Must haves #23 Chanel Boy Flap Bag & Prices


Not long ago Chanel introduced their new boy bags. The name was simple, bold, and you get confused when hearing the first time. Uhhh boy?, seems like Chanel is interested in entering the boys market. But after seeing one of their banners, things started to get clear. It’s not only for boys, but for girls too.

It is what it says. Covered with colors that are deeper and stronger. Lined with textures that feels rough and tough. And not to forget Chanel’s special ingredient, elegant and chic. Combine that together and a stunning, stylish masculine bag has born.

The boy bag have become increasingly popular not only among boys, but also girls. The bag you see above is the new flap bag for boys. Quilted and painted in velvet, carrying such an item will convince anyone that you are innocent. The bag comes with a unique chain and a shoulder strap. Outstanding mixing up with different casual styles. I am already imagining, a bit light colored tight jeans underneath your Chanel ballet flat, a white top and brown/black outwear to finish the style. The bag is tempting and hard to resist.

Color: velvet

Size (small): 7.9” x 4.7” x 2.8”
Size (medium): 9.8” x 5.5” x 2.8”
Size (large): 12” x 8.3” x 3.5”

Price (small): $3,700.00
Price (medium): $3,900.00
Price (large): $4,500.00

Available in Chanel boutiques.


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  1. Au February 24, 2015 Reply

    I just purchased this boy bag blue velvet from someone and would like to know if it’s real…
    I’m posting pics

    • Doria February 26, 2015 Reply

      Where are the pics?

  2. Claudie low November 27, 2014 Reply

    Hi Alex. I need your help. I can’t make up my mind to get the GHW with red Chanel boy bag medium size or SHW with red Chanel boy bag medium size ? Malaysia Klcc Chanel boutique actually help me transfer this bag from Hong Kong for my exchange, because only Hong Kong have this pre fall collection available. unfortunately I realize this bag have a minor defect.
    Thus, they now offer me to exchange another color or they help me to repair the bag. I only interested in red color that’s why I m considering either to proceed the repair or get the latest red color Chanel boy with silver hardware. I heard some people said Chanel boy should match with silver hardware. I’m confuse.

  3. Cheryl October 10, 2014 Reply

    Hi Alex:) do you know the exact style number for chanel le boy bag in caviar leather gold hardware and red color? In medium size. I am asking a male friend to buy it for me and he wants to be sure that he will be able to buy the exact bag I want. Thank you

    • Alex October 11, 2014 Reply

      The quilted one? I only know in calfskin, but do not know in caviar. The Medium Boy Quilted style code is: A67086.

      For red, golden hardware and medium size: A67086 Y08808 97105

      Before you buy, let him send you some pictures to verify first.

      Keep me informed!

  4. Jo August 25, 2014 Reply

    Dear All,
    does anyone knows the pricing in seoul? After the tax refund is it more worthy to buy in Korea than in Singapore?

  5. ajayy February 23, 2014 Reply


    I have a question about an authenticity of a chanel bag?
    This is girl is selling me a boy bag, but it has Chanel written in bold silver letters, on the bag.

    Is that weird or fake? It is not written in the front, its written on the folded area on front of the bag, where the chain usually sits.

    Please let me know. thanks

  6. shanna January 23, 2014 Reply


    I love the chanel le boy medium in black lamb..
    I like the older one with smaller quilts.
    Does anyone know if those are still available or something similar looking?
    and does anybody knows how the inside/lining of the old or new version looks like? I dont want to get scammed!
    Please help!

    • Fiona January 27, 2014 Reply

      Hi Shanna, the classic boy bag quilted are still available. Are you going to buy pre-owned?

      • Shanna January 27, 2014 Reply


        Yes I was looking for a pre-owned but there are so much diffrent interior designs. So I’m not sure which ones are authentic and which aren’t. I saw that The “new” mediums have a grey inside with a grey label. But I don’t want The new medium because of The bigger quilts.

        • Ms. Dibrell January 27, 2014 Reply

          I have a preowned black and white boy flap bag (medium) that I am in the process of selling. It is authentic with black interior (including a black label). I hope this helps!

          • Shanna January 27, 2014


            I’m looking for a medium in Black. I don’t know of those have The same interior?
            Thanks for The help!

