Guide To Tax Refund In Czech Republic


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Guide To Tax Refund In Czech Republic

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Guide To Tax Refund In Czech Republic

Czech Republic is located just next to Germany and Austria. This country is certainly a must-go if you are travelling in Europe. And if you’re hunting for designer handbags, you can get your VAT back just like the other EU countries. However, do know that some brands like Chanel and Celine are not located in this country yet.
Tax refund guide per country

What is DPH?

DPH is a short term for VAT in Czech, it works the same like Sales Tax in the US or GST in Australia. The current VAT rate in Czech Republic is

Who are eligible to apply for Tax Refund?

The tax free program started in 1 April 2000. People who do not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic or the EU countries can apply for VAT refund.

Minimum purchase

You have to spend at minimum 2000 CZK (around $90 USD) at one day at one vendor in order to be eligible for the tax-free refund program.

Time limit for Customs Approval

From the day of purchase, the goods need to leave the country within 3 months.

How To Claim Tax Refund in Czech Republic, a step by step Instruction?

1. At the store: can you get your VAT back in this shop? Check whether you can get VAT refund from the store you’re visiting. Either find the tax-free sign or ask the Shopping Assistant for more details.2. At the cashier: show your passport After you let the staff know that you want to apply for VAT refund, she will ask for your passport as an verification.3. The Tax Free Form Just like in other EU countries, you need to fill in the Tax Free Form. Complete the form and if you have difficulties, then ask the staff for help.“Incomplete tax free form means no tax refund. So make sure all the information are filled in.”4. Take the original receipts Remember to take the receipts as well. And make sure all the documents are put in a safe place. The goods need to be packed and unused.“Remember that you can apply for VAT refund at your last EU country.”5. At the airport: find the custom desk Find the customs at the airport and present them the following information:
  • Your passport
  • The Tax Free Forms
  • Receipts
  • Purchased goods (packed and unused)
If everything is complete, the custom will give you the official stamps on your Tax Refund Forms.“Go to the airport early, because the tax refund process can take some time. You don’t want to miss your flight.5. Find the Refund Office The Refund Offices are usually located at the Airports. Find them and present the tax Free Forms with Custom Stamps6. Refund payment options You can get the VAT back in two ways:
  • Cash: You can ask for cash, but sometimes you need to pay an extra fee, which will be deducted from your tax refund.
  • Credit card: you can choose for Credit card, but this can take some time.
Our advice is always ‘take the cash’, because it will avoid any hassle in the future if something went wrong.

Tax refund overview in Czech Republic

ValueTax Refund in CZKTax Refund in %
6250 CZK730 CZK11,68%
12500 CZK1450 CZK11,60%
25000 CZK2990 CZK11,96%
50000 CZK6500 CZK13,00%
75000 CZK10500 CZK14,00%
100000 CZK15500 CZK15,50%
125000 CZK19375 CZK15,50%
150000 CZK23250 CZK15,50%
175000 CZK27125 CZK15,50%
200000 CZK31000 CZK15,50%
225000 CZK34875 CZK15,50%
250000 CZK38750 CZK15,50%

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  1. Hi, I’ve just read the stores list in Celine official website, and there is a Celine store addressed at :
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    Is that correct?

  2. Hi, sorry but ther is no Chanel shop in Czech republic and even Céline is not here yet. Except of Luxury Bags – second hand store with luxury brands included Chanel, Hermés, LV and so…


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