Chanel Bag Prices in Malaysia

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chanel bag prices in Malaysia

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Chanel Bag Prices in Malaysia

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Chanel Bag Prices in Malaysia

You can buy a Chanel bag in Singapore, but also in Malaysia. The two countries are so close to each other. If you purchase Chanel at the right location, it could save you a lot of money. So is Chanel cheaper in Kuala Lumpur or not? The answer is yes, buying Chanel in Kuala Lumpur is generally cheaper compared to other countries in Asia. And it’s definitely cheaper if you compare the prices with Singapore. But how much cheaper is it actually? Is it worth it?

To give you a quick view: How much is a Chanel Bag in Malaysia? Chanel Medium Classic Bag is priced at 44870 MYR, the price without VAT is 41495 MYR. These are the prices at the current moment.

Chanel Bag Prices in Malaysia

TypePricesPrice Tax Excluded
Chanel New Mini Classic Bag21750 MYR20114 MYR
Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag20800 MYR19235 MYR
Chanel Small Classic Bag43020 MYR39784 MYR
Chanel M/L Classic Bag44870 MYR41495 MYR
Chanel Jumbo Classic Bag48570 MYR44917 MYR
Chanel Maxi Classic Bag51470 MYR47599 MYR
Chanel 224 Reissue 2.55 Bag43020 MYR39784 MYR
Chanel 225 Reissue 2.55 Bag44870 MYR41495 MYR
Chanel 226 Reissue 2.55 Bag48570 MYR44917 MYR
Chanel 227 Reissue 2.55 Bag51470 MYR47599 MYR
Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag44500 MYR41153 MYR
Chanel Old Medium Classic Boy Bag49000 MYR45315 MYR
Chanel New Medium Classic Boy Bag51800 MYR47904 MYR
Chanel Small 19 Bag28220 MYR26097 MYR
Chanel 19 Bag30990 MYR28659 MYR
Chanel Large 19 Bag33070 MYR30583 MYR

The prices in the table above are the retail prices. On the right, you can find the prices without taxes. These are the final prices after you apply for tax-refund. Is a big discount? It’s pretty good right?

Is it cheaper to buy Chanel in Malaysia?

Chanel M/L Classic Flap BagPrices Tax ExcludedConverted to MYR
MalaysiaRM 53150
US$10800 USDRM 51.232,50
Europe€10300 EuroRM 52.517,85
Singapore$15680 SGDRM 54.868,08
Hong Kong$82700 HKDRM 50.183,02

Let’s compare the prices of US, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong with each other. Because these are the most frequent questions we get. Especially, Singapore vs Malaysia Chanel handbag prices. So what can we conclude:

Is Chanel cheaper in Singapore or Malaysia? No, Chanel in Singapore is cheaper than Malaysia. But only if you can get tax refund. You can save as much as rm2000 if you buy the Medium Classic Flap Bag in Singapore. 

Why is Chanel cheaper in Malaysia? Chanel is cheaper in Malaysia if you can’t get tax refund. But if you can it’s better to shop in Singapore. Chanel in Malaysia is still less expensive than in USA and Hong Kong.

Conclusion: you have to pay full retail prices? Then buy in Malaysia. But if you can get tax-refund, then Singapore is a bit cheaper. In the end, it’s Singapore that won.

Chanel Tax-refund Malaysia

The tax on goods is 10% in Malaysia. You can get this 10% tax back from your Chanel purchases through applying for tax-refund. You can do it before you leave the country,

Does Chanel do delivery Malaysia?

Chanel provides delivery service in Malaysia, but unfortunately they sell online cosmetics and skin care on their website. Only these items get delivered. The Chanel Bags and Small Leather Goods are only available at the Chanel boutiques.

Buy in Malaysia or not? Buy in Singapore or not? Or maybe you go to Hong Kong. Wherever you go, we need to calculate the costs. Where can we spend our money and get the maximum return>?

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