Celine Leather Guide

Need help deciding which one of Celine’s fabulous leathers are right for you? We have tons of helpful information on all our favorite leathers, from dazzling smooth to exotic python and much more.



Celine Smooth Leather
Women love the Celine Smooth Leather for the simple fact that it appears smooth and creamy, a texture that is not only glorious to the eye but soft to touch. However, it’s not all rainbows and daises when it comes to the Celine Smooth Leather. While this particular leathers tends to hold its shape very well, it is still at risk of ‘puddling’ in some areas. Many women have also remarked that this Smooth Leather can be scratched very easily, so it must be handled with care. If you have a bag with Smooth Leather, try to keep it out of harms way and take precautions using it as a day to day bag.



Celine Drummed Leather
Celine Drummed Leather is certainly the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to exquisite leathers. It’s been known to hold its shape magnificently well, even after months of somewhat heavy use. And not only does it hold shape through thick and thin, but is also a very durable leather and isn’t prone to scratches. Aside from being practically scratch resistant, durable, and strong, Celine Drummed Leather is also loved for its unique design full of depth and life, unlike the Celine Smooth Leather which is perfectly straight and narrow. All in all it’s a wonderful choice for bags you’ll use on an everyday basis.



Celine Pebbled Leather
As far as textured leathers go, Celine Pebbled Leather is definitely a crowd favorite. It has a unique bumpy characteristic that gives the bag a bit of fun texture and cool appearance that many are drawn to. It has also been described as a very low maintenance bag that won’t be prone to scratches or scuffs easily, which is great for a bag you’ll use on a regular basis. However, the biggest downside to having Pebbled Leather is that it is soft and will definitely slouch over time.

Difference Celine Pebbled and Drummed Leather
Some may say Celine Pebbled leather and Drummed leather are interchangeable, but that isn’t exactly true. Although they look delightfully similar (especially on certain bags and accessories), drummed is actually a hybrid between smooth and pebbled, with a thicker texture that’s less prone to scratches, scuffs, and slouching. And while the tiny-textured pebbled leather is also great at resisting signs of wear, it unfortunately slouches after heavy usage. The easiest way to tell them apart is to look at them: pebbled has extremely tiny ‘pebbles’ all over while drummed flaunts a more matted look.



Celine Suede
Suede is obviously a stunning type of leather with a unique feel to it, however it is one of the most high maintenance leathers on the market. Celine Suede MUST be handled with utmost care and cannot come into contact with rain or other sources of water by any means. If you decide on suede for its lovely looks and fascinating texture, make sure to spray it with a suede protectant before use. You should also consider stuffing it every night to keep its shape. Choosing a darker color is also a wonderful option, as suede is an easy culprit for marks, stains, and scuffs. If marks or stains do occur, the best solution is an unscented baby wipe and a stiff brush to keep clean.



Celine Nubuck
Celine Nubuck is certainly an interesting type of leather that isn’t talked about often, mostly for the simple fact that it is commonly combined with other leathers in a bag and isn’t the spotlight leather. It is a type of cowhide leather that has gone through many rubbing procedures to tone down the leather and give it a soft, suede-like texture. Celine Nubuck is similar to suede as it is still susceptible to stains and scuffs, however it is different in the way that it is far more durable and can withstand months of use. In conclusion, Nubuck is an expensive soft leather that should be treated as suede in all circumstances.



Celine (Stamped) Croc Leather
To put it plainly, Celine (Stamped) Croc Leather is an exquisite leather with plenty of sophistication and class. Unlike other leathers, the (Stamped) Croc Leather can easily hide imperfections thanks to its collection of lines and designs, and isn’t very susceptible to scratches or stains in the first place. It’s a fabulous leather with its own unique appearance that makes it a huge hit for females wanting something different than the rest. All in all a great choice for everyday bags- practically scratch resistant and very easy to clean.



