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March 29, 2013  |  CHANEL, PRICES

Chanel have been increasing price for a time now. Why? I don’t know, but some say that Chanel wants their classic to sit next to the Hermes bag. Other say that it a strategic approach, increase prices and more people will want to buy it. Whatever reason it is, they have done it. We love Chanel more and more, and the further to go in prices, the more we want to buy them.

Chanel have literally doubled their prices in less than four years. If you bought a Chanel bag in 2008/2009, then you might conclude that Chanel prices as gone wild. If you are new to Chanel, you might think that
the prices are normal, but they are not. They are crazy!

Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag (also known as medium/large)

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Medium Flap
Chanel have discontinued two beautiful Chanel bags. The first one is the Chanel East West Flap and the second one is the Chanel small flap. The Chanel E/W flap is actually cheaper than the medium flap, but they were for most part identical. It was an excellent substitute Chanel bag for girls who can’t afford the expensive medium flap bags.

Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Jumbo Flap
Chanel Jumbo Flap used to have a single flap. I love the single flap, but Chanel decided to discontinue and change it to double flap. I have to admit, with the double flap you can better organize your items. There is a downside, the single flap is much lighter than the double flap. I have tried the double flap a few times and my shoulder hurt because it’s a bit too heavy. Maybe I am used to the single flap, because most girls who purchase the jumbo for the first time with double flap doesn’t seem to have any problem with it.

Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Maxi Flap
Chanel introduced the Maxi after they have discontinued the small flap. Maybe the future trend is that girls love bigger bags than smaller ones. The Chanel Maxi Flap have been introduced since 2009.

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bags

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Reissue 2.55
Chanel Reissue 2.55 handbags is been re-made exactly as Coco Chanel have made them decades ago. When you buy the reissue, the bag look like being worn. This is the vintage style. Chanel reissue have a special locker, it’s called the mademoisselle locker and it represent Coco that she have never been married. The 2.55 stands for the release date of the bag, which is February 1955.

Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Chanel Petite Timeless Tote

Chanel Medallion Tote

Chanel Cerf Tote

When Is The Next Price Increase?
What you say? Chanel never announced the next price increase. I wish they could, then lots of girls would run into their stores just before they start to increase. But sometimes when you visit a Chanel boutique a bit too often, the SA might leak some free information out.

From a trusted source, the next price increase will be in December or the first of February. I am not suprised, because it is almost a year since the last price increase in February 2012. Price will increase for the flap bag around $600.

Chanel Price Increase Frequency
Chanel usually increase prices twice a year, sometimes one and sometimes even three. This year so far we have one. They usually increase in the 1st of February, around June and December. So get ready if you decide to buy a bag. I know some friends who figure out that Chanel have increase price when they are in a Chanel boutique, ready to buy with creditcard on hand.

Chanel New Price Expectation 2013
Curious about what Chanel will do in 2013? The question is not ‘will Chanel increase price’, but how much they will increase and when they will increase. We have some expectations and also some prices based on some leaked information of SA. The calculation can’t get too much wrong.

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  1. Hi, I am sorry but this is a site about bags, not about hackers, blogs and so on. I am sure you can find info about this on the internet. The people who read these posts are interested in bag prices, no computer-related items… Thank you for your consideration!

  2. Hi is chanel large cambon discontinued? How much is the price for it? I like the beige and black. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ladies,

    I’m so confused. I would like to get a Executive Cert Tote (my first C) in Paris and I’ve been checking several sources for the price. Some say Euro 2200 some say 1790. As the difference is quite a lot, I would like appreciate if anyone can tell me the latest price. I’m interested in Medium (30cm), Black GHW. Is there price difference for colors?

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Some other sources have actually echoed that sentiment to WWD believing the change
    is happening to allow administration to position a greater
    focus on Bendel’s name brand handbags, trend accessories, fashion jewellery, beauty products and journey accessories, small leather-based and tresses items and house scents.

  5. Hi everyone,im thinking of getting small flap in caviar..any idea how much the price will be and is it true chanel discontinue small flap bag?im going to malaysia thinking of getting it there..any idea guys

  6. Hi,
    Im thinking of getting classic flap small size in caviar..may i know is it available in Malaysia and how much it cost?


    • I do buy and sell pre owned CHANEL Hermes Louis Vuitton bags email me ces.bengo
      Most of my bags looks new and in excellent condition my prices depends in the condition of the bag

  7. Hi,

    I’m trying to get a hold of the Chanel timeless clutch in caviar – but haven’t had any luck in Asia so far (they only sell them in a patent leather!)

    My husband is visiting the UK and Spain and I was wondering if they are available there? And also if you know what the prices in both locations would be?

    Thank you!!

  8. Hi,

    Would you have any idea how much the Chanel timeless clutch (in caviar) costs in the UK?

    I tried looking for it in Asia but they only have them in a patent leather. Also, since I’m visiting the UK and Spain, do you know if it would be cheaper in Spain ?

    Thanks !

  9. Hi which chanel bag do you think i should buy for a first timer?
    If i only want to buy one chanel bag in my life?
    should go for Classic or boy flap? or any other suggest?
    actually i dunno whats difference PST & GST, can you advise me?
    Thank you

    • Hi Eve, go for the Classic first, you can always buy the boy whenver you want. The Chanel classic flap bag in black, shw and ghw is the most popular. Pick the one with caviar instead of lambskin, it’s more durable. Lambskin is much softer.

      The PST and GST differences are the size. PST is thin, the GST is wider in size. But the apperarance are quite similar, both are iconic. The GST is easier to get than the PST, in fact the PST only comes once in a while, the production is very limited.

      When are you going to buy your bag? Keep us informed

  10. Hi

    I am travelling to London on wednesday and would like to buy the reissue of the 2.55. Which boutique would be most likely to have it in stock? The one on Bond or Sloane street?

    Thanks for any advice!

  11. Hi Sassy,
    Recently asked my friend to bought a Chanel Claasic Flap in medium size in Harrod’s London. What happened was the size that I got is a small size instead of a medium. Is that normal as I thought the description is standard across the world.

  12. Hi Sassy,

    Many thanks for your reply! Yes, he should have requested for a box..sigh..
    He thought it’s the usual practice since the SA has even ribboned the paper bag nicely.
    Do you think it’s possible for me to request a box at my local boutique?
    I’ll keep u updated once the bag is in my hands.. *fingers crossed…

    • Hi Keege, the dust bag is a compulsory, they have to give you at least the dust bag. But the bag, sometimes they don’t have one, they will tell you. But I would try to request a box, show them your receipt, I think its just a small favor. Let us know x

      • Hi Sassy, thanks for your advice! Im having mixed feelings now.. cant wait for my frd to return from his trip; but at the same time worried that the bag might not be brand new.. I will update u the status once he’s back. *praying hard……

        • Yes update us, crossing my fingers!

          • Hi Sassy, I have just collected the bag from my frd! There is a white dust bag included luckily. But I could not figure out if the bag is a display piece or not. The serial no read as 18889422 which I have checked, should be made in mid 2013 to current?
            I’m going to meet my gal frd tomorrow to compare against hers. (She has the same black jumbo just bought in July this year). And I really hope I wouldn’t find any differences between ours. And I’m also going to my local boutique to try requesting for a box. Hope they will do me this favor.

          • I think the box isn’t a problem at all, they should have a reserve at the back. You can check the colors to see whether its a display version. Bags and shoes, when exposed to lights can become lighter in color than usual. We always recommend to avoid light because its harmful for the leather.

          • Hi Sassy,

            Ive compared mine against my frd’s and fortunately there is no differences.. and i’ve checked my bag thoroughly, no trace of wrinkles or usage can be seen. I also went to my local boutique to request for a box.. and the SA gave me without any questions asked! I was so elated!

            Would like to thank you for your patience and time to guide me through this incident. Thanks alot! :)

          • I am glad everything turned out to be fine, no problem. Please come back to support us and tell others =).

          • Definitely! This is such a great website!

            Many thanks again! :)

  13. Hi Sassy,

    My frd has just helped me bought a black caviar jumbo classic in Paris. However he texted me that he was not given a box for the bag. He says the SA didnt asked him if he wants the box.. is that the usual practice? I’m so worried that the SA has sold him the display piece. I’ve heard that some ppl were given the display piece without realizing it until they are back home and realised that the leather somehow look different. He will only be back at the end of Nov..can you pls advise me on how to differential a display piece and a brand new piece?
    is there anyway to find out via the serial number? As in the year of manufactured.. coz I understand some boutiques do keep display pieces for quite a few years.

    Many Thanks,

  14. Hi.

    I need some help on the chanel medium caviar ghw that was bought this year in Selfridges London. The receipt is not issued by the chanel boutique instead. Which means the receipt is printed as selfridges, then details are 83 A01112 bag, next line followed by chanel rtw, followed by the price £2670. Is that details sufficient? And I don’t understand about the code 83 A01112 what does it means. Appreciate your reply!

  15. U have any idea how much is chanel o case in europe?

  16. Hi there,

    I’m curious want to ask you or anyone who knows about chanel 2.55 single flap bag. I bought this bag around april 2010 in beverly hills CA and I told the SA to sent it to seattle (I lived there). In my opinion the bag is authentic but I just saw in youtube that the interior color of the bag is in black color and they said that the bag is long gone. My bag is jumbo lamb skin and the interior color is burgundy. Do you guys have any ideas when is the latest year chanel stop to produce the single flap? And do you think I got the fake one because it delivered to my house. The reason I told the SA to delivered to seattle because I don”t have to pay the tax since we don’t have chanel boutique in seattle. I know it’s weird to think that I got the fake one because I purchased the bag from the chanel boutique in LA. I really hope you guys could give me answer. thanks a lot

    • This is a big deal, as far as we know, the 2.55 reissue is a double flap, but it could be an exclusive edition. Did you buy it from an authentic Chanel store? Is the bag brand-new? Have you checked the quality, like stitches and so on?

  17. Hi, do you know whether medallion tote is available in singapore and malaysia?

    Or we can only get it from Europe countries? Thanks.

    • Hi, do you know whether medallion tote is available in singapore and malaysia?

      Or we can only get it from Europe countries? And may I know what is the price for this bag currently? Thanks.

    • From what we know, the medallion tote has been discontinued for a while.

  18. Hi, I was wondering if you could give some advice or at least an opinion. I am a frequent shopper on hope it’s ok to list other sites). They’re known for selling designer items at a discount. I’ve bought several designer bags through them and recently tried to order a Chanel
    Slate Blue Distressed Lambskin Jumbo 2.55 Flap Bag. I was having issues w/ my computer and the order did not go through but they’re currently holding the bag for me(it’s considered “in review” now). When I did inititally thought the order had gone through, I immediately felt guilty b/c it was such an expensive bag and I have so many designer bags already. If I did go through w/ it though, this would be the most expensive bag I’ve ever bought. Basically my dilema is I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it. I was searching other sites, trying to see if I could find the same bag to compare prices. However, they seem to differ quite a bit in price depending on color I guess. I haven’t been able to find this color bag anywhere else. I actually just got off the phone w/ Gilt and they said this is a rare vintage bag. Oh btw, the price before tax was $4,615. Tax was around $410 so it came to over $5,000. For that much $, I know I could buy this style bag from Chanel themselves in another color for around the same price, right?(That’s actually one of my ?s, I looked at your price list above & I THINK this bag has the dimensions of the size 225. I can no longer see the details. Is this a good or average price for this bag?).
    Normally I wouldn’t second guess Gilt’s prices, however recently I saw a Louis Vuitton bag on there that I had been eyeing. BUT I noticed the price seemed pretty steep. I was actually able to find the same EXACT bag on the Louis Vuitton site itself and it cost $100 LESS. I asked Gilt’s CS why that would be the case and I honestly didn’t even understand their answer so I won’t bother trying to explain it. The other thing about Gilt’s designer bags is that they are pre-owned, though they come in abolsutely EXCELLANT condition. You would never know that they’ve been pre-owned at all. They come w/ all the authentification cards, dust bags, boxes, etc and they literally look brand new.
    I do own other Chanel bags but most are from sites that resell designer items. Only one did I buy from Chanel itself, the Petite Shopping Tote in black. I over-used it and the lining is messed up as well as the shape in general. I don’t usually go for black but I wanted something classic. I’ve really wanted a 2.55 double flap Chanel bag for some time but figured if I was going to really invest in one, I might as just pay full price. I was thinking of getting a red one. I generally like colors that are unique and/or stand out. They did have a red one on Gilt but it was sold out. Most of what was left was black but this slate blue one was so unique, I’d never seen that color before and when I asked Gilt’s CS about it they said I wouldn’t be able to get it in the store anymore.
    Basically, I’m wondering if that is def true for one and if so, do you think it justifies the price? If I WERE to buy another color in the store it seems like you’re saying it would actually cost a bit less?
    I have until tomorrow to decide what to do. would appreciate any info or as I said, even an opinion. Thanks!

    • hi Gigi, thanks for dropping by and writing such extensive and valuable information. We never shopped at Gilt, so we can’t judge their quality and so forth. But Gilt is a reliable online store, we have read several articles about it and their founders. But the question is, is it worth to purchase the Chanel jumbo 2.55 flap bag in lambskin, distressed Slate Blue. First of all, there are no Chanel bag called jumbo 2.55; Here’s is why…

      Chanel 2.55 reissue is available in four different sizes, running from 224 to 227. I think they are trying to refer the jumbo to the size 226, because the Chanel classic flap bag in jumbo is almost identical to the Chanel 2.55 reissue 226 in term of size. The price you will be paying to buy a brand-new reissue 2.55 size 226 from Chanel boutique will be: $4,900. Now it’s common that stores buy used Chanel bag and then clean it. They go through a special refurbishment to make them look brand-new. Each season, Chanel released a new 2.55 reissue bag in new color or skin, the one that Gilt is selling might be from one of the previous season and has been discontinued. Chanel might never released such style again or you will have to wait for a long time.

      I will advice you to check your local boutique out if they have a brand-new piece in similar color before making the final decision. And one more thing, these are the latest f/w collection 2013:

      There’s a 2.55 in Aged Calfskin available for this season.

      • Hi again Alex,

        Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to read my (long) lol message and for writing such a helpful reply!
        Thanks to you and your site, I’ve spent half the day researching Chanel bags. I so much appreciate all the info you provide. And you were exactly right about the dimensions of the bag that Gilt is holding for me. I wrote them again and actually cut & pasted part of your reply and then copied & pasted the dimensions of the med/large and the jumbo and asked which it was. I had asked on the phone but they said they didn’t know. But I recieved a reply giving me the dimensions of the jumbo or size 266 as you had said you thought it would be. That is reassuring b/c it means that I would actually be paying less than I would if I bought the bag in a different color directly from the store. I live in NY so I’d have to pay for tax anyway and I get free shipping on Gilt b/c I shop there so much.

        I think you gave good advice about checking out my local boutique, only thing is there isn’t one really near me. It’s not impossible to get to one, it’s just a trip which is why I tend to shop online a lot in the first place(that & all the great deals on Gilt as well as TheRealReal, are you familiar w/ that site? it’s a site where ppl resell designer items, really excellant as well). If I had more time, I would definitely go to the city and check out the Chanel store but I double checked, I only have till tomorrow for them to hold the bag for me. And after doing my research, I do think it’s a good deal.

        However, in poking around and checking out the link to the site you gave me w/ the newest collection I now have another ? for you. The bag that I absolutely LOVED from the new collection is Chanel Boy Flap Bag With Chains Details
        in Calfskin and Black

        I found the cost for this item is $5,100 but couldn’t find the dimensions anywhere. I was curious if by any chance you know the size of this bag? Either way I feel like I really do want a 2.55 flap bag b/c it’s so classic & I’ve always wanted one. But at the same time, I’m a little obsessed w/ Boy Flap one w/ chain detail. I like bags on the bigger side though so am just really curious what size this bag is.

        Also, in an unrelated question I was reading about the different advantages to Calfskin vs Lambskin and one thing I read was that Lambskin was more difficult to care for? I tend to be a little klutzy in general and was already a little concerned about the light color(the slate blue) of the bag from Gilt. As much as I love it, I would just have to be REALLY careful w/ it. So if Lambskin is more difficult to care for, that makes me even more nervous. What are your thoughts on the differences?

        Again, thank you so much for all your help!

        • Hi Gigi, I am not sure about US, but generally Chanel can deliver the bag to your house (just make sure they put sufficient insurance on it and the same if you order from Gilt. You can never trust delivery companies, if they lose your package, then the blame might be put on you, because they can’t get you a new one and its too expensive to refund).

          About the Chanel boy bag with chain details, the size is: 6.9 x 11 x 3.3 inch. They have two different styles: one is made with only calfskin, the other one is made with calfskin and tweed.

          No, I am not familiar with TheRealDeal. Btw, where did you find the price ($5,100) of the Chanel boy bag with chain details?

          My thoughts about lambskin; I have another concern, I know how fragile Chanel lambskin is, your nails is strong enough to scratch a serious damage. I do not know how old Gilt’s Chanel 2.55 flap bag is and I am not sure about its leather condition. But I would be amazed if there were no user damage. I would check this out too.

          About the Chanel 2.55 reissue vs Chanel boy bag. I think the 2.55 reissue will increase in value in the future. But I would rate them in terms of quality. If you buy 2.55 reissue, you get a pre-owned bag, but discontinued. If you buy the boy bag, you get a brand-new one from Chanel. (I think this boy bag will be discontinued in the future too).

          And do not forget to like our facebook page. =)

          • Hi Alex,

            Thank you again for your detailed reply.

            Yes, I hear what you’re saying about delivery issues. You actually just reminded me to follow up w/ another company that I had an issue w/(the item was delivered but I was away on vacation & apparently it was stolen). It was certainly nowhere near the value of a Chanel bag! But it was frustrating having to go through the process of reporting it as stolen to UPS & having to go through a fairly long investigation process to finally get my $ back(which I just did!). I’m curious when you say generally Chanel can deliver the bag to my house(it’s actually an apt, hence the reason why my other package was able to be stolen!), do you mean an item can be ordered directly from Chanel online? The reason I find that surprising is b/c I can’t even find the prices of products on Chanel’s website, let alone a way to order from them directly.
            As for Gilt, they have amazing Custmoer Service. If I do decide to order the bag from them(which I have to decide today, ahh lol), I will inquire about insurance on it as you suggested. But in general, they really are very helpful. For instance, a cpl of xs I had items(clothing) that arrived damaged or became damaged soon after recieving them. One of the items I really loved & was debating returning it or having it tailored. When I wrote to their CS, they said I could return the item if I wanted despite it being after the return cut off date OR that they would reimburse me for having it tailored if I sent them a copy of the receipt. I decided to keep it & ended up losing the receipt for the tailoring, yet when I told them the amount they immediately credited my account regardless. And recently I had a similar situation but it was a non returnable item so I asked them to pay for me to have it fixed and they said they would. So I’m pretty sure that if I had any delivery issues, they would be helpful in resolving them. Another advantage of GILT(I’m beginning to sound like I work for them lol, I don’t, I swear! I just shop there A LOT!) is you get “points” for every purchase you make. I actually already used my points from the Chanel bag to get $75 off of another order so I don’t know what happens if I don’t decide to go through w/ ordering it. I was leaning towards ordering it, but your response has caused me to second guess my decision again.

            Btw the other site I mentioned is called “TheRealReal”, not “The RealDeal”. As I told you I was doing research yesterday on Chanel bags and looked at a lot of sites so I’m not sure if it was yours I saw this on but there was one that had a list of sites you could trust for having authentic designer items and if it was yours, please add them to it. They are excellant, I’ve gotten a couple of Chanel bags from them as well as a Chanel necklace. All in very good to excellant condition. One of the bags had all the tags and said & looked as though it had never been used.

            As far as where I found the price for the Chanel boy bag with chain details, here is the link:

            I personally prefer the one w/out tweed, though they’re both gorgeous. Thank you for giving me the dimensions.

