Chanel Bag Prices In Korea

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chanel bag prices in korea

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Chanel Bag Prices In Korea

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Chanel Bag Prices In Korea

Korea is very famous nowadays, also thanks to k-pop and drama movies. But how about Chanel shopping-spree? Are Chanel bags cheaper in Korea? Not really, buying a Chanel Bag in Korea is slightly more expensive than other countries.

But how much does a Chanel bag cost in South Korea? The Chanel Medium Classic Bag is priced at ₩13670000 WON. The Jumbo Classic Bag costs for ₩14800000 WON. Take a look at all the prices below:

Chanel Bag Prices in Korea

TypePricesPrice Tax Excluded
Chanel New Mini Classic Bag₩6620000 WON₩6024200 WON
Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag₩6340000 WON₩5769400 WON
Chanel Small Classic Bag₩13110000 WON₩11930100 WON
Chanel M/L Classic Bag₩13670000 WON₩12439700 WON
Chanel Jumbo Classic Bag₩14800000 WON₩13468000 WON
Chanel Maxi Classic Bag₩15664720 WON₩14254895 WON
Chanel 224 Reissue 2.55 Bag₩13110000 WON₩11930100 WON
Chanel 225 Reissue 2.55 Bag₩13670000 WON₩12439700 WON
Chanel 226 Reissue 2.55 Bag₩14800000 WON₩13468000 WON
Chanel 227 Reissue 2.55 Bag₩15664720 WON₩14254895 WON
Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag₩7980000 WON₩7261800 WON
Chanel Old Medium Classic Boy Bag₩8950000 WON₩8144500 WON
Chanel New Medium Classic Boy Bag₩9440000 WON₩8590400 WON
Chanel Small 19 Bag₩8600000 WON₩7826000 WON
Chanel 19 Bag₩9440000 WON₩8590400 WON
Chanel Large 19 Bag₩10080000 WON₩9172800 WON

If you translate the Korean prices back to the currency of your country, the prices should be slightly higher. But the good news is that you can get tax-refund in Korea.

Chanel Tax-Refund in Korea

The tax in Korea is 10%. You can apply for tax-refund on your Chanel Bags and other items and get the taxes back.

Is Chanel expensive in Korea?

Yes, it’s more expensive to buy a Chanel in Korea. If you compare the prices to other Asia countries, the price is a bit higher. If possible, visit Japan or Singapore for better prices. And how about Chanel bags?

Is it cheaper to buy a Chanel bag in Korea? Chanel bags are not cheaper in South Korea. Other items like cosmetics are also slightly more expensive. But the best place to shop is still in Europe.

What is the Chanel Purchase limit in Korea?

In Korea, there is a purchase restriction of just one Chanel bag per year. The new rule is created to prevent hoarding of bags by resellers during “open runs.” Chanel has implemented limitations on the number of bags an individual can buy in Korea, with some highly coveted bags allowing only one purchase per person per year.

Which Chanel bags are certainly limited in Korea? The Chanel Classic Flap Bags, The Boy Bags, the Reissue 2.55 Bags, the 19 Bags.

Chanel is very popular in Korea. The most popular Chanel Bag in Korea is the Medium Classic Flap Bag, which is priced at 14 million WON ($10,700 USD). This bag has gained fame as the wedding guest bag because it’s highly favored by attendees who wants luxurious handbags when attending weddings.

I love Korea, I love the cosmetic products, the movies, the people, the culture, everything. But is it a good place to shop luxury items especially when it comes to Chanel handbags? I am not sure about that, it’s a bit pricier…

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