Chanel Price Increase 2013

December 20, 2012  |  CHANEL, PRICES


Chanel Price Increase 2013. How will the price increase in 2013 on Chanel classic flap bags affect us? For those who are still doubting or saving money to buy a Chanel bag, there is no better time than today. If you just know how the prices are going to be in 2013, pretty horrified. What are the latest prices in the year end of 2012?

In February 2012, Chanel announced their first price increase of 2012. We expected, just like previous year, that Chanel will increase the prices of their classic bags again in December 2012. But it seems like that Chanel have merci on us and did not change anything on the prices. But that’s does not say that they will not in 2013.

How will the new Chanel bag prices be in 2013?
Planning to go and buy your first Chanel flap jumbo? I have to say, better now than today. I have some news that the next price increase will be +$600 on your classic bags ladies. That’s a lot of money.

What’s the price of jumbo right now? $4,800 + $600 = $5,400 USD. OMG, that’s an increase of 12,5%. The inflation is not even going so fast.

The more expensive the bag, the higher the price increase.

That’s obvious right? It is hard to see the Chanel WOC increase +100%, going from $1,500 to $3,000. Chanel classic bags like, Chanel classic flap medium, jumbo, maxi, the 2.55 reissue bags will have the most impact on the prices. These bags cost above $4,000.

Don’t forget the Tote bags, PST, GST, PTT, Chanel medallion Tote. All will have price increases, but as much as the classic flaps.

Latest Chanel Prices for now
The year 2013 is almost there and still no price increase yet. But do not think Chanel will not in 2013, if you decide to buy your Chanel, today might be right time. It’s Christmas and you deserve it. I have posted the latest Chanel prices here…

Bookmark this site or like it, I will be posting the next price increase as soon as Chanel announce it.



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  1. Hi,
    Just to check if there is any difference in price for classic flap bag in caviar and lambskin. Should I buy the bag in silver or gold hardware.


  2. Does anyone know the current price for chanel timeless clutch in Turkey? And how about the tax refund in Turkey? Thanks

  3. Hi price increase I’m sure it’s coming soon so I bought a gst but I really want a jumbo now I can return the gst and get the jumbo because the increase in the gst is not a high as a jumbo would be I can get gst later on even if they raise it a little I’m sure what do you think ?

    • Hi Dchanel, what price did you pay for the GST, because Chanel has increased price on the GST last month (or two), from 1790 to 1950 euro now. But the Classic Flaps Jumbo hasn’t increased so far. I would return the GST and get the jumbo before its get more expensive and you’re right, you can always buy the GST. Keep us updated

  4. Hi i was wondering if anyone know the total price for Chanel medium double flap bag in France or Italy?
    And the price after VAT export at the airport? Does anyone know how it work, because ill be leaving for a trip soon and really interesting to make a purchase. Thank you so much

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Does anybody have an updated price on Chanel Chevron Surpique? Or does anybody knows which Chanel stores still carry the stock? I have been looking for the bag, I can’t find ‘em on chanel boutique in my country. I wasn’t lucky either searching on yoogi’s closet, malleries, and TIA

  6. Hi Alex, do u know how the prices for boy bags compare in Mexico vs the US?

    • Hi Vanessa, sorry I don’t have the prices of mexico. But I checked some time ago, and the prices of us vs mexico was not much difference.

  7. Hi,
    Would u happen to know the price of Chanel boy
    Woc and the chanel boy flap wallet?

    Many thanks!

  8. Hi alex, I’ll be traveling to London on the 19th of sept. I’m looking for the Chanel timeless clutch in black caviar(A32342) and the WOC in black caviar also(A33814). P.s. I’ll be flying out of heathrow on the morning of the 22nd. I’ve called some boutiques and am getting contradicting information. For example some SA are telling me the A32342 is discontinued. I find they aren’t quite helpful on the phone and I’d like to be prepared rather than running around London searching various boutiques. Please help!!! Thanks.

    • We haven’t heard anyone buying the Chanel timeless clutch in 2013, but it was said to be discontinued in 2011, while some people spotted this bag in 2012. I think the SA’s are too busy to give you the information or the stock are too unpredictable to give you a stright anwer. Did you know that you can reserve your bag?

      I would just call the boutique up, ask for the two bags you want and if they have in stock you reserve it. The WOC in black (A33814), I think that’s the Chanel Classic Quilted WOC, Chanel at Heathrow might carry it, did you call them?

      • Hi alex,
        Yes I did call them. The SA there told me they have the clutch but in red. But then the SA at bond street said its discontinued. So confusing!!They don’t have the woc presently at heathrow but I know they restock on Monday’s. I’m arriving in London on Friday so I’ll call then and reserve if they have. What’s your opinion on the red timeless clutch. I don’t know if it’s worth it?!

        • It reminds me back to the PST, some SA said it was discontinued, then the PST was spotted in Texas, Lyon and Paris. If Heathrow has it, then it means it’s ‘not’ discontinued. Don’t listen to the rumors, just ask if they have stock and when they do, which color. And if you like the color, then buy it.

          About the red, do you usually wear red? Are you comfortable carrying a red clutch? And how often are you going to use it? If not, it’s better to leave it or you will buy an item that will just sits in your wardrobe.

          London has like 10 boutiques. Maybe you should ask Heathrow if they can call other boutiques to check if there are more colors available.

          • hi alex,
            I already have a gst and 2.55 in black. I was looking for something to use on evenings when I don’t want to carry a big bag. To be honest I’m only even considering the red because that’s what they have at heathrow. However I do like red and wear a lot of dark colors. Should I just get the black woc and double it as a clutch. My husband says so what if its red, it’s a ‘chanel’. IDK I don’t get the impression that the SA are NOT very helpful on the phone. Besides, I know for a fact they work on commission and may not want to work too hard finding a particular bag for me when someone else from another store will get the sale.

          • Natasha before you make any decision, please check the new clutch bag:

            Also, they have the Chanel WOC black quilted in velvet. That’s from the new season.

            If you are looking for a specific clutch, there is actually one from the fall and winter season that I like. They have it in black and is very chic. I uploaded an image here for you:

            About the timeless clutch, it depends on the reason for purchase. If you want to take advantage of the tax-refund, I would buy it. But if you really like the timeless clutch in black and don’t mind paying a bit extra, I would call up your local boutique to check for availability first.

  9. do u know how much is the mademoiselle and gst in italy?

  10. And what about dubai? I am looking for a shopping bag and the small size has 2000€. How much costs in Greece?

  11. Hello!

    First of all, thank you for this wonderful website! Such a wealth of information!

    I’m heading to Australia in 4 weeks, and I’m after a medium flap bag (black) with silver hardware. Would you suggest that its better to buy over there with getting tax back? or find one in the US. I live in NYC.


    • Australia is expensive, US is higher price than Europe, not sure Australia vs US. In US you can try in tax-free states, it’s cheaper than Australia imo.

      • Thanks Alex, im going to Vegas in November…so might pick it up then. Do you know if, in general, the medium black flap silver hardware is easy to come by? I don’t want to be dramatic in store if they don’t have it!

        • No one can forecast what Chanel has in stock, but I was suprised that a lot of BMB members did find their favorite bag in Vegas. I recommend giving the Chanel boutique a call and request for a reserveration.

      • Hi all

        I’m heading to paris 1 August. I want to buy gst black caviar with gold chain metal.
        Do you think they will have it in stock? I’ve been everywhere like germany Italy and they don’t have it.
        Also do you know when will the new stock come in?

        Thank you. Really need help. :)

        • Honestly, I think Paris is your best shot, on BMB we heard a lot of people buying the GST ghw in Paris. Don’t go to Paris on Fridays and weekends (too crowded and too many tourist). Usually they get stock on Monthdays.

          • Thank you so much alex. That really helps me. I’m in rome now. And they also don’t have it in black. They have it in beige. I should be patience now and hope that paris has it. What do you mean by monthdays? Or do you mean monday?

            Thank you so much.

          • Hi Siska, you are right, I mean monday, I typed too quick. Sorry for that. I would go for the black, don’t go for the beige. More, try to call Paris before you arrive, so you know which store has the bag.

