Chanel Latest Prices 2012 And Chanel bags Information Worldwide

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Chanel Latest Prices 2012 And Chanel bags Information Worldwide

Chanel have been increasing price for a time now. Why? I don’t know, but some say that Chanel wants their classic to sit next to the Hermes bag. Other say that it a strategic approach, increase prices and more people will want to buy it. Whatever reason it is, they have done it. We love Chanel more and more, and the further to go in prices, the more we want to buy them.

Chanel have literally doubled their prices in less than four years. If you bought a Chanel bag in 2008/2009, then you might conclude that Chanel prices as gone wild. If you are new to Chanel, you might think that
the prices are normal, but they are not. They are crazy!

Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag (also known as medium/large)

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Medium Flap
Chanel have discontinued two beautiful Chanel bags. The first one is the Chanel East West Flap and the second one is the Chanel small flap. The Chanel E/W flap is actually cheaper than the medium flap, but they were for most part identical. It was an excellent substitute Chanel bag for girls who can’t afford the expensive medium flap bags.

Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag
chanel jumbo flap prices

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Jumbo Flap
Chanel Jumbo Flap used to have a single flap. I love the single flap, but Chanel decided to discontinue and change it to double flap. I have to admit, with the double flap you can better organize your items. There is a downside, the single flap is much lighter than the double flap. I have tried the double flap a few times and my shoulder hurt because it’s a bit too heavy. Maybe I am used to the single flap, because most girls who purchase the jumbo for the first time with double flap doesn’t seem to have any problem with it.

Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag
chanel maxi flap prices

Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Maxi Flap
Chanel introduced the Maxi after they have discontinued the small flap. Maybe the future trend is that girls love bigger bags than smaller ones. The Chanel Maxi Flap have been introduced since 2009.

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bags
chanel reissue 225 flap pri1
Some ‘Must Know’ About Chanel Reissue 2.55
Chanel Reissue 2.55 handbags is been re-made exactly as Coco Chanel have made them decades ago. When you buy the reissue, the bag look like being worn. This is the vintage style. Chanel reissue have a special locker, it’s called the mademoisselle locker and it represent Coco that she have never been married. The 2.55 stands for the release date of the bag, which is February 1955.

Chanel Petite Shopping Tote or PST in Caviar
Chanel petite shopping tote

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
Chanel grand shopping tote

Chanel Petite Timeless Tote
Chanel petite timeless tote

Chanel Medallion Tote
Chanel medallion tote price

Chanel Cerf Tote

When Is The Next Price Increase?
What you say? Chanel never announced the next price increase. I wish they could, then lots of girls would run into their stores just before they start to increase. But sometimes when you visit a Chanel boutique a bit too often, the SA might leak some free information out.

From a trusted source, the next price increase will be in December or the first of February. I am not suprised, because it is almost a year since the last price increase in February 2012. Price will increase for the flap bag around $600.

Chanel Price Increase Frequency
Chanel usually increase prices twice a year, sometimes one and sometimes even three. This year so far we have one. They usually increase in the 1st of February, around June and December. So get ready if you decide to buy a bag. I know some friends who figure out that Chanel have increase price when they are in a Chanel boutique, ready to buy with creditcard on hand.

Chanel New Price Expectation 2013
Curious about what Chanel will do in 2013? The question is not ‘will Chanel increase price’, but how much they will increase and when they will increase. We have some expectations and also some prices based on some leaked information of SA. The calculation can’t get too much wrong.



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782 thoughts on “Chanel Latest Prices 2012 And Chanel bags Information Worldwide”

  1. What are the chances of getting a caviar M/L SHW in paris? How do I best go about doing that? It seems that they don’t hold/take reservations for any classic flaps:(

    • Hi K, they have good stock in Paris, however, there are too many tourist and that’s why they get sold out rather quickly. But a good thing is that Chanel has restriction on the amount of purchases. Some tourist literally go in and buy almost everything empty. Also, SA are instructed not to make any reservation, but you can always try if you can pick it up at the same day. They can also tell you whether they hv stock.