          • Michelle February 15, 2014

            I’m interested! Are you still selling

        • Fiona January 31, 2014 Reply

          I have several Chanel bags. You can identify a fake Chanel by checking the stitches and feeling the leather.

  7. REEM August 14, 2013 Reply

    I would like to ask if there are silver or bronze color of the boy chanel and chain only comes silver or there is gold ? thanks alot

  8. koolet August 4, 2013 Reply

    Some people pretend that they have received a gift and don’t like it and they just wanna sell but it was scam for you too look at it and buy to them it’s either stolen or fake, my cousin was scammed the same way pls be careful guys to those people pretend .

    • Alex August 7, 2013 Reply

      Hi Koolet, seriously? Can you share more information about this?

    • Kim August 15, 2013 Reply

      I’m not scamming anyone. The bag is 100% genuine with all tags attached, in its original packaging, sitting in my closet. I truly just don’t want a $4,000 bag that I deem impractical. I’m sorry your cousin was scammed, but there are good people in this world. Not everybody is out to get someone.

  9. Kim July 24, 2013 Reply

    Hello, my sister recently have bought me a Chanel boy flap bag (black and white) as a gift, but it’s not my style. It was purchased at Neiman Marcus. It has never been used. I’m too embarassed to tell her I don’t want it and I can’t return it to Neiman Marcus without a receipt. Any suggestions on how I can sell it to purchase something more my style?

    • Alex July 25, 2013 Reply

      She will eventually know that you have sold it, shouldn’t you just keep it, just because she is your sister.

      I really want to see a couple of pictures of this bag, if you can post it on the forum, that will be great.

      But you can sell it in consignment store, re-sellers and even on Ebay. But you will always get less than you pay for.

      • Anonymous July 26, 2013 Reply

        Alex, thank you for your reply. Sure, I can post pictures. I’ll try and do that now :). As far as me keeping the bag is concerned…my sister gave me the bag out of guilt-so it’s not like the bag has sentimental value (lol). I’d rather cash it in and purchase an item(s) that I know I can get some use out of.

        • Alex July 29, 2013 Reply

          Lol, she must have done something very ‘BAD’ to compensate her guilt with a Chanel boy bag. To get the most value, I would just take it to Ebay (sell it locally and face to face to avoid scammers), wait patiently for the right buyer and then use the money to buy something else.

      • Anonymous July 26, 2013 Reply

        I posted a few pics in a new thread!

  10. Sam June 29, 2013 Reply

    Hi I recently was brought the boy bag as a gift but not sure of the authenticity! The lining of my 12″ boy bag is in a baby blue fabric with a zip pocket and mobile phone pocket. Is this normal? Many thanks

    • Alex June 30, 2013 Reply

      Hi Sam, do you mind posting a picture on our forum, at the Chanel bag section. We can take a look at it. =)

  11. rainbow June 26, 2013 Reply


    my friend is going to paris on 1st of July, i just wanna know whats the price for quilted chanel boy in small and medium? TIA

    • rainbow June 26, 2013 Reply

      and how much tax refund could i get too?

      • Alex June 28, 2013 Reply

        12% in other european countries, Italy 14%.

    • Alex June 28, 2013 Reply

      Rainbow, you can find our latest Chanel bag prices, including the Chanel boy bag you are looking for:

  12. Jsyn June 19, 2013 Reply

    Hi sassy how much is chanel boy in medium and jumbo cost in Paris? I’m going there end of june thanks!

    • Author
      Sassy June 19, 2013 Reply

      Chanel jumbo cost €3,400 euro and the medium chanel boy should be around €3,000. You are buying two bags? xx

      • Jsyn June 19, 2013 Reply

        No, i’m buying only 1 bag =) still thinking which size to buy. Thank you so much for the info

  13. Valentina June 10, 2013 Reply

    Hey sassy!
    I have a question, do you know, how much the boy bag small in denim costs? I’m in looove with it but I recently bought another bag and just wanted to know how much it would be…
    Thank you!

    • Author
      sassy.bag June 11, 2013 Reply

      I am not sure about denim, but I know that the small bags are around: $2,600 USD. Hope this helps. The denim is a great bag, which style do you think will match?

      p.s. which bag did you bought?