  12. Hi, I had a friend who was going to get me a Classic flap jumbo in black with goldhardware in Paris, but the sales person told her that there hasn’t been any gold hardware in all chanel stores in Paris.

    Was going to plan to visit myself but if there aren’t any in Paris, might get it in london, or any other suggestion in europe?

    • They don’t have stock at that point, but what about tomorrow, next week, SA knows that new stock are coming, but not all of them know which bag and how much. My advice: 2 days before you go, call the boutiques and try to make a reservation.

    • Hi Shirley,

      If your friend isn’t able to get you the black one in Paris, I plan on selling my Classic 2.55 quilted caviar jumbo single flap in black. I am planning on posting it on ebay. I used it 2 maybe 3 times. It’s in excellent condition and authentic!!! My account is kneuhaus02. I should have it up in a few days if you’re interested.

  13. hi
    im going to london next month and my friend ask me to buy chanel maxi jumbo (red) with gold hardware. I would really love to know the price over there so that easy for her to give exact amount to me and how much tax refund can i get back? hope to here from u soon. thanks:)

    • Hi Deyya, all Chanel bag prices are here:

      You mention Chanel maxi jumbo, these are actually two sizes (pls read the link above I just gave you about Chanel classic flap bags, it will give you a clear understanding about the sizes).

      Chanel jumbo classic flap bag is priced at: £2,975

      Chanel maxi classic flap bag is priced around: £3,240

    • Hi Deyya,

      You might want to ask yr friend to consider other colours as well… Red is not always in store as they sold out very quickly… Best of luck…:-)

      • hi michelle..she consider pink you think its available?

        • Hi Deyya, it’s very much depend on your luck when you arrive… I managed to grab a pink lamb skin jumbo in matte gold hardware early June… But as soon as the stocks hit the store, it’s all gone before the day is over. Most customers would hold on to the rare pink bags while others can only admire with their eyes…

          Chances of getting jumbo in black lamb skin/ beige caviar are always higher than black caviar… Very rare to see red and pink jumbo in the shelves for long…

          Also, do shop as early as when u arrive your destination to avoid dissapointment… Just in case your desire bags are not available and you can always go back the following day…

          Good luck…:-)

  14. Hi does anyone know when the next price increase will be in Europe on the classic flap bags? I will be in Italy late December/jan and I hope they will not have another increase.

    • We heard is in December 2013, but then again, we are never sure. So far 2013 has no price increase, pretty strange! Which bag do you want to buy?

      • I want to buy the chanel jumbo classic flap in black caviar gold chain. I am going to Italy late dec/early jan, but I am afraid that there will be an increase before I go :( my sister is going to rome in august so maybe I should see if she can buy it for me then?

        • Hi Sarah, I think that’s a better option. Chanel has not increased any prices yet, except the PST, but the longer you wait, the higher the chances are that they will. But if they don’t have the jumbo or the gold hardware in stock, would you consider the medium or silver.

          The reason why I am asking this is because I went to Paris one time with a friend. She wanted the black jumbo in silver. But they had only the beige jumbo in gold (and yes, Chanel had 10+ boutiques and none of them had the bag she wanted).

          • I really would love the jumbo black in caviar. My sister will be in rome for 1 month, so i’m hoping even if it is out of stock, maybe they will get more while she’s still in Italy. Do you know if stores can hold the bag for you once it arrives …for example for one day? Probably not :( I would also consider maybe the beige jumbo in gold . I’m going to Bangkok in 2 weeks but the prices in Thailand are not so cheap I have heard :(

          • Hi Sarah, yes they do that. You can call the Chanel boutique 24 hour prior and ask them to reserve for you. This is not a Chanel policy, so it depends on the SA whether she wants to help you or not. There are members at BMB that have done that before.

            Asia is more expensive, so I recommend buying in Europe. The beige jumbo in gold is a good choice, as long as you have a back-up plan. Keep us informed =)

  15. Hi,

    Have you heard of Chanel Citizen Zip? Do you have any information about it? I’ve tried searching online but couldnt seem to have locate it.

  16. hi dear,

    my friend is going to paris tonight and i wanted a chanel boy in medium (quilted in black) and chanel ballet flats (non quilted with cc logo and patent toes) i would really love to know the price over there and how much tax refund can i get back? hope to here from u soon. thanks:)

  17. Hello! Do you know what the price of the chanel classic lamb skin wallet is, in Spain ? You probably wrote it somewhere in your posts but I didn’t see it.

  18. Hi,

    My friend is going to Paris in July, wanted to get my first Chanel bag. But I’m worried that my friend might get the wrong bag, since I’m also not sure of Chanel bag names. I always wanted to get a Classic Jumbo Caviar bag in beige with ghw. But I’m not sure about single flap, double flap or easy flap. And Classic means that the opening of the bag is a double C? And price is Euro 3450? Can u kindly guide me?
    Many thanks.

    • The price €3,450 is the Chanel jumbo flap bag. There are two Chanel classic flap bags available:

      The 2.55 reissue and the classic flap bags. The double C locker is the classic flap bag. You might want to give your friend specific instructions:

      Chanel classic flap bag in [color] and [hardware color and [leather]. Also copy the style code from this page:, the SA will know exactly what he is looking for.

      • Hi Sassy, many thanks for your valuable advice! I went to our Chanel local boutique in Singapore to get the model number for the Jumbo and it was A58600. I think it is not internationally coded the same. So I will get my friend to buy the bag according to the Europe coding A28600 instead.

        Many thanks again! :)

        • Hi Savvy, u still there?

          No No, the chanel jumbo single flap had the style code: A28600. The new jumbo with double flap has the style code A58600. So you need to tell your friend the code A58600, keep us informed.

  19. Hi,

    Just like to know how much does it cost for a medium beige gold flap in Paris?

    My dad told me it is 3600 which might include a small beige purse that goes with it. I was told 2400 before he purchase it then later the day he told me it is 3600. Just curious with the price.

    This is my first Chanel bag, was looking for a black classic medium flap, yet they are currently out of stock. Can’t wait for my parents return from Europe.

    • Hi Wendy, there a ‘LOT’ of Chanel classic flap bags to choose, so you need to give your dad specific instruction about the bag you want, and with the style code. All types of Chanel bags has a tag with: ‘Chanel classic flap bag’ on it. The medium Chanel classic flap bag cost €3,100 EUR. There’s no purse that goes with it, maybe your dad bought you an extra small purse.

      Probably, the SA recommended your dad one their latest pre-fall 2013 collection.

  20. Hi!

    my friend is going to Spain in Sep and I would like to know what is the current price and VAT refund % for Chanel classic flap bag in Medium black caviar? Thanks!

    • Hi Ezann, medium classic flap is priced at €3,100. You are lucky, no price increase yet! VAT return around 12%. Will you keep us informed about your purchase?

      • Yes of cos! thanks for the reply :) but i’m still deciding between medium and jumbo though, I’m leaning more towards medium. Any advice as to which size should I get? I’m standing at 5’2 .

        • I would pick the medium, because it’s cute. But if you need more space, then you might want to consider the jumbo bag. Is the medium large enough for you?

  21. May I know the price for the Chanel Mademoiselle bag in a small?


  22. Hi!

    I wanted to buy a beige GST with gold chain and here in the US it costs $2900 without tax yet. But the family is going to Paris in August and I was thinking if I should just wait for then? How much is it in euros WITH tax? Like the final price? :-) Because if ever it’s cheaper, I’m thinking of buying another bag in Gucci with the leftover money (if it is cheaper in Paris) :-) Thanks for all the help!

    • Hi Sam, I like you, two flies with one hit (Chanel + Gucci). Life can’t be better than that! Chanel GST cost €1,790 EUR and that’s included with tax. VAT return is approximately 12% (read more: Which Gucci bag are you planning to get?

    • Dear Sam i like your idea too ;p i always do what u want to do ;) listen if u want to purchase a gucci i advice you to get “a BOSTON” its a bowling try the golden colour/all the bag is golden i get a plenty of comments its wonderfull and its have the shape of the speedy 35 but the boston gucci is pretier ;) i am going to paris the 3rd of august also (from morocco) just to purchase a pst xl if i found if not i will go to the pst ;) and with the money left over i dont know if i have to choose the falabella stella Mccartney or the neverfull in textil idel black one or the rocco alexander wang ?? have any suggestions please?

