VAT Refund Rate In Europe

This article is about how much VAT refund you can get in Europe.

Europe is an amazing place to shop for designer bags. Think about it; Italy is famous for their impeccable leather craftsmanship and give rise to world-class brands like Prada, Tods, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Marni. Paris is known for romance, but also for high fashion. Did you know that the term Haute Couture (which translates to High Fashion in English) is protected by French law and is verified by the Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie? There are actually regulations that define which fashion houses are true Haute Couture. Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior are all founded in France.


Tax refund guide per country

There is another reason why Europe is an amazing destination to buy designer bags. In general, the prices are much lower than other parts of the world. In the top of that, tourist gets VAT back, which can be up to 10% of the purchase price, depending on the country you’re going to visit. Let’s see the rate of tax-refund per country in Europe.

VAT refund overview per EU country

Note: the minimum value is 175 euro to be eligible for tax-refund, the VAT-free goods need to leave EU by the end of the third month.

VAT refund in France

ValueVAT Refund in €VAT Refund in %


VAT refund in Spain

ValueVAT Refund in €VAT Refund in %


VAT refund in Netherlands

ValueVAT Refund in €VAT Refund in %


VAT refund in Germany

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €57 11,40%
€1000 €114 11,40%
€2000 €242 12,10%
€3000 €390 13,00%
€4000 €530 13,25%
€5000 €680 13,60%
€6000 €830 13,83%
€7000 €1015 14,50%
€8000 €1160 14,50%
€9000 €1305 14,50%
€10000 €1450 14,50%


VAT Refund in Belgium

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €56 11,20%
€1000 €118 11,80%
€2000 €247 12,35%
€3000 €396 13,20%
€4000 €536 13,40%
€5000 €700 14,00%
€6000 €840 14,00%
€7000 €1015 14,50%
€8000 €1160 14,50%
€9000 €1305 14,50%
€10000 €1500 15,00%


VAT Refund in Greece

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €59 11,80%
€1000 €124 12,40%
€2000 €264 13,20%
€3000 €417 13,90%
€4000 €573 14,33%
€5000 €738 14,76%
€6000 €942 15,70%
€7000 €1099 15,70%
€8000 €1256 15,70%
€9000 €1413 15,70%
€10000 €1600 16,00%


VAT Refund in Italy

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €65 13,00%
€1000 €129 12,90%
€2000 €270 13,50%
€3000 €420 14,00%
€4000 €560 14,00%
€5000 €750 15,00%
€6000 €900 15,00%
€7000 €1050 15,00%
€8000 €1240 15,50%
€9000 €1395 15,50%
€10000 €1550 15,50%


VAT Refund in Austria

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €59 11,80%
€1000 €125 12,50%
€2000 €260 13,00%
€3000 €390 13,00%
€4000 €520 13,00%
€5000 €700 14,00%
€6000 €840 14,00%
€7000 €980 14,00%
€8000 €1160 14,50%
€9000 €1305 14,50%
€10000 €1500 15,00%


VAT Refund in Denmark

Value VAT Refund in kr VAT Refund in %
kr5000 kr678 13,56%
kr10000 kr1359 13,59%
kr20000 kr3200 16,00%
kr30000 kr5250 17,50%
kr40000 kr7000 17,50%
kr50000 kr8750 17,50%
kr60000 kr11400 19,00%
kr70000 kr13300 19,00%
kr80000 kr15200 19,00%
kr90000 kr17100 19,00%
kr100000 kr19000 19,00%



  • Denmark has a very high VAT rate of 25%
  • There is also a minimum purchase value of total kr300 before you are elible to apply for tax-refund.


VAT Refund in Hungary

Value VAT Refund in Ft VAT Refund in %
Ft150000 Ft21100 14,07%
Ft300000 Ft42700 14,23%
Ft600000 Ft89900 14,98%
Ft900000 Ft149400 16,60%
Ft1200000 Ft199200 16,60%
Ft1500000 Ft267000 17,80%
Ft1800000 Ft320400 17,80%
Ft2100000 Ft399000 19,00%
Ft2400000 Ft456000 19,00%
Ft2700000 Ft513000 19,00%
Ft3000000 Ft570000 19,00%



  • Hungary a VAT rate of 27%
  • The minimum purchase amount is Ft54001


VAT Refund in Ireland

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €68 13,60%
€1000 €139 13,90%
€2000 €300 15,00%
€3000 €450 15,00%
€4000 €600 15,00%
€5000 €775 15,50%
€6000 €930 15,50%
€7000 €1085 15,50%
€8000 €1240 15,50%
€9000 €1395 15,50%
€10000 €1600 16,00%