      • Valentina June 11, 2013 Reply

        Thank you! I hope it costs that much! I really love the bag but I don’t know if its available at my local store.. Do you know if its a seasonal style?
        and what do you mean with which style?

        I bought the LV Alma Bag BB in vernis amarante! :)

        • Sassy bag June 12, 2013 Reply

          I think it’s that price, generally chanel flap is a chanel flap, but then in different styles. Some leather are more expensive, but for the denim?

          Style, I mean which casual style clothes do you think will match.

          The denim seems to be seasonal, it’s not on the boy bag website of Chanel.

          BTW, love your Alma bag in vernis. Good choice!

  14. Nan June 4, 2013 Reply

    Sorry,I mean the card number holo158xxxxx

  15. Nan June 3, 2013 Reply

    Can I ask the price for Chanel classic medium black caviar holo15? p.s. it’s not a boy bag right?


    • Author
      sassy.bag June 4, 2013 Reply

      Hi Nan, you lost me, what is holo15?

      • Anonymous June 4, 2013 Reply

        sorry, I mean Chanel classic medium black caviar holo158xxxxx
        (number of card).

        • Author
          sassy.bag June 5, 2013 Reply

          Hi, first off, the title: Chanel classic medium black caviar doesn’t seems like it’s a boy bag. However, Chanel always put very easy title on the hologram, so many people who bought a classic chanel bag doesn’t know what it is. If you can upload your image through phone on our forum, I can immediately see if it’s a boy bag or not.

  16. bagsenior May 31, 2013 Reply

    The Boy bag is named after Boy Capel, Coco Chanel’s love of her life….not as in Boy & Girl…..

    • Author
      sassy.bag June 1, 2013 Reply

      omg, thanks for sharing. We didn’t know that yet.

  17. vivi May 16, 2013 Reply

    Hi, may i know how much is the price for medium chanel boybag in singapore? I’m thinking of getting it for my birthday. thanks.

  18. Enjoe Tan April 15, 2013 Reply

    Hi there, may I know the price range for medium Boy Chanel Flap Bag of 4.7×7.9×2.4?

    My girlfriend has been giving me hint and I would like to get her one for our coming 5th years anniversary.

    Would like to know the price range so that I won’t face any awkward situation like didnt bring enough cash or credit card limit not enough.

    I’m from Malaysia by the way, your help will be appreciate.

    • Author
      sassy.bag April 15, 2013 Reply

      Hi Enjoe Tan,

      You are good friend! I need more friends like you =). But are you planning to buy the bag in Malaysia?

      • Enjoe Tan April 15, 2013 Reply

        I’m guessing so as I don’t have any source of getting it from overseas and I’m kinda afraid of getting scam or con into getting replica bags.

        Well, few thousands ain’t small amount for a 21years old teen anyway, so I prefer a more secure way to get it.

        You have any better suggestion?

        • Author
          sassy.bag April 16, 2013 Reply

          I totally agree with you. Rather buy straight from the Chanel boutique than risk overseas. I don’t have the prices in Malaysia and because they can be more expensive than US or EU, I can’t make any estimation.

          You need to call the Chanel boutique for that.

        • Author
          sassy.bag April 16, 2013 Reply

          But if you need to be sure how much money you need to take, the boy flap is no more expensive than the reissue 225. The reissue 226 in Malaysia cost RM16860. If you take that amount, you should have more than enough. Maybe get yourself something nice too =P

          • ding April 23, 2013

            Hi Sassy, I need your help, I recently fell on some vintage chanel bags and flaps and all what not, before going back to the USA, I want to know prices so if i find more,i can purchase and recently, I currently found about 5 bags so happy cuz i have spent over 30 thousand at chanel with the last 4yrs so these finds are great. I just need help with telling me the exact informations on the bags if possible the years it came out. pls email me at the email above pls thanks

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 23, 2013

            Hi Ding, I do not know how to help you, because I do not know which bag you want information from:

            I have here listed all the classics:

  19. Olivia April 14, 2013 Reply

    Hi,I am about to get a Velvet Boy small in black and sell my Mini Flap to fond it up. But I am a bit unsure wether the Boy bags out of Velvet are only seasonal or they are going to be continued each year as classic collections… Is it worth to give the mini away for Boy? Any advises?