      • I suggest either the neverfull if you’re in need of everyday bags (I just LOVE totes!) but if you want something that can transition more from a day to night, the rocco bag will do just the trick! As for the Falabella, not a huge fan of the look – but this is like an everyday tote like the neverfull mixed with the edginess of a Rocco! So the falabella is like an edgier neverfull. :-)

  23. Hi can you tell me if its cheaper to buy from spain or uk? I’m looking to buy a classic quilted woc or classic flap medium

    • Spain and UK prices are almost the same. Don’t look for cheaper Chanel, but focus on finding your dream bag.

      • Lol I know but I’m going to spain this week and was wondering if it was worth checking out. I think I’m going to buy the medium bag first then the woc next. Just can’t decide. Thanks alex

  24. Hi sassy!

    You’re site is very helpful. I just got my first chanel. My parents went to london and got me a Beige gst in ghw, actually I just want the pst but every store said they don’t have one. I’m just wondering if u heard of chevron flap and shiva flap? I want to get one of them coz its way more cheaper than the 2.55 and the idea of flap bag is still there. Do u have any comments or price or pictures or description? Thanks!

  25. How much is a classic jumbo chanel bag in France including VAT (the price I pay at the store)?

  26. Just bought a Chanel Jumbo in black caviar with SHW in Paris’ Galleries Lafayette! I asked her if there were anymore left, and she said no.. but peeking in the stock room, I thought I saw more?? Hm… haha anyways, now I’m worried about getting through customs and its pricey (?) import tax! Not quite sure if it was really worth it getting it in Paris, but what’s done is done! =)

    • Loool, she probably didn’t want to sell you more Chanels. She want to keep it all by herself. About the import taxes,where are you from?

      • Haha, yeah! All I wanted to do was compare to see if there were any better looking ones… :p I’m from California! I’ve read so many different things online.. some say the import tax averages from 8-10%, some say it goes to 20%.. so it’s like whhhaaa… import tax is basically wiping out the VAT! x__x

        • Hi Jasmine, generally you should be paying 10% import duties if you purchased the bag in Paris. But if you carry the bag and tell the custom that it’s been used, you might be able to negotiate some discount. If they might scratch some value off the original price.

          For 10%, you still got a bargain. VAT in Europe is 19 – 21% and the prices are cheaper than USA IMO.

  27. Hi,
    Im travelling to london in september, from africa, and I plan to buy (my first chanel! Woop woop! Lol)a chanel classic jumbo flap in either lambskin or caviar (having a hard time deciding). I’m pretty excited. Do you have an idea how much they are selling the bag in london now pls? Thanks

    • It should be retailing around 2,900 pounds, and €3,400 EUR. They usually have more caviar available than lambskin. The caviar is heavier than the lambskin, but stronger in material. Is it an everyday bag?

      • Yes Its an everyday bag.what do u advise? And is £2900 inclusive of tax? Thanks for your reply. I love this site. Good job!

        • I would recommend the caviar, because the lambskin is very delicate and feels amazingly chic, but can get scratches very easily. You will be carrying it everywhere if you are using it as an everyday bag. You don’t want to baby it all day long right? Every scratch on your Chanel bag is going to hurt a little (maybe even more, ouch!). =S

  28. Hello there.
    I was in London last week. I was after PST however Selfridges told me it is no longer available. GST was 2600 GBP.

    • what ? the GST is 2600 £ ? its can’t be that expensive i just called 2chanel boutiques in paris last week and they told me it’s 1790 euros

      • The GST is £1,600

        • thanks for making me sure :) since i am going this august to purchased it , i was scared when u said its 2600 £

        • Hi,I wanted to have WOC Classic Caviar skin ghw but it is not available at all in Paris. So my gf decided to get me the latest design of PTT in dark grey/black shw in Paris. It cost €1390 before VAT. I am not too keen about silver as i have already a Jumbo classic in grey shw. But the price is way cheaper than in singapre so got her to buy. She will only be back to this weekend and I’m dying to know how it looks like. Anyone has already own one here and can show me a photo? I couldn’t find image on google.

    • Hi, my gf is in Paris now. There are no classic caviar WOC ghw. I was disappointed, but my gf got me a PTT instead in the new winter colour grey/black in shw. I am not too keen about silver as I have already a classic grey jumbo in shw but because the price is so much cheaper than in Singapore, I told her to just get it. I have not seen the bag yet and it cost €1,390. I am dying to see how it looks like. Anyone has one to show?

      • Did the SA checked in other stores too? So all the WOC were sold out? You should also ask her about the PST. We don’t have any images of the PTT in grey/black, it might be the new collection. When will she arrive in Singapore?

        • Yes, she made the SA call all other boutiques in Paris but there’s no WOC classic caviar ghw. Only camellia rhw. After a day of searching the net for the photos of the latest PST or PTT, I finally found an image of the bag at this FB page “Chanel Lover Thailand”. It’s a great page! She has the photos of all latest designs. It’s fantastic! You should check this page out. My gf is already back and I am scrambling now to her place to get my bag! Couldn’t sleep two nights thinking how it would look like!!

  29. There aren’t any caviar medium/large bags in London. I was looking for black with SHW or GWH (can’t decide between the two). Tried Harrods and Chanel in Knightsbridge. Luckily the prices are still the same… for now.

    • Was at Harrods yesterday around 5pm and they do Hv maxi in black caviar…

    • I understand how you feel, the shw or ghw!!?? Seems like both are gorgeous. But you check our comment in the other article: Chanel prices 2012, there are couple of members who found the caviar in London not long ago. SHW is a neutral color, but the GHW is more attention grabbing.

      • How often does chanel re-stock their bags?

        • Every week, but they don’t stock everything. Some bags comes slower, like the Chanel classic flap bag. Some boutique has more stock than others.

      • They did say that they sold out last week and are hoping to get some more in this week but that it is not guaranteed. I don’t live in London, so it looks like I’m going to have to call them daily until one is in stock and have it posted to me (I live in the UK). At least it gives me more time to choose between ghw and shw.

        • Hi Coco, please also read our other article: Some people did saw your bag in stock and a lots of them. I can’t remember which comment it was, but it was also in London.

          Do you usually wear silver or gold necklace? or other accessories?

          • I usually wear gold, so ghw is the obvious option but for some reason I’m leaning towards silver but I’m worried I’ll regret it. I already have a GST with ghw…

          • What do you think about the GST in ghw? I am not sure if the SA can do that, but maybe they can change the chain if you decide to switch. I think it’s possible, you might want to ask. But if you could get the shw and there is no choice, will you be happy with it?

          • I’ve decided on GHW and managed to track one down. I’m currently waiting for the SA to email me across Chanel’s bank details :-)

          • Bank details? Are they going to send it to you?

          • Yeah, they’re going to post it to me (for an extra cost of course) :)

          • I never heard of that. Which boutique is going to send it and to which city? Very curious =D

          • hi, may I know please know how much it will cost u to receive this bag? from where to where? Do u know if all chanel boutiques do that? And the price it’s about distance or all distances are same? thanks a lot

          • Hi, which bag are you referring to?

          • oh i am refering to the GST or the Pst if i find it of course ?

          • The prices of the GST and PST you can find here:

            The price of the PST increased a little bit, but you can find that in the comment section, also where you can find the PST. They are spotted everywhere, GST is not a problem for you to get at all.

          • Oh really, so the pst is not discontinued? i am more interested in the Pst, do u know where i can find it i am going in august to paris for a weekend just to get it? How much the price has increased for the pst, how much does it cost now??? thaaaaaank uuuuuuu ;))))

          • I walked into the boutique on Bond Street and they explained to me that the bag was not available and they do not do waiting lists. They gave me a card with all London Chanel boutiques telephone numbers on it and asked me to call around to see if any were in stock and explained I could have one posted. The extra cost was £20 (which is nothing considering how much the bag costs) and it’s all insured etc. incase it goes missing/gets damaged). My bag is being posted from London to Bristol (my home).

            I don’t think it’s that uncommon as when I bought my first Chanel bag in New York, they offered to drop it off at my hotel to save me carrying it around all day (and they did drop it off).

