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There is no designer brand like Goyard that kept their prices, colors and information about new releases hidden. Their website contains limited information and occasionally they will inform us about the upcoming collection but that’s where the rope stops. On this page, we do our best to gather as much Goyard bag prices as possible, we try to include the prices of US dollars, euro, GBP (UK), Singapore dollars, Japanese Yen, Australia dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Canadian dollars, but it’s not always that easy. If you find more information, do put them in the comment section, so we can keep this page fresh.

Goyard is famous for personalizing your accessories and in almost all of their handbags you can choose to put names, stripes, numbers or initials on it. These are all hand painted.

The famous 3D chevron print is hand painted as well and is embellished in the majority of their handbags. But what makes the house really popular is the revolutionary Goyardine Canvas that’s crafted on the classic Saint Louise Tote Bag. While it was introduced in 18’s, the production of this material has been discontinued after World War 2. It has been reintroduced when Jean Micheal Signoles took over the company in 1998. The original color of the Goyardine Canvas was black, but Jean expanded the color options. In the Goyard Saint Louis Bag review, we will talk more about this material.

Goyard classified their prices in two categories – the Classic Colors and the Special Colors. The Classic Colors consists of black and black with trim. All other colors are categorized in the Special Colors. Since September 2014, the color red has also moved to the category of Special Colors.

Last price update: May 2018

Now that you’re well informed about the basic information, let’s head on to the details, shall we?


Images via: csuikkari

Goyard Saint Louis Bag Prices

Meet the Saint Louis Tote – the holygrail of Goyard. It’s one of the well-known handbag in fashion and has been loved by many fashionista’s around the globe. It’s the perfect bag for the busy woman, world-travellers and anyone looking for a timeless tote that weight as light as feather. And not only that, the bag is functional as well.

Established in 1853, the brand Goyard is one of the oldest Parisian trunk makers and it’s a true traditional family business. Throughout the years, the company has been passed from father to son, from generation to generation. As per today, the house is known as the queen of all Monograms as the brand is just one year older than Louis Vuitton.

The Goyard Saint Louis Tote is their signature Bag and is embellished with Goyardine Canvas. The Goyardine was invented by Edmond in 1892, it’s inspired by the history of his family and is truly a revolutionary material as it looks like real leather from appearance. But it’s actually made from natural coated cloth, mixed with cotton, hemp and lining. The material also contributes to the success of the Goyard Saint Louis Bag, because it’s durable, impeccable yet soft and waterproof. The manufacture technique for processing and creating the Goyardine Canvas has remained secret within the family.

StylesLatest Prices
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag in Classic Colors$1200 USD, €970 euro (835 eur in Paris), £780 GBP, ¥158000 Yen
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag in Special Colors$1560 USD, €1085 euro, £1050 GBP, $2090 SGD, around ¥200000 Yen
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag in Classic Colors$1490 USD, est.€1125 euro, £905 GBP, $1840 SGD, $9950 HKD
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag in Special Colors$1795 USD, €1350 euro, £1140 GBP, $2400 SGD

Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches



Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote Prices

The next bag that has been warmly received by the fashion industry is the Goyard Anjou Bag. With a design very similar to the Goyard Saint Louis Tote, it carries the same attractiveness and charisma. The ‘reversible version’ named the Goyard Anjou Reversible Tote is a new design released in the early 2016. This bag is called reversible because it can be reversed from the inside and change the bag with Goyardine Canvas Print to a solid color handbag.

Basically the Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag is two bags in one. You can change it depending on your mood or circumstances to fit to your outfit. While it comes in variations of gorgeous colors, the bag features several new additions that you will love. First it comes with an internal pouch and secondly it’s supported with a chic luggage tag. For those who love personalization, you can add your own initials on the bag.

The ‘Reversible’ option is truly the evidence that Goyard can innovate. The Anjou Reversible Bag is mixed of classic and modern style at the same time. The Goyardine Canvas Print is creates a vintage look while the solid color gives the impression of a modern bag. The Luggage Tag is not reversible, so it remains covered in the Goyardine Print. However, the luggage tag does add a little spiciness on the appearance.

Please note: the Goyard Residence Luggage Tag is not included. The price is $330 USD for the classic color (black) and $425 USD for the Special Colors. (prices as per 2015)

StylesLatest Prices
Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Bag in Special Colors€1795 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag in Classic Colors$2450 USD, €1650 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag in Special Colors$2700 USD, €2145 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag in Classic Colors$2450 USD, €1950 euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag in Special Colors$3180 USD, €2535 euro

Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Tote (mini)11′ x 8′ x 4.25′ inches
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Tote19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Tote23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches


Images via: wulanita144

Goyard Belvedere Bag

StylesLatest Prices
Goyard Belvedere PM Bag in Special Colors€1825 euro (old price, 2018), €1990 euro (new price as per 2019)
Goyard Belvedere MM Bag in Classic Colors€1575 euro

Goyard Belvedere PM Bag8.5′ x 6.75′ x 2.5′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Belvedere MM Bag11′ x 9′ x 3′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: blackboxconcierge