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Author
      sassy.bag April 15, 2013 Reply

      Hi Olivia, do you have an substitute bag for the mini flap, like the Chanel medium/jumbo flap?

      • Olivia May 6, 2013 Reply

        Hi Sassy,

        Thank very much for reply and apologize for the late Response!

        I used to have a Jumbo in black Lamkskin and SHW single flap, damm me I sold it last year because I think lamb is too delicate which is not for me! Well, besides this Mini I don’t own any classic flap bag now besides the GST in GHW, which I am usually carrying around…

        I want a Boy flap for sure, as the youngest Chanel’s classic collection I believe it will lasts years!

        Now comes to the question: Boy in Velvet? Yes I saw a lot of celebs are carrying this around but is it just a Hype? Will the value of the bag doesn’t seem to maintained? I don’t know if I am ready to throw Money on a non-entire-leather-made Chanel…..

        Thanks Sassy your advise will be somehow crutial for my decision!!!

        Best regards,


        • Author
          sassy.bag May 7, 2013 Reply

          Well Olivia, I would say this to you:

          Don’t make the mistake TWICE! I love the chanel jumbo in black and shw, either in lambskin or caviar!!! But the mini flap is not only timeless and a classic, but it is also discontinued. Your are holding a piece of treasure, an art that can’t be bought anymore. So keep the mini, don’t sell it!

          The Chanel boy bag has been around for a couple of years now, Chanel keeps releasing new bags each season, with new colors. The boy bag does get more expensive, but it’s unlike the classic flap (all of the classics are timeless, Chanel sometimes introduce new colors or skin, but the color black in shw or ghw will always remain timeless).

          I really love the boy bag in velvet too, I would save up the money to buy it, not selling your mini.

  20. ras April 13, 2013 Reply

    Hi hi,

    Do you have name and price for chanel handbag A67742

    Many Thanks

    • Author
      sassy.bag April 14, 2013 Reply

      I am in doubt between the easy flap bag and the Chanel DK flap. Did you found it in the new spring collection?

    • Anonymous April 14, 2013 Reply


      Went to KLCC today and got the details of the bag -it’s easy caviar.
      Yes is the spring collection.

      Thanks a mill. Great help.

      • Author
        sassy.bag April 15, 2013 Reply

        omg, you are getting the easy caviar? =)

        • Anonymous April 15, 2013 Reply

          Why?? Good or bad??

          Anxiously waiting for your reply.

          You’re the best!! especially for someone like me. just starting to convert from LV to Chanel.

          Nice feeling.


          • Author
            sassy.bag April 16, 2013

            I think it’s great, but I am very curious. Let me know when you got it, I need to see it =D

          • Anonymous April 16, 2013


            Bought at Harrods on the 2nd April 2013.

            Many thanks and regards,

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 16, 2013

            I need to see the bag, can post it on the forum?

      • Anonymous April 16, 2013 Reply

        Can I please email you the photo as I only have the photo on my whatsapp. :)

        • Author
          sassy.bag April 16, 2013 Reply

          Sure, I really want to see <3 <3, very curious. Pls send to

  21. Lina April 9, 2013 Reply


    I would like to ask your opinion whether I should go for Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap or Chanel Boy Bag.. I really adore the classic flap however looking for current fashion trend, chanel boy is a must have bag… so i hope you can help me dear by giving your expert opinion… thanks dear =)

    • Author
      sassy.bag April 10, 2013 Reply

      To be honest, I would buy both bags. The Chanel jumbo is getting much more expensive each year, and the bag itself is timeless. You can’t go wrong with that. So I would get a jumbo first. Later on, you can still get the Chanel boy bag and if the trend really continues, then it’s more than worth it. But if you buy the boy flap first and the trend ends a couple years later, note that you are going to pay much more for the jumbo.

  22. Blossoms April 9, 2013 Reply


    Would like to ask whether Chanel boy in different skin, set the same price?
    Calf skin more expensive? Or it is the same price?

    And i notice that Chanel boy have different pattern on the front of the bag, some is wave, some has square, is that indicate year or series of production?

    Please advice.

