Hermes Dogon Card Case

Have we ever informed you about the Hermes Dogon Card Case? Well, if we haven’t, then it’s time to introduce to your something that’s tiny but very useful and absolutely beautiful.

Just for the information, there is a Hermes Dogon Wallet available, which is one of the house’s most accessible accessories yet also highly-hunted. What do you think? Is It a buy?

The Design

The Dogon Card Case looks exactly similar to the Dogon Wallet, but only it’s much smaller. The interior is also tinier. The front of the Dogon Card Case is crafted in single color, featuring the front leather strap-opening refined with the ‘Clou De Selle’ closure. This closure comes with a button with the house signature ‘Hermes Paris’ engraved.

Even tough it’s a Card Case, the wallet is made with one of the most famous leathers including the Evercolor Calfskin. The body is gorgeous and anyone with some knowledge in high fashion would recognize that it is a creation from Hermes.

Now let’s dive into the interior, shall we?

The Interior

It’s called Card Case, but maybe you want to use it for other stuff. Instead of holding Cards, you might want to put coins inside or even pieces of important documents. The ideas are endless, but this mini piece is ideal because it fits right into your shoulder bag and it’s flaunt-able everytime you pull it out of your bag.

Sizes And Prices

Imagine how this piece is limited – it’s one purchase per person. But anyways, here are the prices and sizes:

Measuring 7.5 x 10.3 cm, priced at ¥137160 JPY (est. $1100 USD, €1000 euro, v900 GBP) via Hermes boutiques.


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