Celine Python Leather
Many people consider Celine Python Leather for the “WOW” factor. It clearly has a remarkable and exotic appearance that is nothing short of jaw-dropping. But one must take great precautions when deciding on Celine Python Leather. This very durable leather may be firm, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to scratches and scuffs. The best piece of advice is to apply a leather protectant before using the bag, as this will soften the leather while also protecting it from potential damage. If the bag comes into contact with water, dry it off immediately to reduce risk of water damage. If you love exotic looks and aren’t afraid to put in the time to care for this leather, definitely consider this for your next bag.


Celine Anaconda Leather
Anaconda leather is a very exotic skin that comes from one of the largest snakes in the world- the Anaconda. This dazzling leather features small and even scales throughout for a very refined and polished finish. However, while this skin is exotic and high-fashion, it’s prone to showing wear after several months of use.


Celine Box Calfskin Leather
Box calfskin is a particular type of calfskin that features box-like markings on the grain. It is one of the most sought after leathers because of its uniquely textured appearance and durability. It is less prone to slouches and scuffs than some other leathers and the delicate design sets it apart from traditional calfskin leather.


Celine Bullhide Calfskin Leather
Bullhide calfskin is great for everyday bags and accessories that will see heavy use. The heavier and larger hides create a distinct and delightful leather pattern on the exterior, and there are plenty color options when it comes to this leather. It’s extremely durable and won’t scratch with ease.


Celine Calfskin Satin
This leather features a delightful exterior that is very similar to satin, having a smooth finish that is soft to touch and a gorgeous glossy finish like the aforementioned calfskin liege. Being a delicate leather, it should be used with much care to avoid scratches.


Celine Canvas
Made of fabric instead of leather, canvas is an extremely durable exterior that will stand the test of time. Because it is made of fabric, canvas bags and accessories are typically available in a wide variety of colors and designs, more than you can find with a typical leather skin.


Celine Crocodile Leather
Crocodile is undoubtedly an exotic leather that is rather sophisticated, with thick, chunky tiles of skin. It is more durable than the other exotic leathers, making it one of the most sought after exotic leathers.


Celine Felt
This delicate, soft textile is made entirely of all natural fibres. It has a textured appearance that’s rather unique, however it tends to become very slouchy over time.


Celine Goatskin Leather
Made from the skin of a goat, goatskin leather is an incredibly soft leather that has a grainy texture that is very elegant. This is one of the most durable and supple leathers on the market and comes in a variety of colors.


Celine Lambskin Leather
Lambskin is one of the most commonly used leathers when it comes to Celine handbags, as the leather is very lightweight- the perfect option for everyday bags. However, this particular leather is also on the fragile side and the soft and smooth exterior should be cared for on a regular basis.


Celine Linen
Linen handbags and other linen accessories are made from the fibres found in a flax plant. Linen needs to be used with extreme care as they can be scuffed and damaged easily, and cleaning them can be quite a struggle. However, linen is durable and won’t lose shape quickly, and is usually paired with leather handles and trim around the accessory.


Celine Lizard Leather
Lizard, an exotic leather, is made from the skin of a lizard and has a unique design of square and triangle scaling. This leather is noted to be very fragile and should be treated often with special products and handled with care to avoid blemishes.


Celine Natural Calfskin Leather
Natural calfskin is heavily used on Celine handbags, in part because of its soft, elegant, and smooth appearance, and partly because it is very durable and ages wonderfully.


Celine Ostrich Leather
Ostrich is an exotic leather that has one of the most unique textures around. The appearance is heavily textured and easily distinguishable while remaining soft to touch.


Celine Palmelato Leather
One of the most structured leathers, Palmelato won’t lose its shape over time, making it a great choice for everyday accessories. It’s also a very high quality leather that is not prone to blemishes of any kind. Perfect for those who tend to be a bit rough with their iems.


Celine Pony Calfskin Leather
Celine handbags made with pony calfskin are designed with hair from a calf, which is incredibly smooth and silky. However, this fine hair is prone to shedding after months of use.