            As far as the condition of the 2.55 flap bag from Gilt, it did say “distressed leather” somewhere in the description. I’m not concerned about user damage b/c as I said I’ve ordered other designer bags from Gilt(2 Marc Jacobs and 1 Prada). They literally looked 100% brand new. You would never know that I didn’t buy them directly from the store. But your concerns about the lambskin are more worrisome to me. As I said, I am pretty clumsy in general & if all it takes is my nails to damage the bag, well that’s def not good! And again, I’m a bit concerned about the light color(as much as I love it). Yet at the same time, the page I mentioned which went into the pros and cons of lambskin vs calfskin, showed an identical Chanel purse in each type and I definitely prefered the look of the lambskin. I also read that lambskin is considered more of a “day bag” look? I don’t know, I just feel like I might be so afraid of damaging the bag, I’d hardly use it. I wish I had more time to decide and that I had stopped by a Chanel store in the meantime. Grrr. Once I tell Gilt no, that bag will be gone. Whenever they have deisgner bag sales, they sell out so fast, you wouldn’t believe it! That was why I impulsively threw the item in my cart as soon as I saw it in the first place!

            I know what you mean about the boy bag being brand new if I bought it from Chanel, but also it IS going to be more $ that way. As I said, w/ tax I’d be paying roughly $5,000 for the flap bag. If I bought the boy bag in the store, it would be $5,100 & tax so…I don’t know! lol. But I’ll def let you know what I decide. I have less than a few hrs to decide!

            And I’ll def like your FB page. In fact I just did! :)


          • Hi Gigi, yes I know a few people on Bragmybag that has their bag send by Chanel. You can’t order online, but you need to call the nearest Chanel boutique and order through phone. Chanel, somehow doesn’t report any prices on their site and there are many more bags that you can’t find online, but they are available in store.

            About the list of authentic designer items site, I think you are referring to this:

            All reissue 2.55 leathers are distressed, the bag looks like used, that’s the style. Like any designer bags, you just need to be careful. You don’t need to worry about being clumspy. And def. let me know about your purchase, your story is very interesting.

  19. Hi Alex,

    I will be getting my first chanel bag next month but will be buying it from malaysia. is the quality the same in malaysia as they are in other countries esp. paris?
    and do you know whether malaysia sells the Chanel Petite Timeless Tote? is the price the same as the one you publish on this website?

    which chanel bag do you think i should buy for a first timer?



  20. Hello,

    I’m from Malaysia and thinking to buy Chanel PST. I heard Chanel Malaysia no longer carry this bag? Is it through? If still carry, is it would be in the same price?

    • Hi Ayesha, I would like to know when you heard this and from who. Because as far as my knowledge, the PST ‘was’ discontinued, but it’s now back. And there is a price increase.

      • Hi Alex,

        Heard it from a friend who want to buy it last time.
        Last week I went to Chanel KLCC and there are PST. Black GHW, Nude and Dark Grey SHW. The price increased to RM6620. According to SA, the bag just came back on this season. Once all stock gone, there will be no restock. That’s what she said to me.

        Btw, Black PST GHW is so lovely. Look suitable for tall girl like me. ;)

  21. Hi there,

    I am currently saving up to buy a White 2.55 GHW Jumbo Caviar by Dec 2013. It has been a long life dream (since high school!) to get a 2.55. I’m from Brunei & dealing w someone to get it from Paris. Is it cheaper to get it from Paris than UK/USA? Also, what are the odds of getting my hands on a White 2.55? Stores in Paris?


    • I think the odds are great, because Paris has a lot of boutiques. It’s certainly cheaper to get in Paris than USA, and if you can get the tax-refund, the better. There is not much different between EU and UK prices. What do you think about the black?

      • That is really good news! I have an obsession w white items even tho I am quite dark hoho.. Plus, I have a black GST GHW already. This white flap is for formal occasions :)

        I will my contact the person in Paris then! Thank you so much!

        • Hi Nur, I wouldn’t go for black either, but beige is a popular color too. Pink and red are rare. let us know what you can find in Paris.

  22. Yesterday chanel cerf price was 1790euro in Paris.

  23. for an update, medium/large flap in Australia $5290 since 1st feb 2012 and the price remain the same today.

  24. Hi guys, thanks for all the information. I’ll be heading to Europe in 2 weeks time and I’ll be going to Paris, Florence and Rome. I want to get the pre fall collection metallic calfskin classic flap. Does anyone know if it’s available in stores yet? The cost in euros? And which location would be my best bet of acquiring one?

    Many thanks :)

  25. Hi. I’m from Malaysia and I’m wondering whether its cheaper to buy the classic flap from Australia or US? Taking into account that of the increase in the dollar and decrease in the Aussie dollar. Thanks!!

    • Hi Bobo, if you would purchase the GST right now:

      $2,900 USD => 3,679 SGD

      $3,300 AUD => 4193 SGD

      This is one example that counts for all Chanel bags.

  26. Ammmm.. Alex…I Just started reading this blog and I think you gave that person asking about the timeless clutch some wrong information. I live in London and was actually looking for that bag a couple months ago and SA at bond street told me that they hadn’t received that in stock for a couple months now. She said as a matter of fact she thinks it may be discontinued. She even called out to her superior and they also believes it was discontinued. I think your information may be dated. Sorry!

    • Hi, thanks for your information. I can’t say you are wrong, because Chanel is a mystery, they do things without warning. But through the PST experience and the price increase forecast of SA’s, we have learned
      that they only know as much as you do. Chanel headquarter keeps their strategies secret.

      PST experience: One of our member was informed by SA in Chanel London that the PST was discontinued. (and I do understand why they say that, because it was not available for three months or so). Then other members found the PST in Chanel boutique in Milan, Paris and even in Texas.

      Paris experience: I once asked one of the SA if they know what stock they will get next week. They didn’t know what the headquarter will send them. They can’t even see it in their system wether the boutique on the other side of the city has your bag in stock, they need to make a phone call to figure this out.

      As far as the Chanel timeless clutch, it was seen on Dec. 2012 and a member had bought it a few months ago. It could be discontinued now, but I think it’s just limited and hard-to-find.

  27. Hi, just a couple questions
    1. Is the Chanel timeless clutch still available 2013
    2. Is it available in London
    3. If it is available, is it considered a seasonal item
    4. If seasonable, will it bs available sep/oct 2013
    5. What is the price at regular boutiques eg. Harrods, old bond st.
    6. If available at heathrow, what will current price there
    Thanks in advance!

    • 1. Is the Chanel timeless clutch still available 2013 – Yes
      2. Is it available in London – You need to call the Chanel boutique for this, some stores are sold-out quickly.
      3. If it is available, is it considered a seasonal item – timeless = classic
      4. If seasonable, will it bs available sep/oct 2013
      5. What is the price at regular boutiques eg. Harrods, old bond st.- our latest updated price was: €1,300
      6. If available at heathrow, what will current price there: not sure if its available in heathrow, as they don’t stock iconic anymore. Give them a call, if they have in stock, you can make a reservation. The bags in Heathrow are cheaper.

      Thanks in advance!

      • Thank you alex. ‘timeless = classic. Lol. I know! But I remember reading here that it has become somewhat of a seasonal item. I may have mixed it up with the clutch with chain. Btw just got my first Chanel on my honeymoon at the rue cambon flagship store about two months ago. It was one of the best shopping experiences of my life. Most friendly staff even though they were very busy. Even drank a couple glasses of champagne. If I Paris I would advise anyone to go here before ave. Montaigne or lafayette.

        • Hi, I think you are referring to this bag:

          Am I right?

          Congratulation with your new bag, which one did you purchase?

          • Hi alex, no it isn’t that one. Sorry if I wasn’t specific. I was looking for the one the also call the ‘kissclutch’ or half moon. But as you told the person above Chanel can be a bit confusing because I’ve seen half moon used to describe what I want, which is the ‘kissclutch’ and I’ve seen it used to describe one that bears the resemblance to an envelope. The person above had me worried so I called Chanel bond street which didn’t answer. The one in harrods answered and said the only clutch they have is the half moon which to me at that time could have ment either one. It was only when I called heathrow terminal 3 the lady specified that the one I was referring to has the locket on top (kiss locket) and it was available and they have many available right now for £930. I told her I’ll be passing through London on my way to abu dhabi and Thailand next month and she said she’s not sure if it’ll be available when this stock runs out or when the season changes because it was somewhat of a seasonal item. . Just my luck. Im so disappointed! Btw I got the black with gold hardware GST on my honeymoon. I also got the large saffiano double zip tote in pink. I opted for two bags instead of one 2.55.. Lol! if you find any helpful info I’ll be very grateful. Thanks!

          • Hi, sorry for the late reply, had to do some research on the information you shared. Halfmoon and kiss clutch is confusing yes (Chanel is confusing, you can never find the true name of their bags on their web AND EVEN on their tags. Sigh!). But the usually the halfmoon is referred to the Chanel WOC Halfmoon. But I am sure that the bag you are mentioning is the ‘Chanel timeless clutch, it features a signature CC kiss lock closure and has a oval shaped exterior’.

            All Chanel timeless clutch has the CC kiss lock closure. This is a classic and you just found it on Heathrow. I checked the price, we are on the same line, the Chanel timeless clutch is indeed 930 pounds at Heathrow! It should be available in other stores too, but you can call Chanel up one day before to reserve if they still has stock.

            The timeless clutch is not seasonal, but the style maybe is (the color, leather and hardware!!!) Keep me updated.

            The GST and the saffiano tote are a good choice too. The saffiano, you mean the Prada saffiano right? Both are timeless.

  28. How much is Chanel Easy Flap in Singapore? How many sizes? Thanks!

  29. Hi what is the price of classic small flap in Paris now?

  30. Hi everyone,

    Does anybody here have a price for medium flap in Taiwan?

  31. Hey everyone. HELP! I want to buy the classic Chanel flap medium (caviar). I’m travelling to Barcelona and then to Rome and later on Venice. I’m confused as to where i should buy it; which city? I heard prices are different in each. I’m scared by the time I get to venice that there won’t be any in stock or that the the price migjt be higher than normal. Help. If you know anything about the prices in each of these three cities i’d appreciate a reply. I’d like to get the lowest one. I hear prices in Italy are expensive. Not sure though.

    • No not true, prices in Europe are all the same. but in Rome you get more tax-refund, 14% vs other european countries 12%.

      But you rather want to focus on getting the bag rather than the prices. Chanel might not have your bag in stock.

  32. Jumbo Flap black lambskin. MYR16,860. SGD7,450.
    Got mine in Malaysia instead of Singapore coz it’s cheaper.
    But had to go to the boutique 3 times. Out of stock the first 2 visits.

  33. Great site!
    Where would be the cheapest place to buy a Chanel bag if I live in Europe? Here or in the US?
    I’m wondering if it’s the same thing for Europeans as for Americans, that Chanel bags are cheaper in Europe because of the sales tax/VAT refund.

    • Depends on which bag you want, non-iconic or the GST I recommend Heathrow airport (tax-free area). European can’t get VAT return. In the US, there are states that don’t include sales tax. But generally heathrow is your place to be. Which bag are you looking for?

  34. It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks

  35. Hi there, would love to check if PST XL is a classic range under Chanel?
    And as well, compared to GST, is it much heavier or lighter?
    Thanks so much inadvance!

    • PST XL is a classic bag, just like the PST medium size. We are not sure which one is heavier, but from experience we think it’s the GST.

      • Thanks so much Sassy, just last Question… do you have the product code for PST XL? As well is the PST XL still easily available around in Paris?

        • And Sorry, the price of the PST XL in Paris and Singapore as well.

          thanks thanks thanks!

          • hi Jor, PST XL is available, but they are rare. And I don’t have the style code unfortunately.

            Price SINGAPORE: S$3,500
            Price EUR: €1,790

            Hope this is helpful. Keep us informed about your journey.

  36. Hi, could anyone tell me the price of this? Does it ever exist?? Thanks!!

    Chanel bag

  37. Greetings! I am leaving next weekend to London(2 days), Barcelona (3days), Paris(2 days), then back to London for 10 days. I am looking at buying my first ever Chanel and I am looking at Classic flap, caviar jumbo ghw. I’m not sure how euros and pounds have fluctuated over the past few months… Could you advise where you reckon has the most stock and of best value?
    Thanks in advance!! I am sooooo excited!! :)

    • Hi Mizzy, our updated prices:

      Jumbo classic flap:
      Price EUR: €3,450
      Price POUNDS: £2,975

      Let us know how things went =)

    • Can someone advice where might possibly have the most stock? Not sure if I wanna drag it all around.

      • It would be easier if you could tell us which bag you are looking for.

        • Hi Alex, am looking for classic jumbo ghw. So between Barcelona, Paris and London, not sure which location may have the most stock? Also, any price diff for lamb skin and caviar skin? Thanks =) ps: pounds seemed to have dropped.. Price diff is quite big between euros n pounds.

          • There are no huge price difference in lambskin and caviar, I would try every location if you can. But Paris is really big, it takes at least half day to visit all the boutiques, and London is the same. I think London or Barcelona is your best shot, Paris seems most of the times to be sold-out.

  38. Hey, I would like to ask whether is it much cheaper to purchase chanel in Paris than in London. Could you please enlighten me with the price difference without tax as I will be leaving EU soon and Im not an EU national.

    • Hi Griffin, this depends on the currency rate of the country you are from. Generally Europe is much cheaper, so Paris instead of London. Let us check it out the price diff. where are you from?

      • Hey, I am from Malaysia. Do let me know if you’ve found out the price diff. thanks so much. looking forward to get my first chanel this month :)

  39. Hello,
    I was wondering how much is the chanel classic jumbo flap in caviar is going for in Dubai? I am going there soon and thinking of purchasing it from there since I won’t be paying any taxes (although some say the taxes are already in bedded in the original price).
    Thanks :)

    • Chanel classic flap bag medium in Dubai: 17,300 AED
      Chanel classic flap bag jumbo: 19,600 AED

      If you take your time to read the comments, you will find out that Dubai, without tax, is still more expensive than EU. Which bag are you going to buy?

      • Seriously? That sucks!
        I am looking to buy the Chanel classic flap jumbo. You know the prices of designer bags used to be cheaper in Dubai but it looks as though that has changed, due to the huge demand!
        Thanks :)

  40. Hey Guys,

    I am traveling to New York next week, called up all the Chanel boutiques and they all had one response “Sorry we are sold out – all the classic bags”. Is it even possible not even a single bag in stock?

    Another question – I am getting my first Chanel soon and can’t seem to decide between Chanel reissue 227 or Jumbo beige caviar. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • I have never heard that a Chanel boutique are entirely out-of-stock. Are you sure about that? Not even the jumbo in black in lambskin?

  41. Can anyone tell me that how much is Chanel new mini (rectangle) A69900 and mini (square) A35200 in UK? and anyone know how much VAT tax refund? Thanks~

  42. Hi,

    I’m going to Paris on this July 2013…may i kow the latest price for classic flap jumbo (caviar)?

    What is the price different between patent leather (shinning) and caviar (calfskin)?

    • The chanel jumbo caviar cost €3,400, there’s not much price differences between the two leathers. Can you keep us informated about your purchases?

  43. Hi can I know how much is PST at Europe in london? Thks alot.

  44. Hi,

    I just bought the chanel classic jumbo is cavier. I wonder how should I take care of the bag.

    • When its new, using it with care, this will help a lot. Generally the caviar is much easier to clean imo than the lambskin. Carefully use a microfiber cloth.

  45. I’m so sad that I can’t get GST ghw in Finland. It is out of stock… I think the price increased, now is euro 1930.

    • Maybe the tote price has increased, because the PST has also become more expensive. Thanks for keeping us informed. Maybe try in other cities?

  46. my family just came back from europe, and they got me a black caviar jumbo classic flap in Venice! They got super lucky as that day they had new stock coming in. The price was £3450. goodluck everyone!

  47. Hi, what’s your take on buying secondhand Chanel medium classic flap in caviar? :) How much do you think a girl should spend for it? :)

    • A brand-new Chanel medium classic flap cost €3,100. Usually consignment stores sells used one for €400 to €500 euro less, that is €2,600. But companies like yoogi closet check the quality and restore the bag before selling. If you are buying from an individual seller, there is more risk involved. I would buy it below €2,000 or it’s not worth it. Where are you planning to buy?

  48. Hi sassy.bag,

    Can i check how much is the Chanel jumbo classic flap in Geneva? Tks

    • Everyone is buying Europe, so I can only speculate for you. But the prices within the European union seems to be the same, like UK. Around 4,100 Swiss franc.

  49. Hi sassy,
    I’ll be traveling to london on 22nd june and I’d like to ask about the availability of the chanel classic flap medium black caviar shw in the london chanel boutique / selfridges / harrods? as well as the current price for this item? hopefully they still have it in stock!

    your website has been really helpful :)

    • Current price is around 2,600 pounds for the medium flap and 2,750 pounds for the jumbo flap bag. One of our member bought the medium black in caviar in London a couple weeks ago. But if they have stock on 22 june? It’s hard to say. But they are there, you might also want to try in Paris.

    • Don’t go to the ones at Harrods or Selfridges, they’re waaay too crowded & U have to wait in line & usually out of stock of many things.

      Try the one at Sloane street (or square; I can’t really remember), I just called 2 weeks ago and they still have some the classics, black, in caviar & lambskin.

      Better yet, try to call each of them (stores) when U’re there & if U’re lucky U can ask them to hold the bag for U for 1-2 hours (if U desperate, lol). Oooh..don’t forget to call the one at Heathrow terminal 3 as well.

      • thanks for your information!
        is there any way i can get them to reserve a bag for me until 22nd june? i tried emailing the stores at new bond street and harrods, and so far only harrods replied saying that they don’t reserve items for customers.
        does anyone know the stocks at selfridges?

        • Oh no, U cannot ask them to reserve the bag that long, only 1-2 hours for my case. Sometimes they don’t even want to accept the booking at all. I guess I had been lucky before :-).

          Harrods in my opinion has better collection. But then again maybe I’m biased, cos I hate shopping at Chanel in Selfridges, too crowded, many rude customers & not-so-friendly SA’s, lol :-).
          I like going to the boutiques instead, far away from any tourist places if

          Btw, I remember I read a thread here somewhere about someone was successfully buying a Chanel bag using a reserve & collect service at Heathrow airport (terminal 3), but U still have to call the [Chanel] store there though, do not email. Maybe U should Google “reserve & collect at Heathrow airport” (Chanel is only located at terminal 3 if I’m not mistaken). I might give it a try next time I’m there.

          • I’ll try calling them when I’m in London then! Hoping to check out the new chanel boutique at new bond street ;) Thanks so much for your help myzoya!

          • Finally bought my bag at Sloane street today! They didn’t have stock at their new boutique at new bond street.. As of today medium classic flap is £2540!

          • Congratulation, caviar or lambskin? =D

  50. May I know what’s the prices of Chanel Timeless CC Soft Irridescent Calf Medium Shopper Handbags (A67294) Europe???TQ

  51. Came across your website this morning, OMG its a God send !
    I have been hunting for Chanel Cambon bag for a long time. Was in Italy last year and the SA there told me it’s been discontinued but SA in Paris told me it’s out of stock. I ended up buying a GST instead. Have since asked 3 friends who travelled to Europe to get this bag for me but no luck :( Do you know the status of this bag ? Thanks.

    • Status, you mean the availability right? This bag has been discontinued for a long time. Weird that some SA says it’s discontinued and others out-of-stock. Seems like they are not all equally informed. But discontinued, you might want to look at the PST, was discontinued for a while, but it’s back and it’s hot.

  52. I have a friend who is in stuggart. I’m wondering if there any chanel nearby this place as when I check the chanel website i don’t see any chanel at stuggart. Where is the nearest he can go as I’m not really familiar with this place.

    By the way, he will only be coming back to Singapore only in aug. so if he happened to see the bag that I want should I ask him to buy or wait till he coming back…. I’m afraid by the time he coming back, they may not have what I want and if he buy too early, can we still claim the vat.

    Please advise

    • Generally all purchases needs to apply for tax-refund within three months. Nearest place he needs to to is frankfurt or Munich.

  53. Hello, is it true that they are not Doing The petite shopper anymore?? I am trying to find in europe now!!! Thanks!!

    • You mean the PST right? The Chanel petite shopping tote, please check the image above.

      The PST is now spotted everywhere, last seen in Nice inFrance.

      • Dear sassy, u mean that the petite shopping tote is now available? Is there size for the pst like the GST that has several sizes? Very happy to hear this news thanks a lot sassy and everybody

        • I started hearing that the PST was available in Texas and yesterday got informed that it’s also available in Nice in France and other countries. So it’s back. There is a PST XL, which is not wider, but longer. I am not sure if the PST XL is back, because it’s pretty rare.

          Are you looking for the PST or the PST XL?

