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It says: ‘grained calfskin’, but it’s actually caviar

What is the Chanel caviar leather? It’s grained calfskin. In fact, it’s one of the so many types of grained calfskin that Chanel makes. The caviar is as hard as a rock and you can feel it with just one touch. This leather is also heavier than normal grained calfskin or lambskin but it can endure scratches and abuses. And now do you know why the caviar is so popular? Chanel Classic Flap Bag Most people learn about the caviar thanks to the Classic Flap Bag. This iconic handbag usually comes in two choices; lambskin or caviar. Most people prefer caviar because it’s durable and requires low maintenance. The lambskin is much softer but it’s also fragile. To avoid scratches and damages, you need to be careful when carrying the lambskin downtown. But lambskin doesn’t mean that’s not durable; it’s just less durable than caviar and normal grained calfskin.

Caviar and Stingray Skin

Now try to Google about the caviar leather. You might find answer like; (dry) stingray skin. Stingray is a fish and this type of leather is incredible durable. In fact, it’s 25 times more durable than cowhide. But the caviar means differently at the house of Chanel. It’s not a stingray skin, but grained calfskin. And perhaps Chanel calls it caviar because it sounds extremely chic (caviar is also an expensive food made from fish eggs) and the leather is stronger and harder than normal calf leather.

Caviar depends on the season

The caviar of the Classic Flap Bag that’s released this year might feel different than the caviar released 5 years ago. Chanel changes the caviar from season to season. So you might feel that this year’s version is better than last year or perhaps less better. The caviar could also be softer or even stiffer. It really depends on the season. Also, the touch of the caviar of your coin purse can also vary from other handbags or accessories. But don’t feel strange about it, because as we’ve mentioned above; the caviar is one of the so many grained calfskin leathers.

The different types of Caviar

When you screen through Chanel’s website, do you see words like Iridescent or Rigid? These terminologies are used by Chanel to describe the type of leathers. The Caviar comes in different type as well. Or sometimes Chanel just doesn’t tell. For example, if you look at their website right now, what do you read next to the Classic Flap Bag page (check out the top image we’ve posted). It says grained calfskin. But they actually mean caviar, which is just one of their type of calfskins.

Top Caviar Leathers

Chanel Rigid Caviar
Chanel Rigid Caviar

The hard textured caviar is actually called Rigid Caviar. It’s designed on the Classic Flap Bags but also on the Classic Quilted WOC. Chanel Iridescent Caviar
Chanel Iridescent Caviar

The Iridescent Caviar comes very often. This leather usually shines and the grains are smaller than Rigid Caviar. Chanel Soft Caviar
Chanel Soft Caviar

There are Classic Boy Bags made in caviar. This type of caviar is much softer and less durable than the Rigid Caviar. The grains are also tinier than the previous two types.

Other Caviar Leathers

Chanel Suede Caviar
Chanel Suede Caviar

Chanel Crumbled Caviar
Chanel Crumbled Caviar

Chanel Metallic Caviar
Chanel Metallic Caviar

Chanel Washed Caviar

Chanel Glazed Caviar

The Chanel Caviar being discontinued?

We’ve just heard a rumour circulating in the fashion community, but we couldn’t confirm it (yet). The rumour is about the caviar leather and that Chanel is going to discontinue it. If you have more info, please share in the comment box. And of course, Bragmybag exists thanks to your support. We hope to provide more information to help you make purchases in the future. Any recommendations and comments are welcome in the comment box below. Thank you!
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  • Lynn


    Hi why there are black lining for classic flap caviar – and why there is some with maroon lining? Is it true prior to 2010 they were all made in black lining? Please advise


    March 24, 2023
  • Theresa


    Hi, this is a fantastic article & your site is awesome so thanks 😉

    I recently bought a preloved Reissue bag in a ruby glazed caviar. It’s stunning and yet I’m not certain of how to care for it as I have so rarely seen that caviar style. I don’t have a relationship with an SA since I’m nowhere near a boutique.

    Do you have any information overall regarding care or just anything you think I should know?
    I so appreciate any help you can give.

    ;)) T.

    February 28, 2021
  • Cielo


    What kind of caviar leather is the matte collection (particularly the chevron line) one made out of?

    July 18, 2019
    • Alex


      Hi Cielo, all caviar leathers are made from calfskin, but the thickness and the smoothness are different. This depends on the season.

      July 19, 2019

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