    Thank youuuu


    • Author
      sassy.bag April 10, 2013 Reply

      I think it’s like the jumbo flap, prices shouldn’t be much different unless you choose exotic leathers like crocodile skin.

      Which specific Chanel boy bag are you referring to that has different patterns?

  23. Jess April 8, 2013 Reply

    Hi may I know what the prices are like for the chanel boy in Europe currently? In calfskin and for small and medium sizes. Thank you so much for you help!

    • Author
      sassy.bag April 8, 2013 Reply

      Hi Jess, prices in US tends to be a bit higher. So if you take the prices listed in this article and change it to euro, you will have a good estimation. And then substract 12% for VAT return if you are a NON-EU citizen.

      • Jess April 10, 2013 Reply

        Hello! Thank you so much for the reply! My aunt is currently in Italy and I have asked her to help me purchase a Chanel Boy but with what I am reading on forums about the insane popularity of the Boys, I think my chances are really low:( Le sigh…

        • Author
          sassy.bag April 10, 2013 Reply

          Hi Jess, you will get the Chanel boy bag. But the question is, are you getting the bag you want. =) So did you told your aunt which bag you like?

          • Jess April 11, 2013

            Yup I did! I’m quite boring so I just wanted those plain ones without any embellishments in single colour (Black, Red, Blue or Beige) and in calfskin or lambskin (Medium size as I am short and petite) because I never really liked Patent. But those seemed to be the highly popular ones too! So depressing haha…

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 12, 2013

            Hi Jess, you are not boring, the colors your pick are gorgeous and matches to many clothing styles. I really love the medium size as well as lambskin. But you don’t need to baby your bag too much if you get the calfskin, which is also lovely btw. I am curious which bag you are going to get, so pls let me know =)

          • Anonymous April 14, 2013

            Definitely I will! That is if my aunt manage to get one of the coveted babies:)

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 15, 2013

            I am very excited for you, let me know when you got the bag. I gotta see it btw =D

          • Jess April 24, 2013

            Ok this got to be the most unlucky thing ever. My aunt actually did manage to get a Chanel Boy but she was robbed 4 days prior to flying back!! All her purchases (I think some LVs, Prada and my Chanel Boy:/ ) were stolen from her room as it got broken into when she wasn’t around! Depressing but luckily she is fine and safe and back… That’s the most important:) I guess I have to wait till July where I will be going to Italy (for the first time!). Crossing my fingers that Chanel would not increase their price anytime soon!

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 24, 2013

            WAAAAAT!!!!!!! No way!!! Where did she stayed btw? In a hotel right?

          • Jess April 26, 2013

            YES A HOTEL! I really could not believe my ears when I heard it. She was the most unlucky one because she left all her purchases out in the bedroom (as she is afraid to squash them in the luggage) and hence all was gone. Her travel mates had their luggages slashed though:(( My poor aunt is so unlucky! She bought really a lot of bags and wallets for her children and husband as well. We are now just thankful that she is physically unhurt and back:)

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 26, 2013

            I am also glad she is oke. But you aunt should sue the Hotel, how can they allow such things happen. Where are the securities, I mean it’s a hotel right?

  24. syn April 5, 2013 Reply

    Hi my friend going to italy and i ask her to help me buy chanel boy, and how much tax refund can she get?

    • Author
      sassy.bag April 5, 2013 Reply

      In Italy around 12-14%.

  25. winni April 1, 2013 Reply

    may i ask which material is better?
    i had read some blog n forum
    it turns out that Boy Flap bags got few problems, like “bubbles” and dents in the leather etc

    can u advise me?

    im looking for my 1st chanel n i like boy chanel


    • Author
      sassy.bag April 2, 2013 Reply

      Hi Winni, do you know which leather has the bubbles and dents you read about?

      If you worry about the leather, then calfskin might be a good choice. It’s much more durable.

      • winni April 2, 2013 Reply

        calfskin but is not quilted

        • Author
          sassy.bag April 3, 2013 Reply

          I think this applies for a few bags. Chanel handbags are handmade, mistakes can happen. Some people have bad first time experience with the Chanel jumbo bag. But that’s pretty rare.

          Read this:

          The good news is that Chanel provide quality customer service. They have to, because you are paying thousands of dollars of a handbag! If there’s something with the leather, just go back to Chanel to complain.