          • Oh really, so the pst is not discontinued? I am more interested in the Pst, do u know where i can find it I am going in august to paris for a weekend just to get it? How much the price has increased for the pst xl, how much does it cost now??? thaaaaaank uuuuuuu ;)

          • It was, it was!! but not anymore. They brought the sexy back and I think they have upgraded the bag. The normal size is PST normal €1,390 and the PST XL is €1,790, we got the information from our members. spotted in Paris, Nice and Berlin. I am not sure where exactly you can find the bag. Maybe you can ask the community, but it’s in Paris. Shopper assistant might be able to call other stores for you too.

            P.s. promise me to show me the new PST if you bought it.

      • Hi,
        It’s in Paris too! Just saw it today Avenue Montaigne in shw and ghw..
        The price here is 1390 €

        • Wow, that’s much cheaper! Amazing, the PST is back in shw and ghw. Thanks Caro for sharing. Love it!

          • Im Looking for The PST!!!! In glad to hear This news, because a lady in chanel london told me it was discontinued!!! Im going to berlin, amsterdam And Paris And i hope to find it!!! Thanks

          • Nice, don’t forget Nice! Just below Paris =). Keep us informed.

          • Hi Sassy,
            I love both GST and PST. I would love to have one in my collection. Which one do you think it’s worth to buy it? Please kindly advice. Thank you.

          • PST was out for a while and the crowd went wild. Everyone was trying to find the PST and all the SA were telling that it was discontinued, which drove us crazy. But the PST is bag, I am not sure for how long. But I will recommend PST, Then again you need to love small bags. I mean GST is larger right?

          • hi,
            i was wondering if the reissue camera bag was still available? And if you knew in which size and the prices?
            thanks so much in advance!

          • I saw the camera bag years ago, I thought it was discontinued. But you can still find in some other online stores or consignment stores if you are lucky. The size for the medium was 11″ x 7″ x 3.5″ (w x h x d), price was around $2,000 USD

          • Ooh good to know that the PST is back but what about the PTT, any news on that?

          • I haven’t heard about the PTT for a while. In europe, the beige was discontinued last year. I am not sure about the other colors.

          • Are you getting a PST?

          • I found The PST in berlin yesterday, at Chanel in Kadewe!! It was 1390 euros, And The big one is 1790!!

          • OMG, that’s really exciting. It’s really back! which color did you got? The big one, you are referring to the PST XL right?

          • Thank you very very much Sassy for your recommendation :) I just got the PST! Mine is black caviar with shw. The size is perfect. It’s classy and super cute.
            BTW, the price is slightly increase. It’s $2200.

          • I was wondering, could you share your PST to us? Post it on the forum.


            I heard the previous PST and the one it’s selling now are different. I want to check it out.

        • My gf is in Paris now and there’s no more PTT in ghw only shw. The price is yes… Cheaper €1390. Anyone has the a photo of the latest PTT in grey/black shw to share? I’m dying to know how it looks like.

  54. Dear All,
    When I thought I gotten lucky with black cavier jumbo flap… there comes my nightmare.
    Today when I finally gotten my bag from my friend who bought it in UK,, I saw that the back pocket of the bag is having 2 fade blue spot on it. What should I do. I am in singapore and the bag is with me now. I think my friend has throw the recipet away. What should I do now. Can someone please help me pls…

    • Hi Jo,

      First of all don’t do anything to your bag, don’t even try to clean it w/ any leather treatment cleaner. U can bring your Chanel to Chanel boutique, maybe go to the one at Takashimaya (Nge Ann City). They know a professional place to clean it. I went there once and got the business card of the place. But it does take time. I had mine cleaned for 2 weeks, U can repaint it too but it takes about 1 month (at least).

      Where do U live? I know in NY they have the same place too. Always ask Chanel SA’s where to go, they know better.

      • I totally agree with myzoya, don’t do anything with the bag. Bring it back to the Chanel boutique, try to involve your friend too. If not tell the SA your story, try to call the head office for help. And worst case scenario, ask the SA if they can resolve it, maybe a refurbisment treatment or advice where to have it cleaned.

  55. Hello sassy.bag! Thanks for helping us girls with one of the biggest investments in our lives!

    Can I check if anyone knows the price for Chanel Medium Flap Bag in Black Caviar w/GHW and same thing in Jumbo size? I’m going Italy this 15th June!!! And now I’m so worried about it being out of stock! Do you think Milan stands a higher chance? Because I’m going with a tour group so the first stop is Milan and final stop is Rome.

    Thanks a million!

    • The price Chanel classic flap bag medium is €3,100 EUR and jumbo is €3,400 EUR. There’s a chance they don’t have stock and that they don’t have your color and leather too. If I were you, I would do a investigation where your bus will land, and the quickest way to the Chanel boutique. The boutique is not hidden, so its easy to find. But a phone call before you go to ask whether they have your bag in stock is also a smart move. I think you can reserve your bag for 48 hours. Some people did that before.

      • Yea that’s my worry. :( I am also considering lambskin and the reissue 2.55 model.

        Okie I will ask my tour agency for the information! Thank you for your prompt reply and advice!

        • The Reissue 2.55 lambskin is gorgeous. Do you know which size, color and chain? shw or ghw. And what if they don’t have it in that color, which are your second option, third option etc… Be prepared for everything, so you can adjust quickly when you are in the store. Especially because your time is so limited.

          • Totally agree with you.

            My priorities will be classic medium or jumbo then reissue 2.55 similar sizes, caviar then lambskin, then GHW followed by SHW, but definitely black. As this is my first chanel, hopefully I’ll get something classic and timeless. I have to get 2 pieces actually, one for my brother’s gift to his wife-to-be. Hope to make them and myself happy! The problem is they only have one boutique in a city so stocks are so limited!

            Though the new chanel boy bag is interesting…

            Keeping my fingers crossed for Celine Mini Luggage too!

            I’ve googled the map for the distance btw the likely stop overs during the tour and the boutiques, hope I wouldn’t get lost!

          • Oh Shu Hui, oh you are hunting for A celine bag too. Are you not going to visit other cities as well?

          • Yesssssss! Celine Mini Luggage!

            The tour is only going Milan, Vernice, Florence and Rome. My friend just came back from Europe and she shared that Chanel Jumbo is out of stock, she got hers in London.

          • oh my god, congratulations! are you going to hunt for the chanel bag right now? chanel you never know, you might just find it in their store.

  56. I just bought a classic flap in medium here in Dubai, UAE and paid 17300AED for it. The jumbo is now for 19600.

    • Hi Nadia thanks for sharing this. Congratulation with your new bag. The price is a bit more expensive than Europe, but do you get tax-refund over there?

      • Dubai is a tax free country hence their is no tax refund. Previously things were cheaper here but not anymore!

        • Hi Nadia, yes that’s what I heard. Someone checked and it’s a bit more expensive. While it’s a tax-free coutnry, the prices are higher. Like in HK, ther are no sales tax, but the Chanel bags are sky high. Congratulation with your bag btw, it’s only a little bit expensive, but worth every dime!

  57. Pham Xuan Truong

    Hi. How can I order 1 bag: CHANEL DOUBLE FLAP, GOLD KEY, CAIFSKIN, BLACK COLOR, SIZE JUMBO in Sydney Australia. How much and Tax refund (I am from Vietnam and will travel to Australia).
    Thank you

    • You are looking for the Chanel jumbo in black calfskin. You can just get this bag in the Chanel boutique. They have a boutique in 70 castlereagh street, but why would you buy in Australia if you can get it in Vietnam?

  58. Hi Sassy.bag!

    Just want to let you know that this particular post on your blog helped me tons!! When I got the surprise from my hubby that we are going to Rome.. I quickly did my research online on the updated price of the Classic Jumbo Flaps! :) Your website was god send as I am stationed out of Singapore and based in UAE…
    My cousin who bought hers (Black,Jumbo, cavier w/ SHW) 12weeks ago paid SGD7250.. I checked the boutique here in Abu Dhabi for Beige Jumbo, cavier w/GHW & the approximate cost after conversion is SGD6504

    So, with the difference in price between Spore & UAE,, I was even more determined to get my first Chanel while in ROME! LOL

    In Rome,the boutique is rather small and many things were sold out just within days of stock arrival. :( However, the SA attending to me was super nice and patient with me when I was undecided on whether to just go ahead with the beige lambskin (which was not my first choice of material). Then, suddenly the SA asked me to wait while she went and got me a new design that arrived just a day ago. It was a seasonal (winter) piece in gorgeous dark blue with SHW.. Fell in love with it immediately.. and got it. All this while I forgot to ask what the model is called! hahaha.. maybe someone here can help me.

    Original price @ eur2300, after vat refund = eur1978 :))

    here’s the link to the bag:

    • Hi Loulou, omg thumb up for your story!

      I am really excited about your new bag, the new winter season has just arrive. But do you have a real life image for me to look, maybe two or three picture on your phone. And can you post it in the forum.

    • Hi sassy.bag and loulou!

      Why didn’t I come across the website earlier?? Thank for helping us girls with such a heavy investment!

      Anyway I am going Italy on 15th. Now that Loulou has been to Rome and it seems like luck is thin to get Chanel, I think I’ll get mine as soon as in touch down on Milan! But the problem for me is I’m going with tour group so if a boutique doesn’t have it than its hard to travel around to find another.

      Loulou is it had to find chanel boutiques in Italy? Do you know how much is Chanel Medium Flap Bag, black, caviar with GHW?

      Thank you ladies!!!

      • If your itinerary includes a stop at Galleria vittorio Emanuele II , you will have no problem finding all the branded goods under one roof. I met a few ladies who were with a tour group in the LV store , they were brought there right after touching down . I am pretty sure your tour guide will bring you there as the Duomo is right outside the mall.

  59. I just bought 2 classic chanel bags in NYC 2 weeks ago. From their flagship store on 5th & thr other one from Madison Ave–One is jumbo blue caviar (kinda suede-ish) for $5300 (w/ tax) and the maxi one is red lambskin w/ matte gold hardware for $5770 (w/ tax). They all gorgeous. What I’m so surprised is the abundant of chanel colour collection they have in stock!

    I saw many colourful crocs classics being displayed in the stores. And other style w/ many colours available too.
    I’m surprised because this won’t be the case in London. I tried London before–called them up beforehand and they usually only have dull colour :-) black, beige–U got my point lol. The colourful ones usually out of stock or very limited.

    I’m hunting the colourful classic ones & even if I have to pay extra (tax) I really don’t mind–cos I’ve got what I want. And not many people inside the stores–unlike the ones in London, soooo many people & I found some of the SA’s especially the ones in Selfridges & Harrods are usually more nicer to the arabs since they have the most money *sigh*.

    • Loool, are you serious Myzoya, are they more nicer to Arabs? That’s discrimination! But I just heard the PST is available in US, while it’s discontinued for a long time and I haven’t heard anyone seeing one in Europe. Why is US so full of stock?!!!

      BTW congratulation with your two purchases, I really love the blue caviar, saw someone in easy flap.

      • Thx for the reply Sassy… Love my purchases, the light blue is gorgeous. I initially planned to get the royal blue, but when I saw it it didn’t look as nice as I had imagined it.

        Btw yep regarding the SA’s at Harrods & Selfridges, I experienced it myself for a few times already unfortunately–even it pisssed off my husband already, lol–but that’s a different story, lol.

        I saw PST, GST & the ones that look like medium classic flap bag but the leather is more ‘wrinkly’/aged & shinny and the colours are a bit boring to me :-) like dark green, dark brown, dark grey etc, price about USD 2900.

        Saw also the one w/ the flap but inside is opened (no zip, but it has some string around it..err maybe kinda accordion bag–sorry I cannot explain it more :-) ) in nice colours–yellow, nude, green–goes about USD 3350 if I’m not mistaken. Saw the large boy with a kinda tye-dyed colour of brownish golden and silverish w/ pearly colour based tone–it looks & it feels like made of a fabric but actually is a leather, around USD 4400, gorgeous but my husband didn’t like it ;-).

        Anyway, the treatment in both NYC stores were superb. We were offered water, sparkling water U name it. They were very very nice to us. I had never ever offered any bottle of water or even candy before at any Chanel stores in London hahaha~. Sorry for rambling, I just need to share my experience ;-).

        Btw, I’m sure U heard this a lot, but I love UR website…seems more personal & very informative!! Thank U so much!!!

        (ps: I’m looking for a hot pink/fuchsia classic medium, do U have any idea where to get it? Thanks again).

        • Speaking of store experience, here at the Dubai Mall boutique, even though I had to stand in the queue for 20 mins before I was allowed to enter, once inside, I was made to feel as if I was the most special customer in the world. The espressos and the juices flowed non stop and the attention was so lavish. I had two SAs attending to me and they were both amazing. I am not Arab (married to one though!) and I come from a third world country but I did pay cash if that makes a difference! Overall, the shopping experience was definitely a memorable one:)

          • Hi Nadia, glad that U had great experience at Dubai Mall. I also always paid cash for my purchases, don’t really like the idea of abusing my CC, hehe~.

            I went to Chanel Dubai Mall once in 2012, but was too tired wile it was too crowded & finally left w/ nothing…I guess I should have been more patience, I regretted I didn’t get the medium classic in soft purple :-(

        • Hi Myzoya, wow what a story. I love these stories because they are so alive and very helpful for the community. But I heard you saw the PST, did you know that bag was limited for a time and nowhere to be found. They are taking it back, probably reissue it. Maybe you should get the PST too, it’s super cute and it’s a classic.

          Thanks for your support btw, this give us strength to make the site better for the Handbag/Chanel addicts like you and me. But I have heard about the pink classic medium bag. Let me check the data’s…

          One of our members spotted the Barbie pink jumbo classic double flap in lamb skin with Rose gold HW @ £2975 somewhere in London. Try to get in touch with a Chanel boutique and ask her where the stock is. Will you settle with the jumbo?

          BTW, you deserve that special treatment!

          • Hi Sassy, I saw either PST or GST on the table, but honestly I wasn’t so sure if they were on sale or belonged to the customers, because they were some ladies around too.

            I’d like to buy the PST but only if they have in dark beige/camel/nude.

            Btw, thanks for the info for the pink classic. I should call them up tomorrow–but very pessimist about this, usually they’d be out of stock already :-(. And yep, jumbo would be my first choice, cos medium is too small for my items–I tend to bring so many things at once, lol.

            Have a good weekend.

          • The pink is really rare, but it’s gorgeous. If you have the chance to snap it, buy it! I am hearing that the PST has been spotted everywhere!

  60. Hi Sassy,
    Thanks for the interesting Chanel infos you posted here. I would like to let you and a lot of girls here know that I just bought Chanel PST in black caviar and ghw from Chanel store in saks fifth avenue Beverly Hills today. They have black caviar with shw and burgundy with shw in stock. Have a happy shopping! :)

    • Woooww!! seriously…

      We heard about the return of the PST, but I still think they are still limited in supply and you have one. Thanks for sharing this Pui!

  61. Hi Sassy
    You’re probably sick of hearing this but great website!! Learnt so much from everyone’s experiences and questions and answers.
    I have no stories to tell but questions to ask :) a friend is travelling to the UK in 2 weeks and is willing to buy a Chanel bag for me. From what I assume tax refund can only be processed at the airport is that correct? But when he comes back to Australia he will have to declare his purchase at the Australian airport and will have to pay our 10% tax. Is there another way to proceed with this whole tax refund without having to pay back? I mean what’s the point of getting tax back one end and paying back the other end.
    I dream of the Chanel beige GHW cavier but after reading how rare Chanel stock is I have very slim hope. Especially as a bloke the guy is not going to travel all over UK to get the bag for me lol! I can’t decide between the medium and jumbo. Thanks in advance for your assistance Sassy xx

    • Hi Pax, I am never tired of hearing that this is a great website, you give me fuel to carry on. Thanks a lot!!

      I am not sure how the tax work in Australia, but I do know this:

      Chanel is cheaper in Europe compare to the retail price. Then you get 21% VAT OFF, but the Australian tax is only 10%. So you still enjoy the remaining 11%.

      VAT is tax on the product, I think what you are paying is 10% import tax or something like that. Not sales tax right? But is it really necessarily to pay the tax if you are just buying one bag? And what if you have use the bag and travel abroad and then come back to Australia, do you need to keep your receipt all the time. That’s very frustrating.

      But anyway, Europe is still cheaper than Australia.

      More, you can declare tax-refund on your last stop in an affiliate company. These companies are usually found on airports, but they are also available in cities.

      Which bag are you going to buy?

      • Thank you so much for the reply.

        I have no idea about this whole tax thing. A gf who travelled to Singapore last year bought herself 2 designer handbags. She got her tax refund at the Changi airport. When she was on a plane back to Australia she had to fill in a form and one of the question was whether she purchased any item over $2000AU. She ticked yes and customs made her pay 10% tax. She argued and said she’s already used the bags so the custom officers reduced the retail price of the bag down to 20% so tax was based on the price of the bag minus 20% if that makes sense?

        Sorry I wouldn’t have a clue if it’s import or sales tax.

        Yes I do realise bags are cheaper in Europe. Last I checked the medium classic flap in Australia is $5300AU and the jumbo is $5800AU.

        I want to get the classic flap cavier GHW in beige but don’t know if I should get the medium or jumbo.

        • I think it’s not neccesary to declare use item as in carry them as your own handbag (for ladies, guy… Errr… Not sure…:-)), just don’t flash your big Chanel shopping bag around the airport or custom. Try to discard or place them in yr suitcase.

          My $0.02 worth….


          • I am not sure if I should bring this up, but I once ordered a book cost $300 USD and the seller quoted the value of the book at $5 USD, so he didn’t need to pay high tax. :S:S:S

        • So the more the bags are used, the less value the bag has and the lower tax you need to pay.

          Do you already own a similar Chanel flap bag? or a GST? To be honest, the jumbo is just a little bigger, I would rather go for the jumbo, because you can structure your stuff more easily.

          • Agreed.

            Jumbo will be my best best too…. :-)

          • Thanks Michelle I’ve thought to myself I would not declare anything if I were to travel and buy a bag. However for this male friend if he didn’t declare and just shoved the bag in his suitcase would they find out somehow? I’m worried he may get a fine or criminal record which is worse than paying tax hehe.

            No Sassy I don’t have a Chanel flap bag. I do own a seasonal black Chanel bubble bag that my husband got me for my birthday last year because the Chanel classic was just too expensive. I love the size of it. It’s between the classic medium and jumbo I think 11″. As a petite shortie 158cm will the jumbo look overwhelming on me? But I don’t want to buy a small bag and get annoyed cos I can’t fit much inside.

          • jumbo might be able to fit perfectly, medium will look stunning on you for sure. But I think maxi will kill your look. I have seen people at your height carrying the jumbo and it look nice. BTW, the size between medium and jumbo is not that much, especially compare to the mmmmaxii…

      • Hi Sassy

        In the end (for now) I’ve given up on purchasing the Chanel classic flap bag. Seems too much trouble to ask someone to go through for me. I’ll definitely buy one myself when I get the chance to travel to the UK.

        On another note I traveled interstate a few days ago, went to the Chanel boutique and got myself a Chanel classic wallet in cavier :)

        • Pax, reading your story, I somehow understand how you feel: ‘you didn’t get the Chanel classic bag, but you decide to buy it later when you are in UK, but for now you need to get your hands on a Chanel, anything small is oke (just to feed your temporary appetite =D). So you went ahead to the boutique and treat yourself a nice Chanel classic wallet’. Love it.

          How much was it btw?

          • Yes you got me :)
            It was $1000AU. It’s probably a lot cheaper in the UK but if I were in the UK I’d be getting a bag not a wallet right? Hehe.

            While I was in the boutique I made the most of it and asked to see the classic flap in medium and jumbo to see how they look on me. The medium as predicted looks perfect. The jumbo is great for fitting more items inside but the chain is so heavy. The SA told me as end of financial year is approaching Chanel prices may increase. Is that true??

          • Pax, personal experience: Don’t rely on forecast of SA’s. They are like us, they don’t know in EXACT details what Chanel is going to do next. Here are couple of proof:

            One of our member was told that the PST was discontinued in London, while I was receiving message everywhere that the PST was spotted in Texas, nice and even in Paris.

            More, Chanel rumors price increase in December 2012, February 2013, March, April, none were followed through. Chanel might increase tomorrow, who knows. But the SA expectation is not wrong either, because usually Chanel increase prices every year. I am very suprised that Chanel is very good to us this year, maybe they heard our prayers =D

          • Hi Sassy! Hope you’ve been well

            Just wondering, would you know if I call the boutique will they accept purchases over the phone and do international shipping? It is still a cheaper option than buying it here in Australia.