          • Omg, never heard about this. Great service, but it also make me nervous to have it send by post. 20 pounds is really cheap including the insurance of such an expensive bag.

            I was also very curious if they send the bag to another country. But I don’t think they do this.

          • Forgot to add that my particular bag is coming from the Brompton Road Chanel boutique in London as they were the only boutique that had the bag I wanted in stock.

          • I was really nervous but it arrived safely today :)

          • That’s great news, I would be nervous too. congratulations with your new bag.

  30. How much do chanel earrings cost? Prices for both large and medium CC logo ones please.. I’m planning on getting a pair for my birthday :)

    • I have seen them as low as €150 and as high as €300. And you need to be lucky too, especially in cities like Paris they only have left overs if you are not quick enough.

  31. PST no longer available ? My bro will be in Paris & Barcelona in July. And, may i know the price for CC Chanel earrings silver ?

    • Hi Joyce, PST was discontinued for a while, as well as the mini flap, but they have returned. One of our member just purchased a PST in US. I haven’t heard it in Europe yet.

      I bought mine CC Chanel earring for $150, price really range from $100 to $300.

      • Hi, My gf going to Paris tomorrow and I am asking her to get me a WOC, black caviar skin with gold chain. Do you know how much it cost after VAT and could she get it easily as gold chains WOC are rare to come by?

        • Which Chanel WOC are you going to buy? Halfmoon…?

          Generally they cost around €1,100 to €1,500.

          So the tax-refund will range from: €132 to €180.

          It hard to say what you can find in a Chanel boutique, that’s what makes it all exciting and disappointing. I hard a lot of people that they can’t find the caviar in Europe, while others have more luck and find it everywhere. It has to do with the supply the demand, they go very fast.

          • Thank you Sassy for your quick reply. I would like to get the black caviar skin in classic design. In Singapore at The BagsShop they want to sell their import for S$3950. Have you heard of this shop and could I trust if it is original? :-)

          • Hi, I have never heard of this shop, can’t find it on the internet either. But is it the Chanel classic medium flap bag and are they selling it brand-new?

  32. Just got a classic jumbo double flap caviar black SHW in london @ £2975 and a Barbie pink jumbo classic double flap in lamb skin with Rose gold HW @ £2975!

    • I supposed its £21 cheaper than before….?

    • Hi Michele,

      May ask in which store in London you got the pink bag?


      • Dear sassy dear sassy :)) this thé moroccan girl that is searching thé gst IN ghw :) here some news for u all , i called Chanel stores IN paris and Istanbul to compare since i am going IN august to Istanbul ! So effectively thé gst is 1790 euros IN paris with 18% taxes :)))) yeeey for those who want it from paris but IN Istanbul IT costs 2000 euros with 4% taxe free so to tell u thé ticket from casa blanc in morocco to paris is 200 euros around So what u think should i get it from paris or Istanbul ???? Ah and ITS available IN paris but not IN Istanbul but thé turkish store sa told me she may have it IN august :((((

        • Of course I remember you, half moroccan half lebaneese!!! Well, there’s nothing better than telling everyone: ‘Oh yes, I love it. I got it from PARIS!’. LOL, Don’t wait for the August, just get to Paris and get the bag.

          I always love your comments!

          Did you btw liked us, so we can keep in contact.

          • Of course I adore all your comments :). I love your site your articles and the way your express your passion about bags, well will keep being IN touch and keep u updated I think my boss wont let me have vacation before august but I Will try. Withhh looove

          • Thanks for your support. Crossing my fingers for you and we keep in touch.

      • Harrods and the stocks came in on 30 May… Very limited stocks left… Medium, jumbo and maxi.. Probably two pieces each… They have shocking pink too.. Very rare…

    • Crazy 4 Chanel

      Hi, I bought my first classic flap bag, jumbo, gold trim yesterday! Very happy with my purchase, pricey $5,593 in Canada

    • OMG, congratulation, the caviar is sold out everwhere, which Chanel boutique did you went?

  33. Can I ask for the price of new Chanel classic
    Medium beige caviar skin ?


    • The Chanel classic flap bag in beige caviar is priced at €3,100 EUR, you want the price in euro right?

      • Yes, thanks for your replied:))

      • Yes,which skin of Chanel bags is better to use between lamp skin and calfskin ?
        Many thx:)

        • I love lambskin, butterly soft and chic. Calfskin are a bit harder, more durable. The question should be, which one do you prefer, are going you going for the experience? Lambskin is the best choice or are you going for the durability, calfskin. Which handbag are you looking for btw?

  34. Is GST sold in Barcelona and madrid? How much are they charging?

  35. Hi,

    Do you have a price list with the bag pictures? I can’t decide whether to get the classic lampskin $4200 or clutch with strap $2600. This is my 1st Chanel. I know there is a clutch for $1900. Do you happen to know which one. Do you have a picture?

    Thank you!

  36. May I know how much is GST at Finland now?

    • Finland in the European Union right? The price of the GST is: €1,150 EUR. Are you going to buy in Finland?

      • Yes. Im going to buy there. Not €1790?is that any tax refund there? How many %?

      • Dear sassy, do u mean that 1150 euros is the price of the pst instead of the gst wich the price is 1790 euros? for the lady who wants to purchased the gst from finland!
        I have a question i saw in one of ur aticles that there is a rumor that chanel prices will increase 20% , thats mean that the gst will be 3480$ , are u sure of that?? unfortunately i will not purchased the gst from London during my summer vaccation in next august but from turkey! is the price for a gst is more expensive there ??? i am looking forward for ur answer

        • I’m sorry I checked it wrong, it’s around €1,750 right now. There were rumors about price increases, but we checked and no increase yet.

          A 20% increase on the €1,790 is about € 2,100 for the new price. This is not uncommon, we have seen the jumbo flap bag double in price within four years.

          I have no information about prices in Turkey. They have a Chanel boutique in Istanbul. But what if they don’t have in stock.

          • dear sassy, thanks a lot for your clarifications , i checked and found that in Istanbul there are 2 chanel boutiques and both of them have leather goods so it will be weard if they don’t have the gst !! i am crossing my fingers ! i ll try to call them, i hope it will work

          • Hi, there are 10 Chanel boutiques in Paris and still I am hearing on daily basis that people go there and can’t find the bag they like. Better to give a call and to make sure. The GST is an iconic bag, it’s not weird that they are out of stock. But which GSt are you looking for, color and hardware?

          • Dear sassy and anonymous, i am searching a regular gst black IN Golden hardware :( i think if ITS too expensive i should programm to Go to paris IN week-end ITS near to morocco

          • I am afraid that i can not find even IN paris i will be sad then :((

          • You should call the boutiques first, I mean between the location where you are and Paris, there are several more boutiques.

          • Yes dear, paris is 2 hours away (distance) in a plane to morocco ! i can find a cheap ticket! but i should also call ! i am searching the telephone numbers in chanel site !
            thanks again

          • Yes call them up. Let me know about the progress. Did you find the phone numbers?

          • hi sassy, yeah i found all the numbers :) I will start to call them soon and i will update u! I will try to make sure even of the prices and I will tell u ;)

          • Great, thanks! crossing my fingers xx

          • I also think your best option is Paris, they should have the GST in stock, however the black in gwh is one of the most sought after…=S Keep us up to date.

          • Istanbul chanel very expensive, better get it from london, last month I go there and confirm the price, example medium classic 3100 euro and Istanbul is 3500 euro

          • Oh i didnt know that prices in Istanbul chanel are that much expensive! ! Thanks a lot to ananymous

          • Hi, thanks for sharing this. Didn’t dare to say anything about Istanbul, because I haven’t heard many people buying there. But I now know why, it’s too expensive.

      • Yes. I’m going to buy at Finland. The GST not € 1790? Any tax refund there? How many %? Thanks!

  37. Hi Sassybag!

    Your website is perfect for shopaholics!

    I saw your post earlier that the Chanel boutique in Heathrow no longer stores any iconic bags. It does include boy chanel right? It would be a pity if it does..
    And do you know the current prices of medium and small boy chanel in uk? Has there been any price increase recently?


    • They don’t stock iconic bags like classic flaps, 2.55 reissue. I heard they still have the Chanel WOC, and they should be selling the Chanel boy too.

