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chanel bag prices in asia

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Chanel Bag Prices Asia

Where is Chanel cheapest in Asia? Chanel is the cheapest in Malaysia. It’s the cheapest when shopping Chanel Bags, Small Leather Goods and other accessories. When considering tax-refund, Malaysia remain the cheapest but Singapore and China offer prices that are almost equal.

Chanel Bag Prices in Asia

Asian CountriesChanel Medium Classic Flap Bag Prices
SingaporeS$14560 SGD
Hong Kong$78500 HKD
Australia$15710 AUD
Japan¥1430000 JPY
Malaysia44870 MYR
China¥74900 CNY
Korea₩13670000 WON
Thailand฿365000 THB
Vietnam₫259900000 VND
TaiwanNT$333000 TWD

Now the prices will be converted into USD, so it’s easier to make comparison. These prices are all VAT included:

Asian CountriesChanel Medium Classic Flap Bag PricesPrice in USD
SingaporeS$14560 SGD$10697 USD
Hong Kong$78500 HKD$10013 USD
Australia$15710 AUD$10020 USD
Japan¥1490500 JPY$10095 USD
Malaysia44870 MYR$9659 USD
China¥74900 CNY$10251 USD
Korea₩14500000 WON$10884 USD
Thailand฿365000 THB$10287 USD
Vietnam₫259900000 VND$10826 USD
TaiwanNT$333000 TWD$10433 USD
India₹730485 INR$8794 USD

The cheapest place to buy a Chanel bag is in Malaysia. The Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag is priced at 44,870 MYR with VAT, which is equivalent to $9,659 USD. Among all the countries in Asia, Malaysia is the most attractive location for Chanel shopping.

Chanel Prices After Tax-Refund

Asian CountriesChanel Medium Classic Bag Price VAT ExcludedPrices in USD
SingaporeS$12237 SGD$8993 USD
Hong Kong$78500 HKD$10012 USD
Australia$14281 AUD$9101 USD
Japan¥1380053 JPY$9355 USD
Malaysia41495 MYR$8899 USD
China¥68159 CNY$9332 USD
Korea₩13485000 WON$10119 USD
Thailand฿339625 THB$9572 USD
Vietnam₫243552290 VND$10120 USD
TaiwanNT$319396 TWD$10001 USD

With the prices after tax-refund, Malaysia remains the most attractive place to shop for Chanel bags. However, there are two other countries that offer almost equal prices, and those countries are China and Singapore.

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