            Thanks :)

          • Hi Pax, if that was possible, then it must be heavenly given. But unfortunartely, I am pretty sure Chanel do not ship international, but I know they do locally. If international shipment was possible, then I could order the bag in Singapore and then file tax-refund without having to go to Paris. I couldn’t follow your story, wasn’t there a friend of yours going to England to get the bag for you?

          • Hi Sassy or is it Alex? :)

            Long short cut short. Initial story – my mate couldn’t get me the bag. But I have a friend of a friend who lives the the UK so I called the Chanel Boutique on Sloane Street and placed my order over the phone. I paid via bank transfer. Now just waiting for Chanelto ship it to the friend and she will post it to me. Yayy!! I purchased the beige medium cavier double flap gold hardware. The SA called it a “large” though so I was confused and asked for the dimensions to clear it up.

            When I receive it can I somehow still claim VAT? Thanks!!

          • Hi Pax, thanks for stopping by again =)

            WOW, amazing story. So you ship it back you Australia from London with the help of your friend. So Chanel London will not ship to Australia Actually, you were not in London, so generally speaking, you won’t get tax-advantage. And your friend is actually buying it for you, he just send it to Australia. You can get VAT-return only after you get the stamp by the customs at London Airport.

            Complicated transaction, but still worth it right?

  62. Hi,
    Im looking at chanel classic jumbo cavier ghw but i know they do have shw. So im thinking which one should i take. Is there a price difference.

    • Hi Shasha, no there is no price difference in shw or ghw, but there are times they don’t have in stock. When are you going to buy?

      • I thought of getting it ASAP… But still waiting for my friend to check on the price from Germany.
        Actually I saw someone selling it at $5950 on facebook with everything so I thought of buying from that person since is cheaper then the boutique but worry that I might get a fake one so still pondering whether to buy or not.

        I also comparing whether to get the medium or jumbo since the price is not much a difference.

        Please advise

        • I don’t think $5,950 USD (you are talking about USD right?), is not a cheap price, it’s higher than the retail price.

          • I’m talking about sgd . Guess the person bought the bag from Paris that why she can sell me at $5950

          • I understand, but is it authentic, brand-new, can you see the bag in life person. It’s not worth it to buy it online and have the 6k sgd transferred in one click.

            When you already paying more than 2/3 of the original price, I wouldn’t touch an used bag. I would go to Chanel boutique and buy it, register my name too, so that I get the best service whenever I need my bag repaired.

  63. I’m looking for CHANEL 3 / CHANEL 3 mini bag? Can you advise where i can find it?

  64. Hi,

    Is Chanel Petite Timeless Tote a Classic as well?

    • Yes, but it’s nowhere to be found. Haven’t heard it on the forum for a quite while. Considering the PTT?

      • Hi, My friend found a PTT at a Chanel Boutique in Nice. It costs about euro 1790. Do you think it is expensive to get it else where?

        • Hi Miyoko, It’s Nice in France right? I would get the PST, that’s the right price. Are you buying it?

          • Hi, Thanks for your reply:) Yes, It’s NICE in France. Any reasons for PST over PTT? Appreciate your expert advice :)

          • First reason is that PTT is not available anymore, as far as I know. But if you can find the PTT and the PST, it will be a difficult decision. But I like the PST because it’s mroe classic. Which one do you think is the best?

  65. Hi can i know the price of chanel flap medium/jumbo in London? and also do u have any idea how much does a chanel boy cost in paris or london? am asking a friend to help me buy it.. Im from singapore btw..

    • Classic jumbo flap bag in 2,975 pounds, medium around 2,600 pounds. Price EURO and UK are almost identical.

      Boy flap, please check

      Chanel Boy flap medium patent: €2,150
      Chanel Boy flap large: €2,450
      Chanel boy Tote: £3,145

      The boy flap is sold out in London and Paris right now, now sure when you will go, they might have stock. I would buy the boy flap as soon as you see one. Is your friend already in Europe?

      • She’s going on 9 june… thanks for the info.. if you don’t mind can I know which is lighter between the classic and boy? And which would u recommend to get? Because the classic seems to be quite ex now… my choice was between the classic, boy or gst…

        • Hi traveller, I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘ex’. Boy is trendy lately, but the classic has been a timeless for a long time. If you don’t own a classic flap bag this is the priority I would set:

          1. classic flap
          2. boy bag
          3. GST

          I am not sure wich one is heavy, I think it is the boy bag because the hardware is heavier. Which one will it be =)

          • Hi, I mean Chanel classic is expensive considering that I could get a large size for Chanel boy… I’m planning to get only 1 from Chanel as I don’t know if I can afford anymore items from chanel

          • It’s not about the size. The jumbo is the same size like the Chanel boy, comparing the space. But you have to understand that when it comes to value, the Chanel classic jumbo has the most. When price increase is announced, this bag will jump up first, much faster than the Chanel boy and the GST.

  66. Hi hi,

    I love your website! It’s really very informative especially for 1st time Chanel buyer like me!
    My friend will be travelling down to Paris in June. Would like to get her to help me buy the jumbo classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware. Can you advise what is code for this bag? How many stores are there roughly in Paris and can you advise the vat return in Paris? Thank you! :)

    • Can you also advise me what is the latest pricing for the jumbo classic flap in Paris? If there is no stock for jumbo classic flap in black caviar GHW, what would you recommend to buy next? Black jumbo flap in lambskin or beige jumbo flap in caviar? Thank you! :)

      • Hi everafter, the jumbo cost €3,450 right now in Paris. I wouldn’t go for the beige, if you want the black, don’t change the beige. Experience is different. But lambskin is good, is it an everyday bag btw?

        The medium is also nice, did you tried that one?

        or what do you think about the reissue?

      • Hi Sassy,

        Are they selling chanel jumbo classic flap (cavier with silver chain) at Dublin? Or Schipol airport?
        Seeking help from my friends to help me get it. It is getting more more depressing.
        Due to work I can’t travel and I wanting it so badly since 2007.

        Sassy, can you please kindly advise.

        Thank you so much!

        • They do have a Chanel boutique over there, and I am sure they sell the jumbo classic flap, but if they have your style (caviar and shw), that’s the question. Maybe give them a call. And as far as I know, the only closet airport you can Chanel handbags is in Heathrow and they don’t sell iconic bags like the jumbo classic flap.

          Your best try is to have a back-up strategy.

          What if they have the lambskin in silver chain, but not the caviar, and what if they have the caviar but in ghw?

          • Hi Sassy,
            I am so excited that I have finally gotten my chanel clasic jumbo flap bag, cavier skin with silver chain.
            So happy that my friend managed to get it from harrods UK.
            Hi sassy, can I check with you on the VAT refund in UK?
            Thank you so much!!!

          • Hi Jo, Congratulations. Please share the bag with us on the forum. Love to see how you unpack it =P. But your friend is still in UK right? I was forget to ask: where are you from?

            He should be able to get refund on the airport, we have written an extensive post about this:


            Let me know if you need any help.

          • Hi Sassy, I am from singapore and my friend is back from UK. As the box is too big, my friend simply just place the bag in the white ” pouch”. I was so happy to take out my lovely when I realised that there is 2 fade blue colour spot at the back of the pocket. I am feeling upset and I dont know what to do. My friend simply lost the receipt. Please help. I dont know what to do. I can’t blame my friend as he was doing me a favour.. I just wonder why the SA doesnt help to check. I an helpless… what should I do now.. please help. Really appreciate it lots!! Never use it at all and now issue/problem with the bag.

            My bag is black cavier chanel classic flap bag.

    • Hi everafter, there are more than 10 Chanel boutiques in Paris. Better call to make sure ‘where’ they have the bag, instead of walking around. I guarantee, it will be shop and drop, I mean really drop, because the boutiques are all over Paris.

      I am not up to date with Chanel codes, if I give you what I know and Chanel change it, you will end up having a different bag. But telling your friend this:

      The Chanel classic jumbo flap bag in black and golden hardware, add this size: 12 x 8 x 3 inches and you won’t get it wrong. Also you forget!!! the LEATHER, do you want caviar or lambskin?

      Here’s an extensive article about tax-refund:

  67. Hi,

    First of all,I must say that I totally love your website.It is very informative. I just purchased a Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap bag in beige at Munich. And yes, the price remains to be 3450 Euro with 13% tax refund. Initially, I planned to get one in black but it was sold out. I am planning a trip to London in the next 2 months.I will try to find a black one this time. Do you think I should call the shops to ask for availability prior to arrival. Thank you in advance.

    • So you are going to buy two jumbo flap bag, one in beige and one in black? Are you looking for golden hardware? And how about the leather caviar? I heard the caviar jumbo black is available in London.

      You should call them first and ask, or else you will be disappointed.

      • Thank you for you reply.

        I plan to buy a caviar black classic flap bag. Still can’t decide between medium and jumbo. The last jumbo beige flap bag is in GHW, so I will try to find SHW this time around.I am loving this bag but still want a black one. What about the reissue? Do you think it is worth buying compared to a classic flap bag?

        • Honey, I really don’t understand why you are buying two jumbo’s. The only difference is in colors, there are more gorgeous handbags:

          like the…
          – Chanel boy bag
          – Chanel reissue

          The reissue are definetly worth buying. I think they are GORGEOUS. Their vintage style, the history of 2.55 Coco Chanel, OMG…

          FYI, the classic flap exist only because of the 2.55 reissue.

          • Hi Sassy,
            Thanks so much for your advice. I would definitely have a look on the reissue size 226. I am new at this, so could you give me some more advice? I’m looking for a black one. What would you recommend as the hardware and leather?
            Again, I really appreciate your comments.

          • I would switch, I really like the black in shw. the color is classy and neutral. gwh is gold, more attention grabbing. But the beige look better on gwh, because of the color matches. Which one had you mind?

            Lambskin is great, lighter and feel chic. Caviar is heavier, but harder and more durable. This really depends on your personal taste. I would buy the caviar, but if you don’t mind to baby the bag, I would go for the lambskin. If the lambskin was more durable, I would definetly choose the lambskin.

  68. Any luck with the medium flap in black with caviar leather, anywhere in Italy? My friend will be there next week or maybe even Barcelona, doesn’t matter the hardware

    • Caviar is hard to get, all out in Germany. Someone spotted in London. I hope you are lucky enough to get it in Italy and Spain. But if Caviar is out, would you be happy with Lambskin?

      • My friend just got me my black medium flap in caviar leather with ghw!!! ladies go to paris, they have a few more in stock!!!

        • Hi Anna, what a great news. Thanks for sharing. Really excited about your new caviar bag (we have been talking on the comment about the caviar all day long and how limited it is).

  69. Hi, so I came to Paris & I was wondering if it is better to get chanel flap bag from here or from USA! You have more knowledge on them. Haven’t checked the store yet, so I just need your opinion.

  70. Hi Sassy,

    Any feedback on Minis? How much and if they are seasonal or classic pieces. I found a really pretty patent pink mini on another forum and it’s so pretty! I’ve never seen it in shops though. Thanks

    • Are you referring to the Chanel classic mini flap?

      • Yes…looked it up and it seems seasonal or just limited to certain regions.

        • We have done a small research about the mini flap some time ago. And we are certain that the mini flap is discontinued. No one has ever see it in the Chanel boutique and even the SA says so. You might want to try out the smallest size of the Chanel reissue 2.55 224, it’s comparable to the mini flap.

          • Hi Sassy,

            Would you know if it would be possible to buy an item from UK and get the tax refund from Europe?

          • Hi Darling, UK is Europe, you can buy it in UK and get refund anywhere within the European union. Which bag are you going to buy?

  71. Hi Sassy,
    Just to confirm, I believe the style code for Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag should be A01112. There is ‘1’ letter missing in your article. :-)
    Btw, I am very interested to get classic medium flag bag, black with caviar and GHW. My friend will be going to Istanbul, Greece and Paris this Friday. Will try my luck to get her to buy one. Any tips on which places will be at higher chance to get the bag?
    I’m from Malaysia. Reading your blog really help a lots. At least help to manage my expectation that perhaps it’s very hard to get this bag in Europe. Last resort will be getting it locally here.
    Great forum keep it going!

    • Hi Lam, I am missing a number. Thanks for your feedback.

      The caviar is hard to get. Are you sure you want the caviar? What if they have the lambskin in stock? I think Paris and Greece is the best spot.

      • Hi Sassy, yes I will go for caviar if it is available. I am a clumsy person and really can’t take good care of lambskin. But of course I have listed down my preference, first is to get caviar with gold hardware. 2nd option will be lambskin with gold hardware. Depending on the availability.
        Is the price still the same? Euro 3100 before VAT?

        • Hi Lam, yes the price is still the same. Keep me informed about your search. I know about the lambskin, you need to baby it and constantly watching over it. It’s guarantee scratches whenever you are in a hurry. Are you going to use it as an everyday bag?

          • Hi Sassy, no it’s not a everyday bag. Gonna use it for special occasion or gathering. Sure will keep you informed if my friend manages to get one at Paris or Greece. Thanks for ur replies :-)

          • If it’s not an everyday bag, then lambskin is fine. I am sure the bag will help you steal any spotlight!!! You see the difference in caviar and lambskin. Looking forward for more stories xx

          • If it is not an everyday bag, then it’s oke to have it in Lambskin. If I could pick, I would choose lambskin, I will only pick caviar because it’s more durable.

          • Hi Sassy! My friend is at Paris now. She just called and told me that they have classic medium with black color, both caviar and lambskin leather. But left only silver hardware. No more gold. Am in dilemma now. Should I get the silver hardware? Price still the same at Paris; EUR 3100.

          • Did she checked with the SA whether this bag was available in other stores too in ghw?

          • Hi Sassy, yes she did. According to the SA, the whole Europe doesn’t have gold hardware anymore. Not quite sure how true is this. So I got her to get the silver hardware already. Still excited about it! Thanks for all your help, Sassy!

          • Hi Lam, congratulation with your new bag. Better to get the shw than nothing right?

  72. Hi all
    great website sassy! This is awesome, because I’m currently in France (nice) and want to purchase a black classic chanel medium flap. Asked in Paris and they didn’t have any in stock. So have travelled half of France to get a chandel bag and still no luck. Have to Warburton tomorrow to head into the shop and find it if they have it in stock…does anyone know the current price? Wish me luck!

    • Sorry about the bad spelling, travelling and only have the Xperia to type. I was writing that I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they have my black chanel medium flap bag in stock as I’ve traveled to several shop and no luck :(

      • i know what they are talking about! They usually get new stock on Monthdays! Are you in Paris right now??

        Ask the SA to check on other stores if they have the bag in stock. Very very frustrating, hope you will get your bag.

        • Still in nice and went to Monte Carlo today and no stock :(

          • I can’t belief this! Maybe it’s on purpose. but did they had your bag in lambskin?

          • Hi,

            I just got a medium in caviar today, but it is in London store (on Old Bond street). The sale person told me they have more in stock. If you really want it, it is worth to hop on the train. I was prepared going to Paris if cant get one in London, but lucky me. I travelled 3 cities in Italy last year, none of stores have it. Very frustrated and disappointed. Hope you can get one.

            Good luck

          • Hi Koala, I have a member on BMB that is looking for the caviar in black in Germany. And they are all sold out over there. You are really luck to get it in London, but then I was thinking. Why are there so abundance in some boutiques and limited in other boutiques…

            It’s very frustrating if you have the money, but can’t get the bag.

            Thanks for sharing this with us.

            btw. did you got the medium in black?

    • Hi traveller,

      Chanel classic medium flap: €3,100 EUR.

      That’s frustrating. Where are you from btw? Try to call them. If you are traveling anyway, call Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Brussel…

      • Thanks sassy
        I’m from Australia. The price is the same in Australia. The diff would be the vat. Heading to Spain, guess I have to try my luck there. Asked in Paris if they can confirm if other stores have it but they were to busy… Probably I was in my comfortable tourist wear that’s why they didn’t bother. Great forum keep it going :)

        • Hi Traveller, I calculated the difference in prices and currency between Australia and Europe, it doesn’t seems to be that the prices in Australia are lower. Do you know the medium classic flap price in AUD?

          The Chanel boutiques are so busy that they don’t really have the time to tell you where the bag is. Maybe you can try to call a couple of them instead of one store. Are you going to travel in different cities? Might want to try in Amsterdam. Btw, just in case you are looking for caviar, they are all out in Germany.

  73. I’m from Germany and in the last 3 days I called every Chanel shop in Germany because I really want a Classic medium Flap Bag in black with caviar leather and GHW!
    None of the shops has it at the moment what really freaks me out!
    But what I wanted to say is, they told me the price is still 3100€!!
    I hope I’ll get the bag soon but don’t think that it will be available in the next week so ill have to wait but it’s worth it! :)

    • Yes, no price increase yet! Schadi!!! Hearing that from YOU, I am really feeling you. Maybe you want to drop by Amsterdam, it’s not very far away. Try to call Amsterdam if they have in stock.

      p.s. which day did you called them?

      • :-) I just thought it would be good to share this news!

        Oh that’s a great idea! Thank you so much! I’ll call tomorrow!

        Oh it was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I also went to the local store on Friday but nothing all sold out :( ! I hope they will restock as soon as possible!

        Thanks for your answer! :-)

        • hi Schadi, thanks for your update!!, in which city in Germany do you actually live?

          • I’m from Frankfurt! Actually I went to the Chanel store like a year ago too and seems like I’m not lucky in getting this bag everytime I go there it’s sold out..
            I hope it will change, is it normal that the caviar leather is sold out most of the time?

          • Hi Schadi, I do not know why, but many people tell me they can’t find caviar in Europe. They are sold out/limited everywhere. I just heard someone got a caviar bag in London, but you wouldn’t travel that far would you?

            I think you have no luck, did you ask them to reserve the bag for you, next time they have in stock?

          • Hey!
            I’d love to, but I don’t think I could travel there the next days :/
            I’ll be in Italy in two month but I hope that I don’t have to wait so long!
            I can’t believe that there won’t be a restock for so long

            Yes! They told me they would call be as soon as they get the bag!
            I will update!

          • Good new Schadi, it’s frustrating to keep visiting the boutique and ending up disappointed. Better have them call you. I am crossing my fingers for you.

          • OMG!! Yesterday I got a call from the local chanel store that they got the bag! A men working there really helped us and called everytime they got new bags and yesterday only one came and I got it! Finally! My dream bag!
            I’m so happy and I payed 3100€ so no price increase yet!
            Thank you for all the helpful informations!! :)

          • FINALLY!!! Congratulation. I am so happy for you because you have waited so long and you deserve it! Schadi can you share the bag on our forums? Would love to see it.

  74. Hi there, how much is the price difference between a medium lambskin and caviar?

    • I remember the prices is almost identical. but Caviar is harder to get, but is more durable. Lambskin is really chic, love it, but can get easily scratched. Ouch!! Which one do you want?

  75. Do you know how much chanel BOY in med size right now? Euro price please…thx b4

  76. Hi,

    My friend just bought two jumbo single flap bags from Paris store and it only costs EURO 1,950 each. Does it mean they continue the single flap range now? Why there is a huge gap between the single flap & double flap bags? She bought the lamb skin series. Hope u can check it out and clear my doubts. Thanks :)

  77. Dear all, I have just called.the chanel shop in london to.check on the pricing for chanel jumbo classic flap bag and they mentioned it is 3975 pounds now. is it correct?
    Please advise.

    • The jumbo is retailing right now for 2,900 GBP. If they increase the price by 3,975 GBP, then my world would fall apart. That’s 1/3 + of the normal price. I hope it’s not true. We will check it out ltr on.

      • I was shocked too.. I called several of the shops and they asked me ur jumbo is large or ex large? It really makes me puzzled if they know their bags. Perhaps thats why there is a wrong pricing. Btw, sassy can u do me a favour and provide me with some pics of chanel classic jumbo flap outer pic and inner pic? As I am.askong my friend who is headong to UK to help me buy. As he is a guy he wants to me to show him more pics in case he buy wrongly. Hope you can help me. Thanks sassy!

        • Hi Jo, seriously!!!!

          There are so many bag types that it can confuse anyone, maybe the SA is new, that’s why she gave you the wrong information. Or she is mentioning the NEW bag that is seasonal. But jumbo large???!!! or the EX LARGE?? Never heard of that.

