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Meet The New Prices Of The Chanel Classic Flap Bag

chanel price increase nov

A month ago, we created a detailed report about the Price Increase of the Chanel Mini Classic Bags. The Mini Classic Bags include the New Mini Classic Bag and the Square Mini Classic Bag. The prices in the United States, Europe, UK, Japan and Canada went up.

However, a month later we’ve discovered that the prices in Singapore, Australia, South Korea have increased as well. More over, the price of the New Mini has jumped again in Canada.

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag Prices 2019

Chanel New Mini Classic BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
Canada4050 CAD3800 CAD
Singapore4760 SGD4330 SGD
Australia4760 AUD4220 AUD
South Korea3870000 WON3640000 WON

Chanel New Mini Classic BagPrice Changes in %
South Korea6,32%

chanel new mini classic bag graph

Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag Prices 2019

Chanel Mini Square Classic BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
Singapore4170 SGD3920 SGD
Australia4170 AUD3820 AUD
Japan340200 JPY318600 JPY

Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag Prices 2019Price Changes in %

chanel mini Square bag graph

chanel mini Square bag graph

Chanel Small Classic Bag Prices 2019

The Small Classic Flap Bag has increased in prices as well as the m/l, jumbo and the maxi sizes.

The prices went up in the following countries: United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Japan.

You know what’s interesting?

In our previous report: the Chanel Classic Bag Price Increase US in 2017, we stated that the prices in the US haven’t gone up since May 2014.

That’s more than 3 years.

But the last price increase in the US was November 2017, but now 1 year later it has gone up again.

So please repeat after me: love the bags, hate the prices.

Chanel Small Classic BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
United States5000 USD4700 USD
Europe4250 euro3990 euro
United Kingdom3810 GBP3560 GBP
Singapore7100 SGD6800 SGD
Australia7100 AUD6450 AUD
Japan574560 JPY551880 JPY

Chanel Small Classic BagPrice Changes in %
United States6,38%
United Kingdom7,02%

chanel small classic bag

chanel small classic bag

Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bag Prices 2019

Chanel M/L Classic BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
United States5600 USD5300 USD
Europe4800 euro4480 euro
United Kingdom4300 GBP3990 GBP
Singapore7990 SGD7640 SGD
Australia8010 AUD7240 AUD
Japan648000 JPY621000 JPY
South Korea6520000 WON6280000 WON

Chanel M/L Classic BagPrice Changes in %
United States5,66%
United Kingdom7,77%
South Korea3,82%

chanel ml classic bag graph

chanel ml classic bag graph

Chanel Jumbo Classic Bag

Chanel Jumbo Classic BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
United States6200 USD5900 USD
Europe5350 euro4990 euro
United Kingdom4800 GBP4450 GBP
Singapore8930 SGD8510 SGD
Australia8930 AUD8070 AUD
Japan722520 JPY691200 JPY
South Korea7260000 WON7000000 WON

Chanel Jumbo Classic BagPrice Changes in %
United States5,08%
United Kingdom7,87%
South Korea3,71%

chanel jumbo classic bag

chanel jumbo classic bag

Chanel Maxi Classic Bag

Chanel Maxi Classic BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
United States6700 USD6400 USD
Europe5800 euro5420 euro
United Kingdom5200 GBP4830 GBP
Singapore9680 SGD9240 SGD
Australia9680 AUD8772 AUD
Japan784080 JPY749520 JPY
South Korea7870000 WON7610000 WON

Chanel Maxi Classic BagPrice Changes in %
United States4,69%
United Kingdom7,66%
South Korea3,42%

chanel maxi classic bag

chanel maxi classic bag

  • Tanya


    Does anyone know what time of the year Chanel increases their bags prices? Thanks!

    October 23, 2019

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