      So my advice is try to call first, they hv many boutiques in Paris and certainly you must visit 31 Rue Cambon. Keep us updated.

  2. Hi everyone, I plan on buying my first Chanel Classic Flap.
    Since I’m 5’6 and not very skinny either I’m planning on buying a Jumbo (black caviar w/ gold hardware) I think the Medium/Large one is going to be too small for me.
    Now here’s my question:
    I’m going to Paris next month and as a real Chanel Fangirl I would like to buy the bag in the Rue Cambon Store.
    Does anyone know how the availability of this bag is in there.
    I know that the classic bags in caviar and ghw are out of stock most of the times, but I also read about some girls who said it wouldn’t be a problem to get it there.
    Should I make a call in advance an get one reserved? Is that even possible?
    Has anyone already experiences?

    Thanks for everyone’s help!

    • Hi Seetha, the Rue Cambon is indeed a great place to start your Chanel journey. And the choice of the Chanel Jumbo is also a great choice, the medium/large flap bag is not really big. i find it more like an evening bag. The jumbo bag can store more things.

      Whether you can make a reservation depends on the boutique, its hard to say. But some boutique will tell you that its not possible while other boutique sometimes (but rare nowadays) do make a reservation. You can always try.

    • Very difficult question. Do you need to store a lot of things? Go for the Jumbo. The medium is great if you don’t have a lot of things with you and for the evenings. GHW or SHW, it’s a hard choice. Black with GHW is quite famous.

      • Hi CC, thanks for reply! I forgot to said that I do have WOC in Ghw.
        My fren going to UK soon, asking her buy for me.
        Now I’m not sure to get jumbo or medium.
        I didn’t see both in physical actual item.
        My fren told me jumbo can put iPad, long wallet, phone and still a lot space but heavier.
        I’m not sure for medium, can put how many items, any advise.
        I still consider this bag will be my first Chanel. Cavier I prefer,
        However still doubt to getting which size.
        Any advise?

        • Hi Eve, please check out this story about the medium classic flap bag:

          The jumbo is double flap, its bigger and heavier of course. It can put a lot of items. Caviar is a great choice because its easier to maintain. Are you actually going to put an iPad in your shoulder bag? I think its better with a tote bag like GST.

          Do you have a local Chanel store? I would go there and carry the medium versus the jumbo to see which one fits best for you.

          • Hi CC, thanks for your advise. i have browse many website especially in bragmybag… finally i want to get medium classic flap bag as i dunt think i will use it daily. hopefully my fren can get one when she travel in UK on June. btw, there was price increase on april 2015, how much will be for the medium? any advise?

          • Eve, there will be a price increase 8th April on the iconic bags, including the medium classic flap bag.

            Read more here about th eprices:

            We do not think Chanel will increase in price in UK, because its already more expensive there. I think the price will still be cheaper than in Asia, because you get tax-refund, but not as inexpensive as before because of the weak euro currency.

  3. Hi, I am sorry but this is a site about bags, not about hackers, blogs and so on. I am sure you can find info about this on the internet. The people who read these posts are interested in bag prices, no computer-related items… Thank you for your consideration!

  4. Hi Ladies,

    I’m so confused. I would like to get a Executive Cert Tote (my first C) in Paris and I’ve been checking several sources for the price. Some say Euro 2200 some say 1790. As the difference is quite a lot, I would like appreciate if anyone can tell me the latest price. I’m interested in Medium (30cm), Black GHW. Is there price difference for colors?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. Some other sources have actually echoed that sentiment to WWD believing the change
    is happening to allow administration to position a greater
    focus on Bendel’s name brand handbags, trend accessories, fashion jewellery, beauty products and journey accessories, small leather-based and tresses items and house scents.

  6. Hi everyone,im thinking of getting small flap in caviar..any idea how much the price will be and is it true chanel discontinue small flap bag?im going to malaysia thinking of getting it there..any idea guys


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