          The Chanel classic flap are in three sizes:

          1. Chanel medium/large classic flap
          2. Chanel jumbo classic flap
          3. Chanel maxi classic flap

          Jo, I think this will going to help you the BEST:

          1. print this image out:

          It gives detailed information that you are looking for the Chanel classic flap
          1. The double CC lock on the front.
          2. Leather interwoven links (the chain)
          3. And this: the jumbo is a DOUBLE FLAP

          More, give your friend the size of the jumbo: 12 x 8 x 3 in inches

          He can’t go wrong with this one, because the SA will be matching the sizes and the look of the bag to get you the right one.

          If your friend is not familiar with Chanel bag, even with images from the inside and outside will only confuse him.

          Lastly, make sure he knows that you want… lambskin or caviar, color of the chains and the color of the bag!

          • Thank you babe! I called UK london harrods yesterday and they told me its out of stock. Where do u tink in london will have a better chance in getting jumbo classic flap(Cavier skin with silver chan)? I am so upset that it is sold out… =(

          • Hi Jo, I just heard they have a lot of caviar in stock in London. More than enough!

          • Thats weird. I kept calling them and they told me no stock for jumbo classic flap (cavier) and they are not able to reserve. I am so devasted. =( I have been wanting the bag since 2007… =(

            I really hope that they have plenty of stock. Thanks sassy.

          • Here are two tips that I just received:

            1. Someone spotted in Paris the medium classic flap in caviar gwh, they still have stock.
            2. Someone spotted the caviar chanel bag in London – Old Bond street

            hope this helps.

          • Just contribute some info here, I saw medium caviar in rue cambon paris and jumbo caviar with SHW at selfriges London.

          • Great information, thanks for the sharing Angie. A lot of people have been hunting for the caviar but can’t find it!

  78. Could you give the price for Chanel Timeless Classic Double Flap Jumbo(12″)Black Caviar Silver Chain in Pound (GBP)

    • I think you mean the Chanel classic double flap in black and shw. The jumbo cost in Europe €3,450 right now, the price between UK and Europe are not much difference, so it cost around: 2,950 GBP

  79. Hi sassy, I am planning to get a chanel medium classic flap in black from paris this weekend, I can’t make up my mind if I should get it in lambskin or caviar, with shw or ghw. This bag will be use for only special occasion and will not be my everyday bag. Initially I thought of getting lambskin, as the lambskin is so gorgeous. However, I am worried that even if I don’t use it often, the lambskin will somehow peel off or lose its puffiness over the years. Can you give me some advise? I hope the bag can last as long as possible. I prefer the look of lambskin but caviar is more durable…I just can’t make up my mind.
    I also plan to get a boy medium flap, black with shw. Do you think it will be difficult for me to get one in paris since it is very popular now, I am not sure if I will be lucky enough to find one.

    • Hey.. I am in Paris right now and was just shopping at Chanel’s Rue Cambon. They are out of the caviar in any size in all outlets. The SA showed me the last piece which was the medium caviar shw when i asked for jumbo caviar shw. But I let it go to someone else as my husband preferred the lambskin jumbo. The SA mentioned that the caviar has been sold out and not sure when it’ll be replenished. As I arrived over the weekend, the classic flaps were all sold out everywhere except for the reissue series. So I was just relieved I finally got the classic jumbo flap. Hopefully they will have something for you over the wknd :)

    • Hi Angie!! It’s always a hard decision between the lambskin and caviar. The lambskin FEELS so chic, love it. But then again, a little scratch will make us very sad, even if it’s special occasions. If you are worried about getting your bag abused, then I would buy the caviar.

      It’s hard to say if Paris has the Chanel boy in stock, but I haven’t heard any complains so far. As long as you don’t shop on the weekends, because usually a lot of gorgeous bags are out-of-stock.

      Keep us informed about your purchase =)

      • Hi, thanks for the updates on paris stores. Now I am worried if I can get any medium classic flap.

        Dear sassy, thanks for your advise! I’ll see what’s available when I am there, I guess probably I won’t get to choose if the stock level is low.

        I’ll post my updates here after my purchase! Wish me luck! :)

      • Hi sassy, just got back from my paris & London trips. Bought a medium classic lambskin with SHW and GST with SHW. Bought both bags from rue cambon. They have medium classic flap in caviar with SHW, but I decided on the lambskin after long hesitation, as the lambskin just looks so gorgeous comparing with caviar side by side.
        However, boy flaps were sold out everywhere in London and paris.
        I am really disappointed. :(

        • Hi Angie, that’s really great!! I totally agree with you, the lambskin feels more luxurious and chic. It’s much better if you compare to the caviar. The experience is also different. Did you also bought the GST in lambskin or caviar?

          I have to say you made the right pick, classic flap, gst and if you had the boy flap, you would own the whole classic collection. Very sad that the boy flaps are sold out. I can’t belief it actually! Or Chanel is not stocking it. Did you literally went to every boutique (20+)? =S

          • Hi sassy, I bought the GST in caviar. I went to all the boutiques in paris and only 3 in London But all the SAs told me the same thing, boy flap sold out in whole of paris and London. The SAs said the stocks might only arrived 2 wks later. Even if they have stocks, it will fly off the shelves within 10 mins. Really dissapointed despite my efforts going to every boutique.

          • Hey! Did you try the Heathrow airport yet? I am not sure if they have stock, but you can try to call them (also not sure if you are traveling by plane).

            Also check Amsterdam, demand is lower in the Netherlands. I’m crossing my fingers for you. Hate to hear that you can’t find the boy flap.

          • Dear Sassy, btw I saw your posts that mini is discontinued? I have a square and a rectangular mini which I was thinking to sell them off since they are too small and I hardly use them. Do you think I should keep them for my collection if Chanel discontinued the mini?

          • Hi Angie, do you need the money? If not, why sell it? The longer you keep it, the more classic it is. You have a bag that is becoming an antique =)

          • Hi sassy, no, i don’t need the money, I just thought of selling because I hardly use them and I didn’t know chanel no longer produce mini. I just bought last year, so I am pretty shocked to find out that it has been discontinued. Thank you so much for your advice and great informative website! I will definitely keep my mini. :)

          • Hi Angie, did you bought it brand new? or used?

            If you don’t need the money, why are you selling it now. You can sell it ANYTIME! =)

  80. Hello! I am doing some research before buying my first Chanel. I live in the United States, in a sales tax-free state. I will also be taking a trip to Italy in the near future. Where would be my best bet in buying a bag- at home or abroad? I am interested in the WOC and Classic Flap particularly (Caviar). Thanks in advance.

    • Hi SnowWhite, are you interested in the classic flap? I think it’s cheaper in Europe, because the prices are also lower, but if you can’t wait, you can buy it in your States, you never know when Chanel increase prices.

      But in which states in the US are you in, that’s sales tax free?

      • Sassy,
        I am interested in the 2.55 and the medium classic, as well as the wallet on a chain. I am just unsure of which to purchase as my first Chanel! Unfortunately, I would not be able to buy for a couple months in either country, and know that I am running the risk of a price increase by waiting.
        There are five states in the U.S. without sales tax: Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Oregon. I live in Oregon and we only have one Chanel Store, located in Nordstrom. But as an Oregon resident, I can also shop tax-free in Seattle when I show my driver’s license :)
        Thanks for your help, I’m glad I found this website!

        • Hi SnowWhite,

          I am going to make your life easier. Eliminate the WOC as your first purchase. The 2.55 and the medium classic is more expensive, but you get more value in return. The style, quality and the popularity is much better.

          I love the 2.55 reissue as well as the medium classic. So, it’s hard for me the decide between the two. One is a vintage version and the other is the modern Chanel classic flap. I think you should pick based on the colors and the hardware that’s available. Also, which works great with your wardrobe?

          BTW, Do you also know which color and hardware you are going to pick?

          • Sassy,
            For my first bag, I want one that is in a neutral color so I can wear it for a long time, and with a variety of outfits. So I really like the black caviar GHW and the ivory color SHW. But I am not set on either, and will wait until I am in the store ready to buy to decide for certain which I want.

            Thanks for the advice on the WOC. While it’s a more affordable buy, I agree with your reasons for eliminating it. Honestly, I couldn’t make much use of something that small and limiting. I am leaning towards the medium classic, as opposed to the 2.55. I really prefer the closure on the classic, though I love the history behind the 2.55.

            Thanks again for the help! I will have to update you once I take the plunge with my first bag :)

          • Sure, I am very curious which one you will pick…:s

  81. If i’m not manage to claim my vat refund at the airport, how long did this vat document valid for claim at other airport in europe? Kindly revert to me asap. fyi my Chanel was bought in spain. Thank you.

  82. By any chance do you know the price of a jumbo classic flap in tokyo. Value of yen is dropping and it appears that it’s cheaper to buy in tokyo than in hk. And best thing is they have lots of stock.

    • I can only guess based on the facts. I know the GST is ¥238000 and in usd that’s around 2,900. Given that the jumbo flap is 4,800 usd, I am guessing the price will be ¥393931. But you know you can get tax back right? Which make the price lower.

  83. Dear Sassy,

    My research tells me that Chanel PTT is limited these days. Any chance of me still getting one this year in around July/ August in Paris?


    • There isn’t much talk about the PTT on Bragmybag because no one have seen it so far. I can’t tell you where to find it, I don’t think the SA even knows. But it’s best to have a back-up plan in case they don’t have the PTT in Paris, do you have a back-up plan? (P.S. Don’t think about the PST either)

      • As much as I like the classic flap ones they are out of my budget unfortunately. Maybe the GST as an alternative but its a bigger bag and I’m a petite size person.

        • Hi Banana, did you looked at the biarittz yet?

          Did you also considered the Chanel classic WOC?

          Please let me know what you think.

          • Thanks Sassy, I have read up a bit abt the Biarritz but just don’t think it’s as awesome as the classic PTT however, now I think maybe the easy flap is worth considering since its relatively cheaper than the classic flap.

            As for the classic WOC, it sure is cute and pretty but prefer a bag over a wallet if I have a choice.

          • Banana, the Biarritz is a new classic, but not yet considered as the ‘IT’, the timeless tote has been around longer and is more famous and beautiful imo. I understand what you mean with the WOC, it’s actually a wallet with a strap included. But I agree with you, you should go for the easy flap. I think this is the correct priority:

            1. PTT (and if you can find the PST, but rare, very rare)
            2. Easy flap

            btw what do you think about the CC Crown?


          • I think the CC Crown is gorgeous too like what you think but its definitely out of my range :(

            Lol pretty much thats the priority except maybe:-

            1) PTT/ PST
            2) GST
            3) Easy flap (cuz its the priciest out of the above)

          • Ooh that can be worth considering too. Thanks a bunch Sassy, u’ve been most helpful :)

          • Keep in touch=)

          • Hey Sassy,

            When you recommended the Chanel Chic Quilt Flap Irridiscent Flap Bag, did you meant the A67622 bag?

          • yes that’s the style code.

          • Regarding the A67622 what:-

            1) Colours are available;
            2) Sizes are available; and
            3) Caviar/ lamskin

            Thanks Sassy! Another alternative to consider

          • I am not sure what colors are available, but the size is: 5.5 x 10.2 x 3.5 in inches

            The bag is in grained calfskin.

            I want to give you one more option:


            I just talked to another girl who is sending his friend to Paris to get her bag. The Coco rider starts at €1,800 and it’s a flap bag.

            And I am not sure if I have mentioned about the easy flap yet:

            Banana, where are u from?

          • I’m from Malaysia, so my budget is below 1,750 euros preferably.

            Ooh is the coco rider a seasonal bag?

            Yes, I considered the easy flap althought it’s slightly steeper lol.

            How durable is the grained calfskin?

          • IMO calfskin and caviar are always better and more durable than the lambskin. But the Coco rider is your next best pick, I like it much more than the Chanel Chic Quilt Flap Irridiscent Flap. And the coco rider is not really seasonal, they still have it in stock. I don’t think that will be the same with the easy flap.

            Coco rider €1,800 with refund will be €1,580, so still affordable right?

          • Lol yes generally affordable.

            Does the coco rider only comes in one size, 10 x 7 x 2? Cuz if it does I gotta say the size is better compared with the Chanel chic quilt flap iridescent flap, which is actually a bit too small. Does the coco rider comes in caviar?

            Between the easy flap and coco rider, which is a better buy?

            The easy flap costs around 1,950 euros but for which size? The medium or jumbo?

            Thanks Sassy!

          • I just posted the latest price on Facebook.

            The person who told me that had the jumbo version. The coco rider comes in lambskin, not sure about the caviar.

            I like the Coco rider much more than the chic quilt, from the design perspective.

          • Dear Sassy,

            When u mentioned that the coco rider starts at 1,800 euros, were u referring to a medium size one?

          • Hi Banana, the smallest size, they have two sizes:

            medium and large.

            Please read:

  84. Jen Chanel lover

    Hi I was wondering a few things first I love this website!!
    I’m going to Paris in July
    1. I want either a large or jump black classic flap gold hardware and lamb skin would I have to call before to reserve it?
    2. Which chanels in Paris are your favourite
    3. Would they have I’m stock a black tri fold wallet in black lambs skin and do you know the price of it?
    4. Is the prices of the bag I want still 3100 and 3450? When so you think there will be a price increase?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE I’m heading to Louis Vuitton Christian louboutin to make purchases on the same day are there any must visit stops I should go to?

    • 1. I want either a large or jumbo black classic flap gold hardware and lamb skin would I have to call before to reserve it?
      If you are going Paris, make sure you don’t shop on friday, saturday and sunday, from experience most are sold out. They have 10 boutiques over there, you can visit them one by one, the SA can also help you call other boutiques, but they gave me the wrong information once, so I went all the way to the other side of Paris, thinking they had my bag in stock, but it was sold-out. Some SA’s have difficulty understand English too.

      2. Which chanels in Paris are your favourite
      The Chanel boutique near Champ Elysées, because they have a lot other high-end brands there. So I usually visit the others too.

      3. Would they have I’m stock a black tri fold wallet in black lambs skin and do you know the price of it?
      Usually they have wallets in stock, but I am not sure of the price, generally they cost around 500 – 1,000 euro depending on the type.

      4. Is the prices of the bag I want still 3100 and 3450? When so you think there will be a price increase?
      Just confirmed a few days ago, there is not price increase yet, so the jumbo still cost €3,450.

      Hope this helps, and keep me informed about your purchases. I would love to hear your story. BTW why are you going to pick jumbo/maxi instead of medium

  85. Just want to share

    in Thailand
    Chanel Medium classic 160,000 Baht
    Chanel Jumbo classic 180,000 Baht

    Anyway, I just bought Jumbo size in black caviar skin with GHW
    from Florence Italy on 4 May 2013
    The price still the same 3,450€ with 14% tax refund


    • Hi Junie, generally people can get 12% in Italy, but you really got a good bargain with 14%. Congratulatoin with your new bag (btw heard that the caviar jumbo is hard to get). Why did you actually pick the GHW and not the SHW, just curious =P

  86. Hi Sassy

    Very informative sharing in your forum.

    I bought a Chanel Classic flap Jumbo in Black (caviar) @ 3450 EUR end April 2013 in Milan. In Singapore this will costs SGD$7,250
    Not easy to get Black in caviar in Milan. Always out of stock.

    I also bought a classic WOC (caviar) @ 1200 EUR.
    This is not available in Singapore.

    I enjoyed 14% VAT Refund.

  87. Thanks Sassy. It is amazing to find such informative website!

    I need your help in choosing my first Chanel bag.

    I want an everyday use bag, preferring carrying it in hand than over on shoulder, though it is quite okay for me. Also I am quite short:( (160cm), so I love small bags.

    I am hesitatig with medium flap bag and PTT.

    The upside for PTT is that it seems fitting my need, carrying on hand, not too big, with nice price. But I have a question is it a popular bag? Seems that most people love PST. Also is PTT aviable now, if I buy it it Paris?

    The upside for flap bag is….it is SOOO Clasical. Also very elegance. I think I should have a bag like that.

    So …….

    Need your professional advice.


  88. Hi Sassy,
    So I went to Chanel in Paris today and prices are still the same for the WOC 1200€ and medium timeless 3100 €·
    I have not asked for the other sizes but I guess there’s no change for now.

    • Hi Carooooo!!!! Thank you so much. Your information is going to set a relief to a lot of Chanel fans over here! I have heard several times that Chanel has increase prices on the comment section, but verified twice that it’s untrue, so this time I just waited, but had some doubts because it seems strange that Chanel did nothing for so long. Thank you so much for helping me/us out. And did you bought any bag today? Or spotted a favorite one?

      • btw did you also spotted the prices of the chanel classic flaps?

        • You’re very welcome.
          I bought my dream bag for years : a classic medium flap ( black caviar and silver chain) and the price is still 3100€ here. It was kind of difficult to find it as many stores were out of stock today.

          Thanks again for you website so full of information!

          • Hi Caro and Sassy

            Sorry for butting in but am really hoping you could both assist me with the price. There are 2 bags for sale Chanel medium caviar $4800US and jumbo caviar $5200. Is that the correct price or will I be overpaying? Thanks heaps!!

          • Hi, I am interest of buying the rectangular mini flap but I not sure how much will it cost in CAD dollars. Does any one know the price for it?


          • Hi Bachfifi are you talking about the Chanel mini flap? or the reissue?

          • Hi Caro & Sassy

            Am hoping you could both assist me. There are 2 chanel caviar double flap for sale – $4800US for medium and $5200US for jumbo. Is that the correct price or will I be overpaying? Many thanks!!

          • Hi Paige, where did you spotted the Chanel medium and jumbo for that price?

          • Hi Caro, Paris has so many boutiques, I can’t really understand why they are out-of-stock a lot of times. They should really do something about that. Thanks again!

            p.s. love the classic medium flap black shw.

        • Hi i just got back from the uk and bought a classic jumbo flap in beige caviar and its 2975pounds :) tax refund is about 400 pounds

          • Thanks for that Stardust! Wow it’s so much cheaper to buy in the UK! Converted to Australian dollars it is approx $4370 excluding tax refund. From memory I saw one in the Chanel boutique for $5800. Damn if only I have friends and family in the UK who can buy and send them over!! :(

          • Hi Paige, it does not work like that. Your friend who is living in UK must not be an EU citizen, or else he will not get the tax refund.

    • Hi !

      I have a question. Since your in chanel in paris now do you happen to know if they still have these two bags medallion tote bag & PST ? I was informed that it’s been discontinued. ..

  89. Hi,

    I interested in getting the GST. My friend just told me there is 2 type of material? Pls advice. Thanks.

  90. Hi,

    I just saw a love me tender tote bag, just wondering if its available in Europe now?

    • Is that a Chanel bag? Do you have any more information about it’s look?

      • Hi Sassy.bag
        I apologise for butting in this comment as I do no know where to click to ask a question so just clicked on the reply button of someone else’s question.
        I am really hoping you could assist me – the price that you have above the the Chanel medium US $4400 is that the current price? I am looking at a bag on and the seller is selling it for $4800. Am I being ripped off? Thanks heaps for your help!!

        • Hi Paige, no recommendation to buy Chanel online. I lookup a lot of pictures on the internet, because I need to do research before writing. I often visit Malleries and saw a lot of Chanel bags that trigger my doubts whether it is authentic. First of all, yes, you’re overpaying. Paige where are you from? Maybe I can better assist you.

          • Hi Sassy thanks so much for replying. I almost bought the Chanel double flap medium caviar in beige until the seller listed the same one in jumbo and I couldn’t decide which size to buy so was googling on opinions and came across your page. Phew!! Lucky me!! So does boutiques in the US sell the medium for $4400US and jumbo for $4900US? I’m from Australia :)

          • I have a friend living in Australia, it’s pretty far traveling to Europe. I wouldn’t bet $4k on the internet to be honest, but if it was a solid company, I might give it a try. If you buy from individuals or unknown companies who has no reputation, and they sent you a bag either damage or fake, it’s difficult to resolve and will give you a couple of sleepless nights.

            btw how many hours traveling from Australia to US?

  91. Hi. May i know how much is the Maxi Flap bag selling in paris now??

  92. How much is the WOC black quilted lambskin? in SGD i meant… thanks in advance.

    Also, in south east asia, where can I find the cheapest Chanel bag?

    • Last time spotted was around S$2,600 for the WOC Classic Quilted. In south east asia =P, where to get the cheapest is a tricky question because of currency difference is hard to give you an answer now. Generally in Asia, it’s more expensive than Europe.

