Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag

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Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag

Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag

“Inside Out” ; you might have seen this whimsical short film that was a fascinating journey of overwhelmed joy and sadness. Nope! You haven’t been scrolling a different site, it’s about bags only, so yes, where were we? Every one of you might have felt very close to this movie and here is something very akin to this movie and was launched at the same time by Goyard in order to relate with Inside Out; it was the Goyard Anjou Reversible bag that you might feel very close to your dear heart.

Like a long lost sibling of the ever-popular Goyard Saint Louis Tote bag, this one not only has the similar dimensions but also the iconic Chevron print. While the thing you might add new in this bag is its reversible characteristics. You wouldn’t just believe how striking and innovative the design is! Something that is worth of every purchase! Released in 2016, this bag is given the name reversible as you can reverse it from inside and change it with the exterior i.e. the Goyardine canvas print can be switched with the highly versatile solid color and vice versa.

Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag Prices

Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Bag$2590 USD€1950 Euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag$2800 USD€2250 Euro
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag$3400 USDTBD

Prices from other countries:
Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Bag is priced at 2900000 WON.
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag is priced at €2250 Euro.
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag is priced at ¥298100 JPY, S$3580 SGD

Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag Sizes

The Goyard Anjou Reversible PM size is 19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches and GM size is 23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches.

Goyard Anjou Reversible TPM Bag11′ x 8′ x 4.25′ inches
Goyard Anjou Reversible PM Bag19′ x 11′ x 6′ inches
Goyard Anjou Reversible GM Bag23′ x 13′ x 7′ inches

Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag

From Left To Right: PM, GM

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile


How would you feel if you are courteously offered two different designs in the price of one! A dream come true, isn’t it? With the same charisma of Goyard Saint Louis, the bag feels what you need. You just can’t resist the two-in-one inside out design; one of block color that can go with every single outfit and the other is of exclusively hand-painted Chevron pattern. It’s created with a combo of coated canvas on one side and grained leather on the other. Be glad to know the possibilities offered with the styling of this bag and how you can carry it with almost anything as per your whims and wishes.

If you are wondering how can a bag remains a modern yet classic and at the same time- reversible; then this Goyard Anjou Reversible bag is telling that dreams do come true. You would love how the monogram is slightly peeking out from the interior with a solid colored sophisticated exterior. A plethora of colors and two sizes – PM (petite model) and GM (grand model) sets the bag apart from the other bags. To add more the bag features a chic luggage tag, hand painted 3D chevron print and easy to slide over, light and sturdy handles.

Oh! And did we mention that the luggage tag could be personalized with your initials! Yes, you heard it right; Goyard is known for personalizing your accessories and bags, you can put your names, number and stripes in a hand- paint, similar is the case of this bag as well. Moreover, to add spice to the whole appearance the luggage tag is non-reversible, so if your exterior is in any solid color the Chevron printed tag looks super stylish on it.

The brand classified its price category as the Classic colors and the Special colors; where the classic ones are black and black with trim and all the other colors are included in the Special colors. There are several brand new additions and the color red is moved to the category of Special colors since September 2014.


Now what’s special about a Goyard Anjou Reversible bag’s interior? To be clear; it has a roomy inside that can fit tons of your belongings! You would be happily surprised to know how much you can carry in the main humongous compartment of this bag; especially the GM size is gigantic. Also, there is a small pochette inside that has the same characteristics as of this tote. The bag is not light as a feather but remarkably flexible enough to turn it inside out.

Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Leathers And Materials

Goyard Anjou Reversible Bag

Supple Leather


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  1. I’ve been looking for a bag that would be unique, pretty, useful and versatile. After years of searching for my every day bag, I have fallen in love with the Goyard Anjou Bag. It is a sophisticated and spacious bag that is going to make me feel modern and classy. At the same time, sporty and chic. The variety of colors make it very difficult to decide which color to choose. The fact that I would be able to reverse the bag, makes me feel as if I am acquiring two jewels. Besides all these marvelous advantages, I also will be able to personalize my bag. What else can I ask for?


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