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louis-vuitton-monogram-canvas louis-vuitton-Damier-Ebene louis-vuitton-Damier-Azur Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur In 1888, Louis Vuitton introduced one of the most popular textures of all time: the Damier Canvas pattern. Shortly after in 1896, another signature piece was introduced to the public, known as the Monogram Canvas. What’s so special about these materials? Aside from the fact that they are beautiful in every sense, these canvas materials (which some have rumored to actually be Vinyl), are almost completely water resistant and extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about stains or scuffs – these materials can practically handle it all, making them the perfect skin for all types of handbags. Caring for Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene, and Damier Azur is very simple and if accidents do occur, they can easily be cleaned. louis-vuitton-monogram-multicolor-canvas louis-vuitton-monogram-multicolor-canvas-2 To be more specific, how to define Louis Vuitton Canvas? It’s a ‘woven material’ that’s made from ‘cotton’, this woven material will go through some heavy treatments to make it durable and water resistant. In the process it will also get a texture that looks and feel like leather. Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas or Damier Eben Canvas The question? Monogram Canvas or Damier Eben Canvas. The answer? Well, it’s truly a matter of personal opinion. Some prefer the Monogram Canvas as it’s more ‘classic’ than the other, however it’s quite busy and some women prefer a classier, more subtle material like the Damier Eben Canvas. Both are wonderful options, but the Monogram Canvas is certainly busier while the Damier Even Canvas is toned down quite a bit. Monogram Canvas or Damier Azur Canvas If you’re having trouble choosing between the Monogram Canvas or the Damier Azur Canvas, you first have to ask yourself this question: Do you want something flashy and busy, or would you prefer a material that is a bit more subdued? That will give you your answer. The Monogram Canvas is a classic design and actually works incredibly well with almost any outfit. The Azur, on the other hand, can be a bit difficult to match thanks to the checkered pattern. It’s really a matter of personal preference! louis-vuitton-Empreinte-leather Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather The Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather was released in the year 2010; and we’ve been raving about it ever since. This sensational leather is made from only the highest of quality calfskin, making it a very supple and durable material. We love how this embossed leather can stand up to almost anything, which means you can get years of use out of your bag. It’s an excellent option for all types of handbags- enticing to touch and incredibly easy to take care of. louis-vuitton-Monogram-Vernis Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Leather If at first glance of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis you immediately thought of patent leather, you’d be somewhat correct. This leather has a very shiny effect and shimmers and dazzles in the sunlight, just as patent leather would, to be exact, it’s a monogram embossed coated leather. Vernis being the French word for varnish (which also explains the sparkly effect), the two are almost identical. Released in 1998 shortly after Marc Jacobs was made Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, this sensational calfskin leather was introduced to the public and women fell in love with it quickly. It’s feminine, vivacious, and overall a sturdy and durable leather. Just be careful not to set the bag on things that may transfer, including newspapers and other inked paper. Also, try to keep it away from things that may potentially scratch is, as Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis has a tendency to scratch and chip. A few more details, the Monogram Vernis collection is made from calfskin leather, in a series of subtle and beautiful shades, which also underline the iconic monogram canvas pattern. louis-vuitton-epi-leather Louis Vuitton Classic Epi Leather Louis Vuitton Classic Epi Leather was first seen in the year 1985, inspired by their own textured leather from 1920, and its unique and vibrant appearance quickly gained immense popularity. Women fell for its amazing exclusive design, and loved that it was made from plant juice and treated by painting techniques. The design isn’t the only thing that left women head over heels: this sensational leather is also completely resistant to water and fairly scratch proof, although it should be kept away from anything abrasive. There are plenty of colors to choose from and every color looks fabulous with this type of leather. You can’t go wrong and it’s ideal for everyday use. So how does Louis Vuitton process the Epi Leather? Before being deep dyed, the brand takes the leather and gets it carefully tanned using no other than plan extracts. Additionally, special coloring has been made on the top of the grain, which makes it all so special. louis-vuitton-epi-electric-leather Louis Vuitton Epi Electric Leather Much like its sister