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Why do we love Chanel so much? Somehow we feel addicted, magnetically attracted and falling deeper in love with Chanel bags every day. And what do we get in return? Chanel keeps increasing their prices every year. Maybe it’s true what they say: ‘You never know what you got until it’s gone’. Let’s take our most favorite Chanel bag as an example, the classic flap bag. The higher the price goes, the less accessible it becomes. If you and I knew that Chanel is going to double their prices five years ago, wouldn’t you buy two bags instead of one?

Will the craziness ever end? So far, Chanel have increased their prices twice. Will we be lucky enough to experience three hits in a row this year? Gosh, Chanel please have merci on us.

I know some people have waited for their dream bag for a long time (dream bag refer to Chanel classic bag of course, sight!). They work hard to save every penny they can. But they couldn’t keep up with the prices and finally gave up.

So when is the right time to buy your Chanel bag? If you are thinking of getting one, the best time will be NOW, today, within 24-hours! Don’t wait until their timeless bag go on sales, because they probably will ‘never’ ever go on sales.

Let’s take a look at the price changes in 2011, shall we?



So what do you think?

The numbers give you an indication of how aggressively the price changes. The Chanel medium/large and jumbo flap bag are our most favorite pick. Chanel jumbo jumped by 17% and the medium/large by 31%. That’s a lot of money, you could treat yourself a new pair of gorgeous Chanel earrings or a Chanel wallet. So procrastinators will get punished huh?

Do people stop buying after the price increase?

If Chanel saw a decrease in their earnings, will they say: ‘We are doing just fine, let’s continue to increase our prices so we can see our revenue go down.’ Of course not!

The opposite is true, Chanel must be seeing their revenue going up and up, that’s why they are aggressively enforcing new policies and price increases. (Did you heard about Chanel’s one bag per passport policy yet?).

‘Desire is when something isn’t there or isn’t there as you want it’. Our love and attitude toward Chanel is shifting. We start to recognize Chanel as an ultra high-end brand. People who own a Chanel bag prior to the price increases, are more proud than ever to flaunt it around. The more expensive Chanel becomes, the less accessible it will be for us and the more we want it.

So what did Chanel do with their extra profit?

Do they invest in the quality? Or in the design? Well, not really. Though we pay more for our bags, but the style, design and quality remain the same. Some people complain that the value to quality doesn’t match. But what can we do? It’s Chanel right? Is there a substitute for Chanel? I haven’t found any yet.

Is it worth buying a Chanel? Oh yeah. I love the quality and the style is timeless. Chanel reissue 2.55 exist for more than 58 years. It’s like buying gold. Buy it once and it’s forever. A friend of mine got her mother’s vintage Chanel bag as a birthday gift. How cute is that?

New Chanel prices 2012


February 2012 was the first price increase of this year. Normally Chanel increase twice a year, so we expect the next price increase to be in December 2012. Just to give you an indication of how much you will be paying, let’s assume the price increase set to be 20%. What will you be paying?

I heard a story lately. A girl wanted to buy a Chanel jumbo bag in 2011, but she waited. On February 2012, she walked into the boutique and was shocked to hear about the new prices. One day late and she was paying a few hundred dollar more. That must be worst feeling ever, but at least she got her dream bag.

Sometimes I love to imagine: ‘How much would you have saved on a Chanel bag if you bought it in 2011 instead of 2012?’



But then again, if we knew the lottery numbers of yesterday, we would have won a million dollar. But can you imagine to walk into a Chanel boutique on the exact same day that Chanel have decided to increase their prices? That would make me sad. I would still buy it, but it’s just sad.

Rumors are going that Chanel have planned their next move on the end of this year. That will be three price increase in a row. The exact date is not yet confirmed, and probably will never be. But it will be likely to be before Christmas. (You and I know why).

These timeless, wonderful, attractive, lovely, classic Chanel bags will never go on sales. Just a reminder. If you love Chanel classic bags, go get buy one, then wait for the next price increase. You will be proud of yourself for making the best investment EVER in your life.

Once you have it, it’s forever, like diamonds.

Love Chanel bags, but hate their prices.




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(Disclaimer: we tried hard to collect these data’s as accurate as possible. So please use these figures as guidance)

  • Ingrid



    I will be traveling to London, Paris, Germany and most countries in western europe. Do you recommend me to buy the Chanel classic sliver cc logo earrings in the Heathrow Airport in London or go to Au Printemps in Paris? I will be joining a tour traveling around, so I don’t know if I should purchase it at the Heathrow Airport or wait for Paris. Any suggestion??

    June 11, 2013
    • Sassy bag


      If you are looking for tax-refund, it doesn’t really matter. But if you buy from Heathrow airport at the tax-free area, you don’t need to get stamp from the custom, the tax is already substracted.

      June 12, 2013
  • margaret


    hi can you please help am so stressed out am going to paris on april 22 for my 30th my husband is trating me to a chanel classic but i cant get price eny were i have a number for cus ser can they give you price and how can i be sure the bag i want a chanel store in paris will have i just thought in paris youd get a classic in every store but now weve booked and paid to go me my mum to sisters and am now paniking that i want even get the bag please help

    March 22, 2013

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