Chanel 31 Bag

First came the Boy Bag, followed by the Gabrielle Bag and for the next few years, the Chanel 31 Bag is going to steal the show.

The 31 Bag is not just about the look; it’s also about how practical the design is.

But what if you knew that the 31 Bag is a multi-bag? What if it’s a 3 in 1 bag that can change in shape depending on the occasion? Wouldn’t that be a great investment?

This handbag is named after the famous boutique in Paris – 31 Rue Cambon. This boutique is unique because it also the residential address of the founder Coco Chanel.

The Design

The 31 Bag comes in the standard shopping tote shape. It’s crafted with a built-in handle and the smooth CC logo is embellished on the front center.

The body of the bag is split into two parts. Usually the handle, bottom and side parts are designed in smooth leather while the middle part comes in variation of styles like diamond quilting, multicolor tweed, various of prints or even crumpled calfskin.

The smooth leather part is also available in different leather and colors. The leather choices varies from lambskin, calfskin and patent calfskin,

Multiple Ways To Carry The Chanel 31 Bag

The reason why the Chanel 31 Bag is a great investment is because of the multiple ways it can be carried. The style is also so-Chanellish with woven chain strap, CC logo embellished or something even diamond quilting.

There are multiple ways to carry the 31 Bag:

1. The first and most obvious way is to grab the handles and tote it.

2. The second way is to semi-fold the handbag as a large clutch.

3. The third way is to fully bent the 31 Bag into a medium-sized clutch

4. The fourth way is to make use of the leather strap and carry it as a shoulder bag

Chanel 31 Clutch

The Chanel 31 Bag comes in different types and maybe in the future, we will see a lot more unique styles. But what we’ve discovered is that there is a fully functional clutch version available.

This 31 Clutch features two handy zip pocket in the back. 1 zip pocket is crafted on the lower part, which is bigger. The second zip pocket is crafted slightly above. And mind you, these pockets are separated from the interior compartment.

Chanel 31 Bag With Woven Chain Strap

Do you like the Woven Chain Strap on the 31 Bag? Take a closer look at the 31 Bag with extra eyelets crafted on the back of the bag, in the lower part. These eyelets are for the woven chain leather strap, so that you can fold the bag and carry it on the shoulder.

How clever, isn’t?

This 31 Bag with Woven Chain Strap is available in the bigger size.

Chanel 31 Bag Is An Transportable Travel Bag

Imagine going on holiday. You don’t want to take too much handbags because it doesn’t fit in the check-in luggage or you don’t want it to get damaged.

Or whatever the reasons.

But you still want to take a stylish handbag for the day, evening and the night-outs.

Then the 31 Bag is your prince on the white horse. It’s the one you need.

And also, the 31 Bag is foldable, so in the end it can save you a lot of space in the luggage. It’s also easy to be transportable.

The Interior

The interior of the 31 Tote is quite large. Inside there are two zipped compartments. And the bag is big enough to store all your daily essentials, and perhaps even more. It depends on the size of course.

The Sizes And Prices

Chanel Python 31 Clutch In Patent Calfskin
Style code: A57986
Size: 14.4′ x 0.8′ x 11.7′ inches
Price: $6500 USD, €5250 euro, £4690 GBP, $8650 SGD, $45700 HKD, 23150 MYR, $7525 CAD, $8540 AUD, ₩6930000 WON, ¥720360 JPY

Chanel 31 Shopping Bag In Patent Calfskin Tweed (or Cotton)
Style code: A57977
Size: 14.4′ x 3.1′ x 15.2′ inches
Price: $3700 USD, €2950 euro, £2630 GBP, $4860 SGD, $25700 HKD, ¥399600 JPY, 13000 MYR, $4225 CAD, $4800 AUD, ₩3890000 WON

Chanel Quilted 31 Shopping Bag in Lambskin
Style code: A57977
Size: 14.4’ x 3.1′ x 15.2′ inches
Price: $4400 USD, €3850 euro, £3440 GBP, $6350 SGD, $33500 HKD, ¥528120 JPY, 16970 MYR, $5525 CAD, $6270 AUD, ₩5080000 WON

Chanel 31 Large Shopping Bag In Calfskin Tweed (or Silk)
Style code: A57978
Size: 17.2’ x 3.9′ x 18.7′ inches
Price: $4000 USD, €3250 euro, £2900 GBP, $5360 SGD, $28300 HKD, 14330 MYR, $5290 AUD, ₩4290000 WON

Chanel 31 Large Shopping Bag In Patent Calfskin Tweed (or Cotton)
Style code: A57978
Size: 17.3′ x 3.9′ x 18.9′ inches
Price: $4500 USD, €3550 euro, £3170 GBP, $5850 SGD, $30900 HKD, ¥487080 JPY, 15650 MYR, $5780 AUD, ₩4690000 WON

Chanel 31 Large Shopping Bag In Aged Calfskin
Style code: A57978
Size: 17.2′ x 3.9′ x 18.7′ inches
Price: $4800 USD, €3750 euro, £3350 GBP, $6180 SGD, $32600 HKD, 16530 MYR, $5375 CAD, $6100 AUD, ₩4950000 WON

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