      The prices should be around:

      Small: €2,400 EUR
      medium: €2,500 EUR

      I like the medium, do you know which color you will pick? No price increase since february 2012.

      Here is a tip, give the Heathrow airport a call, and Adrianna, keep me informed about your journey.

  38. Hi there,

    My friend just bought two chanel jumbo single flap bags from Paris store and it only costs EURO 1,950 each. Are they continue the single flap bag? Why there is huge different of the price gap for single and double flap bag???

  39. Hello there! I will be visiting Paris end of this month..I’m so excited to get my first chanel bag there! But I’m afraid that they don’t have it in stock because I heard that they don’t have bags in stock lots of the time..I would like the buy the classic flap in jumbo you think it’s possible to contact the store over there to have a preorder or smth?

  40. YES INDEED :)) i am planning to get the bag from UK or spain i am not sure yet but during my summer vaccation in august :) so i am wainting impatiently and i sill tell u once i get it lol and i renew my invitation for u in morocco :DD

    • I just heard that Chanel hasn’t increase any prices yet. So that’s good for now, I will be crossing my fingers for you. I think getting in UK is the best, so many boutiques over there. I will get to Morocco one day =P.

  41. Hi

    I want to know the price for Chanel Wallet Trifold (A31506) this one ,,maybe next month i will go to uk so i want to know the price in paris compare with uk (:

  42. Hi there!! I’m a Malaysian and I’m currently working in London (UK working visa). Is it possible for me to buy a bag in LHR with the discounted price? Because I’ll be heading back home this month but I’ll still keep my UK visa.. Thanks!!

    • Hi Julia, please read this:

      You are eligible to shop tax free (receive a VAT/sales refund) if any of the following applies;

      – You are a non – EU resident
      – If you are studying or working in Europe you can apply for a refund on any goods bought in the final 3 months of your stay in Europe
      – EU residents residing outside the EU for 12 months or more (you may need to provide proof of residency for Customs). Furthermore, if you are an Irish person who is moving to reside outside of the EU for more than one year you must present a Visa or proof that you will be resident for 12 months or more outside the EU.

      Hope this helps, which Chanel are you going to buy. Oh btw, if you are going to buy at Heathrow, it’s already tax-free. Even EU-resident can get their Chanels over there!

      • I would like to buy the classic flap black caviar jumbo..I might leave London end of the month but I would be returning to London..and I’m a working visa holder..I saw your post down there saying that Heathrow does not store any iconic chanel bags anymore..hmm..thanks you so much for your efforts in replying..

        • Yes, very pity huh? It’s was god-send boutique btw. Let me know when you got the classic flap jumbo, btw, no price increase yet.

          • Hi sassy bag (: I was a little confused.. You mean I’m able to apply for the tax refund on the final 3months of my stay in Europe.. What if I return to London after a few months away? Is my working visa still valid?

          • These are the rules I found on the EU regulation about tax-refund. Generally EU doesn’t want people who are NON-eu citizen to to study or work in Europe and get tax-refund when they are staying for a long period. That wouldn’t be fair right? Because you can get tax-refund almost on anything you purchase. But on the final three months of your stay, you can get tax-refund on all purchases. It is your last stay right? Or is it temporary and you are coming back to London for study/work?

          • Working actually..but not to worry..I’d figure it out..your informations are really useful..thanks a lot!

  43. Hello everybody,

    I just came back from Munich and I bought a GST SHW at Euro1790.
    It only comes in cavier.
    I am so so so HAPPY….

    For the GST XL, it’s Euro2100.

    Also I have checked with the SA, the PST will not be discontinued forever.
    It will only be discontinued for a couple seasons.

    FYI for those who are interested in getting one..

    Cheers :)

  44. I heard chanel this month increase the price,is that right.?

  45. Hi there!! your blog is really informative.. I loveee it!!! I really wanted to get a chanel bag but it’s super pricey in my country.. And my friend who is visiting London this month could buy it back for me.. I would want the classic flap black caviar jumbo in GHW.. Is there any code for this bag? I’m afraid that my friend might get me the wrong one or smtg..and is it better to buy it outside or in the airport? Thanks

  46. Fyi.. The PTT & PST are no longer in production. Even the timeless clutch with kiss lock is now a seasonal purse instead of a classic

    • Hi there, is true that the pst have be discontinue but like you mention that there is a seasonal one like the PST that is a little bigger. Is cost $2500 in CAD. Also here are a piecing list that may help you.


  47. Hi, may i know the price of chanel gst and medallion in 2013 euro price ?

  48. Hi, May i know what is the price of Chanel GST and Medallion now in 2013.

  49. Hi,

    May I know the different with GST and PST XL? I am not sure which one to get…
    How much is PST XL in Paris?


  50. Hi, i loooove your blog! Thanks for doing this, keep it up :) I was wondering, how much is the GST now as of 2013?

    • Hi Chanel girl, thx thnx, always great to hear such compliments =). The price of GST is still the same after feb 2012, because there’s no price increase announced yet. Are u buying one anytime soon?

      • Planning to get it during a trip to Paris in Dec 2013. Hopefully the price will still be the same. That will be my first Chanel, want to make it memorable by buying in Paris, France!

        • Hi Inas, you want to make it memorable, then buy in Paris! But do you know which bag you want to buy? BTW I am crossing my fingers for you.

        • S, i was in Paris Rue Cambon last Christmas-NY 2012, was planning on getting classic flap but because it was the hliday season everything i wanted was sold out. I ended up buying a GST, but so disappointed that I didn’t get a box because they were out of stock.

  51. in fact i am half moroccan half lebaneese , i am a moroccan diplomate so u will be more than welcome to visit my country , its actualy a beautiful countryyy :)

    • I would love to visit your country, never been therefore, would like to experience. Btw, the saffiano tote is really recommended. And did you read my new post about the Chanel easy flap bag? It’s a gorgeous bag and is price the same as the saffiano tote.

      • Dear sassy , of course I read with pation all ur articles I think it will be great to have the easy flap , but I also need a quit practical black and sophisticated handbag and that why I was asking in first place, about the pst that will be the perfect one for me.. I think the prada would be perfect unless I will be lucky and find the pst in london ;) plz let me know if u decide to visit morocco someday I think u have my email ? If u don’t send me urs and I will send it back for u

        • Hi, I understand. You are looking for a tote. The PST is unfortunately hard to get or even discontinued. But the Prada saffiano tote is in my opinion the best choice, but I am more familiar with Prada. And if you do find the PST, YOU HAVE TO BUY IT. Btw, I love morocco. I almost went there for a wedding of my best friend. But unfortunately it was cancelled. Keep me informed about your purchase.

          • Dear sassy of course i will Buy the PST if i found it in London next august during my vacation , otherwise if i am sure i can not find it i would buy the prada from morocco because we have the Big prada store in casablanca :) we have Dior LV Fendi Ralph Loren but WE dont have a CHANEL store unfortunately ; so i would love to have the pst so i will search it in London ;) plz do remember if u are planning to visit my country i will be glad to advice u about the best places where to go ! and even take u to them just let me know by email !
            i will tell u about my purchase once i go to london

          • Yes! I will def. send you an email! We keep in touch.

  52. Dear sassy, i can not thank u enough for all the help and advices ..
    thanks for leaving the prices with images , in fact i was talking about the prada : shopping bag, saffiano ,double zip tote, size 26 (smallest)in black with shoulder strap .. i was searching but not sure i think the price is 1150 euros but i am note sure…

    about the givenchy its the “antigona”, smallest size, black leather, gold hardware, the simple one i am not sure also about the price 1390euros???

    well i like them both but have to pick one! and was saving for a long time to have one from london in my summer vacation.. what u think :))))) thanks a lot again

  53. Hi sassy,

    I will be going to America and France in August. I really want to buy my first Chanel bag (classic in black cavier either large or jumbo – I don’t mind either gold or silver hardware). Where should I get my Chanel? Will it be cheaper in American or Paris? (Incl taxes)
    Ps I’m from Melbourne Australia. The current price for a large is $5090 and jumbo $5890

    Thanks for your help.