Goyard Saigon Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Saigon PM Bag$4770 USD

Goyard Saigon PM Bag11′ x 4.5′ x 8′ (L x W x H) inches
Goyard Saigon MM Bag14′ x 10′ x 7′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: iiambenjaree

Goyard Jeanne Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Jeanne MM Bag in Classic Colors$2120 USD

Goyard Jeanne PM Bag11′ x 7′ x 3′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Jeanne MM Bag14′ x 9′ x 4′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Jeanne GM Bag16′ x 5′ x 11′ (L x H x D) inches


Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch in Classic Colors$1030 USD, £710 GBP
Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch in Special Colors$1380 USD, £925 GBP

Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch11.8′ x 6.2′ inches (W x H)


Images via: coquettenatalie

Goyard Artois Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices
Goyard Artois PM Bag in Classic Colors$1725 USD
Goyard Artois PM Bag in Special Colors$2245 USD, €1465 euro
Goyard Artois MM Bag in Classic Colors$2035 USD, €1325 euro
Goyard Artois MM Bag in Special Colors$2625 USD, €1725 euro (with €207 VAT back)

Goyard Artois PM Bag12′ x 5.25′ x 9.5′ (L x W x H) inches
Goyard Artois MM Bag14.5′ x 6.25′ x 11′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: yha233

Goyard Voltaire Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices
Goyard Voltaire Bag in Classic Colors$2300 USD, €1135 euro, £1025 GBP
Goyard Voltaire Bag in Special Colors€1430 euro

Goyard Voltaire Bag18′ x 14′ x 5′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: chaya_brand

Goyard Croisiere Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Croisiere Bag in Classic Colors$2470 USD

Goyard Croisiere 35 Bag13′ x 7′ x 7′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Croisiere 45 Bag19′ x 9′ x 9′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Croisiere 60 Bag25′ x 12′ x 13′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: mysarabagz

Goyard Sac Hardy Pet Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet PM Bag in Classic Colors$2160 USD
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet PM Bag in Special Colors€1910 euro
Goyard Sac Hardy Pet GM Bag in Classic Colors€1700 Euro

Goyard Sac Hardy Pet Bag16′ x 11′ x 6.5′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: fashionphile

Goyard Bellachase Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Bellachase PM Bag$1750 USD, €1320 euro (jul 2018 price)
Goyard Bellachase GM Bag in Classic Colors€1735 euro
Goyard Bellachase GM Bag in Special Colors€2260 euro

Goyard Bellachase PM Bag14′ x 10′ x 5.75′ (L x H x D) inches
Goyard Bellachase GM Bag22′ x 12′ x 7′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: fashionphile

Goyard Monte Carlo Clutch Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Monte Carlo Clutch€2080 euro

Goyard Monte Carlo Clutch12′ x 7′ x 1′ (L x H x D) inches


Images via: yha233

Goyard Grand Blue Bag Prices

StylesLatest Prices (July 2017)
Goyard Grand Blue Bag in Special Colors$2700 USD

Goyard Grand Blue Bag15′ x 12′ x 3′ (L x H x D) inches

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  1. Pearly Lim October 13, 2018 Reply

    HI ! Does anyone knows how much a Goyard Jeanne MM size cost in London ?

  2. NJ October 4, 2018 Reply

    Does anyone knows the price (GST) of St Louis Goyard GM classic color in;

  3. Brooke Dauval October 1, 2018 Reply

    Does anyone know the price of the Goyard Plumet in Paris? Preferably special color price. Thanks!

  4. Kevin September 30, 2018 Reply

    Could you anyone tell me the senat balck GM pouch price in Paris?

  5. llms August 24, 2018 Reply

    Does anyone know the euro price of belvedere pm in classic color?

  6. Samuel August 19, 2018 Reply

    I was at the London Goyard this weekend, and I got a few prices to share:

    St Louis PM classic colours is £780
    St Louis PM special colours is £1050
    St Louis GM in classic colours is £905

    Voltaire bag in classic colours is £1025

    • Author
      Alex August 19, 2018 Reply

      Hi Samuel, thanks for sharing, we updated the prices!

  7. Melissa Howard August 18, 2018 Reply

    Hi I have a brand new GoYard Anjou Black GM tite bag in classic colours with all the packaging and protective bag etc it was a gift. Which is the best site to sell it on? I’ve been offered only £860 on Vestiaire Collective with them selling it for £1200.

  8. Brandy Goodson July 27, 2018 Reply

    Does anyone know the price of the Artois PM (special color: white) goes for in London right now?

  9. Brandy Goodson July 27, 2018 Reply

    Last week, purchased the Belvedere 2 from Paris (in Grey), paid 1825 euros. But I don’t like it anymore! Any recommendations for sites to sell it?

    • C. July 27, 2018 Reply

      Hi Brandy, depends on where you’re from: If you’re in Asia, there are consignment stores everywhere who are willing to pay for higher prices because the bags are more expensive there.