leather Louis Vuitton Epi, the Epi Electric Leather is resilient to water damage and can be used every day with ease as it isn’t easily scratched or scuffed. The only real difference between the regular Epi leather and the Epi Electric Leather is the appearance. Epi Electric Leather has a glossier, patent leather finish that gives it an extra dose of shininess, and a lot of women are very fond of that type of appearance. Looks great with any bag in every color and you can feel comfortable carrying a bag with this leather around all day without harm. louis-vuitton-Damier-Carbon Louis Vuitton Damier Carbon To put it plainly, Damier Carbon is fabulous. It has a unique appearance thanks to the carbon fiber coating, making it a huge hit with any Louis Vuitton handbag. It’s great for travelers or those who use their handbag very often as the exquisite carbon fiber coated canvas is not only lightweight and incredibly strong, but can also fend off chemical damage and other elements, all while withstanding high temperatures. Certainly this hardcore leather would become a must-have with all of those benefits! If you’re tired of scratches, fading, and other damages, you might want to give Damier Carbon a try. Dior-Embossed-Dyed-Lambskin-Leather Louis Vuitton Embossed Dyed Lambskin Leather A stunning lambskin leather with a buttery texture to touch and a fine grain that’s smooth and pliable. It’s not prone to scratching or scuffing and has an elegant smooth look perfect for everyday bags and accessories. Dior-Taurillon-Leather Louis Vuitton Taurillon Leather Larger, more visible grains but extreme durable is what Taurillon leather is all about. Subtle bumps when running your fingers across the exterior but very versatile and lightweight, perfect for a bag that will be used often. Dior-Calfskin-Leather Louis Vuitton Calfskin Leather Undoubtedly one of the most popular leather choices when it comes to handbags and other well-used accessories, calfskin leather is an incredibly durable leather that won’t lose its shape over time. It won’t scuff with ease and is rather simple to clean. The favorite part for some fashionistas is the sleek and smooth look of calfskin leather, giving accessories a refined and pristine finish that’s downright dazzling. Dior-Crocodile-Brilliant-Leather Louis Vuitton Crocodile Brilliant Leather Crocodile brilliant is an exquisite and exotic leather that’s extremely durable. This type of leather can withstand just about anything, but must be treated often to ensure there’s no flaking of the scales. A beautiful, appealing design and utmost durability makes it a top choice amongst fashionistas craving an exotic look for their accessory. Dior-Crocodile-Matte-Leather Louis Vuitton Crocodile Matte Leather Exquisite crocodile is given a beautiful matte look that’s chic and trendy. Still has the same durability as other crocodile leathers. A beautiful scaling that looks delightful on a wide range of accessories. Louis-Vuitton-Python-leather Louis Vuitton Python Leather Although python is incredibly intriguing to the eye with a rather fascinating and unique exterior, it’s also one of the most fragile exotic leathers on the market. It is very prone to scaling which means you must treat it often to avoid any drying and flaking of the scales. Not typically used in accessories that will see use everyday. Dior-Ostrich-Leather Louis Vuitton Ostrich Leather There is many reasons to fall in love with ostrich leather, from its extreme durability and strength to its gorgeous bumpy exterior appearance that’s nothing short of exquisite. The bump texture is bold and eye-catching while remaining luxuriously soft to tough. And while it’s sensationally soft, it’s extremely strong and can withstand just about anything. louis-vuitton-Veau-Cachemire Louis Vuitton Cachemire Leather (Veau Cachemire) Cachemire Leather, or Veau Cachemire, is a luxurious leather that can suit any Louis Vuitton bag with ease. It is incredibly similar to the regular Louis Vuitton monogram, the only real difference being that the Cachemire Leather has a distinct sheen appearance while the traditional leather has a matte look, which gives Cachemire Leather a more smooth and classy appearance and texture. It is very scratch resistant although you still want to handle it with care. Louis-Vuitton-Parnasséa-Collection Louis Vuitton Parnasséa (Collection) Leathers and Hermes Leathers In July 2013 we saw something amazing: the Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection. We fell in love with the moment we laid eyes on the beautiful, silky smooth appearance- even if it did remind us of Hermes. But who could blame Louis Vuitton for wanting to take a step in that direction? The new bags and leather to accompany them are sensational. Leathers including Taurillon, Box Calfskin, Veau Cachemire, and Veau Racine have all been exceptional hits in the fashion industry, each having their own distinct and flawless look and feel to them. This new collection has certainly become the most desirable from LV fans, and we can certainly understand why: they’re glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated, all wrapped up into one glossy handbag.
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  • Nanna Lam


