Diorissimo Tote Bag


From cute to chic, from extra petite to large, Dior seems to have it all. But what I found in the Diorissimo bag is totally unexpected. Though it’s another timeless bag that has the elegant touch on every detail, does it fulfill our deepest obsession just like the Chanel Cerf tote does?

To make things more exciting, Dior added a pouch inside the Diorissimo bag, attached with a short strap. Super cute, just like a mother and it’s baby. And the colors matches great, no need to worry about hunting the right wallet. It’s a bang for your buck, a buy one get two deal.

Everything what the lady dior bag has, this one has it too. The Dior iconic logo linked to the left handle. Butterly smooth leather and durable.
Different prints, decoration and skin available. Once you buy the Diorissimo bag, it will stick with you forever, because there’s no way such gorgeous piece will ever get banned from the fashion world.

Roomy spaces, made by craftsmanship of Dior, next time you decide to get a tote, consider the Diorissimo bag.

Three sizes:
Small: 32 x 23 x 11 cm
Medium: 38 x 27 x 12 cm
Large: 43.3 x 29.5 x 13.3 cm



Diorissimo Bag Large in Grey Silver
and Black Tweed Mink




Diorissimo Bag Smoothy
Pinky Beige Leather



Diorissimo Bag Hibiscus
Bullcalf Leather



Diorissimo Bag Natural
Off White Canvas Black


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Pictures courtesy of: Dior

  • Fernanda



    Do you know de prices in euros? If in paris, the prices are the same or better?


    Love your site!!

    July 2, 2013
      • Fernanda


        thank you so much!!

        I´m going to france in august and i am looking for my next bag, and I thinking about diorissimo. But also think about the classic chanel mini, or a Boy Bag. I already have a Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo beige.
        The boy bag is my favorite but is too expensive, and I bought my chanel in last december… so I want a beautiful bag that I can use day and night, with price below 3000 euros… Do you think diorissimo is a good choice? I loved the new colors.
        I love so much the chanel mini, but I think maybe the diorissimo is more usable.

        What do think? Go for diorissimo? in the small size?


        July 3, 2013
      • Renny melisa


        Is it in Dior store in Paris airport or other store?

        September 8, 2013

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