VAT Refund in Luxembourg

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €48 9,60%
€1000 €98 9,80%
€2000 €201 10,05%
€3000 €318 10,60%
€4000 €460 11,50%
€5000 €575 11,50%
€6000 €690 11,50%
€7000 €805 11,50%
€8000 €960 12,00%
€9000 €1080 12,00%
€10000 €1200 12,00%


VAT Refund in Portugal

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
€500 €68 13,60%
€1000 €139 13,90%
€2000 €280 14,00%
€3000 €420 14,00%
€4000 €560 14,00%
€5000 €725 14,50%
€6000 €870 14,50%
€7000 €1015 14,50%
€8000 €1160 14,50%
€9000 €1305 14,50%
€10000 €1500 15,00%


VAT Refund in Sweden

Value VAT Refund in € VAT Refund in %
kr5000 kr673 13,46%
kr10000 kr1383 13,83%
kr20000 kr2950 14,75%
kr30000 kr4800 16,00%
kr40000 kr6400 16,00%
kr50000 kr8000 16,00%
kr60000 kr10200 17,00%
kr70000 kr11900 17,00%
kr80000 kr14400 18,00%
kr90000 kr16200 18,00%
kr100000 kr18000 18,00%



  • Sweden has a VAT rate of 25%
  • The minimum purchase amount in Sweden is kr200


VAT Refund in United Kingdom

Value VAT Refund in £ VAT Refund in %
£500 £59,5 11,90%
£1000 £122 12,20%
£2000 £260 13,00%
£3000 £405 13,50%
£4000 £560 14,00%
£5000 £700 14,00%
£6000 £850 14,17%
£7000 £1016,6 14,52%
£8000 £1183,3 14,79%
£9000 £1350 15,00%
£10000 £1516,6 15,17%



  • UK has a VAT rate of 20%
  • The minimum purchase amount is £30 GBP


  • Em


    Any tips on trying to get a mini coco handle bag while I’m in Barcelona? Can I call in advance to reserve?
    Also when I go back to the US, does the person who paid for the bag have to be the one to declare with customs?
    Thanks 🙂

    June 27, 2019
    • Alex


      You can call Chanel customer service in Europe and ask them where this bag is available, they can help. For the 2nd question, as far as I can remember, anyone can claim it.

      June 29, 2019
  • Cindy


    Hi I want to purchase a bag from Greece price at 3150 in total so what would the tax refund I will received after the minus the admin fee?

    May 14, 2019
    • Alex


      Hi Cindy, the total tax-refund will be 431 usd (including admin fee and commission). This is what you will receive.

      May 31, 2019
  • Erin


    I just came back from Paris and managed to score a classic medium carviar in medium. There’s no stocks in Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan nor Rome.

    March 23, 2019
    • Alex


      Was it hard to find this bag? Thanks for sharing!

      March 24, 2019
  • lisa


    Hello, I’m planning to fly to Iceland then london then amsterdam then back to iceland before heading back to the states. If I were to buy a bag either in london or amsterdam, which country would be my last port for VAT refund processing? I really hope it’s not iceland 🙁

    October 24, 2018
    • Alex


      Not iceland as they use a different currency. Your last stop to apply for tax-refund will be in Amsterdam.

      October 26, 2018
  • Linda Danish



    I’m still a bit confuse as many people tell me the best place to buy Chanel and LV is Paris. But I Noticed that Paris VAT refund is 12% but in Amsterdam, its tiered. If I’m purchasing a Chanel classic flap m/l and a couple of LV bags, the VAT refund is greater in Amsterdam than Paris. So its cheaper to get these bags in Amsterdam than in Paris, am i right to say this? I’ll be going to Paris and Ams in November, so much help needed. Thank you so much in advance:)

    October 17, 2018
    • Alex


      Hi Linda, Paris is #1 place to shop due to the amount of stock and variety of styles. London is the #2 place to go. For outlets, go to Florence (but no Chanel). For the cheapest go the Heathrow airport when you fly away from the Euro countries.

      If you’re looking for a handbag that it’s not that famous or it’s known for excess supply, usually like the Speedy Bag, then go for the cheapest city. But most Chanel classic bags are limited available and usually Paris has the most stock.

      Yes, it’s cheaper to buy in Amsterdam. For example, the Classic Flap Bag is retailing for 4480 euro. With tax-refund, the new price in Amsterdam will be: 3838 euro. In Paris the price will be 3942 euro. So its slightly cheaper. This is tax-refund via credit card.

      But for the bag like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, I would purchase wherever you find your style, because its hard to find.

