Goyard Varenne Bag


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VARENMMLTYCLP trois quarts ca

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Goyard Varenne Bag

VARENMMLTYCLP trois quarts ca

The Goyard Varenne Bag is the Wallet On Chain edition of this brand. This little beautiful things is designed as a wallet with strap with compartments for small essentials. Carry your paper cash, notes and card. The strap can be used for crossbody carrying or you can just remove it.

This bag is made from Goyardine Canvas and Vauzelles Calfskin.

Goyard Varenne Bag Prices

Goyard Varenne Bag€1295 Euro

Prices from other countries:
The Goyard Varenne Bag is priced at €1295 Euro.

Goyard Varenne Bag Sizes

The Goyard Varenne Bag size is 12 cm x 3.3 cm x 19 cm.

Goyard Varenne Bag12 cm x 3.3 cm x 19 cm

Goyard Varenne Bag Colors

Goyard Varenne BagVARENMMLTYCLP trois quarts ca

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