  93. Firstly, appreciate your website. It’s so informative!
    Anyway, need your advise on buying a Chanel bag. I already have a Chanel Jumbo (caviar, SHW) from my previous trip to 31 rue cambon. Now I’m going to Paris again in June and am contemplating getting another Chanel.

    Which one do you think I should get?

    Some Considerations:
    1) Am 5’2 only
    2) It will most probably be an everyday bag
    3) Am rather interested in the GST with SHW but my husband thinks its not as nice as the classic flap bags (rather old-ish looking! ha!)
    4) what do you think of the new easy flaps ? I would like to know the price too…

    Thanks so much in advance! :)

    • Hi Pooring, I do love the easy flap, but you already own a jumbo? Is a bit similar. If you really love the GST, don’t let anyone stop you =P, just buy it. Because you are the one who is going to carry it, not someone else. And btw, you already have the Chanel jumbo flap (is it in black?)

      • Wow thanks for the quick response!
        Yup you got it right- it’s in black.
        Am also considering other bags like LV Alma Pm in carmine,
        Or the Celine micro luggage (but wondering about the weight as I like to sling it over my shoulder)
        Or maybe even the Givenchy antigona.
        Not sure if getting an IT bag like Celine or givenchy is practical too..don’t want it ending up like the Fendi Spy or Celine Boogie…sigh
        Need advise…help!

        • Hi Pooring, the Celine luggage is made to hold it on your arms or on your hand, not over your shoulder. But I did saw a luggage with detachable strap so you can carry it cross body. I really love the antigona, especially the design. But what kind of bag are you actually looking for? Everyday bag? Small, large?

          • It will most probably be an everyday work tote..I like to carry a lot of things so it must not be too heavy to start off with..

          • Hi Pooring, I will try the GST first, but it’s a great everyday tote, but large. How tall are you? I’ve a friend that wanted the PST, she told me the GST was just too big for her.

  94. PST XL is retailing @ S$3500 in Singapore now.

    • Hi xoxo, thank you so much for sharing this with us. This is great!

      • Hi sassy,

        I was told by the SA that its not called PST XL but called as timeless tote instead.

        Can advice me if its the right term to be called as I will be getting my friend who will be travelling to Europe next week.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Sop, there is a bag called the XL PST, it’s like the PST, but then taller. The GST is larger in width. Then you have the petite timeless tote (PTT). So you’ve got the classic totes:

          PST – petite shopping tote
          PST XL – petite shopping tote XL
          GST – grand shopping tote
          PTT – petite timeless tote

          All are different bags. Do you know which bag you are looking for?

    • Hi xoxo, wow sounds great. Which colour of XL pst is available ?

  95. Hi, do you have any idea of the latest price for the WOC and wallets in Europe?

  96. Hi, love your web page, will be going europe in June, would love to know paris or italy is cheaper to purchase a chanel bag? Can we reserve the design that we want with them, and how long was the reserve for a bag?

    • Depends on where, if it’s Chanel boutique, there will be no trouble when it’s short-term. A couple of our readers have made reservations. And BlurBlur pointed this out in the comment sections, she called the boutique and will reserve for 48 hours.

  97. I thought you’d like to know that the prices for the chanel jumbo is Thailand and Singapore you put down are incorrect. It is much more than those prices. Just called them :)

  98. Hi,

    I’ve been looking at possibly buying my first Chanel i’d like to spend around $2000 AUD.
    I like more of the tote shape with the large Chanel logo on it. Could you recommend something for my budget?

    Thanks a million <3

  99. Hi,
    I ve bought maxi flap in caviar (black), now i am
    Thinkin to buy half moon clutch in caviar as well. Do you know price in pounds? And would maxi go fine for parties, night outs etc? Thanks

    • Hi Moq, I think you are picking a great choice. If you buy the halfmoon, you’ve got a large bag and a petite one. But do know that the halfmoon is larger than the other WOC, it can hold more. The price is around 1,000 – 1,100 pounds.

      I think the maxi is a great bag, but how tall are you btw? If you are short, the maxi can be a bit too large for night outs. Can be very heavy and will be very uncomfortable, especially after the party, when you are tired.

      • Thanks, i am 5″2, i m still thinking abt halfmoon clutch, i mean it does nt come with a chain or strap, handheld clutches are pretty uncomfortable. I ve to decide between Dior’s miss dior n halfmoon, anu suggestion?

  100. I live in a city which their is no chanel store, and I’m not going to big city nowadays.
    Just wondering can I buy chanel by calling the store?

  101. Just bought a black jumbo ghw at paris few days back!
    Cost €3450 before drducting vat. :))

  102. May I know the price for the chanel classic mini flap price in Canadian dollars please?


    • Hi Fiona, the mini flap has discontinued for some time now. Do you mean the 2.55 reissue smallest size, which is 224? The price should be around 4,300.00 CAD.

      Size: 8” x 6” x 2”

  103. Hi, can anyone tell me if all GST bag has Rue Cambon stamp on it or only the one you buy in Paris has it?


  104. Hi babe, can I check with you on the pricing for UK and paris for Chanel Jumbo Classic Cavier skin?
    I will be going to UK then to paris by eurostar then back to Uk via eurostar. Thus, in this case I cant claim the VAT for item bought in paris rite?
    How much does it cost for the chanel classic jumbo (cavier skin) after VAT in UK?
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    • The jumbo cost €3,400 + VAT. You might not claim VAT return in Paris, but you bought the product in France. So your VAT deducation will be based on the France tax regulation. A good estimation of your VAT return is 12% (including administration fee). That means around €400 off.

      • Hi babe,
        So does that means I cant claim the refund if I were to purchase the bag in paris and claim in UK (London)
        How much is it in pounds for the classic jumbo (cavier skin) in london? And how much is the VAT in UK?
        Thank you so.many for your prompt reply.

        • You can claim tax-refund within EU areas, which includes UK. If you buy in Paris, you can still claim tax-refund in UK. Make sure you have all your documents with you. You can around 12% refund. The prices in Euro and Pounds of the Chanel bags are almost similar. around 2,900 pounds for the jumbo caviar.

  105. Hi! Can I check if you know of this bag Chanel Timeless CC Tote? The model no is A67291. Is it a classic and how much does it costs? It seems almost like GST but not so box-shaped. do you have any idea?

    • This bag is kind of sitting next to the GST. I heard that the normal size is just bit smaller than the GST and bigger than the PST, just like something between.

      Timeless CC Soft Hobo Bag – $2,900 USD
      Timeless CC Soft Medium Shopper Tote Bag – $3,100 USD

  106. How much is the GST now as of 2013?

  107. Hi, love your site it’s so informative. I am 5’2′” , have a classic black maxi flap bag in ghw. What’s your opinion of wearing it at night out or party?

    • The maxi black is great on day and night. That’s the advantage of the color black and Chanel not only make you feel the luxury, but it will make you look chic too. At the party… I would avoid going in clubs:
      1. They can get messy, coke spilling over a Chanel leather is not recommended.
      2. Usually in the club, they take your jacket and bag. I have heard stories that some workers give the jacket to the wrong person.

  108. Hi, can I check with you is there any Chanel boutique in Munich, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona etc? My bf is going to Europe next month but he is not travelling to Paris etc. I wanted to ask him to help me get a Chanel handbag. Its my first Chanel bag though. I like the Classic or GST.So what wld you advise for a first timer?

    BTW, i love your website TTM. Learnt a lot of information and knowledge through it. Thank you so much

    • Hi =),

      Paris has the most Chanel boutique, but the other cities has them too. Which classic do you like btw, the reissue or the classic flap. And do you have a budget?

      Chanel boutique Munich
      Maximilianstrasse 20
      80539 Munich

      Chanel boutique Venice
      Sestiere San Marco 1254/A – 1300
      30125 Venice

      Chanel boutique Barcelona
      Paseo de Gracia 70
      08007 Barcelona

      Chanel boutique Madrid
      Calle José Ortega y Gasset 14
      28006 Madrid

  109. Hi, I will be visiting Europe in June but not to London or Italy where the prices are said to be the ‘lowest’. I’ll be headed to Prague, Vienna, Berlin and Frankfurt. I’m thinking of getting the Chanel WOC camellia or quilted lambskin, still undecided. Which city should I get it from?


    • I would suggest you to just buy the bag whenever they have your bag in stock. The biggest headache about Chanel is when they don’t have the bag you want. The VAT return is not much difference anyway.

  110. Hi,

    May I know how much does a chanel boy bag (medium size) cost in paris ?


  111. Hello,

    I am thinking of getting a tote for everyday use.
    This will be my 1st chanel.
    any recommendation?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Florence,

      1st Chanel buyer, I would recommend a classic. Here’s why:
      1. They get more expensive each year.
      2. They are in consistent demand!
      3. They are gorgeous, stylish, matches great to casual and chic.

      Let’s start with the GST usually in black and gwh/shw is the classic option. You may want to try the PTT too, PST is hard-to-get/discontinued unfortunately, but the bag is small. TThen we have the cerf tote, another classic (but hard to get nowadays) and btw they are called executive cerf tote now.

      Chanel recently introduce a new shopping tote, it’s called: Chanel Biarittz Tote. Some people like it, some don’t, but you need to judge yourself. It’s still new btw, I spotted this year on Chanel site. Here’s a links:

      • Thank you for your fast response and I really like your website!!

        I will be going to Munich, follow by rome and lastly to paris.
        Shall check the GST SHW first.
        Wondering if the bag itself is already heavy..

        Once again, thank you so much for your advise.

        • It depends on your height. If you are tall and strong, you won’t complain. But if you are shorter, the bag can be quite heavy, especially when you fill it up.

  112. Hi, anyone know chanel timeless cc hobo price at singapore?

  113. Wow, what a fabulous website! I am looking for Chanel Caviar Leather Handbag in black (small, similar to the first bag above with silver hardware) but cannot find it anywhere – any ideas?

    • Hi Caroline, do you mean the bag on the top? The Chanel classic flap bag? Where are you located now btw?

      • P.S. all are classic version, beside the PST (which is hard-to-find), most boutiques should stock them.

        • Hi again

          Yes, the very first one at the top. I am in NE England.

          I have spoken to the London boutiques but they said it was currently unavailable in the UK. I could make arrangements for anywhere in Europe if you knew if was avaialble?

          Thanks so much for your help,

          • That’s really strange because if you read the comments on this page, you will find several Chanel buyers that did bought the medium classic flap in London. London has like 10+ boutiques, did your SA made the effort to call the other stores? I suggest you call the Chanel boutique in Amsterdam + Paris. If you go to Paris, go on Monthday, that’s when the new stock arrive. Let me know how it all went.

          • Hi
            It was the mini version which i was looking for – i believe you can get it in 6″ or 8″ versions….?

          • Hi Caroline, the Chanel classic mini flap is discontinued. The next available size is the medium/large.

  114. If I was to buy a chanel bag in Europe and got a vat refund, wouldn’t I get taxed in the USA when I get back?

  115. Hi,
    I will be going to paris next month. Just want to check if you have any idea if I can still get PST from Chanel ?

    Thank you.

    • I don’t think you will get the PST. Many BMB readers already asked, and it happen that they are either limited or discontinued. Do you have another bag in mind?

      • Thanks for your response.

        If that’s the case, I would probably go for a GST instead, but was wondering what colours would be available.

        • Generally the black gwh/shw is the classic version. But you need to call in the Chanel boutique to make sure which bag they have in stock. You can also walk in one Chanel boutique and ask the SA to call the other boutiques. BTW which day will you arrive in Paris? Weekends?

          • Thanks for your advises.

            I will be arriving on a tuesday.

            By the way, I was considering of PTT as well as am afraid that GST might be too huge and heavy for me.

            What do you think of PTT and the price for it.

          • PTT is a very cute bag, elegant style, dressy, a day to night bag. GST is bigger, has more room. The PTT is much lighter than the GST and I love the zipper more.

            PTT seems to be very limited, you might want have a back-up, in case you can’t find it. If you go to the Chanel boutique, check out the new classic shopping tote too, called biarritz.

  116. Hi, i will be purchasing a Jumbo next month from Italy. May i know….

    1) What are the types of jumbo available?
    2) Can i get cash VAT refund at the airport if i pay by debit/credit card at the store?

    • 1). You need to call the boutique in Italy to know what types are available. Do you also know which city you will be in?
      2). You can get tax-refund as long as you have all the documents like receipts etc… to show to the custom.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I will be in Milan & Florence. I am actually a full time malaysian student studying in Manchester. i will complete my studies next month and i will be doing a europe tour. My last destination will be at Milan and i will fly back to Manchester for one day to pick up my luggages before flying back to Msia the next day for good. Am i entitled to the VAT refund at Milan? Or do i get the refund from Manchester airport?

        • Hi Kate, you can apply tax-refund on your last stop in the EU country, at the airport, you give your documents, proof, receipt to the custom. And they will stamp on your check.

  117. Hi, i saw a women carry a Chanel reissue size 226 silver in Broadway today. I love it. May i know what is the price? And is this color limited? Thanks.



  119. i love ‘carviar classic jumbo flap ‘
    and wanna know the price at italy or france,,please!
    thanks for your kind :)

  120. Hi:) first & foremost, ur website is God-sent! Thanks so much for having so much info under one roof! Anyway, I am thinking of flying to Europe this June, just to buy my bag. From what I gather, London is the best place to go? (please correct me if I am wrong:) I am lusting after the Chanel classic jumbo and/or maxi (still undecided!).. Also, is it better to purchase at Heathrow, or any boutiques in the city will do? Thanks once again!:)

    • Hi Linda, thank you very much for the compliment. btw, where are you from?

      Skip Heathrow, they don’t stock iconic bag anymore:

      Do you also know which color and hardware your classic flap bag is going to be. And did you tried the jumbo and maxi on already?

      I would bet on London and Paris, they have a lot of boutiques there and the chance that they have your bag in stock is bigger.

      • Hi Sassy!

        Thanks so much for your prompt reply:) I am from SG. I just checked the prices of the Jumbo & Maxi at our local boutique; $7250 & $7870 respectively. Do you know what is the current price for the bags in London & Paris? And where is a better place to get it from?:)

        I am thinking of the black caviar in GHW. I have popped into the boutiques here to see which will suit me better:) most likely will go for the maxi. Anything i should take note of before making the final decision?

        Btw, is it possible to call the boutique in London/Paris & reserve the bag? Since the trip is primarily just to make the purchase, it will be such a pity if I do not get to do exactly that! Hehe..

        Once again, much thanks for your kind advice!:)

        • Hi Miss. I couldn’t help but reply to your question as I recently got my Chanel Medium/Large Flap Bag in Caviar leather in London. I couldn’t have been happier with this decision as this bag is $4400 + Tax in the US, where as it was 2670 pounds which comes out to be $4,005 (Current conversion is 1P= $1.5) so you are already saving $400 by just purchasing it in the UK.

          Also, you can get the VAT (Valued added Tax) back for this bag which is 10-13%. Whichever Chanel boutique you end up purchasing your bag at in London, don’t forget to request the VAT form at the boutique to be completed by the sales manager. This form has to be completed at the store before you leave. You then take the form which you received at the boutique to the VAT counter at the airport before you get to your gate and you will have an option to get cash back, check mailed to you or money returned back on your card.

          If you choose cash back, they will give you the money right then and there. I ended up getting 13% back for my bag which came out to be 360 Pounds ($540). So the total price I ended up paying for my bag was $3,465. That’s one thousand dollars less than the price i would have paid here in the US not to mention the additional taxes which would have added on.

          I highly recommend you purchasing the Chanel in London. Go to the big Harrods, there are two Chanel boutiques in the store it self. I purchased mine at the Chanel Boutique which was around the corner from Harrods. There are around 5 Chanel Boutiques in London so you should not have a problem finding the bag you want. Call the boutiques before heading out and make sure they have the bag for you to reserve.

          Good Luck.

          • Hi Sweta:)

            Thank you so much for that information!:) I am thinking of going to London this June, for a quick short getaway, just to get my bags! hehe! Btw, did you call them up earlier to reserve the bag that you wanted? Once again, much thanks ya!

          • Hi again Sweta:)

            I just called the Chanel boutique at Harrods & the SA said that it has never been their practise to reserve bags:( But then again, maybe coz I will only be in London in early June & it’s only early May now!! Hehe! Did u call them & reserve ur bag before heading to the boutique? I intend to purchase the maxi/caviar/GHW. I may try my luck & call them again a few days before I arrive in london.

            Thanks once again for your advice!

        • Hi, the prices listed above are still valid, because I haven’t any Chanel price increase. The jumbo cost €3,400 btw. Prices in London & Paris and all other EU countries are the same.

          I think London & Paris will both be great, because there are so many boutiques and chances that they have your bag in stock is big. If I were you, I would try to call the London + Paris to reserve the bag. It’s possible to reserve for a couple of days. One time I went to Paris to get my jumbo classic black in shw. They have like 10+ boutiques over there, and none of them had them in stock. Can you belief that? So disappointing.

          I love the maxi and jumbo, but just out of curiousity, what made you pick the maxi instead of the jumbo or medium?

          • i went to the chanel boutique on sun @ Ion , to check out the jumbo , after reading through your post , i’m so determined to get it in European country instead . very good information given , same as anonymous , how can i get the boutique to reserved for me ? €3,400 i can save quite alot compare to the price in SGD ? which country have better return tax ? please kindly advise ;) & you definitely have very detailed details for all your reader and very good advise

          • A lot of the Chanel fan on Bragmybag reserve the bags. Do you know which country you will be going?

            You can reserve the bag I think like for 48 hours or so. And this way you will also be sure you will get the bag you want.

            I heard a lot Italy got the best return, BUT they have 1 Chanel boutique in Rome and 10+ in Paris and London. You better make sure they got your bag in stock. Give them a call, the SA would love to reserve for you.

          • Hi again:)

            Well, I hope there will not be a price increase any time soon, as I am planning to get it only in June!

            I am still undecided between the maxi and jumbo. Personally I prefer bigger bags, though. However, I was told that the maxi may be too “long” for me. I am 1.59m. What do you think? Should i go for the jumbo instead?

            Once again, much thanks!:)

          • The Maxi might be too large for you, Jumbo can be the best size. You need to try it on yourself. Personal preference is important. The maxi has a lot of space, if you have a lot of items to carry, go for the Maxi. But I think the Jumbo look best on you. Do you carry a lot btw?

          • Hi Sassy,

            I just went to the Chanel boutique at MBS. The maxi is going for $7870. I asked the SA if there has been a price increase this year, and she said nope. Anyway, i have booked my ticket to London in June:) hopefully the price remains status quo hehe.. Thanks once again for your advice! Much appreciated:)

          • Hi girl, really great information! But where is MBS? Marina Bay Sands in Singapore? I cross my fingers for you, which bag are you going to buy?

          • Yup, MBS = Marina Bay Sands in Singapore:) as rightly pointed out by another reader, the jumbo is retailing at SGD7250. I am probally getting the maxi/caviar/GHW. I called the Chanel boutique at Harrods just now & they said they do not put their bags on reserve:( so I will just try my luck when I am in London next month! Hehe! Thanks again!:)

          • I heard that they don’t reserve too, but you need to call them and some other boutique before coming to London to know they have your bag in stock. I remember once trying to find the jumbo/caviar/shw, but they had only the maxi/caviar/ghw, very frustrated. Keep me informed =)

  121. Hi :) thank you for sharing :) I heard my friend said they are now stop producing the GST ??? And is the price different for GST silver chain and gold chain??

  122. Hi :) thank you for sharing :) I m going to uk & euro next month and wanted to get my 1st chanel bag (GST) but I heard my friend said they are now stop producing the GST ??? And is the price different for GST silver chain and gold chain?? Hope to get your reply soon :)

    • No way, if you read a couple of comments below, you will see that some of our readers just purchase the GST. But the PST is hard-to-get/discontinued. As far as I know the price in shw and gwh is not different. Usually it’s the different in skin.

  123. Hi,

    Do you know how much is the mademoiselle chanel large bag in Europe currently? My cousin is heading to Paris for holiday and am hoping to get the bag, either in medium or large. Anyone has any idea what it cost in Paris and which I should get, the medium or large?

    • I have the US prices:, but it should be less expensive if you substract the VAT. I am not sure if Chanel has it, it’s was seasonal bag right? Any back up plans in case they don’t have it in stock?

      Medium or large? Are u tall?

      • No back up plan..was hoping to get the large size as I’m about 5’6. And you mentioned it was a seasonal bag? Any idea if the Mademoiselle Large Bag and the Mademoiselle Large Bowling Bag refers to the same thing?