          Read this; a girl has some issue with her Chanel bag, bought in another country and return the bag to a local boutique. Chanel took the bag back for repair. Just happened yesterday:

  26. Nadia March 30, 2013 Reply

    I absolutely love your page!!!
    Do you know the price of the small Chanel boy bag in Europe? Thank you in advance.
    Besides, can I ask you an expert advice? :)
    I’ve started my bag collection and I’m a bit unsure where to go further…
    I’ve a damier Speedy 25 and a small vintage Lady Dior in black with which I like to go out in the evening. Besides I’ve a damier azur Neverfull, a black vintage Chanel (not sure about the name, quite big with two pockets in the front) and a beige Céline Cabas that I use during the day (when I’m not simply wearing a Longchamp backpack for school…jeje).
    I don’t have loads of money for purses so I usually think carefully before each purchase…
    I’m kind of in doubt about getting a Fendi 2jours – do you think the fever will last and it’ll become.. ‘a classic’, so to say? I’ve the same feeling towards the Céline Luggage! I’m going to France in July and I’m not sure what to save for! I’d like to start investing in a more preppy/classic style now…
    My second question is about Chanel: is it worth it to buy a vintage one or should I wait until I’ve enough to buy a new one? I’m actually considering the Chanel boy instead of the classic, what do you think?
    Sorry to bother but they’re sooo expensive in my country that I’d love to decide before travelling!

    • Author
      sassy.bag March 31, 2013 Reply

      I am not sure the price in Europe, but I can give you an indication based on my experience: €2,800 (+ VAT), so exclude VAT and your price will be around €2,400 EUR.

      About the Fendi 2 jours, we just did an interview with Nicole who owns one. If you drop a comment over there, she will answer all of your questions.

      I have seen people trying to choose between the Hermes Cabag, Fendi 2Jours and the Chanel cassic Chanel Jumbo flap. So I do think the bag will become a classic, especially because Fendi keeps re-introducing it. I saw Nicole wear it and it’s a gorgeous bag. But the three brands are totally different, also from price perspective.

      If you want to go classic, I highly recommend the Celine luggage bag. You can be sure that the Celine luggage bag is a classic as it has been on the market for a while.

      Chanel: what do you mean by vintage? Do you mean an used bag or a Chanel bag with vintage look?

      The Chanel boy bag is rather new, but it’s been very hot in the market recently. You need to match the bag to your style, not the other way around. The boy bags are a bit more masculine and the colors are stronger and deeper. While the Chanel 2.55 reissue (which I totally adore) are more feminine. More over, the reissue has been in the market since 1955, that’s a very long history. You can be sure to see the 2.55 for the next twenty years at least!

      BTW, do you have any idea which Chanel classic you want to buy?

      • Nadia March 31, 2013 Reply

        Hey! Thanks for your sweet and attentive answer!
        Well, when I said vintage I meant used, not.always looking cute and vintage… ; )
        I live in Sao Paulo and a classic medium costs around 6500USD while an used costs around 2500USD. I guess the best is to wait and buy in Europe…
        I plan to get a medium because the jumbo is to big for me..jeje
        I LOVE the interview you recommended me. Thanks again!
        I’ll probably get a micro luggage and a 2 jours this July, and the next time.I travel I’ll get the Chanel. Although I keep asking if it’d be better to buy the Chanel before anything else because it’s such a great investiment and the increasing so fast!!!

        • Author
          sassy.bag April 1, 2013 Reply

          Hi Nadia, yes! I was about to say the same thing too. The Chanel price increase is so fast and so much that it’s a great investment to buy now. But I love how you pick both the celine micro luggage and the Fendi 2 jours. Just buy both of them =D. The medium flap is not so spacey, so you will be able to only carry your important essentials. But the jumbo double flap is a bit bigger and heavier. Do you have plans when to come to Europe?

          • Nadia April 1, 2013

            Hey! I’m going in July for a two weeks french course in Antibes! :)
            It’s funny how ‘trendy’ the 2jours is becoming after some key women (Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, Helena Bordon, …) started wearing it! We still don’t have either Céline or Fendi in Brazil, so that makes them quite appreciated and exclusive around here too!!
            Maybe I can stop buying food until July and buy the three bags…jajaja
            Thanks for everything! Wish you a great week!