    • I would recommend you to buy the bag whenever they have in stock. Let’s say that Paris has the black caviar in stock and Amsterdam don’t. You go to Paris, skip the bag because you want to get cheaper in Amsterdam. That will be disappointing right? The VAT difference between Paris and Amsterdam is just 2%, but Paris has more boutique.

  54. Sorry forgot to mention its a black Caviar

  55. I recently bought a Maxi Classic Flap Bag in GHW from Toronto for $5300 plus tax. The Jumbo is $4900 plus tax. Thought to share :)

    • Hi Niloz, congratulation with your new bag. I love classic flap in gwh btw. Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s really really helpful!!!

  56. May I know what is the price for the Chanel GST in Canadian Dollars?


  57. Is Chanel ever gonna decrease in the pricing?

  58. hi , dear sassy i like very much what u shared with us and would like to thank u very much !
    please i am looking to buy the “chanel petite shopping tote /pst” from london this summer, but i heard that they are not selling it anymore in the chanel boutique? is it right and please can u tell me what will be the price of the pst this summer 2013? i was having some savings and i want to be sure that i can buy it ?
    thanks again

    • Hi Fat, the PST is hard-to-get/discontinued. One of our readers spotted it in Japan, but I don’t think you will be traveling all the way there to get the PST. The pst is around 1,200 pounds, you can find more prices here:

      You might want to try the GST, the new classic Biarittz Tote or the CC timeless or the timeless cc hobo.

      Link Biarittz Tote:

      • Hi, sassy thanks a lot for your answer it was very helpful and i like very much the suggestion about the chanel Biarrittz tote, I’ll try to have it for the heathrow T3 , i read in the comments that someone managed to own with 958 pounds
        thanks very much again

        • Yes, but you really need to like the new style. Let me know which one you finally bought.

          • of course i will tell u what i’ll buy!i am also thinking about owning a classic prada or the antigona small size (smooth leather) since i can’t find the pst?? what u think about it? do u know the price of the givenchy antigona small size ??
            thanks very much

          • Prada classic? I have the Prada saffiano lux tote in my mind. A gorgeous bag!!

            Check the conversations over here:

            But about the antigona, they have a lot of styles, do you know which color you want? I spotted the medium bag for around $2,800. The small should be near that figure.

          • Dear sassy, i can not thank u enough for all the help and advices ..
            thanks for leaving the prices with images , in fact i was talking about the prada : shopping bag, saffiano ,double zip tote, size 26 (smallest)in black with shoulder strap .. i was searching but not sure i think the price is 1150 euros but i am note sure…

            about the givenchy its the “antigona”, smallest size, black leather, gold hardware, the simple one i am not sure also about the price 1390euros???

            well i like them both but have to pick one! and was saving for a long time to have one from london in my summer vacation.. what u think :))))) thanks a lot again

          • One thing I am sure, you can’t go wrong with the Prada saffiano tote, I have yet to hear a complain. The mini saffiano is around €1,200. Btw where are you from?

        • dear sassy, i have another question to ask you :)) Do the “GST” AND CHANEL PETITE TIMELESS TOTE ARE ALSO DISCONTINUED?
          thanks a lot

          • The GST is not discontinued, but from what I heard the PTT is very limited.

          • thanks very much :))

          • Are you going to buy the GST?

          • Which one are going for?

          • Dear sassy , i would like to share this video with u , i get crazy since i saw the “Mademoiselle” chanel handbag ! i dont know if its the medium or big size , plz tell me if u know the price and the exactly size its stunning!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

          • Hi…,

            I did a review time ago, but your vid made me love the bag even more. Is really gorgeous, definetly match to the classic bags. Amazing style and design, LOVE it TOO.

            The bag you saw is the maxi size, in black. Maxi is the largest size, the prices and all other sizes you can find here:



            Mademoiselle mini satin: $2,150 USD
            Mademoiselle small calfskin: $2,450 USD
            Mademoiselle medium: $2,700 USD
            Mademoiselle Large: $3,225 USD
            Mademoiselle Maxi: $3,500 USD

            You can check other sizes over here:


            Are you going to buy soon?

          • to the wonderfull dear sassy, first thaaaaaaaanks a lot for the informations, i feel right now that i could never buy a tote before having ur advice and opinion
            secondly, i would love to purchased it but unfortunetly i cant afford “even the large size of the masemoiselle” tote, maby i should change my jobe to make more money :)))) but from now this is “MY DREAM BAG”. so if i find the pst i will buy it if i dont i will go to the Gst ! but that’s mean that i should really do a double effort of saving and if its stay costs me 1700 euros, i will purchased it , so we will see until next august (my summer vaccation) :)))) iç am really sad because i can’t afford the “mademoiselle” large size

          • hiii, the GST is great too, btw where are you from?

          • Hi sassy, Moroccan diplomate, half lebaneese, do u remember, :D i told u before but i think that u receive 1000 of emails that’s make it difficult to remember all of us, I think I will go for the GST + gold hardware :) very lovely I read the email about the lady who purchased it for 1790 euros, and would like to say congratulations and thanks for the information

          • Hiii, are you kidding, of course I remember you. You told me to come to Morroco sometime and I told you that I had friend who had planned to get married there, but cancelled. The GST and golden hardware is a good choice, it’s actually the classic combination and will go for a long time. Where are you planning to buy the bag?

  59. Hi Sassy.Bag

    any idea how much is the price for the GST & Jumbo (black cavier with gold hardware)???
    currently in Barcelona.

  60. I was at Chanel today and the SA told me that the PST was discontinued but she told me there is a tote that is in between the pst & gst.that tote was only a seasonal tote that cost $2500 CAD. I also like the timeless tote as well but this one cost $3200 CAD and has a zipper. Which one should I go for? The one with the zipper cost less than the one with zipper. The one with out zipper is a seasonal tote and is will no longer be around soon… Some help pls!!

    • ( Sorry correction )The one with the zipper cost more than the one with out the zipper…..

    • Let me ask you several questions first:
      1. Do you already have a classic bag of Chanel?
      2. the timeless tote, are you referring to the petite timeless tote?
      3. And do you hv more info on the seasonal bag? Maybe color, sizes (bigger or smaller than the GST?) or if you can find it over here:

      • Is a little bigger than the PST. The timeless tote is the soft cc crown that have the zipper with you think is worth it to spend $700 more just for the zipper ? I only own a WOC in the calfskin.


        • Hi Bachfifi, I don’t know which one is the one without a zipper (the seasonal one), but I can say that some people don’t like the GST because it’s too big and go for the Chanel timeless tote CC tote. If you think it’s too expensive did you checked the Timeless CC Soft ‘Hobo’ Bag yet? It’s a bit cheaper than the tote.

          BTW, it’s not the zipper that I would go after, but the style of the bag. If both bag cost the same, which one would you pick?

          • Is the seasonal one that is with out the zipper and both look great on me. Heard to decide.thanks for the lovely advice.

  61. Hi there,
    Im very interested in buying CC flap bag but cant make up my mind to settle for jumbo or maxi size? Which one do you think more suitable since im 5″6? Also, i want to know if they both come in black with silver or gold hardware? Thank you so much for your help

    • The maxi is pretty large. Do you really need that much of space? The jumbo is actually a very famous size, as well as the medium. They both come in black with silver and golden hardware. Did you already tried the jumbo and maxi on?

      • Tyvm for ur quick respond, btw im in love with ur page. No i have not, the closet CC store is 2 hrs away from where i live. Yeah its hard to me to purchase it online since i cant personally compare those side by side

        • You should never buy something like Chanel bags on the internet, especially if you buy it brand-new. If you buy seasonal make sure it’s a store with good reputation. But anyways, you need to go to the store and carry the jumbo and maxi yourself. Try it now, and also don’t forget the medium. Knowing your heigh, I think either the medium or jumbo is right for you. Decide the medium and jumbo based on the space you need, jumbo obviously has a little bit more.

          • Yeah, Sassy is right.

            Make sure that you go to a Chanel boutique and try the bags with your “body frame”

            Decide if you prefer:
            – Caviar or Lambskin
            – Silver or Gold hardware
            – color
            – and of course the price.

            It is also a great help to read reviews and blogs

          • Great advice!!!

          • Tyvm for ur input, still trying to find a boutique that sells authentic CC in my town, it seems so hard. Do u think Nordstrom would carry them.