        The large bag cost RM10,870 in Malaysia.

        • I just checked this up and it seems like it’s the exact same bag. Just the name ‘bowling’ is added. Are you going to buy in Malaysia?

          • No i’m getting my cousin to buy it for me in Paris, lets pray and hope they have the bag i want. Its too expensive here, with the VAT refund in Paris, I am hoping it will be about 30% cheaper.

            Will keep you updated on the price if my cousin reverts.


          • Yes, do let us know your experience. Thanks a lot!

          • Hi Sassy bag and Jasmine, if am not mistaken, mademoiselle was priced at GBP1750 in London and Euro2200, medium in caviar leather SHW, I last checked the prices some 4 weeks ago before I flew to Europe from Malaysia. Chanel at slone street had it but 31 ru Cambon didn’t have it, but you may wait for your cousin’s reply, hope these help.

          • Thank you so much Agnes!

      • Thanks! No back up plans, as I already have the classic jumbo. I am about 5’6 tall, and I prefer larger bags as it is more practical. Hopefully they have the bag in stock. I saw a blue grey distressed leather with silver reissue strap at the KLCC Chanel store for RM10,780.

        • 30%? That’s a lot. Generally Paris you get around 12% VAt return. Chanel is really expensive in Asia. I just googled the blue grey and it’s gorgeous. I am crossing my fingers for you, let us know which one you eventually bought.

    • I am guessing the medium will cost around €2,000.

  124. Hi

    Does anyone out there know about the timeless cc hobo (zipper in the middle, similar to GST) versus the one without zipper in the middle but just a magnet buckle in the middle, the price in Singapore & style number? You can find the picture of the bag from the link below.

    With zip in the middle

    Without the zip but the magnet buckle in the middle


  125. Hi your blog is really awesome by the way:)
    It’s so detail and really helpful.I might buy my first Chanel,and I would like a piece of advice on which bag that you recommend.I have looked for some particular types but still confused,I prefer the classic one with the gold strap,though.My price range is up to 3000€,could you please give me any recommendations?
    It would be awesome!Thanks so much;)

    • Sure, first Chanel go for the classic. It’s timeless and you will always get compliments for!

      – The chanel classic medium flap (maybe a little €100 more, but worth it). It’s a bag to be hugged and loved. The medium flap is popular and gorgeous. But the size… it fit only your essentials.
      – Chanel classic flap 2.55 reissue (size 224 or 225). The bag was released on February 1955 by Coco Chanel and has survived so far. It only became more popular. It’s an art and a bag to be worshipped. The classic flap is actually a modern version of the 2.55 reissue. The 225 size is more like of the medium flap I mention above, but the 224 is actually the smallest size, a bit cheaper, but it might not be roomy enough for you.
      – Chanel WOC’s – check them out, they are in your price range. The half moon has the largest size, but the camella is super cute.

      I prefer the classic flap and reissue 2.55!!!

  126. Hi! I absolutely love your blog!!
    I’m going to Paris-Rome and Vienna soon, wanted your opinion on where it makes the most sense to buy a Chanel bag?
    I’m actually looking for a mini, unfortunately, I haven’t found so far any info on the pricing…

    • I haven’t heard about any price increase yet, so you can still use the prices above as a guideline. If you are looking for the mini, you should look at the WOC’s.

      The 2.55 reissue classic flap 224 is also very cute. It’s the smallest size of the 2.55 reissue editions, here are some info’s.
      Price: $4,200
      Size: 8” x 6” x 2”

      I just threw a few suggestion at you without asking whether you are looking for a tote or a flap? classic or seasoning?

      Btw, it’s great to buy in Paris, Italy is the best for tax-refund, but make sure the Chanel boutique got your bag in stock. =)

  127. I just bought cavier GST gold chain on April 8th at Mitsukoshi department store ( chuo-ku,Tokyo) at ¥238000. There is a 5%tax but after 4% return,I only paid 1% for tax . The total price is less than $2500.
    After read this page, I feel now the GST price in Japan is low. Very surprised!
    Any idea why? Liz said that GST is $5800 in Taiwan, my God!

    By the way, when all the website compare Chanel price, there is always no information of Japan , why? By my experience this time , Japan has a better price than US. I am living in California.

    Love your web.

    • oh, it must have some misunderstadndings
      Let me explain it clearly

      1. what I bought is GST SHW, and it cost USD$2965
      2. Classic Jumbo Flat Bag is USD$5800 there in Taiwan

      Hope it’s clear :)

  128. Hi, love your blog, i read a lot before i flew to europe for honeymoon 2 weeks ago, thanks so much on the chanel bags info, they are indeed very useful! I bought the flap bag ( believe its known as easy or basic flap) in chanel store @ Selfridges London, it’s 25cm in length, lambskin in SHW, it was priced GBP1530, I saw both black and blue but decided to go for the safest color – black. I also bought an oversized wallet in Caviar GHW when I was at 31 rue Cambon, and couldn’t resist the temptation on our last day in Paris, I bought a classic WOC in lambskin SHW at Galeries Lafette, when we were in Rome, to experience different chanel stores, I picked up a classic bow design sunglasses, and I was given 14% vat refund. In case some readers might keen to know, the caviar oversized wallet, I paid euro760, my most favourite purchase, the wallet can be used as clutch for evenings, the size is generous. WOC was euro1200, I wanted the caviar GHW but it wasn’t available. I picked up 2 pairs of earrings in chanel London and Paris too, if I would fly there again, I will buy my next chanel in London, due to the exchange rate, I realised that getting Chanel in London is cheaper than in Paris.

    • Hi Angnes,

      You made a CHANEL TRIP in Europe!!!

      1. You went to London to buy the easy flap in black for GBP 1530
      2. You went to Cambon in Paris to buy the oversized wallet in caviar GHW for 760 EURO
      3. Then you traveled to Rome to buy the Chanel WOC lambskin SHW for 1.200 EUR
      4. And at last you picked up 2 earrings in London and Pari.

      This is the most amazing story I’ve heard. Congratulations with your new purchases. Really love that! I think you’ll never forget this trip.

      • Hi Sassy,

        Yes indeed,it was an unforgetable trip :) I actually took your advice to experience the chanel stores in one of your replies (hehe).

  129. May I know if the above prices are inclusive of tax?

  130. Hi Sassy,

    My name is Liz, I’m from Taiwan.
    All the Chanel Bag information you provided are very useful and helpful!
    Just want to share the information with you. Yesterday I bought my first Chanel bag!
    It’s GST with silver hardware, the bag is GORGEOUS!!!
    I’ve been to Chanel Boutique several times, and finally I paid about USD$2965(NTD$87400) and take my dream bag home! I LOVE THIS BAG!

    • Hi Liz, omg congratulation! I a so excited for you. Which bag did you bought? Was it a jumbo? GST?

      • Hi Sassy, thank you.
        Yeah, it’s a GST with Silver Hardware.
        I’ve decided for a Jumbo in caviar with Silver Hardware as my first Chanel bag, but the price is absolutely not adorable here in Taiwan.
        It’s NTD$171,200 about USD$5800! IT’S CRAZY!

        • That’s a crazy price over there in Taiwan. Are there many ppl carrying Chanels?. You got yourself a bargain paying only $2,965. Congratulations!

  131. Hi, i wanna check there is one new model in chanel..the design is like classic flapbag, but inside there is a zipper..can you advise me what is the model? I saw it in Malaysia chanel and forget to ask the model. My MIL is going to Europe next week and wanna get this model..Anyone can advice the model? Tks in advance!!

    • I also heard there was a new model classic flap bag. I am checking this out.

    • Do u know if it’s a seasonal bag or a new classic?

      • Hi, its a seasonal bag. Btw, i found the name and model, is an easy caviar flap bag. It comes in three colour blue, beige and black. The price is much cheaper than the classic jumbo! :)

        • Carrie, There’s been a lot of talk about this bag. Are you going to get the easy bag? I need to see it 0_0…

          • Hi Sassy, I ‘m still yet to decide. I ‘ve seen this bag in beige and not other colour. There were good comments on blue colour and the pic on the web was very gorgeous. There were 2 sizes M/L and Large. Large is about the same size as jumbo. I might choose the medium size. So far, i have one jumbo with GHW, one medium bowling patent red with SHW and one seasonal calfskin leather red with GHW also. Do you think i should get this seasonal easy flap in blue? or should i get the classic-another choice are PTT or GST in beige? Your opinion is really appreciated. To be frank, seasonal bags is it not worth buying?

        • Hi!

          This is the bag that I was asking abt.. Any idea wat would the price be? I’m gg to Europe and I would like to get the bag.


        • I love the easy flap too……

  132. Hi! I am so shocked to see Chanel Prices now.
    FYI, I bought my Chanel Classic Maxi ( Single) Flap in Black Caviar, SHW at Chanel Boutique Wynn Hotel in Dec. 2009 for $ 2,895. + 267.79 tax = $ 3,162.79 total
    In 2010, When I was in Paris, I bought a black Caviar Zippy Wallet for $ 800. Yeah, they were so strict there. One Asian woman tried to buy 5 Classic Flap bags and 3 Wallets – Chanel said No!
    1) I photocopied my Official receipt, so I can have a copy when I am required to submit my O.R. for tax rebate at the airport.
    2) When you travel abroad, and taking your expensive bags with you, make sure that you have a copy of the O.R. , so you can show anyone when they ask about the bag ( Authenticity and all)
    3) In returning to your country, make sure to read and know about allowed Tax Duties. (USA – $ 1K? Bought /Gift)
    Thank you!

  133. Hi,

    I really like the Chanel Petite Timeless Tote, but can’t find it anywhere in States. Does anyone know where I can buy this particular bag.


    • The Chanel petite timeless tote is really limited right now. Only a couple of boutique sells them, you really need to get lucky to find one. The same for PST, but one of readers has spotted the PST in Takashimaya Chanel boutique a couple days ago. You might want to give them a call if you really want the bag.

      • Thank you so much for the info! I will definitely give them a ring, thanks again!

        • I called Chanel up and was told that PST has been discontinued, and WOC is currently available in camellia pink only at Suria KLCC. Arghhh, didn’t see that coming. Rep suggested I get another bag in canvas instead, I couldn’t make out what the bag’s called, something like biary? My question is, is this similarly priced canvas bag a good alternative to WOC/PST? Or should I settle on the Camellia? After a bit of research I was originally planning on getting a black classic PST/WOC for my girl’s birthday and this is gonna be her first Chanel. Ladies, any advice?

          The Chanel rep didn’t seem to have the patience to answer my amateurish questions, so after sensing that her patience was wearing thin I quickly wrapped up the call by saying I’d drop by the boutique soon. Now I’m at a loss and could really use some advice…

          • Hi SH, One of our readers spotted the PST in Takashimaya Chanel boutique. Here’s her comment:

            Hi Nat! I saw the PST in Takashimaya Chanel boutique? The SA said its limited pcs! Go check it out! – Jassie.

            The PST are really limited and only available in certain countries.

            Here’s my advice SH, buy the bag you love, don’t settle less. Getting the bag you like even if you need to pay a bit more is better than carrying a bag you don’t love. You might want to call other boutiques and ask.

            Btw, the biary bag what the SA was talking about should be the new shopping tote. It’s called Biarittz Tote. Here’s a link:


          • Thank you so much for all the info/links!

            After three visits on three days in a row, I finally got hold of a caviar WOC with gold hardware @ MYR5,660, which just arrived in boutique today. Third time’s the charm? Haha. Was told that Monday is usually their stock replenishment day at Chanel Suria KLCC. :)

          • hahaha, congratulation SH. You got a fresh-made Chanel caviar WOC. Which one is it btw, the halfmoon? Camella? Lipstick?

          • Thanks! :)
            As I wanted only black so I went for the black quilted WOC in caviar. SA showed me another variation with silver hardware but the caviar texture felt a bit grainy. SA recommended the polished one with gold hardware so I took it. Only the black quilted WOC in lambskin is classic and all other variations/colours including the one I bought are seasonal, I suppose?

          • Hi SH, no I don’t think so. I think the one you have, black and caviar is also a classic. If it’s seasonal, then it will not available anymore fall/winter. But that’s not the case because I have heard about the quilted WOC in black and caviar before. I really love your bag (quilted in caviar/lambskin) and the camella is also my favorite.

  134. Hi!

    Can I check if anyone knows how much is Cavier Flap in Beige? Model no is A67742. Thanks!!

    • Hi Elaine, that’s a Chanel classic flap in beige. I’m not sure which size you want, but the prices are above.

      • Just called Chanel in Malaysia. Price as of todate for the following are :-

        Chanel classic jumbo double flap in caviar / lambskin is RM16,860

        Chanel 2.55 reissue
        size 227 is RM18320
        Size 226 is RM16860

        • Hi Michelle, that’s for sharing this. I hope that more people will share information on this page like you. That would really help us all.

  135. Anyone knows the price of the mini flaps in Italy?

  136. Hi…just to sis manage to buy a chanel ckassic and a seasonal bag under one passport..unfortunately beside the one passport policy..the chanel sa also check if u came as a group (I.e. husband and wife)..if so the chanel sa only allowed one of them to buy..she just came back told me..the bag was bought at Manchester

  137. Do u know how much is this bag? 67198 2013 New Chanel Clafskin Leather handbag

  138. Anyone know the price for this wallet in a lambskin with long chain in paris and singapore?

    Thank you for the information.,1,3,4

  139. the problem is till now Chanel SA mentioned that they dun have a name for the new seasonal collection so it diffcult to post it.. if my sis cant get the bag for me then i will get dior bag…

  140. Hi,

    Does anyone know the price of the Chanel Boy bag in Europe? Thanks!

  141. Hi, would like to check with u am will be going to Germany, Frankfrut and Munich. May I know which place is better to get a Chanel classic medium flap? Anybody hv SA email either Frankfrut/Munich? Would like to made a reserve for the bag. Tx tx!

    • The question is not ‘where is the best place to get’, but do they have your bag in stock. I think that’s more important. All Chanel stock the same bags. You can find the tel. number of the Chanel boutique at Give the SA a call.

      Btw, what color Chanel are you getting?

      • Tx for the response. Ya exactly, have called up Frankfurt , Munich it seems all classic are out of stock.
        Me intend to get a black medium flap, Ghw.

        • Hi Diane, heard they have plenty of medium black flap in caviar in stock in London. Very strange that’s out in Frankfurt. BTW, did you ask the SA to reserve one for you when they do have in stock?

          • Would like to know possible to reserve? As I”ll b visiting Frankfrut in june. As I called up they were telling me all of stock. It will b nice if they could made reservation; )

          • I know people who had reserve bags at Chanel boutique. I think this also depends on the store manager. If they are nice, they can help you with it. I just can’t belief they are out of stock all the time.

          • HI sassy, able to reserve? As I”ll only be visiting Frankfurt in june.
            If is able to resrve that will be good!:)

          • This depends per Chanel boutique, I have seen many people who reserve the handbag and they can pick it up within 48 hours. I have seen people doing that!

  142. Hi I caught in a situation if I should get the chanel gst bag or the lastest collection classic bag which currently they do not have a name for the bag yet.., I visited the ion orchard chanel..the staff there mentioned.

    Price is about the same..the new bag came in 2 sizes small and medium..

    • Seriously? Do you know how the bag looks like. BTW did you found the Biarittz Tote in ion orchard?

      • Hi..I didnt went to ion my sis who went to ion..I went to mbs to try the bag currently without the name…it had shoulder chain, calfskin amd its those classic flap bag but when u open the bag, u still have to unzipped the bag…

        • omg, I think Chanel might be introducing a new classic soon. The new classic Biarittz Tote was introduced without announcement, I just found it on their web accidentally.

          You were in doubt whether to pick the GST or the new classic. Did you make any decision yet? The new classic Biarittz Tote, which is a new shopping tote, doesn’t seem to be popular yet.

          • Ya..dun find it really nice…so decided to get the new classic bag. They got three, biege and cobalt I intend to get the cobalt blue ….my sis will be calling chanel to reserved the bag..the bag can only be reserved for 48hr nia…

          • Hi Blur, it’s very nice that Chanel reserve handbags. That eliminates disappointments. But the problem was in Paris, some SA’s are not fluent in ENGLISH! I really need to (desperate) see the new bag you are getting. Can u pls post it in the forum?

  143. The Hong Kong prices are not updated. As of March, Classic Medium Flap is HK$40,200, Classific Jumbo Flap is HK$44,700, Classific Maxi HK$48,600.
    And SA in Hong Kong is expecting a price increase in May.

  144. Hello, I have fallen in love with the Chanel flap bag A67622 in iridescent grained calfskin from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection! I live in Europe (Belgium), do you know how much it costs?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  145. The chanel gst price quoted is the large size..?

    • My sis is going next month to buy the gst and the jumbo flap bag in uk. . But am confuse how many sizes does the gst have. ..anyone can advise me..first time buying chanel bag

      • Hay Blur, thanks for registering on the forum. Hope you like it. Chanel has classic shopping totes available:

        1. PST (petite shopping tote)
        2. GST (grand shopping tote)
        3. GST XL (grand shopping tote XL)
        4. The new classic Biarittz Tote small
        5. The new classic Biaritzz Tote in Large

        I have already given you the GST XL price. You can find more information about the Biarittz Tote over here:

        Prices are in the comments (if you read the comments, there’s a secret about buying the tiole bag much cheaper in Heathrow)

    • No, there’s actually one more size larger than the GST, it’s called the GST XL (Grand shopping tote XL). Much larger and endless space. If I am not wrong, the bag was introduced in 2010 and right now priced at: €2,100 EURO

  146. went to chanel in Florence today looking for the classic flap jumbo size in caviar and shw, but the SA said classic design are out of stock very fast! they had the jumbo classic lambskin in ghw, cost 3450 euro.. I will be trying my luck in Milan!

    • I also heard especially the caviar are out very quicky in EU. In Paris and London you can only find lambskin right now. Someone just posted that on the site a few days ago. I am crossing my finger for you, PS: you might want to call the boutique in Milan first. I thought they have only one there.

    • Please post here again when you find the jumbo caviar and how much it is, i am going to europe in june and am looking forward to buying a chanel jumbo or maxi :)

    • I just bought the jumbo classic flap caviar with shw for 3450 euro at Milan! vat refund is 483 euro!
      my first chanel ^^
      FYI I emailed the Milan store to reserve, I’m a very lucky girl!

      • Way to gooo girl!!! I love the jumbo classic. And O.M.G., do you have any idea how many people where looking for the caviar. €3.000 EUR is a bargain. Where u from btw?

        • Singapore! I did my research before coming over, it was selling in sg for around sgd7k.. I save sgd 2k!

          • That’s amazing, well done. With that cash you can reward yourself with a cute Chanel long wallet that matches perfectly with your Chanel jumbo flap bag. BTW which color did you pick? Black with GHW?

          • Hey thats awesome! where in milan did you get the bag from?
            are the outlets in florence any good?

          • Hi Stephk 483 is 14% vat, you mean you got back your refund $? I heard is 10-14%.
            Am going Paris and appreciate if you provide some information so I could be as lucky as you. :-)

          • hi, can i know which email address?
            n how u ask them reserve for u tru email?
            im thinking to get a boy chanel…

          • I read on this website itself that you can get higher VAT back if you buy from Italy.
            I find this website very useful in calculating my purchases too

            The email address for Milan chanel (there is only one!)is .. I’m not too sure if I can post the name of the lovely SA who so kindly reserved the bag for me … I e-mailed them to tell them I would be visiting the store on which date and which size/colour/model I was looking for.

            I did not go to any outlets in Florence unfortunately =(

          • Hi StepHK, I think it is so great that SA can reserve bags. I know how disappointment feel, especially when you have traveled for hours. Thanks for sharing the email. And btw I don’t think they have the iconics in outlets. Let me know when u got the bag =)

          • can i know they take how many days to reply ur email?

  147. I going to euro next month…Chanel in London or Paris which place cheaper?

  148. HELP!!
    I’m planning a trip to Italy this June and would like to purchase my first Chanel bag. I’m really torn between GST and Cerf Tote. I had my eyes first set on GST since it is so classic. But then I heard that GST is quite heavy and that the metal strap may not be long enough under lays of cloth during winter. Then I saw the cert tote and really like it as well but I’m not sure if it’s classic enough. What I’m looking for in a bag is that there’s room to put quite a lot of stuff and is easy to carry around. So just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on which bag to get, GST or Cert tote?

