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dior-lambskin-leather dior-lambskin-leather-3 Dior Lambskin Leather Yes, Dior Lambskin Leather is a gorgeous leather, but it’s certainly not for everybody. Lambskin must be handled with utmost care as it can be damaged and scuffed rather easily. It’s harder to keep clean, however the leather itself is very durable (more durable than Chanel lambskin). A Dior Lambskin Leather bag won’t lose its shape or sag easily, making it a very structured and durable piece that can be carried around for many months- that is, if you take great care of it. Before you choose this beauteous leather, make sure you’re ready to handle it with the best of care. However, if marks do occur, you may have the bag refurbished with ease. dior-patent-leather dior-patent-leather-2 Dior Patent Leather Dior Patent Leather comes with a gorgeous, breath-taking high gloss finish that many women are drawn to. Anyone would be honored to flaunt this shiny leather! However, it’s not all rainbows and daisies when it comes to Dior Patent Leather. If it’s not taken care of to the highest extent, this leather can be dulled, damaged, and scratched easily. Keep glossy pieces away from from water (water may cause permanent water marks) and other color-transferring surfaces. If anything should get on this leather, wipe it off immediately. Patent cannot be refurbished, so you’ll need to be extremely careful with this leather. All in all it’s a wonderful and vibrant choice, it just needs a little extra tender, love, and care. dior-smooth-leather dior-smooth-leather-2 Dior Smooth Leather To put it plainly, Dior Smooth Leather is a luxurious leather that is simply flawless. It is buttery to touch and appealing to the eye. This type of leather looks good on almost any bag and every color, however it tends to scratch easily- and scratches show up much quicker on a smooth leather than any other leathers. Dior Smooth Leather, being the exquisite leather that it is, is a very popular choice and many believe that using a leather conditioner will help fend off marks and scuffs. dior-grained-leather Dior Grained Leather With its unique texture and beautiful appearance, Dior Grained Leather is another extremely popular choice when it comes to leathers. It looks magnificent on all types of bags big or small, and wallets as well. Many are drawn to its textured style as it’s “different” than the rest, but that’s not all they’re drawn to. Grained leather is also a lot more resilient to scratches and scuffs than the smooth leather and has great durability that won’t sag with time. A wonderful option for any piece! dior-deerskin-leather Dior Deerskin Leather There’s a few things to absolutely love about Dior Deerskin Leather. For starters, deerskin leather has a very beautiful and luxurious appearance with a bit of texture to spruce it up. Secondly, this fascinating leather has a soft-to-touch exterior that is subtle and brilliant. Thirdly, it has just the right amount of durability to keep it structured for quite some time before becoming sluggish. Overall Dior Deerskin Leather is noted for having a harmonious balance of resilience and softness to appeal to any lady. Dior-Patent-Calfskin-Leather Dior Patent Calfskin Leather Patent calfskin has an absolutely stunning exterior, a glossy, almost glass-like appearance that shimmers and dazzles on a Dior handbag. But what really makes patent calfskin a wonderful option is its extreme durability. It’s unlikely to scuff or get dingy and this glossy leather will keep up with heavy use, making it a great choice for an everyday bag. It is extremely easy to clean- the second you see a bit of dirt on your bag, simply wipe it down with a damp towel and it will be clean like new. The only worry with lighter colored Dior patent calfskin bags is that darker colors COULD penetrate the exterior and cause color damage, for example: rubbing your bag against your jeans for an extensive period time may cause color damage to your purse. Other than that, enjoy a highly durable bag that’s glossy and beautiful with patent calfskin. Dior-Grained-Calfskin-Leather Dior Grained Calfskin Leather Calfskin is undoubtedly one of the most sought after leathers when it comes to a Dior handbag, and for good reason too. Calfskin is extremely durable and isn’t prone to slouching or scuffing, a great choice for your bags that will see heavy use. The grained calfskin has a touch more texture and will give your bag a bit of dimension rather than a slick appearance. Dior-Bullcalf-Leather Dior Bullcalf Leather Bullcalf is a beautiful leather that can stand up to other leathers easily in terms of durability and structure. Many people have stated that bullcalf is a durable material that can withstand the elements with ease; in fact, some fashionistas claim that their bullcalf Dior handbags can stand up to rain, without any water damage (although you shouldn’t test this theory!). Bullcalf will leave your bag