      If in Europe or US, you might want to try well-known online sites like vestiairecollective or fashionphile.

  10. Cindy Chang July 25, 2018 Reply

    Hi! Just got Artois PM (Orange) at the Paris store (July 12) . €1465 (€175.80 VAT back via credit card).

    Love your site!

    • Author
      Alex July 27, 2018 Reply

      Hi Cindy, thank you for your support and sharing the prices. We’ve updated this page immediately!

  11. Logan July 23, 2018 Reply

    I bought the Goyard Bellachase PM in Paris today (July 23, 2018) for 1320€.

    • Author
      Alex July 27, 2018 Reply

      Hi Logan, congrats with your new bag. Which color did you choose?

  12. Yuki July 18, 2018 Reply

    Does anyone know the price of Goyard Victoire wallet price and St. Sulpice cardholder price in Tokyo or United States? Thanks

    • JJR February 7, 2019 Reply

      Victoire Wallet in spring 2018 at San Francisco store was $945 in black/black.

  13. duhwan July 11, 2018 Reply

    hello, I wanna know Sainte Lucie bag prices!

  14. Fathiha July 11, 2018 Reply

    Just bought goyard tote classic colour pm,it’s only 835euro in paris. Please update ur price! Many thanks

    • Author
      Alex July 13, 2018 Reply

      HI Fathiha, thank you so much for sharing, the prices are updated =D

    • Michelle July 19, 2018 Reply

      Was that before or after VAT? Thanks!

      • Erin July 28, 2018 Reply

        Yes, Fathiha, could u let us know if this is before Vat refund or? Does 830euro includes tax? Hope to hear from u soon! Thanks!

        • Author
          Alex August 1, 2018 Reply

          Hi Erin, depends on the country. But the euro is always tax included.

  15. Loize June 25, 2018 Reply

    Hi! Does anyone know the price of goyard senat mm in euro?

  16. Izzy June 22, 2018 Reply

    Does anyone know the price for the Goyard Grenelle passport wallet in Paris?

  17. Anonymous June 18, 2018 Reply

    Just purchased the Voltaire in Paris store for €1430. Had the option for a canvas or leather straps…bought the canvas strap for additional €350… i got 12% vat refund… so worth it…

    • Author
      Alex June 19, 2018 Reply

      Hi, congrats with your new bag. Can you let us know whether you bought the classic color or the special color?

      • Anonymous June 21, 2018 Reply

        Thank you . I got the gray which I think it’s a special color. The only available colors are black, blue and gray …

        • Author
          Alex June 21, 2018 Reply

          Hi, thnx for sharing the prices. we will update this page.

  18. anne June 5, 2018 Reply

    Hi can someone pls inform the price of the Marguises Bag in Paris?

  19. Tanya June 3, 2018 Reply

    Did anybody just shop in Paris recently and see if they still make Bellechasse? Thank you so much!

    • Anonymous June 18, 2018 Reply

      Yes, they still do… just been a week ago…

  20. Amy June 3, 2018 Reply

    Price on a grey Boeing 45 if available in the U.S?

  21. Helen May 29, 2018 Reply

    Hi, Just purchased the following 2 bags at the Paris store (May 24).
    Price listed is before VAT refund (12%)

    Artois MM – Classic Black – 1325 Euro
    St Louis GM – Summer 2018 Edition – 1350 Euro

    • Author
      Alex June 2, 2018 Reply

      Hi Helen, thank you so much for sharing these details. We have updated the page =)

  22. Erin May 26, 2018 Reply

    Just purchased a St. Louis GM in classic color black at Paris Boutique. Paid €970. Getting 12% VAT back.

    Store associate was friendly enough but not crazy nice. I had to asked to be helped while she stood there avoiding eye contact. Ha. But I love the bag!

    • Author
      Alex June 2, 2018 Reply

      Hi Erin, congrats with your new bag! And thank you for sharing your experience and the latest prices.

    • Erin July 28, 2018 Reply

      Hi Erin, do u know how much is it for PM St. Louis size black? Price including vat? Thanks!

      • C. August 1, 2018 Reply

        €970 euro

  23. Jac May 10, 2018 Reply

    little update for price of St louis PM in japan:
    Black 158000yen including tax
    special color 20xxxx yen including tax(sorry I forgot the remaining numbers..)

    • Author
      Alex May 12, 2018 Reply

      Hi Jac, thanks for helping us update this page!

  24. Theodora May 6, 2018 Reply

    Hello, can anyone tell me a wallet price in Goyard?

    • Author
      Alex May 7, 2018 Reply

      Goyard Portefeuille Moliere in Special Color: 730 euro.

  25. AJ28 April 25, 2018 Reply

    At the Miami store:

    The St, Louis in PM size (before taxes):
    Classic colors:$1280.00
    Special colors: $1665.00

    The matching card holder (before taxes):
    Classic colors: $385.00
    Special colors: $500.00

    • Author
      Alex April 27, 2018 Reply

      Hi AJ, thank you for sharing this. We are in the process of updating all prices. And your info is very helpful.

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