      October 21, 2018
  • Luke


    Hi Alex , I’m in dilemma of buying Chanel flap bag in Uk or Amsterdam or Belgium. I’m visiting them next week . Could u advice me which country would be the best for tax refund as in percentage and more worth it ?

    October 13, 2018
    • BMB


      If you can purchase at the heathrow airport, then its there the cheapest (if you departure from there). If not, then either buy in Amsterdam or Belgium whenever you find your favorite style of bag. Here’s why:

      Both countries have limited stock. Let’s say you find the bag in Amsterdam, and you buy in Belgium because its cheaper. But the same bag could be sold-out in Belgium. In general Amsterdam and Belgium are about the same price and it’s cheaper than UK. (but the differences in savings are really minimal).

      Which bag do you want to buy? Let me see whether I can do a calculation.

      October 16, 2018
  • BVM


    Hi there,

    If I pay for an item with ny credit card, can I request to be refunded in cash or does this only apply if the payment was made with cash?

    September 23, 2018
    • BMB


      How you paid for the item and how you get tax-refund are two seperate things. You can always request for refund in cash.

      September 25, 2018
  • Joanne W


    Hi Alex ,

    I was trying to find the Tax Refund receipt but unable to trace it . But I remembered the VAT claim affiliate tax company produce by Chanel, London is with Premier Tax. I could not recalled the affiliate tax company for Diorama in Italy though. Indeed it was really low, I checked after tax refund price that I got my Chanel in London, is was almost same price in Chanel, Malaysia.

    I am heading to Europe next month . As I mentioned initially I wanted to visit solely Italy but I have changed my plan .
    I will fly in to London , catch the next flight to Barcelona . I intend to buy Chanel boy (small) – 2890 Euro, a Chanel cardholder – 285 Euro and lastly Bylgari Serpenti Forever – 1620 Euro . Please advise me on the tax refund .
    I will be flying out from Barcelona to London and stay another week in London before heading to my home country .
    Where should I do my tax refund ? In Barcelona El- Prat airport or in London Stansted Airport.

    Your guidance in claiming the best value for VAT is much appreciated . An unrelated question about tax , where will be the cheapest place to buy Chanel 2.55 ?

    August 15, 2018
    • Alex


      Chanel boy (small) – 2890 Euro: this is the price for the mini boy not the small. Check for all the prices here:

      For all your goods, I would just buy in Barcelona (but the stock there is limited). If you cannot find the goods, buy it in London.

      You need to do your tax-refund in London Stansted Airport because its your last stop. But the tax-refund amount will be based on the country where you’ve bought the goods. So for example, if you buy the mini boy bag in Barcelona and the cardholder in London, then at the Stansted airport, the mini boy bag will follow the tax rate of Spain and the cardholder from England.

      When you do the tax-refund, visit a few tax-refund counters including the Premier Tax but also Global Blue. Have them tell you how much tax-refund you will get. Then decide which one is the highest.

      If you mean where to buy the cheapest between London or Barcelona, then I would say Barcelona. But the differences are really small.

      Hope this helps!

      August 16, 2018
      • Joanne W


        Alex thanks for the prompt reply , I hope that I could get my goods in Barcelona, Spain.

        Is my first time flying in and out through Stansted Airport, was wondering is there counters for VAT claim?

        For the Chanel 2.55 in my lust list, I am wondering where will be the cheapest place to purchase .

        Thanks for the guidance with the VAT claim, hope this time around all will go well.

        August 21, 2018
        • Alex


          For the 2.55 Reissue I would recommend this:
          1. Know what leather, hardware and color you want. Whenever you find this bag, just buy it immediately. Why? Would your regret it if you find the exact type of bag you want in Barcelona and then you figured the size you want is sold-out in the UK?

          BTW, if you do not know which size you want, read more here:

          2. Let’s say you’re looking for the Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag in size 225 (equivalent size of the M/L Classic Flap Bag).

          This bag is priced at €4480 euro in Barcelona and £3990 GBP in the UK.

          After tax-refund (with credit card), the prices will be: €3795 in Barcelona and £3451 GBP in the UK. (source:

          Now convert the £3451 GBP to euro = €3842 euro. As you can see, at this moment UK is a bit more expensive. But not that much.

          You should also know that Chanel is trying to harmonize the prices between the UK and Europe, meaning they’re trying to make the price differences between these two countries as minimum as possible.

          There is def. a tax-refund counter at Stansted Airport.

          Keep us updated =)

          August 22, 2018
  • Mital


    I traveled to Amsterdam and then Paris, hence all vat refund i did at Paris Airport. The vat returned i received were much lesser, as the number of items were many and on the receipt its not mentioned what is for what. 3 eg, i bought a Gucci bag in Amsterdam total value 1499 euro (incl 258.60 euro), a Burberry and LV in Paris total value 1220 & 1995 euro (incl 201 & 332 euro) the max amount i recd per item were 215.46 euro, 186.25 euro and 130.84 euro.
    I’m unable to understand the calculation. Kindly guide me.