    • Yes ofcourse, let me make your choice even more difficult. Chanel has just announced a new classic tote bag.

      See here:

      It’s actually comparable to the GST, but the design is different. Don’t get confused about the color, it’s actually black, but the reflection of the light makes it look like gray.

      The GST is a bit heavier and the strap might be a bit short, but it’s very comfy especially when you carry many things. The cerf tote was released in 2005 as one of Chanel’s classic tote all purpose bags. Yes it’s a classic.

      More opinion from other peepz are really appreciated =D

    • The best tote is the Cambon tote. Durable, you can fit alot of items in it. I don’t think they make it anymore. I would try a reputable consignment shop.

  149. Hey, just wanted to ask 2 things:

    1st) Does theses prices are with taxes or not? I live in Greece and I’m interested in GST, so I wanted to know if the price above is what I’m going to pay or not?

    2nd) Where can I find the prices for the Chanel wallets?

    Thanks so much!

    • Is included, because VAT refund depend entirely on the country you are in. Italy & the Netherlands has 21% VAT, while in Paris you have only 19% VAT.

      Which Chanel wallet are you specific looking for, maybe I or other can help.

      • Ok, thank you!

        I am interested in the Chanel Classic lambskin wallet. And I want to know the exact price, so I can compare it to Sara Wallet, by LV. I’m in between those two…

        • I only know that the price was $8,000 HKD when I was there, approximately $1,000 USD. So it should be around $1,100 right now.

  150. Hi ladies, I was going around bag shops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and saw a GST in gold hardware. It was bought in Amsterdam and the shop paid like Euro 2,255 for it. I forgot to look at the dates but maybe it’s time to update the prices as well?

    • That’s strange, because someone bought a Chanel GST in London a few days ago and the price was the same as listed above. And Chanel hasn’t announced any price increase yet. I am going to do a check soon. Thanks for letting me know. =D

  151. Hi,

    Just wondering if you know if Made in France is better than Made in Italy for the Jumbo Classic flap bag in Caviar? I tried asking the Chanel store for one Made in France and they said most of the Jumbo’s they get are from Italy.


    • Hi Chanel lover, For the jumbo there is indeed a mix in made in Italy and France. Many bags are made in Italy and they have quality craftmanship available there. I think you are fine as long as it is made in France or Italy.

  152. Which sell the cheapest Chanel?

  153. Can I check is Vintage Classic flap the same as the current classic flap? Can I still get them from boutique? Please tell me more abt this bag.. fell in love when I saw Victoria Beckham carry it!

  154. How much price of chanel new mini flap in uk?
    I have plan to buy chanel in apirl, does the price increase?
    Thank for answering me.

    • Chanel new mini flap? Are referring to the Chanel boy flap?
      No price increase yet, but not sure if in april will increase.

  155. Just checked on gst in sg. Its 3990 sgd

  156. Hi, is there an authentic vintage medallion lambskin? Because there is one seller online that is selling it to me? Thanks!

    • Hi Joan, I’ve never heard of ‘vintage’ in the Chanel medallion. But medallion do have a collection made in lambskin.

  157. Hi! May I know how much is the Chanel Cruise 2013 CC Crown Tote bag? Thanks.

    • There are two size savailable:
      1. Chanel CC Crown Tote Small: $3,300 USD
      2. Chanel CC Crown Tote Large: #3,500 USD
      And lastly, Chanel CC Crown flap small is price at $3,400 USD

  158. I just bought a Classic Flap Jumbo with silver hardware. Just like to know if gold is a new trend. Do people prefer gold over silver? Thanks!

    • Hi Kathy, I don’t think there’s GWH or SHW trend. The Chanel classic jumbo bag is a trend and both GWH and SHW are quickly out of stock.

  159. Hi may I know is it there’s a new collection of large shopping tote with flap? Urgent

  160. Hye im intended to visit europe this june… N really interested to buy a pst? Is it really discountinue? N can i get the latest price of pst in europe n the fax refund :)) tq

    • Hi Elvira, you can find the prices above. The PST seems to be ‘hard to get’. According to SA that they get no stock anymore. But I think they are still available, but in limited boutiques. Just like the cambon, so you need to get lucky. You will get tax-refund around 10 – 14%, depending on which country you will in. But generally you will get more tax-refund in Italy than Paris, becoz of the higher VAT.

  161. Hi there, I will be going on a Europe tour trip on May 23rd and will be visiting Paris for a couple of days and would like to purchase my very 1st Chanel bag from prais france! =) I”m very curious to know how much will a chanel wallet on chain cost in paris so I can bring enough money with me to buy it? Lamb or caviar is fine. Also, how much would a Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag cost? I’m from canada and would the VAT tax applys for canadians? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answering my questions and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Sandee,

      VAT-tax return applies to all NON-EU citizen, so get yourself ready for a treat. Prices of WOC are approximately:

      Price Chanel medium flap: €3,100 EUR.

      • Oh that’s so great to hear and I’m super excited!!
        One more question though, is it true if you buy any Chanel bags in Paris there is some sort of stamp or embossment in the bag saying you bought it at the flagship store in paris? Or is that not true?

        Thanks for your help!

        • I bought a bag in Chanel jumbo in Paris. The SA didn’t stamp anything in or outside of my bag. Nor did I see any unusual marks that says I bought in Paris.

  162. Hi!

    I´m planning to buy a Chanel Grand Shopping tote with gold hardware in London April 2. this year.
    Is the price the same wether I buy it with gold hardware or silver?

    LOVE this site, btw!


    • Price with Ghw and Shw is the same. But I am not sure if Chanel will increase price this year, and probably they will.

      • Thank you so much for answering my question and for answer it so fast! Hopefully they will not increase their prices before may then or hopefully NEVER, haha :) Im so exited to by my newfound chanel-love!!

        and LOVE your blog, i can look at it for hours!

        • FYI, I just received a comment from someone who bought a Chanel jumbo in London for 2,750 pounds yesterday. That’s the normal price.

          • recently bought the medium classic flap (2 weeks ago) and its still 4,200. Asked my SA whether she’s heard about any price increases yet and she said no yet but she does expect a price increase soon.

          • Thanks for sharing this to the community Annie.

  163. Hi heard that price has increased for Chanel ? Is that true?

    • Two days ago, a girl commented on this website telling that she just bought a GST in EU. It was exact the same price written in this article.

  164. hi,
    i would like to know the price of classic flap size small in europe? hope u can tell me the price


  165. Hi! Anyone knows the latest price of Chanel PST in Singapore as of March 2013?

  166. Great thanks, love the site and forum :)

  167. Hi,

    May I know if Chanel in Paris still selling cambon model? May I know the price and how many % VAT in Paris?


    • If they don’t have the Cambon in Paris, then they are nowhere to be found. Chanel does stock their bags in Paris, and they have 14 boutiques there. The Cambon tote is very rare in US and most countries. Currently retailing for €1,770 in Europe. Are you planning to buy the small or the medium size?

      p.s. be caution to buy online. Because the Cambon is one of the most favorite copied bag of Chanel.

      • Thanks so much for the info. I am not sure if I should get the small cambon or PST. What are the colors for PST beside black, red and grey? What do you suggest? I got 2nd thought now knowing cambon is one of the most favorite copied bag of Chanel…

        • I would go for the most ‘rare’ first, I mean they hard to get. It’s cool to own one right? Both are cute anyways. If they don’t have the cambon, then you can pick the PST. Most common color of the PST is black, but that’s for a good reason. Black is elegant and matches most outfit, great to carry everyday, anywhere, formal or informal.

          PST colors: pink, white, red, black, navy, dark red, beige and clair

          Cambon is the most copied, but you know why? Because it’s famous. And because the bag is ‘hard to get’, makes it more valuable if you get one. Just my opinion.

          • I see… Thanks for the suggestion. But i must said PST price is so attractive for Chanel. I had a classic med flap bag in lamb skin black with GHW. Thought about getting cavier and a diff color. Lamb skin is beautiful but like you mention in your link between the 2, it is not as durable. Can I also just confirm that there is a price different for lamb skin and cavier?
            Cambon looks better in lamb skin too. But I need a bag for often usage.

          • The last time I went to Chanel boutique and ask, I didn’t catch a price difference between the caviar and lambskin. If they were, then it would be minimum anyway. Lambskin feel ‘chic’ and soft. It’s an experience that caviar can never deliver. It’s better to concern about which skin is more comfortable, than the prices.

  168. Hi the link to the prices for the bags, may I ask if the price
    Includes taxes? Thanks!

  169. I jus bought GST in paris and its 1790€ inclusive tax!

    • Hi Bdr08, congratulations!! is a GST normal or GST XL? And when did you bought your bag?

      • Hi.. I bought it on 7th March and its the GST normal. Maybe you would like to update. FYI in United Arab Emirate (UAE)… for those who might consider to buy Jumbo Classic Flap, its selling for 18,630AED..

        I bought the black caviar with Silver HW. Looked for it in Paris and Frankfurt but its out of stock! Worst was when I got to know about their 1 bag policy per passport for 2 mths??? Is this within Paris only or across Eu?

        Finally after 2 week of wait I got a call from Dubai Chanel. They had the stock for jumbo black caviar in Silver HW.. Upon payment, I saw the Maxi in GOLD HW. I been thinking abt the GOLD HW all day today! I am not a GOLD person actually but I the black caviar really stands out w Gold chain!…Its what I feel Chanel is known for its signature gold chain? I really hope they going to receive the stock for the gold hw pretty soon.. I am contemplating to change mine.. U think its overdress to be in jeans n w chanel Classic black flap w Gold HW? Opinion plsss..

        • That’s exactly what’s amazing about the Chanel classic flaps in ‘black’. It fits almost ANY styles, including in JEANS. I did an interview with a Nicole Chau, a blogger, and asked her what styles to combine with the Chanel in black. You can read more here:

          Black matches almost everything. The gold only makes the classic flap perfect, the color makes it stand out. and like what you said, it’s the feel that Chanel is known. Some people like SHW because the color is neutral in (combination with black). You want the jumbo right? But you are not going to buy the maxi? I hope your bag will arrive soon!
          P.S. the policy in Paris was already confirmed. I think it’s only in Paris, never heard before in other EU countries. But Paris attract a lot of tourist, Sometimes a few customers can empty the whole stock.

          • FYI.. I went to 3 Chanel ard Rue the Cambon, where I was told they do not have the stock for Jumbo Black Caviar Classic Flap. It was a short trip I did not have the chance to try my across the river.:(

          • Thanks for sharing this Bdr08, was it a GHW or SHW?

  170. hello,
    Could you please tell me if there are any difference in the price between lamskin and cavior? thank you

  171. Hi, just heard 1 of my friend mentioned that chanel price was increased yesterday in Europe , any one have idea what’s the percentage of the price increasing for the chanel classic jumbo flap and medium/large?

  172. Hi,

    I am in london and am planning on buying a large tote in iridescent grained calf skin, just wondering how much that would cost ?

    Thank you!

  173. Hi, i am going to paris this march 26 and i am planning to buy a Chanel GST caviar bag do you have an idea if how much is its price right now? As well as the address of the nearest chanel store :) thank you

    • We haven’t seen any price increase yet, so the GST is still priced at €1,750. You might want to try-out Chanel boutique in: 31, rue Cambon, 75001 Paris. It’s surrounded with other gorgeous shops and is nearby Champs Elysées.

  174. Hi,
    I’m going to San diego next month ( end of April) and I wanna buy a Chanel Classic Double Flap bag, carvior, jumbo with Gold HW. Could you please give me some advices, like how much is it for now, total price for it? And can i get any discount or tax refund there? Should I ask my friend to check it for me first ( have it ever been out of stock)? Thank you for your help!!

    • I guess you are going from EU or Asia to San diego right?

      We haven’t heard any price increase yet, so the jumbo classic flap is now around $4,800 USD. US, unlike EU have ‘sales tax’. The sales tax are used to pay for the roads, buses, trains, police… There’s no VAT(Value added tax like EU) return. The only spot you can buy tax-free goods are at the airport.

      However, you can get 10 – 11% in Macy’s if can show you are a tourist. But I don’t think they have your bag in stock.
      San diego doesn’t seem to have Chanel boutiques, but two retail stores sells Chanel bags:

      6997 Friars Road
      92108 San Diego
      Phone: +(1) 619 295 4441

      Neiman Marcus
      Fashion Valley Center
      7027 Friars Road
      92108 San Diego`
      Phone: +(1) 619 692 9100

      You might want to give it a call, so you won’t get disappointed.

  175. alizon jean bluthner

    so i already by classic chanel grand shopping tote in caviar skin..thats a very nice bag and size is very good thx for let me know and buy a good bag + CHANEL +

    • I need an advice here. Someone I know is selling her classic medium flap black lambskin from 2011 w/ some scratches (I would rate 8 out of 10) for US$1650. The thing is I am going to Paris in April and I have always wanted a metallic/dove gold – which is very difficult to find and no guarantee I will find anything else I like in Paris. SO, do I buy this one now & if there is anything I find in paris, try to sell the black one????? I dont want to buy 2 chanel bags in 1 year – my husband will kill me. How much is a medium flap in Paris after claim VAT??? I am not worried about being charged duty on arrival, I am currently reside in the gulf which is tax free.

      • Hi Rosequartz,

        Thanks for sharing your story. The medium black from 2011 for $1,650 is a good price. I mean, she paid like $1,000 more in 2011. Now comes the question:
        – is the seller reliable?
        – how bad is the scratches, can it be recovered through Chanel refurbishment or is it permanent? And is it clearly visible?
        – does it includes the dustbag, authentic card, receipt etc… (or else you will have an incomplete collection)

        I am not sure about the condition of the bag, because I have never seen it. But imagine this: you bought the medium flap black lambskin for $1,650, then you go to Paris and found the metallic/dove gold. You purchase it and now you need to sell the old-bag you bought for $1,650. How much would you sell it? Will you break-even or sell for a loss? Don’t forget all the hussle you need to do to sell it. On Ebay they charge 9% commission, you need to send it and make sure it arrive safely.

        Now let’s go back to the medium flap black lambskin. Let’s say Paris doesn’t have the bag you always wanted, the metallic/dove gold. Now you are trap with the classic medium flap black in lambskin just because it’s selling for $1,650. On the top of that, it has scratches and is used. If you decide to buy a brand-new metallic/dove anyway, why not just buy the new one? If you don’t abuse the bag, you can sell it for minimum loss.

        I recommend you call in all Chanel boutique in Paris, ask them if they have the bag in stock for you to pick it up. They have like 14 boutiques over there.

        BTW, tax-return in Europe is around 12%, so your medium flap price will be around $2,700 . I am not sure what the prices will be when you arrive in Europe, as Chanel might increase prices.

  176. Where would one go to sell vintage channel bags. and what would the going cost be for them? They are in great shape, beautiful

    • Hi Linda, are you asking where someone can sell vintage Chanel bags? And what the cost are?

      The price for selling depends on the condition of your bag, the year when you have bought it, and do you also have the dustbag, authentic card etc…?

      You can sell them in:
      – consignment stores – we have a whole list in our forum.
      – on Ebay – cost 9% of selling price.
      – Other sites like Ebay like bonanza.

  177. Hi

    Ok this thread convinced me to go ahead and buy a chanel bag before any price increases but do you think if I go next weekend, which takes it into march, the prices would have gone up?

    • Hi Reem, nobody is sure yet what Chanel will do next. We heard from SA that Chanel is going to increase price in Dec. 2012, well nothing happened. Now they say that in February 2013 might be the price increase. Last year they did it in the beginning of the month. We haven’t seen any price changes until now, maybe it will happen in the end of the month. I am crossing my fingers for you.

  178. How many % tax refund if i buy from istanbul?tq sassy.i love chanel

  179. Thanks a lot for ur kind info..appreciated!

  180. Next month i go istanbul,is there using euro and how much is classic medium flag?tq

    • Hi Ms Saw,

      Chanel boutique is be located in the European side of Instanbul. The prices should be the same like other European countries. So the prices you found above are still valid.

  181. Alizon jean blüthner

    I really need to know how much the price for .. Chanel Cerf Tote A15206 size 14″10″6″ in Germany please help me cause i need to know for buy than where can i get the bag very soon.. Thx

  182. Oh okie. I’m actually from Malaysia. My friends are actually visiting Europe next month and I’m asking them to help me getting bags. So I need to do some homework. I need to know how to do the VAT…etc…

    • Oh Catherine, you don’t need to do your home work. I have already done that for you:

      All VAT prices + how you can get the discount are located here:

      Be sure you friend ask for the documents in the boutique and then apply for tax-refund on the airport. Or else you will have much trouble getting your tax back.

      The best thing you can do is to call Chanel boutique in Europe (the one your friends will visit) and ask if they have your favorite bag in stock. If not, your friends will get tired walking and searching, and at the end coming back with empty ends will get you very disappointed.

  183. Yea I would like to get pst as a start up of Chanel collection…but it seems like I need to find hard to getit. Thanks a lot for ur info? Btw is there price different for buying prada in Germany n Milan?

  184. And where can I find prada boutique in Milan or Rome ?

    • Here are two adress Prada for women:

      Prada Women’s Rome
      Via Condotti 92/95
      00187 ROMA

      Prada Women’s Montenapoleone
      Via Montenapoleone, 8
      20121 Milan

  185. Hello may I ask if the pst still in stock ? As I heard chanel has discontinued this production?

    • Hi Catherine Tiong, I also heard that the PST is discontinued. But Chanel NEVER verified this, they only said it’s out of stock and that the bag is limited supplied to certain stores. SA will tell you that they don’t stock them anymore. But I don’t think they are discontinued, they are too cute to be. You need to call a few Chanel boutique to find the bag. It’s just harder to get.

  186. Thanks for ur info…is there any Chanel or prada boutique near Milan airport or Rome ?

    • As far as I know there are no Chanel boutique on Milan airport. There are in each city (Milan + Rome) one Chanel boutique. Here are the adress:

      Chanel boutique:
      98/101 Via del Babuino
      00871 Rome

      Via Sant’Andrea 10/A
      20121 Milan

  187. May I know how much is the tax refund in Milan and Rome for Chanel ?

  188. How about Lady Dior Medium & Soft Dior? Can you tell us the price? THank you.. :)

  189. Hello 2.55 32cm large ,malaysia price is rm18k something . I just went to ask yesterday

  190. wow – I searched a long time for this. Thank you

  191. Do you know the current pricing for Wallet on Chains?

  192. Hi,
    I would like to purchase the GST within the next few months. I’m located in Los Angeles, CA and I was wondering if there were any more price increases coming up within the next 6 month at least? It shows the price at $2900 now, is that after the increase? Also, what was it before the increase? With these prices…I’m thinking of staying with Louis Vuitton! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Christine, the price of GST $2,900 is the latest price, it is the increased price after FEB 2012. There is no price increase so far. Therefore we expect that Chanel will increase it’s price in February 2013. It’s very rare (never happened) that Chanel skip a price increase in a year. Based on the info we have from the SA, the new prices increase will expected T to be $3,262.

      If you can, buy it before price increase. At least you will see your bag increased in value immediately, unlike LV.

  193. Hi, do you know what’s the price of the classic flap medium size now? Have they increased the price since Feb? Thanks

    • Hi Josie, no price increased yet since feb. Chanel must have some merci on us on the second half year, but we are expecting the next price increase launch to be in feb 2013. The classic medium flap is now priced at $4,400. Are you planning to get one?

  194. are the dimensions of the chanel medium flap accurate? isn’t it supposed to be 10” x 6” x 2.5”? Or are those prices meant for the mini?

  195. Hi! Anyone knows the latest price of Chanel PST in Paris?

    • Hi Sasha, Paris prices are the same as Europe prices. The prices after FEB 2012 (latest price increase) is €1,150.

      Hope this helps,


  196. Hi Sass, you know? I was looking for something like this for a long time and I have found this here. Thank you for sharing.

  197. Why is the classic jumbo cheaper than the medium/ large in sgd?

  198. I’ve just bought the Chanel Classic 2.55 Reissue in Italy October 2012. The price is 4k USD.

  199. Thanks Sassy for your work, I will def. check them out

  200. hey I wanted to purchase a Chanel Petite Shopper Tote how much do they retail for?

  201. OMG, the prices are jumping and jumping!!

  202. I have looked at the prices exactly one year ago, omg the prices have gone up so badly!

  203. i am going to buy my chanel next week in switzerland together with my bf. oooh i’m so excited can’t wait!!!

  204. All Chanel prices under one website <3

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