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Balenciaga Leather Guide

Balenciaga-Goatskin-LeatherBalenciaga-Goatskin-Leather-2Balenciaga Chevre Leather Balenciaga Chevre Leather has been a classic since the moment it made its way onto the runway. Women are highly fond of this gorgeous goatskin- it’s beautiful soft texture, it’s gorgeous texture and appearance, and its resistance to scuffs and scrapes. It’s fairly easy to take care of, as you don’t have to be overly careful with this type of leather. The normal amount of care works perfectly on this leather, and if damage does occur, it can be fixed rather quickly.Balenciaga-Lambskin-Leather-2Balenciaga-Lambskin-LeatherBalenciaga Agnea Leather In the Fall/Winter season of 2007, Balenciaga switched up their leather from the classic Balenciaga Chevre Leather (goatskin) to what we all know and love now as Balenciaga Agnea Leather (lambskin). And while many women state there’s hardly a difference between the two and they wouldn’t know without checking the tag, others disagree- not negatively, though. Some women claim their lambskin leather is thicker and softer than goatskin, however the softness tends to smoosh the bag with harsh use. You may need to handle this soft, yet resistant leather with a bit more care than goatskin, although lambskin is still very resistant to the elements. It is important to remember that every year the leather changes, so some lambskins may feel softer than other years or be more resiliant than years prior.Balenciaga-Calfskin-LeatherBalenciaga-Calfskin-Leather-2Balenciaga Calfskin Leather You won’t find Balenciaga Calfskin Leather often, but when you do run across it you’ll be presently surprised. Calfskin is simply gorgeous, with a veiny appearance that many ladies are drawn to. But it’s not just the crinkled texture that grabs attention: calfskin is also extremely durable and resistant to scuffs and marks. It’s very easy to take care of, and choosing between calfskin or lambskin is really a matter of personal preference than anything else. It is important to note that you shouldn’t use any conditioner on Balenciaga calfskin bags! Handle with care like you would any other expensive bag, and take it in for professional cleaning if needed.
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