    July 21, 2018
  • Bunny


    Hi Alex, may i know if London Heathrow still sell Chanel Classic Flag Bag? Many thanks.

    July 17, 2018
  • Jas


    Hi Alex, I am Singaporen can I know Where to buy a Chanel Classic Flap M/L .
    after tax refund is Uk or Paris is cheaper.

    July 15, 2018
    • Cynthia


      Hi Jas, this is the reason why we created a post about tax-refund of every EU country for every bag:

      The M/L Classic Flap Bag is now after tax-refund:
      In the UK: £3451 GBP = 6155 SGD
      In Paris: €3942 euro = 6291 SGD

      July 20, 2018
      • Anonymous


        Thanks for the information!

        July 22, 2018
  • Joanne W


    Hi Alex ,

    I came back from Europe few months ago,I am a little unsure with my VAT claim and it makes me really upset. Can you enlighten me by explaining is the amount receive by me was correct?

    I purchased a Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag in London ( 3560 Pound, VAT Tax refund 423Euro ) and a Diorama in Italy ( 2750 Euro, VAT TAx refund 297 Euro ) . My last embark airport was at Heathrow so I made my VAT claim there , they insisted me to take cash instead credit card claiming the vendor don’t to VAT through Credit Card which is ridiculous. The total VAT that I get back was 700 Euro. Is a confusing for me looking at your chart as I did not even get 13.5% for both my bags in the VAT tax return instead getting just 10% each for both bags.

    Please advise me.

    Besides that I am going to Italy again , only Italy this time around. I would like to purchase a Bylgari Serpenti (1620 Euro). Please advise what’s the tax refund amount am I expecting.

    Thank you Alex. Looking forward to hear from you.

    June 29, 2018
    • Alex


      Hi Joanne, I will try to help:

      I find the tax refund amount of your Diorama Bag in Italy very low. There are probably two reasons for the lower tax-refund:

      – cash instead of credit card refund decreases your total amount of tax-refund. With credit card you get more.
      – the commission rate of that company that helps process your tax-refund could be higher than normal.

      It’s true that Vendor (Chanel + Dior) has certainly influence on the tax-refund. Because the company is doing it on their behalf.

      I would suggest this: when you’re in Italy and you’re buying the bag, ask the SA the following question:
      1). Which tax-refund company she recommended doing the tax-refund? (and tell her which airport you will be leaving).
      2). How much the tax-refund would be (estimated)?

      In general, the 1620 euro bag would get you about 13% back, total amount of around 210 euro.

      Which affiliate company did you used for the tax-refund in London btw?

      June 30, 2018
  • Sunshine


    If I purchase my classic chanel bag from Sweden then fly to Zurich/Switzerland for few days and then fly back home outside EU

    What is the procedure to get my tax refund? im confused


    June 27, 2018
    • Alex


      When you buy in Sweden, you will immediately apply for tax-refund and get the tax back in that country. Then you fly to Switzerland and everything you buy in Switzerland, you also apply for tax-refund before leaving that country. This is how the process works.

      June 29, 2018
  • SF


    Anyone know if tourist still able to get VAT refund in the UK airport if the goods was purchased in France or Italy? Not sure UK still part of EU?

    Thank you so much!

    June 19, 2018
    • Alex


      Yes, you can apply for tax-refund of the goods you purchased in France or Italy. But if you buy the goods in France, then you get the tax-refund rate of France. If you buy the goods in Italy, you get the tax-refund rate of Italy.

      UK is still part of EU.

      June 19, 2018
  • Leanne


    Hi, does the % above already deducted the administration fee?
    I am going to London and will travel to Paris via train then fly back home (Australia). Say if I buy a GBP1500 bag from London and process the VAT refund at Paris airport, do I get 12.20% (UK rate) or 12% (France rate) ?

    Many thanks!

    January 12, 2018
    • Alex


      Yes, it’s deducted with administration fee. It’s the actual refund you get! If you buy the bag in the UK, you get the UK VAT-refund. Why? Because you paid VAT in the UK.

      If you buy one Classic Flap Bag in the UK and one Boy Bag in Paris, then the Classic Flap Bag will get the UK VAT-refund and the Boy Bag the VAT-refund of france.

      January 13, 2018
  • Linda


    Hi there,

    Should I buy Chanel classic from London, Paris or Amsterdam. Need some advice. Many thanks.

    August 9, 2017

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