    19, the Alma bag was created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton. It is believed that it was originally made for Coco Chanel as a custom order. Originally, the bag was named Champs of Elysees after the famous road in Paris. The original Alma was the creation of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who named it for the Alma Bridge, a span that connects two Parisian neighborhoods.

    January 20, 2020
  • Nesryn


    Exactly what are the handles and trimming of the Neverful Damier Eben made of… they say it is cowhide leather but it feels so plastic PVC like.

    September 11, 2019
  • Morton


    Came across your site, and I must say, it’s interesting. Posts like this are what makes this blog amazing. I really find this information very useful. Excited to see more similar contents from you in the future. More power!

    November 3, 2017
  • Victor


    Hi my name is victor i come across this LV handbag but i dont if is real or fake n it has some stains but i think is made of plastic

    July 9, 2017
  • Cherylyn


    Hi, could you please advice me if LV do have a croisette monogram? I can only see the damier ebene and damier azur on LV official website.
    Thank you.

    October 21, 2016
    • Cynthia


      Hi Cherylyn, I went to the boutique the other day to see the croisette. they had it in damier azur and was about to the release the damier ebene, but no mentioning about releasing in monogram.

      October 22, 2016



    October 13, 2016
  • Nancy


    Bought a LV Bleu Epi Demi lune Pochette and no date code? Could it be a vintage piece…?

    July 16, 2016
    • Cynthia


      Hi Nancy, its a vintage piece.

      July 22, 2016


    I need your advise to buy a LV bag which is completely free from animal leather/skin

    June 17, 2016
  • Judy


    Can you tell me when they started putting date codes into the LV Blue Epi Leather Speedy Bag?

    February 9, 2016
    • Nina


      My friend has a 2008 epi speedy bag and there was a date code.

      February 13, 2016
  • Michael B


    First and foremost your article may be historically accurate but is very misleading and factually incorrect as I have been in the leather business for over 35 years. Your heading begins “LOUIS VUITTON LEATHER GUIDE” and the immediate images below the heading are LV’s Texture Coated Canvas”. You go on to say “What’s so special about these leathers?”. Let me set the record straight….Texture Coat Canvas is NOT leather. Texture coated canvas and leather are not synonymous, as you’ve implied. Texture coated canvas is CANVAS coated with a resin of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) or effectively PLASTIC. It is worth pennies on dollar compared to excellent quality leather and is primarily used because the profits are greater than using expensive leather.

    September 12, 2015
  • Sartorial Style


    I really like Rago Brothers repair shop in New Jersey. They are the official leather goods repair center for many luxury brands. I normally send my stuff there directly and have been very happy with the repairs rendered to my briefcases and totes from Louis, Prada and Gucci.

    January 8, 2015
  • Sara


    I was wondering if someone knows what to do with little scratches on the epi electric leather?
    I have the Alma in Epi Electric Prune, and at the side of the bag I have some scratches. It seems like the “paint” is gone. Is that possible?
    Thank you in advanced!

    Best regards,


    November 24, 2014
    • QQ


      Is it bad? In such situation, I would take it to Louis Vuitton to get it fixed.

      November 26, 2014

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