Guide To Tax Refund In Malaysia


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Guide To Tax Refund In Malaysia

Did you know that they have GST in Malaysia too? If you’re going to shop designer bags like Celine, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Hermes, make sure you apply for tax refund before leaving the country.
Tax refund guide per country

What is GST?

GST means Goods And Services Tax, it works the same as GST in Singapore or VAT in Europe and it can be refunded if you’re

Who are eligible to apply for Tax Refund?

Tourist travelling in Malaysia can claim GST back from approved stores.

Minimum purchase

You have to spend at minimum 300 MYR inclusive of GST (equivalent to $70 USD) in order to be eligible for tax refund.

Time limit for Customs Approval

3 months from the day of purchase.

How to claim Tax Refund in Malaysia, a step by step instruction?

1. At the store: is this an approved tax free shop? You cannot claim tax refund in all stores, so make sure the store is approved by checking at the ‘tax-free sign’ in the window or ask the staff if you want a direct answer.2. At the check-out, present your passport When you’re at the check-out, tell the staff that you’re a tourist and want to apply for GST refund. She will ask your passport for verification.3. Fill in the GST Refund Form The staff will give you a GST Refund Form. Fill in the information, including the payment option. If you need help, ask the staff for assistance.4. Keep all the documents safe Make sure you keep the GST Refund Form as well as the original invoices safe.5. At the airport: find the customs“Do not pack your purchased goods in your check-in luggage yet, because the custom needs to inspect this first in order to give you the stamp for tax refund.” When you’re about to leave the country, find the GST Refund Verification Counter (customs), which are located at the landslide departure hall lounge of all airports. When the customs are done inspecting and they’re satisfied, they will return you the original Tax Refund Form with stamp back.6. Go to an approved Refund Agent Office Now take the stamped GST Refund Form and find an Approved Refund Agent Office to get your money back.Step 7: Payment options There are two ways to get your money back:
  • Cash: The GST refund can be paid in cash but only to maximum 300 MYR (equivalent to $70 USD).
  • Credit card: The refund will be paid back to your credit card within 5 days.
“The Tax Refund Form is valid 2 months from the date of Customs validation.”

GST refund overview in Malaysia

ValueGST Refund in M$GST Refund in %
1250 MYR60 MYR4.81%
2500 MYR120 MYR4.81%
5000 MYR241 MYR4.81%
10000 MYR481 MYR4.81%
15000 MYR722 MYR4.81%
20000 MYR962 MYR4.81%
25000 MYR1203 MYR4.81%
30000 MYR1443 MYR4.81%
35000 MYR1684 MYR4.81%
40000 MYR1925 MYR4.81%
45000 MYR2165 MYR4.81%
50000 MYR2406 MYR4.81%

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