          • Let me see what I can do, which town are u in?

          • Hi, my friend recently help me to buy a chanel Classic medium with patent skin SHW, is very pretty and I love it ♡. I can’t wait in August because worry price might increase by then. I paid €3100 & vat ~12%. You might consider Patent beside Cavier or Lambskin. :-)

  62. Hi!

    I’ll like to ask if anyone is familiar with the prices within Europe itself. Thing is I’m traveling to Florence, Italy next month then to Berlin and finally Munich,Germany. Would it be better if I got my Chanel in Italy than Germany? Would there be any savings? Its gonna be my first one so I’m pretty much aiming for the classic 2.55 medium.

    Thanks in advance!

  63. Can someone tell me the price for the PST & GST in Canadian Dollars.


  64. Hello, I’m going to Paris next week and I’d like to buy chanel classic flap. Can you tell me the prices, please?

  65. Istanbul chanel so expensive,classic medium ghw cost euro 3500,better buy it from europe, anybody can help me

  66. Help me. I want to buy a Chanel jumbo Caviar classic flap bag Gold hardware in April ( 29april -5 may ) in milan and Paris.. So do u know the price in EUR!!!Thanks ^^

  67. I bought a chanel maxi (lambskin) and i dont know how to protect with dank climate im Vietnam. Can you help me? Thank you!

  68. I want to but the grand shopping tote in caviar… i plan to purchase it in LHR, do u or does anyone happen to know what the prices are at the moment for this particular bag? thanks. Marie x

  69. How much is Chanel flap jumbo in uk and how much vat do I get back? Thank you

  70. Would you know if the prices of chanel in paris increased already this April? Thanks

  71. Hi ladies, would you have any idea about How much would The chanel jumbo cost in Dubai?? Since they dont have any VAT Its probably cheaper than in Europe ( please note i’m European)

    • That a country has no VAT doesn’t mean that the price is cheaper. A country with VAT means Chanel needs to lower it’s return to even the prices worldwide. HK doesn’t have VAT either, but their prices are much higher due to demand.

      Dubai UAE AED 18,630 Feb 2012

  72. Love your website, plenty of info and discussion going on, thank you so much.
    1. did chanel increase its price in 2013 yet?
    2. All purchases in Italy will have VAT refund of 20%? or depends on your total purchase price? Because I thought the VAT refund is about 15%, i could be wrong.
    2. 2.55 is a classic, which one to pick, it’s a dilemma, can you advise.
    – size 226 $4900 (us) black with gold OR
    size 227 $5300 (us) black with silver

    do you think just a few hundred more, it’s worth to get a bigger piece or … what do you think, thank you.

    • Hi Tracy, Thanks for coming by. Let me try to answer:

      1. No price increase yet
      2. Italy has VAT of 21%. But if you substract the 21% + the administration fee, then your discount will be around 10 – 14%. There is a full example of calculation on this page:

      It was reply on comment of Kai.

      3. I think it’s best if I compare it was the classic Chanel flap:

      Reissue 226 is like Chanel jumbo flap
      Reissue 227 is like the Maxi (but maybe not that big, but it is comparable).

      I honestly love the size of 226 more, I think the 227 is too big, unless of course you are much taller. I am like 1.75 cm or you love large bags, AND or you always have too much personal essentials to take with you that 226 space is too small.

      • thanks for all the thoughtful information & answering my Q’s.

        I am hoping that if you or any of the supported fans of your page hear any update on the prices, please post them and let us know to share with.

        Again, love your website <3

        • Hi Tracie, no price increased so far. I am not listening to the SA anymore. They said in Feb, then in March…

          • I kept thinking about the 2.55, plus the potential price increased.
            I finally made the decision & got a 226 , thanks for your opinion.

            Yes, it’s very vintage look, but it’s very diff. than other classic bag.
            I hope this classic bag will last, till I am still carrying it in 5 & even10 more years from now. Do they keep on making these classic flap & reissue 2.55 bags? I am sad to read your post about some discontinue items.

          • Hi Tracie, the 2.55 and the classic flap are still in production and will for a long time. 2.55 actually stands for February 1955, that’s the first day that Coco Chanel made the bag available for public. Until today the 2.55 is still famous.

            What you read was the 2.55 Chanel classic mini flap.

  73. Hi sis, will you tell me how much does jumbo classic flap bag cost for now? Because I want to ask my sister help me to buy in Paris at the end of April. Thanks your info

  74. May I check if Europe still carries PTT? I heard in Asia, was discontinued.

    • In US it’s also hard to get. But SA never said it was discontinued, but only that a lot of boutiques don’t stock them anymore.

    • Hi jo…i just came back from paris this there is no more PTT…they didn’t sell it anymore..only they have new type that is larger PTT..GST is still avaiilable though.

    • Hi,

      I was just in Venice last week and they said PTT is no longer available. GST is available.

  75. Hi there,

    DO you know the price of a calf medium boy bag in UK?

  76. Dear ladies,
    May I know the price for Chanel Biarittz tote, small size in Paris?
    Thank you for your help and have a good day ahead ;)

  77. Hi
    Am planning to get chanel WOC in black caviar in GHW by next mth. Any idea how much is the price now in Paris/ Heathrow??

  78. Do you know the current price for 2.55 reissue in the medium size in Canada and USA?

  79. Hi Sassy!

    I’m from Australia & will be travelling to Paris to purchase my first Chanel Classic Flap in Jumbo size in May.
    Do you know if it’s avaliable in other colours or do you think it’s best to stick to the iconic black?
    By the way, I love ur website!!

    • OMG, if this is your first time then just stick with the black.

      Sometimes white is also a good choice, because white and black both are neutral color that can match most outfit, so you can use it as an ‘everyday bag’. But the jumbo in white feel different than black.

      Chanel jumbo is also available in colors: Copper, Navy, Bronze (fall 2012), Burgundy (fall 2012), Khaki (fall 2012), Blue, Red (Fall 2012), Silver (fall 2012)

      • Yeah I think I’ll stick to black…omg can’t believe how nervous I’m feeling about making my first Chanel purchase. Hopefully I beat the price hike & prices stay as they are a while longer.

        • If you can, stick with the black. If you decide to switch, the black is the most valuable to sell because many people want them. More, Chanel bags increase in prices, so yours will become more valuable. Btw, do you know if you are going to buy the GHW or SHW?

          • I’m definately getting the GHW…I think it looks more elegant. Thanks so much for your advice. You have been extremely helpful. Can’t wait to finally get my bag. Woohoo!!!!

          • I am very excited for you, so ‘let me know when you got it’!!!

  80. I just bought a Classic Flap Jumbo for $4,900 yesterday. I got the silver hardware.
    Would like to know if Gold is new trend. Are people prefer gold over silver?

    • Both Gold and Silver are in the trend. A girl told me yesterday that she was looking for the classic flap in GWH, but the GWH was sold-out in her area. And a time ago, I was looking for the jumbo flap in SHW, they had only GWH. I have seen people carrying gold and silver. It’s personal preference. I like the silver more.

  81. I’m from EU, travelling USA and Asia. Yes a GST XL. Any idea?

    • It’s sad that Heathrow doesn’t stock iconic bags like GST anymore. But when you compare the prices in US to EU, then EU will still be cheaper. Designer bags in Asia are really expensive. I still suggest you to buy in Europe.

      • Thanks a lot!
        What would you say is a reasonable price would be for a GST XL in EU?

        • Yes, the price for Chanel XL GST should be right now 2.100 EURO. One of our reader commented this price not long ago.

      • Hi i rang the Chanel boutique in LHR on the 28th March (couple of days ago) as i wanted to check which bags are available. The lady was very nice on the phone and yes you can still buy a GST there :) She also said it is 1,333 GBP yay!

        • That’s good news! After knowing that they don’t stock the 2.55 and the reissue anymore, it’s glad to hear that the GST is still available there. Are you going to buy anytime soon? =D

          • July!!! I can’t wait :) …….I will check that LHR have it in stock before I fly and reserve one. If not ill go into london and buy one and get the tax back. So excited!

          • Let me know when you bought it =D

          • Hi Caz, either way you win. Let me know how everything went. I think they have in stock in LHR, but do note that the boutique is in T3, in the tax-free area. LHR is famous because the VAT is not included, which means no hassle to apply for the tax-refund. Let me know how everything went.