Celine Shearling
Shearling comes from a sheared sheep or lamb and is delightfully soft like a cotton ball. However, one must take great care of shearling to avoid any matting or other blemishes that can be common on hair such as this.


Celine Shiny Grained Calfskin Leather
For those in need of a handbag with a touch of shimmer, shiny grained calkfskin is the best choice. This type of calfskin is very durable and can withstand the elements and has a beautiful grainy texture.


Celine Shiny Smooth Calfskin Leather
If you prefer smooth to grainy, then shiny smooth calfskin is your answer. This delightful leather has a polished, refined appearance that is delightfully smooth to touch with a shiny finish.


Celine Smooth Calfskin Leather
An elegant form of calfskin that is refined and smooth, available in many color options.


Celine (Soft) Grained Calfskin Leather
For just a touch of grainy texture, the (soft) grained calfskin is a wonderful choice. It is a finely grained leather with the durability and softness of the other calfskins.


Celine Spazzolato Leather
This particular type of leather gives off a shiny, look-at-me effect, by either being brushed or polished.


Celine Tweed
Tweed is an interesting material, an unfinished fabric made of wool that is usually available in a wide variety of colors. The fabric is rather rough and harsh, making it extremely durable. However, you must clean this type of fabric regularly as it can stain.


Celine Wool
Wool is a widely known and rather popular textile. It is made from fibers from a sheep and has a very soft texture. However, wool can be incredibly hard to manage and maintain, needing to be handled with care and cleaned often.

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  • Cassie


    Thanks for the information! May I ask if goatskin will slouch like pebble skin?

    May 13, 2017
  • Nicole


    Hi there,
    I am getting a Celine smooth calfskin phantom and am worried about taking it in the rain/the best way to ensure this bag keeps its shape. Any suggestions about cleaners or precautions I should take or any tips to ensure this bag is kept pristine?
    Love the blog! Thanks,

    December 19, 2016
    • Cynthia


      Hi Nicole, in general, leathers should never touches rain because it’s just not good, no matter what leather. Best to ensure is to have a plastic cover in case of rainy days, or to avoid is by using a large embrella.

      For designer bags, I always advice not to take any products, but instead just wipe it once in a while with a microfiber cloth. Maintain it nicely by putting it back into the dust bag and avoid sun.

      December 23, 2016
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    Is pig skin used for any of Celine handbag?

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      No, we haven’t heard about that yet. Why this question?

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    Will “soft calfskin” also hold its shape well? Is drummed leather be the leather type that holds its shape the best? Thank You!

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    • Nathalie


      Drummed leather has always been my favorite and it always hold shape.

      September 2, 2016
  • Ines


    Hi what about grained calfskin? Belt and trotteur are made of that leather…

    March 25, 2016
    • Cynthia


      Hi Ines, this leather is the same as (soft) grained leather

      March 27, 2016
  • Theresa



    I have a Celine All Soft bag and i noticed that since its shape is a bit squishy (despite holding up really well), a certain part that gets bent has created this “puddle” like lift in the leather… is this what you meant by the puddle? is there anything I can do to fix it or is it just one of the characteristics of the leather? Thank you sooo much

    January 21, 2016
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    This was such a helpful post! Thank you for putting it together 🙂

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    what would you use to clean the drummed leather mini luggage tote? I have it in blue. Thank you! – Alani

    July 7, 2015
  • Hoai An Tran


    I just bought the celine smooth calf and wrinkled patent leather trapeze bag! I did not see the patent leather guide on this post! Would you please tell me the advantage also disadvantage and how to care of this type of leather ! Thank you!

    April 10, 2015
  • Gillian


    how do I know the difference between pebbled and drummed? I just bought a celine souris micro and idk if it is considered pebbled or drummed

    April 5, 2015
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      Can you upload a picture please?

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    Do you know the leathers the Trio comes in?

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