          • Author
            sassy.bag April 2, 2013

            hahaha =P. I love food too!

            I checked Antibes (Monaco) out and it’s a great place to be, especially now that summer is coming up. It’s hard to belief that Celine and Fendi haven’t hit Brazil yet. And if you are in Antibes anyway, I think you have plans going to Paris. Probably 4 hours traveling by train.

          • Nadia May 12, 2013

            Hi! :)
            I’m so excited to tell you this.
            There’re two new bags in my collection!
            The first one is a nude Céline Box. I know, I changed my mind completely since the last time I’ve written to you, but at some point I realized that the Céline mini and the Fendi 2 Jours are quite big for me (I’m 63 in tall).
            I ‘ve also found this gorgeous Chanel Quilted Single Flap Lambskin Handbag in bordeaux color! It’s second hand but in great condition and goes with everything! <3
            So… now I'm wondering about getting a black miss dior (the smallest one) during my trip to Europe (although I also have an eye on the Chanel Boy – oh, I must say I felt more in love with it after seeing the new video with Keira Knightley).
            That's it, I thought you'd be happy to know it – and I confess that not so many friend understand my bag addiction!!! 😀

          • Author
            sassy.bag May 13, 2013

            OMG, this is totally different than you’ve told me before. I am getting excited just by listening to your story. Your Chanel single flap in bordeaux, does it looks like this:


            I’ve written several articles about the Miss Dior, I’ve to say that is a gorgeous bag. I would love to have a Chanel classic and a Miss Dior. If you have me pick between the Miss Dior and the Chanel boy, it will be very difficult!!

            BTW, can you post the Celine box on the forum, because I really want to see the bag.

            P.S. Nadia!!! We loving handbags is just BOYS dropping their jaws when they see a Lambourghini passing by.

  27. Vannie March 22, 2013 Reply

    Hi, is it good calf craked skin for chanel boy?

    • Author
      sassy.bag March 22, 2013 Reply

      Do you mean the quality? The calfskin is more durable than the others, like lambskin.

  28. Diana March 17, 2013 Reply

    I liked your Facebook page,so I can post it on there perhaps?

    It’s very addictive,dangerous!!!


    • Author
      sassy.bag March 18, 2013 Reply

      Hi Diana, I would love too. But what do you want to post? And is it one-time or regularly?


    • Author
      sassy.bag March 22, 2013 Reply

      Hi Diana, I am really excited to see your boy bag. Can you post it on the forum?

  29. Diana March 16, 2013 Reply

    I bought one today! They didn’t have that much boys in stock but I had to get it today or I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight ha ha
    Luckily they had the quilted boy in bronze medium one,so I bought it for AUD4140
    I’m in love!!!!
    I’m getting another one possibly next month for the blue one,already ordered one!

    But that ivory white is just amazing!!! God help me!!

    • Author
      sassy.bag March 17, 2013 Reply

      Congratulations!!! I know the Boy bag is addicted!!! OMg I love the quilted bronze, if there was a way I could see your bag.

  30. Diana March 15, 2013 Reply

    Thank you! I will def let you know :)

    I’m excited! It has been a while since my last chanel purchased :)

    What colour would you suggest me to get? I have the Classic Jumbo in Beige and 2.55 (225) in black.


  31. Diana March 15, 2013 Reply

    I’m going to the Chanel store tomorrow here in Perth,lets see what I can find!!

    I really want to buy the bad boy lol

    Hope they have nice ones in stock,hate waiting!!


    • Author
      sassy.bag March 15, 2013 Reply

      Hi Diana, I really love the boy bag. Let me know what you can find in Perth, I am crossing my fingers for you!

  32. Catherine tiong March 14, 2013 Reply

    Hi may I ask is this large shopping tote with flap a new collection?

  33. Mandy March 12, 2013 Reply

    Hi Dear,
    Do you like the Chanel new watch? What do you think? I struggle to get the new watch or a bag.

  34. gorgeous March 9, 2013 Reply

    Hi, I just purchased a brand-new Chanel boy bag. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

  35. dojo March 8, 2013 Reply

    I love this style.

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