structured and the sleek, polished exterior comes in a variety of beautiful colors. It’s rather easy to clean- all you need is a cloth, wiping the dirt in a circular motion until it is removed entirely. Dior-Metallic-Calfskin-Leather Dior Metallic Calfskin Leather Metallic calfskin provides a gorgeous sheen to the exterior of a handbag, a material that is sure to appear glossy and sophisticated wherever it’s worn. The best part about metallic calfskin is its extreme durability. It’s a top choice for everyday handbags as you don’t have to worry about slouching or scuffing over time. If a bit of dirt gets on your bag, simply wipe it off and continue with your day. If you’re tough with your accessories but crave a bag that glistens and shines like no other, you may consider metallic calfskin for your Dior bag. dior-canvas dior-canvas-2 Dior Canvas Leather If you’re going to choose the perfect leather for your everyday bag, Dior Canvas Leather is a must. This particular leather has a very beautiful and delicate exterior that woman adore, but that’s not all. Dior Canvas Leather is also incredibly easy to clean. Dirt, marks, and other unsightly scuffs can be removed with ease. The canvas makes the bag more durable and long-lasting, making it the perfect choice for bags used on a regular basis. The only suggestion is to keep this bag away from direct sunlight as it may cause fading, and stuff your bag when not in use to avoid any slouching that can occur with Dior Canvas Leather. dior-ostrich-leather Dior Ostrich Leather There’s plenty of reasons why a woman might choose ostrich leather for her accessory. For one, it’s totally unique and not many people have it. Secondly, it’s obviously very trendy with a high class appeal that many ladies crave. Thirdly, Dior Ostrich Leather doesn’t ‘lift’ after many weeks of use, which makes it a super option for an everyday bag that you might be a bit rough with. There’s one more reason to fall head over heels for Dior Ostrich Leather, though: it’s extremely durable and can withstand almost anything. That doesn’t mean throw it into a pool or scrape it against everything and anything- but if you come into contact with possible danger, it should be able to handle it. A wonderful choice! dior-crocodile-leather Dior Crocodile leather If you’re craving an exquisite and prestigious leather, then the Dior Crocodile Leather is an excellent choice. Not only does it look magnificent and high class, but the quality is sensational as well. However, while this crocodile leather is very durable and can be bent without problems, you still have to take very good care of this leather. Keep it away from direct sunlight and water to avoid permanent damages, and if a mark does occur, wipe it off immediately with a damp uncolored washcloth. Dior Crocodile Leather is simply a gorgeous choice for any handbag and looks great everywhere! dior-python-leather Dior Python Leather Looking for an easy way to impress the crowd? Show up with an accessory made of Python leather. This sensational leather is unlike anything else you’ll find in the stores. Its scales are beautiful, yet delicate, and have exquisite features that can’t be ignored. However, just like any other expensive and high class leather, it must be handled with care. Python leather has a tendency to ‘lift’ after quite some time, so being easy and gentle with Dior Python Leather is very important. Dior-Lizard-Leather Dior Lizard Leather Lizard is an utterly enchanting exotic leather with a fabulous design that’s sophisticated and stylish. However, while lizard may be a gorgeous exotic skin that takes your Dior bag from casual to outstanding, it MUST be treated with care. Lizard will not hold up to daily use, so keep it reserved to your every-so-often accessories. The fragile scales of lizard are prone to scratches and will lift over time, so consider this when making your purchase. Dior-Alligator-Leather Dior Alligator Leather There is something so beautiful and elegant about alligator skin. The scales are exquisite and unique, with a variety of shapes and sizes for a dimensional and eye-catching exterior on a Dior handbag. As far as durability is considered, alligator is considered a fragile material that must be handled with care. Moisturizing the scales often will keep them from ‘lifting’. Alligator is an exquisite exotic leather, but definitely make sure you’re ready to handle your bag with utmost care and treat it often to make it last longer. Dior-Ayers-Leather Dior Ayers Leather Ayers is a snakeskin with a bizarre, yet captivating design with loads of detailing and dimension for a very breathtaking finish. It looks lovely on any Dior handbag, however snakeskin has a tendency to dry out and start flaking after a few months of use. You will need to treat ayers often to ensure it stays bright and to reduce the amount of flaking. It’s a fragile skin that can also be prone to scuffing as well.
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