Chanel Bag Prices In Singapore

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chanel bag prices in singapore

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Chanel Bag Prices In Singapore

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Chanel Bag Prices In Singapore

Shopping in one of the most luxurious cities in the world. How is the experience? Is Chanel more expensive in Singapore? Yes, it is. Chanel products, including handbags, come with a higher price tag in Singapore compared to other Asian countries. But why is it more expensive? Well, think about the import duties and operational costs involved in the region. But the good news is that you get a tax refund, which helps reduce the cost of your Chanel bag enormously.

So how much is a Chanel bag in Singapore? To give you an idea, the Chanel Medium Classic Bag is priced at $14,560 SGD. After the tax refund, the price will be $12,237 SGD. Is it still a good deal?

Chanel Bag Prices in Singapore

TypePricesPrice Excluding Tax
Chanel New Mini Classic Bag$7060 SGD$5933 SGD
Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag$6750 SGD$5673 SGD
Chanel Small Classic Bag$13960 SGD$11733 SGD
Chanel M/L Classic Bag$14560 SGD$12237 SGD
Chanel Jumbo Classic Bag$15760 SGD$13246 SGD
Chanel Maxi Classic Bag$16700 SGD$14036 SGD
Chanel 224 Reissue 2.55 Bag$13960 SGD$11733 SGD
Chanel 225 Reissue 2.55 Bag$14560 SGD$12237 SGD
Chanel 226 Reissue 2.55 Bag$15760 SGD$13246 SGD
Chanel 227 Reissue 2.55 Bag$16700 SGD$14036 SGD
Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag$8630 SGD$7253 SGD
Chanel Old Medium Classic Boy Bag$9530 SGD$8009 SGD
Chanel New Medium Classic Boy Bag$10060 SGD$8455 SGD
Chanel Small 19 Bag$9160 SGD$7698 SGD
Chanel 19 Bag$10060 SGD$8455 SGD
Chanel Large 19 Bag$10730 SGD$9018 SGD

Chanel Tax-refund in Singapore?

You can get a tax refund for all your Chanel purchases in Singapore. The VAT rate in Singapore is 7%. The tax refund can be applied for at the airport; just go to the tax refund counter before you leave the country.

Is Chanel in Kuala Lumpur Cheaper?

Is Chanel cheaper in Kuala Lumper or Singapore

It’s cheaper to buy Chanel in Kuala Lumper than in Singapore. Because the Chanel Classic Bag in medium size is priced at $14560 SGD and in Kuala Lumper its priced at 44870 MYR (44870 MYR = $13251 SGD). Here’s the calculation:

Chanel M/L Classic Bag:
Singapore: $14560 SGD
Malaysia : 44870 MYR (=$13251 SGD )
Difference: $14560 SGD – $13251 SGD = $1309 SGD cheaper in Kuala Lumpur

Is Chanel cheaper in Kuala Lumpur or in Singapore with tax-refund?
The prices are the same in Kuala Lumper and Singapore if we deduct the tax-refund in the prices. Here is a quick calculation:

Chanel M/L Classic Bag:
Singapore: $12237 SGD
Malaysia : 41505 MYR (=$12221 SGD )
Difference: $12237 SGD – $12221 SGD = $16 SGD

Is Chanel cheaper in US or Singapore?

It’s cheaper to buy Chanel in Singapore compare to US. Here’s the answer: USA remains more expensive place to buy a Chanel Bag. So what are the price differences:

Chanel M/L Classic Bag:
USA: $10200 USD (=$13726 SGD)
Singapore: $12237 SGD (price tax excluded)
Difference: $13726 SGD – $12237 SGD = $1489 SGD cheaper to buy in Singapore.

Is Chanel cheaper in Thailand or Singapore?

Chanel in Singapore is cheaper than Thailand. The price of the Chanel Medium Classic flap Bag in Singapore is $12,237 SGD and in Thailand it’s priced at $12,959 SGD. Bangkok remain a very expensive place to buy Chanel. The GDP in Singapore is much higher than in Thailand, yet the price of Chanel is much higher. Especially in places like Bangkok. 

Is Chanel cheaper in Singapore or Europe?

Surprisingly, it’s cheaper to buy Chanel in Singapore than in Europe. But the price difference is not much. The price of the M/L Classic Flap Bag in Singapore is $12,237 SGD and in Europe it’s priced at $12,432 SGD. Conclusion:

  • Chanel is more expensive in Thailand than in Singapore
  • Chanel is more expensive in Malaysia than in Singapore
  • Chanel is also cheaper to buy in Singapore than in Europe
  • When comparing Chanel prices in Singapore with USA, then USA is more expensive
  • You can get tax refund in Singapore, the VAT rate is 8%

Does Changi Airport have Chanel?

Changi Airport does sell Chanel, but it only sells cosmetics and skincare. They don’t have a Chanel boutique that sells Chanel Bags and Small Leather Goods (SLG).

Does Singapore have Chanel? Yes, there are several Chanel boutique stores in Singapore. They sell Chanel Bags, SLG and other small accessories.

How do you store Chanel bags in Singapore?

It’s actually very easy, but it’s important to follow the right instructions. So when we talk about storing Chanel bags, the first rule is to always use acid-free tissues to stuff them gently. Secondly, keep them inside their original boxes – this has two functions: it protects them, but more importantly, it helps them maintain their shape. Third, do not use newspapers to stuff them, because the ink could damage your bag’s interior (the inside). Fourth, don’t forget the chain link straps. Make sure you wrap them correctly and place them inside the bag. This prevents markings on the leather and keeps your chain link safe. These simple but useful advices will help you maintain your bag in great condition for the long term.

How to compare the prices of Chanel with other countries? Perhaps it’s better to purchase in other Asian countries than in Singapore. Japan is also known for cheaper Chanel products.

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