  82. I’m about to buy a XL Tote Black Caviar w/gold, I’m travelling a lot and I would love to know wherein the world do I get the best price. Do you know?

  83. I’m now in Italy… Would lik to know is d Chanel 2.55 mini discontinued? I love tis mini 2.55 very much.. Thinking to get myself 1…

  84. Thanks! Yes love the black reissue with golden hand. In that case I will await for next trip to Paris and buy there, as There is only jumbo size available in Hawaii at the moment. Thanks and have a great day!

  85. My hubby brought me in Paris only euro1900 . I still keep in not bad shape after 6 years. Yet to do cleaning ? Any good bag wash ? Only the chanel outlet can change the leather strip ?
    I think I go back Paris in June then change understand original . ??

    • For the best quality, I think the same. Not the Chanel outlet, but the Chanel boutique can give you a brand-new one.

  86. Hi hoping to get some advice. Keen on the black gold classic 2.55 one or two size down from jumbo. Anyone know if it’s still available and price? My cousin said that Chanel in London doesn’t stock the bag anymore and in the states only stock limited sizes. If anyone has any information on where I can still get one that would be great! Thanks in advance

    • Hi Tracey,

      Good choice! I love the 2.55 reissue.

      You can find the prices here:

      I think what you have heard is that Chanel boutique in Heathrow (tax-free area) is not stocking ‘iconic’ bags anymore. I don’t think that Chanel in London stopped stocking their most famous 2.55 reissue. I think by ‘black gold’, you mean Chanel reissue 2.55 in black and golden hardware right? This is the most famous combination. Paris have 14 boutiques, did you try over there? Also in low seasons Chanel boutique in Amsterdam have surprisingly more in stock than we can imagine.

      I advice you to give a few boutiques a call. Only the SA would know if the bag is in stock. For example, iconic bags in Paris goes out of stock very quickly, especially during weekends. But they usually have new arrivals next week.

  87. Hi,
    i will be going to Paris this May, will like to know the price for GST and PST, still no chance to date right? and for halfmoon too? any idea?

    thank you and love reading your site :)

    • Hi Zahiah, thanks for visiting our site. Where are you from btw?

      Halfmoon: around 1,200 EUR
      GST:1,750 EUR
      PST:1,660 EUR

      Not sure if Chanel will increase price in May.

      • thanks for the info!! im from singapore and prices for chanel here are way expensive than in EU.

        • I know I know, I was shocked when I saw the prices in Singapore. First I thought they were cheaper, do you know why they are more expensive?

        • Hi Zahiah, I am Sam. I am from Singapore as well. I am thinking of getting the Chanel GST too but the price here is way to exp:( And I will not be going to Europe not till 2014. :’(

          Just wondering, do you mind if I “tumpang” buying one?

      • I just bought the GST in caviar in Venice for 1790 euro less 14% tax= 1540 euro last week. :)

  88. Price increased? I heard already increased 20%. Chanel is crazy

  89. Hi there. My husband & I will be going to 7 cities of Italy & France in May (our 1st time!). And my husband wants to buy me my very 1st Chanel as his gift for our 10th Wedding Anniversary (yay!!!). And i want a Chanel Medium Flap Bag. My question is, do you have any idea how much is it in May, as i was reading that there’s a price hike going on? And it’s better to buy in Paris, right?
    And off-topic….i’m also planning to buy a Balenciaga bag. I’m 4’11” & which do you think is better, the Town or the City? Coz they said that “small is the new big”. And where’s the best city to buy Balenciaga, Rome, Milan, Florence or Paris? Please advise. Thank you so much & just so you know, i’m so enjoying reading your blogs/forum. More power! :-)

    • Hi Sam!!!, thanks for your support. That’s exactly what we need. Well, I would say go buy in Paris. Why? They have tons of boutique over there, the experience is great. You will L.O.V.E. it. Second reason: Chanel come from Paris! Third reason, other cities might not have the bag you want, but Paris HAVE. One more tip, never buy Chanel in the weekend in Paris, it’s almost always sold-out! There are so many tourist there, hungry for those bags. Some of them buy 15 earrings at ONE time!

      For Balenciaga, I am suggest the mini city bag. The bag was just released and only available in Asia. It’s so cute! But you gotta love petite bags. If you are too tall, you should go for the city. The town is also a legend itself, if it is your first, I would go for the city!

      More reads on Balenciaga:

      If you can, you should buy all the bags in Paris. The experience is just amazing, the people and the city itself. I adore it, all the expensive, high end boutiques are located there.

      Chanel might increase their prices, but until now I heard nothing… I think if it did happened, the girls on bragmybag would be posting like crazy on our articles. If they do, then you still can get advantage of the tax-refund.

      More reads on tax-refund:

      Oh yes, tax-refund is for the Chanel as well as the Balenciaga’s. It’s about 10 – 14% included administration fee.

      I think you hubby is really amazing for buying you a Chanel!

  90. Hey there. I’m planning on buying a Grand Shopping Tote next week. Does anyone know the price for Australia? And also when you buy it in the store do you go home with it or does it have to get ordered and delivered at a later date?

  91. Help me. I want to buy a Maxi lambskin in March ( 25th Mar) in Paris.. so who know the exactly price? T_T

  92. Hoping to get my first chanel item this year! Really can’t afford a bag right not, but I set my eyes on Chanel Boy Wallets! Wondering if you do know the prices (Paris or Milan)?

    Thanks in advance

  93. HI,

    I checking whether for these 2 items is it still selling at chanel boutique ( I will be going Florence, milan and Paris) Do you know the pricing for both bag? For the 1st web link does the bag come in black colour? – the chanel nylon quilted bag as per attached web link
    and this web link too

    Thanks for your help your information provied on my 1st message is very useful to me.

  94. HI,

    I want to buy this wallet as per attached web link whether this model are still selling at chanel boutique (Milan or Paris)? Do you know the pricing in EUR?

  95. Hi,

    I this May will be going to milan and Paris. Do u know the price for the chanel wallet quilted lambskin in EUR

  96. Do u have price list for the chanel small purse, long wallet, etc?

    • Chanel Timeless Clutch in Caviar is priced: $1,900 USD

      Chanel Long wallet in quilted lambskin: around $900 USD (to give you an indication)

      But Chanel wallet usually range from $700 (small ones) to $900 USD (long wallet)

  97. I bought chanel bag one of my friends only 75 dollars but made in china.Its that real???

  98. A SA at harrods opined that he did not think prices would rise this year. I have asked him twice, perhaps even thrice, on three different occasions and he had the same answer ‘no price increase’, now I am not quite sure whether to believe him…perhaps we will know at the end of feb if he is infact correct!

  99. I want to know what is the last price of Grand Shopping Tote (caviar) n Tote bags, PST, GST, PTT coz i’m going to Paris this March 2013.

  100. I just bought the medium classic flap bag in black lambskin yesterday for $4200…Finally! The salesperson said prices would increase by 20% for all the classic bags by the end of Feb.

  101. Love your site! Just wanted to let you know that as of late Dec 2012 (when I was in Paris buying my first Chanel!!), the GST was EU1790 and the XL GST was EU2100. Eek!

  102. hi ladies. after coveting the 2.55 for years (should have purchased it before the first huge price increase), my hubby finally bought me the 2.55 reissue in size 226 @ Bergdorf. the cost was 4,900.

  103. These prices are not accurate. I just called Chanel and the Maxi is still at $5,300.

  104. Thanks for this article – Just wanted to let you know that the pricing above is no longer valid for some of the classic flap bags.

    On 30 December 2012 these were the prices (definite):

    Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo = $5980
    Chanel Classic Flap Maxi = $6400

    I was also tipped off that another price increase would likely occur 1 Feb 2013. I just purchased the Maxi and it KILLED ME to have pay $6400 for a bag that cost half that a few years ago – still – it is a gorgeous piece!

    Good luck!!

    • OMG are you sirious? When did you bought your bag? Don’t tell me the exact date when the new price increase occured? The price increase on the MAXI is insane, how much did the bag previously cost; $5,200. So they have increased like with $1,000.

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