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Goyard Saint Louis Bag

Goyard Saint Louis Bag
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Behold the sheer perfection that is a Goyard Saint Louis Bag! Mother of all Monograms, Immortal timelessness and a design of matchless craftsmanship; Woah! You can call it by many such names. This through-everything-in-shape does not change; neither with the seasons nor with the fashion, in fact fashion itself flows with it. Drawing inspiration from an exceptional heritage, this piece is made to last till eternity in a dime a dozen society, all with its uncompromising uniqueness and aesthetic qualities.

You wouldn’t believe the scarcely credible voyage of a company, which started its voyage as a Parisian trunk maker. Yes, its indeed the oldest in this business and was founded in 1792 under name House of Martin. Started a year earlier than Louis Vuitton, this beloved luggage creator served the high-profile clientele and prestigious aristocratic families. Under the big names like Martin, Morel and Goyard, the company became a highly recognized international brand. At times when companies were leaning on the same old plain linen this one came up with a textile revolution- a strong, soft and waterproof canvas, Goyard Monogram.

Why it’s sui generis? What makes this Saint Louis bag so rare? The answer is its Goyardine canvas. This revolutionary material was introduced in 18’s and soon the material was discontinued after World War 2. In 1998, when Jean Micheal Signoles took over the company, this Goyardine was again introduced. The original color of this canvas was black but the various color options were introduced.

Goyard Saint Louis Bag Prices

Type USD Prices Euro Prices
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag $1620 USD €1350 Euro
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag $1890 USD €1650 Euro

Prices from other countries:
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag is priced at £1345 GBP, ¥220000 JPY, S$2390 SGD, 1940000 WON.
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag is priced at ¥237160 JPY, S$2780 SGD, 2260000 WON

Goyard Saint Louis Bag Sizes

The Goyard Saint Louis PM size is 19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches and GM size is 23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches.
Type Sizes
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag 19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag 23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches

Goyard Saint Louis Bag
From Left To Right: Size PM, GM

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile


Shh… it’s a family secret! The process by which the Goyardine canvas is manufactured is strictly hidden from others’ eyes and is a secret between the Goyard family. Besides, we do know that Edmond Goyard was inspired by his family history when he first introduced this thing in 1892. It is made up of the same natural coated cloth mixing hemp, linen and cotton that the Compagnons de Rivieres utilized for garments. Also, the piled up dot pattern indicate logs driven by Goyard’s ancestors. Did you look at the fabric? It does look like real leather but in actuality it’s a naturally coated cloth from a linen-cotton-hemp combo. All credit to the success of this Saint Louis goes to this highly durable, waterproof and soft fabric. Originally it was hand-painted, but now it needs a different process- ground-color. After that three successive layers of colors are added, creating this symbolic raised pattern. Besides, the bag features a treasure chest like shape, hand- painted personalization in the form of names, stripes, numbers, etc., sturdy leather strap top handles and top border leather crest trim. Unluckily, the production of this Goyardine came to a halt after World War 2, but soon was resumed in 1998 with the coming of Jean Michael Signoles. He also introduced the new colors apart from the classic black. Keeping in mind the colors, Goyard maintained two-price categories- the Special Colors and the Classic colors; whereas the Classic colors are black and black with trim, the Special colors are red (added since September 2014) and other colors. Itching for an ideal globetrotter bag that will travel with you, on the busy streets of New York? Well, this Saint Louis by Goyard is the most popular bag among fashionistas all around the world if they need to travel with a functional bag. Being one of the most popular and iconic bag from Goyard fashion house this accessory is the epitome of innovation and tradition, all at the same time. Also, there are two sizes offered; PM and GM, the Junior size has been discontinued. The PM size is ideal for day-to-day use and the GM is apt for travelers.


Goyard Saint Louis Bag
Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile
Is the interior as flattering as its design? To find out you ought to open the top flap, which surely reveals a spacious interior with a matching pochette. To add more comfort to its features the pochette is matching to its exterior with the quality of being detachable. Moreover, this timeless tote is roomy, reversible and feather light in weight.

Leathers And Materials

Goyard Saint Louis Bag
Coated Canvas


Goyard Saint Louis Bag Goyard Saint Louis Bag Goyard Saint Louis Bag
Goyard Saint Louis Bag Goyard Saint Louis Bag Goyard Saint Louis Bag
Goyard Saint Louis Bag Goyard Saint Louis Bag Goyard Saint Louis Bag
Goyard Saint Louis Bag

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