Chanel Bag Prices in UK

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chanel bag prices in the uk

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Chanel Bag Prices in UK

Is Chanel more expensive in the UK? Purchasing a Chanel Bag in the UK has become expensive compared to other European countries. The removal of the tax refund, which used to bring down Chanel Bag prices significantly, has impacted the cost. If you’re looking to save, it is a better idea to buy your bag in other European countries where the tax refund is still available.

How much is a Chanel Bag in the UK? The Chanel Medium Classic Bag is priced at £8530 GBP and the Jumbo Classic Bag is priced at £9240 GBP.

Chanel Bag Prices in UK

TypeNew PricesOld Prices
Chanel New Mini Classic Bag£4130 GBP£3650 GBP
Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag£3960 GBP£3480 GBP
Chanel Small Classic Bag£8180 GBP£7090 GBP
Chanel M/L Classic Bag£8530 GBP£7550 GBP
Chanel Jumbo Bag£9240 GBP£8140 GBP
Chanel Maxi Bag£9820 GBP£8650 GBP
Chanel 224 Reissue 2.55 Bag£8180 GBP£7090 GBP
Chanel 225 Reissue 2.55 Bag£8530 GBP£7550 GBP
Chanel 226 Reissue 2.55 Bag£9240 GBP£8140 GBP
Chanel 227 Reissue 2.55 Bag£9820 GBP£8650 GBP
Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag£5060 GBP£4570 GBP
Chanel Old Medium Classic Boy Bag£5580 GBP£4950 GBP
Chanel New Medium Classic Boy Bag£5890 GBP£5200 GBP
Chanel Small 19 Bag£5360 GBP£4740 GBP
Chanel 19 Bag£5890 GBP£5200 GBP
Chanel Large 19 Bag£6290 GBP£5710 GBP

Chanel Extra Mini Flap BagChanel Mini Squared Flap Bag
Chanel Extra Mini Flap BagChanel Mini Square Flap Bag

Chanel ML Classic Bag PricesChanel medium reissue prices
Chanel Classic Flap BagChanel Reissue 2.55 Bag

chanel boy bag main chanelchanel bag main chanel
Chanel Boy BagChanel 19 Bag

Chanel Tax-Refund in the UK

The days of enjoying VAT-free shopping in the UK are over for good, as it has been officially announced in 2022. This tax benefit was initially removed after Brexit took effect in early 2021 but was later reinstated. However, the UK’s Chancellor has now confirmed that it will no longer be brought back.

This special advantage used to make shopping Chanel Bag in the UK 20 percent more affordable for international visitors. It allowed them to reclaim the value-added tax (VAT) on items they purchased from various places like high street stores, airports, or departure points in the UK, and then took with them in their own luggage when leaving the country.

Are Chanel bags cheaper in the UK?

Buying Chanel Bags in the UK is not cheaper because the tax-refund benefit was abolished in 2021. You can’t apply for a tax refund on your purchase anymore.

How much is a Chanel classic bag in London?
The Chanel Classic Bag is priced at £8530 GBP in London for the medium-large size. The jumbo size is priced at £9240 GBP. There is no tax refund available, so these are the prices you’ll have to pay whether you’re a tourist or not.

Is it worth it to buy Chanel in London?
It’s not worth it to buy Chanel in London. This includes not just Chanel Bags, but also other items like SLGs, earrings, and shoes. The removal of tax refunds have impacted all Chanel items, making them much pricier to purchase in London than other places.

Is Chanel cheaper in Dubai or UK?

Is Chanel cheaper in London or Dubai? Buying Chanel is cheaper in Dubai. The price of the Chanel Classic Bag in medium size is £8530 GBP in the UK. But the same bag is priced at 39220 AED, which is equal to £8396 GBP. So now it’s cheaper to buy a Chanel Bag in Dubai compare to London.

Chanel M/L Classic Bag:
London: £8530 GBP
Dubai: 39220 AED (=£8396 GBP)
Difference: £8530 GBP – £8396 GBP = £134 GBP cheaper in Dubai

Is it cheaper to buy Chanel in Heathrow airport?

Buying Chanel in Heathrow airport is not cheaper anymore. The Chanel boutique at Heathrow airport was the favorite place to shop for many shoppers. The Chanel Bags were immediately sold tax-free, therefore it was not necessary to apply for tax-refund and pay extra commission for this service. Shoppers could save a lot of money. But since 2021, the UK government has also abolished tax-refund in all airports.

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